GRITcast 025 – The Braintrust Podcast // @GRITknox @Tennesota @Quis_Sicut_Deus @BigJon865

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GRITcast 026 – The Braintrust Podcast // @GRITknox @Tennesota @Quis_Sicut_Deus @BigJon865
Mandela Effect  Bearenstein Vs Bearenstain Looney Toons Vs Looney Tunes Area 51 Amelia Earhart is an aliens hermit crab Bagel Boss  Wing Talk w Matt Brad Kyle BWW is trash Music Talk
July 19, 2019
GRITcast 024 – The Braintrust Podcast // @GRITknox @Tennesota @Quis_Sicut_Deus @BigJon865
Congrats to Jon for graduating med school & fuck Sota for getting Travis Scott 1's 1. T's grab bag of dammit 2. STOP LYING PEOPLE 3. Bed talk/hygiene 4. @JTylerConway "uncultured opinions"  5. #FatFood 6. Music Homework (Working Title) Bonus: Conspiracy Talk- Circle Game or a white supremacy hand gesture
May 14, 2019
GRITcast 022 – The Braintrust // @GRITknox @Tennesota @Quis_Sicut_Deus @BigJon865
White House whistle blower comes up short Keenan Allen is a good guy @JeffDLowe's fast food bracket Nipsey Hussle Music Assignment
April 3, 2019
GRITcast 021 - The Braintrust // @GRITknox @Tennesota @Quis_Sicut_Deus @BigJon865
Skeet 16 Neyland Stadium unpopular opinions Mu Yelawolf & Ed Sheeran - Slumbdon Bridge EP The Mars Volta - De Loused in the Comatorium Gavin Degraw - Chariot Paul Simon - Graceland The Braintrust picks their ninja turtles (GRIT casually fulfills his childhood dream of becoming Leonardo) #ASKgrit PIZZA TIME PARTY DUDES
March 25, 2019
GRITcast 020 - The Braintrust // @GRITknox @Tennesota @Quis_Sicut_Deus @BigJon865
"Jose Canseco just snitching because he finished" Expired medication with GRIT and the pizza apology  Super Catholic pizza town  Tim comma Apple NFL free agent talk Your monthly music homework is:     @Quis_Sicut_Deus - Jack Garratt (Phase)     @Tennesota - Kid Cudi (Man on the Moon)     @BigJon865 - HAIM (Days Are Gone)     @GRITknox - The Smashing Pumpkins (Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness)
March 14, 2019
GRITcast 019 - Round Table 4 // @GRITknox @Tennesota @Quis_Sicut_Deus @BigJon865
We talk about Rell's movie (he's not in it)  Kentucky Tennessee Mountain Lion (kitten) Killing The games we play  Lebron might be a bum Conspiracy (Right Angle) If Twitter was around for OJ Was Michael Jackson "FTLB?" Best Tweets
March 4, 2019
GRITcast 018 - Round Table 3 // @GRITknox @Tennesota @Quis_Sicut_Deus @BigJon865
Pizza Chain Reviews Governor Northam and Blackface Candace Owens thinks Hitler was good at Nationalism Liam Neeson wants to kill random black guys  "Cheerio Cheerio Cheerio"  -21 Savage Lebron James & Free Agent Tampering  Tennessee vs Kentucky Basketball
February 11, 2019
GRITcast 016 - Round Table 2 // @Tennesota @Quis_Sicut_Deus @BigJon865
1-24: Southern Food Survey 24: Misery in Missouri 30ish: How to be a Man (part eleventy) 34:50 An extremely distasteful Magic Johnson Joke 43:30 Conspiracy Corner
January 29, 2019
GRITcast 013 – How to be a man part 3 // @Tennesota
Part 3 into the John LeFevre of “How to be a man” article. Tennesota is back. Tennessee Basketball and online dating talk. Link to…Continue ReadingGRITcast 013 – How to be a man part 3 // @Tennesota
January 10, 2019
GRITcast 012 – How to be a man part 2
Part 2 into the John LeFevre of “How to be a man” article. Solo run this time. If you’ve made it this far I’mma…Continue ReadingGRITcast 012 – How to be a man part 2
January 9, 2019
GRITcast 011 – How to be a man part 1 // @Tennesota
We walk down a path laid by John LeFevre of link:
December 28, 2018
GRITcast 010 – 10 Mike Tysons VS 1 Gorilla
Can 1 Gorilla defeat 10 Mike Tysons?
December 4, 2018
GRITcast 009 – Burrito
Is there a right way to eat a Burrito? (there is) G-League Politicals Mexican walk-a-thon and more
October 25, 2018
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