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Greater Stories

Greater Stories

By Minnow Park & David Choe
Greater Stories is a podcast for those doing the hard work of building, doubting, and showing up anyway.

Hosted by Minnow Park, a coach and photographer based in NYC and David Choe, co-founder of STAAT based in SF.
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2021 Year End Review

Greater Stories

The Embarrassment of Building Anything Meaningful
Greater Stories is a podcast for those doing the hard work of building, doubting, and showing up anyway. Doesn't it feel like no one talks about how hard it is to build something? Successful founders and creators mention it in a memoir or an interview, but then quickly move on to the next win or success. David and I started this podcast because this is how we usually feel, and we needed a space to talk about how hard it can be to build something meaningful. If you've felt the tension of building and feeling like what's the point or why is everyone else winning but me, you're a builder and this podcast is for you. We hope you feel a little less alone listening to this episode as you continue to do work that is meaningful to you and others. All the music you hear in this podcast has been produced by The Futuristic Vintage
April 02, 2022
2021 Year End Review
We’re bringing you one more episode on the last day of 2021. We answer three questions about our year: What went well? What didn’t go well? And how can we improve in 2022? A lesson we’ve learned from this conversation is that it all matters. It’s easier to just reflect about work, productivity, and tools, but we realize how we show up as people affect everything we do.  Thank you all for listening and following along throughout the year. Please be safe as you celebrate tonight!
December 31, 2021
Introducing Greater Stories
After months of thinking about, talking through, and wrestling with this idea, we are finally ready to launch the next chapter of our podcast.
November 16, 2021