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The Great Relationships University is an online course on elite communication strategies, social dynamics and relationships management.
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Insecurity In Relationships - How To Create 'Relationship Confidence'
Insecurity In Relationships - How To Create 'Relationship Confidence' With 'insecurity' being your uncertainty and lack of confidence about something, your insecurity in your relationship is your uncertainty and lack of confidence about its existence. In other words, you're uncertain about whether it merits its existence. Merit, remember, is deserving. For a relationship to 'merit' its existence, all parties involved must feel the relationship deserves its existence. JUST LIKE when you want something which you don't feel you deserve, you suffer persistently with the fear of losing it to someone who DOES deserve it, it's the same with a relationship. In the video I mentioned people don't 'work' at friendships since they PRESUME the friendship simply exists because it merits its existence — every one involved in the friendship enjoys each other, otherwise they wouldn't be there since they're not obligated to be. IT ONLY exists out of merit. Relationships, most people imagine, is different. They PRESUME it requires work since it cannot merit its existence otherwise! Now THAT is insane. So in my relationships, I do ZERO WORK. The 'effort' I put into the communication isn't work, and doesn't feel like work, since it's something I enjoy with someone I enjoy. To have security in your relationship REQUIRES your enhancing yourself in all those areas so people LOVE being around you!
January 13, 2021
Should You Have No Expectations In Relationships?
Have you been told to have no expectations and you're better off? Always have expectations - and be able to clearly communicate them. The important bit is whether your expectations are appropriate or aggrandized. When it's aggrandized or unsubstantiated, you set yourself up for disappointment. I hear you saying you'd like to have aggrandized expectations so yoi can be optimistic, to which I say, you can presume the best but set your expectations appropriately. In any case, your "optimism" can be based solely on your self-confidence that however the situation turns out, you'll handle it. How do you like to manage expectations?
January 05, 2021
Vikings Finale! and How To Have Great Relationships?
On today's episode: - What Floki said that'll help you have amazing relationships - WARNING ⚠ Spoilers ahead for the show Vikings! Do not watch until you've seen it - The difference between Socrates, Plato and Aristotle - Where the scientific *Method* begins - What to understand with relationships If you've seen @historyvikings, the finale, what do you think?
January 04, 2021
Polyamory Relationships Explained - Why Open Relationships Are Better
In this episode: - The difference between polyamorous relationships and open relationships - How you can be polyamorous and not open - Why YOU'RE polyamorous already - The 2 things that make the difference - What does this relationship look like What's your take on this?
January 01, 2021
Communication In Marriage - An Amazing Tool for Communicating
In the episode: - What Is Communication - What is a marriage - 3 levels you use to communicate - What is it to presume - What you should replace - Introduction to contracts of communication What's your style of communication?
December 31, 2020
How To Explain Open Relationships
Have you ever had the challenge of communicating with people about your open relationships and your not knowing exactly how you're going to communicate it with them? From your experience, when you communicate with other people about open relationships, a lot of people seem to not get it and if they do get it, their challenge is that they don't know how to communicate it with other people. If you're having that challenge, watch this video as I share with you how I communicate open relationships with anybody and some resources that you will help you a lot in terms of enlightening you so you can communicate it better!
August 20, 2020
How to be Haply With Who You Are and What You Do
We define what sublime is. The two lies they told you about happiness. The stages of validation. Why you don't need confidence.
July 18, 2020
Have you ever been curious why people like to say, "Relationships take work!" It's False - and I'll explain why on today's podcast.
July 08, 2020
Live-In Partner Responsibilities - Your 2 responsibilities as a live-in Partner
Ever curious what your job is as a partner when you live with someone?
July 08, 2020
3 Ways To Deal With Manipulation + Bonus: What RULE I Have In My Relationships To Ensure Freedom From Manipulation⁠⁠⁠
June 17, 2020
The 3 areas of life you need to improve
June 09, 2020
5 Fundamental tips to argue Intelligently.
June 05, 2020
What is the source of your pride? Pride is earned is deserved. I discuss it here.
June 02, 2020
How To Get Rid of Disappointment!
After you listen to this, you'll learn how to never be disappointed again.
June 01, 2020
How To Get Out Of A Codependent Relationship
There's a word I created I refer as the fantastic opposite of a codependent relationship. The word is Co-independency. Unfortunately, it's more than likely you're in a codependent relationship. The reason isn't your fault. It's because that's the way society has built out how relationships should be.
May 24, 2020
How To Deal With An Angry Partner
Fantastic question brought up on my FB page "How do you have a conversation when your partner's angry?" ⁠⁠⠀ I cover: ✔️ How to deal with your anger ⁠✔️ The source of "anger" ✔️ 3 emotions you're born with ✔️ What to do before a conversation ✔️ When to compromise and when not to
May 21, 2020
HIGH QUALITY WOMEN Dates These Kinds Of Men - How To Be A Quality Person
High quality people attract high quality people because they CAN (have the ability to) appreciate about others of the same caliber the things they appreciate about themselves. Note that to 'appreciate' is not 'gratitude'. Appreciating something is to understand the full worth and value of it. Appreciating another person of the same caliber whether it's professionally, or recognizing their character and self-worth, happens as a projection of one's own self-appreciation. ・・・ Repost from @ronejohnofficial ⠀ A famous online coach who teaches women how to get rich men, whom for the most part I like even when she propagates the opposite of the things I do, said "high quality women date high quality men". ⠀ While I appreciate that sentiment, I would change it. Changing it in the way I went over in the video has this particular distinction: It's a matter of "What to do" in order to get a high quality guy ⠀ VS. ⠀ "How to be" in order to get a quality guy. The difference being, fleeting seduction Vs. worthiful seduction!
March 03, 2020
TRUTH ABOUT EMBARRASSMENT - Why You're Embarrassed And How To Fix It
There's never any reason for you to be embarrassed. The only way you should be embarrassed is when you  make the same mistake twice! When you get to that point, you'll recognize that the only way you can make the same mistake twice is by choosing to. In fact, you CAN'T make the same mistake twice unless you choose to. ⠀ ・・・ Repost from ⠀ Why You Shouldn't Be Embarrassed ⠀ Embarrassment isn't an emotion you're born with. Embarrassment is something you learn by learning language. How do you like to train your cat?
February 28, 2020
How To Open Relationships - Communicating Polyamory With Others
Consider These 3 Things To Be Able To Communicate "Open-ness" 1. Give people the most respectful and loving choice 2. "Frame" conversations appropriately 3. Ensure your relationships around founded on love, freedom, and non-judgmental acceptance. For more info on this, definitely check out this book:
February 27, 2020
It's not whether someone cannot commit that they choose polyamory. It's the issue of delineating between commitment and obligation. When you enlighten yourself with that particular distinction, your relationships will blossom. The three main contentions against polyamory are: ⠀ 1. Can't get over jealousy 2. Is he or she afraid of commitment 3. What about diseases Follow along on the video as I go through answering those challenges so you can have happy, loving and harmoniously fun relationships. If you want more info on this, definitely check out this book: What are your thoughts on these 3 objections and of polyamory?
February 27, 2020
How I Practice Polyamory - #PolyamoryWeek
These "rules" are based on sound fundamental axioms as harmonious and happy relationships must be. To have a complete insight into sound foundations to happy, sexy, and harmonious relationships, read this wonderful book, Relationships 101 by Rone John, on Amazon. What do you think of the rules I talked about?
February 27, 2020
The Truth About Love And Relationships
There's a profound amount of misconceptions we learn - and every misconception leads to self-suffering. In fact, ALL suffering is self-inflicted. Remember - Pain is in the mind. Injury is in the body. Much of the pain and suffering people feel come overwhelmingly from relationships. This is the reason 80%+ of murders are caused by jealousy. And so we explore the truth about these primary and non-obvious HIDDEN misconceptions taught to us without our recognizing them. They're indeed heinous. As you enlighten yourself in these areas, you'll find questions arise. You can comment below, or message me, or grab the book, Relationships 101 by Rone John You'll also find yourself saying, "ALL THESE YEARS I've wasted my time because I didn't know this!"
February 27, 2020
How & What Is Polyamory
For #PolyamoryWeek, we explore polyamory, its philosophies, practicability, psychology, and how I have it in my relationships! To join the online course to increase your relationship intelligence, join at
February 14, 2020
Communicate Like A Pro - Managing Projection Psychology
Join the Great Relationships University online course for mastering your communication and managing your relationships at Find me on Instagram @ronejohnofficial and GRU @greatrelationshipsu
February 12, 2020
Why You Shouldn't Love Everyone
Share this podcast with everyone you know! For more info on GRU, visit
February 05, 2020