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The Average Joe

The Average Joe

By Greg Martinez
The Average Joe Podcast is about celebrating the lows and highs of "everyday people." Before any mountain peak there is always a valley. When we overcome our trials we evolve into different people. This podcast is about shining a light on this process. When we can remove the titles of race, religion, and politics it allows us to truly learn from each other. We all have so much to offer and that's what this podcast is about!
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Battered But Not Broken

The Average Joe

Staring At Death With A Heart Of Gold
The story of a young girl diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer. Despite being in such grave conditions, she still has the wisdom to the think of others in the worst times of her life. We could all truly learn so much from this young girl! Mckenna is wise beyond her years. If you would like to help Mckenna's Mission or their family please donate to: or Thank you so so much! or Please specify where you would like your monies to go to as Ryanne is very adamant about honoring peoples intentions.
February 19, 2020
From Behind Bars To The Styling Bar
The story of Ron Bullock who served 13 yrs in prison and how he is using that situation to make a positive impact in his community. Your past doesn't determine your future!
February 5, 2020
I Lost But I Gained
The story of Marlo who lost her son at the age of 21. In honor of his memory she is pressing forward and using his legacy to help others.
February 1, 2020
Battered But Not Broken
The story of a woman, my wife, who has been to hell and back yet still chooses success as her only way forward.  I hope your enjoy and as always keep pressing forward : ) Instagram-Author Deanna Martinez Ideal Exposure Facebook Group
January 31, 2020
The Beginning
This first episode covers what The Average Joe Podcast is all about. We also take a deeper look into the string of events that created this podcast and the direction of the podcast!
January 29, 2020