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Great Things with Great Tech Podcast

Great Things with Great Tech Podcast

By Anthony Spiteri
Great Things with Great Tech Podcast is aimed at highlighting technology companies doing great things with great technology. In each episode we will talk with technical leads of companies that leverage great tech to build and productize innovative solutions and market leading products.
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Episode 38 - Tanks! For Playing

Great Things with Great Tech Podcast

Episode 51 - CT4
In this episode I talk with Dan Pearson, Chief Technology Officer and founder at CT4. CT4 has a vision to create and distribute world-class software products that control and protect data while also translating data into meaningful insights, clear actions and measurable outcomes for their clients. Dan and I talk about how CT4, like many, started out in traditional managed hosting of Virtual Machines, client desktops and alike. However, like most innovative companies today, CT4 have evolved into a data centric company with three products in market led by. Cirrus offers back up your Microsoft data protecting SharePoint, Outlook, OneDrive and Teams from accidental deletion or ransomware. Dan and I also talk about their IoT offering Canopy and how data has become central to all offerings that CT4 do. CT4 was founded in 2009 and is Head Quartered out of Brisbane, Australia. ☑️  Technology and Technology Partners Mentioned: Veeam, Microsoft, VMware, Microsoft 365 ☑️  Raw Talking Points: Overly complex and overly expensive to use Trigger for moving away from traditional cloud Basing company success on a product vs overall brand Being at the cutting edge Being out of the box Evolution from Cloud Private to Data Protection Where is backup going Data management in general IBM , IoT and Canopy Partnering with Veeam Selling direct to online to marketplace Channel Growth distribution model Microsoft 365 Veeam Backup ☑️  Web: ☑️  Cirrus Backup: ☑️  Canopy Tools: ☑️  Interested in being on #GTwGT? Contact via Twitter @GTwGTPodcast or go to ☑️  Music:
September 10, 2022
Episode 50 - Wasabi
In this episode I talk with David Friend, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder at Wasabi. Wasabi provides simple, predictable and affordable hot cloud storage for businesses all over the world. It enables organizations to store and access an unlimited amount of data at a fraction of the price of the competition with no complex tiers or unpredictable egress fees. David and I talk about his vision of making cloud storage affordable and accessible for all without compromising on performance, reliability and support. Wasabi has secured nearly $275 million in funding to date to not only grow their global storage footprint, but also to embark on a campaign to educate the world that there is value beyond the public clouds. This is a great conversation about the state of data today, and how the mindset needs to shift to get more out of stored data as the cost of storage becomes almost irrelevant.  Wasabi was founded in 2015 and is Head Quartered out of Boston. ☑️  Technology and Technology Partners Mentioned: Object Storage, Veeam, Rubrik, Commvault, DELL, AWS, Azure, Google, S3, Amazon S3 ☑️  Raw Talking Points: Cloud Scale and growth Elasticity Needs of the given moment instead of expectation of growth Value and Risk in cloud - supply chain systems analogy - what was needed DATA DATA DATE Data growth rates everything generating data Making Data Storage a Commodity 80% cost reduction No EGRES/API Fast S3 API compatible Durability 11 9s Immutable Buckets Cloud Storage as a Utility Simple Pricing State of data today and where is it going? Ease of consumption vs method of consumption Simple interface/control panel/APIs Trusted by 43,000+ Companies Worldwide! Partnerships how is it navigated in a competitive sense? ☑️  Web: ☑️  Interested in being on #GTwGT? Contact via Twitter @GTwGTPodcast or go to ☑️  Music:
August 18, 2022
Episode 49 -
In this episode I talk with Gregor Frimodt-Møller Chief Executive Officer and co-founder at Since 1998, has been helping its customers originally starting servicing Apple customers. Over time they became the chosen provider of cloud services within Denmark while pivoting the business a couple of times... firstly to IaaS and Vitualization, and more recently to becoming specialists in data and security protection. Gregor and I talk about how keeping things simple (as an ethos) and choosing key partners has resulted in a focused business that has delivered innovative services built on IBM and Veeam technologies achieving world wide reach via strong automation and self service capabilities... all of which allow the delivery of their core Revirt and Retrust services at scale. was founded in 1998 and is Head Quartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. ☑️  Technology and Technology Partners Mentioned: Apple, MacOS, Windows, Linux, IaaS, DRaaS, SaaS, IBM, VMware, Veeam, Object Storage ☑️  Raw Talking Points: Focused partnership Veeam and IBM Traditional Hosting IaaS and PaaS Pivoting away from core services Cloud Connect and how a technology that help helps Object Storage Platform Utilizing IBM cloud and how that works Data protection Trends Managed Services vs SaaS Distribution strategy End user/tenant control? Automation and UI Portals ☑️  Web: ☑️  Interested in being on #GTwGT? Contact via Twitter @GTwGTPodcast or go to ☑️  Music:
July 15, 2022
Episode 48 - MinIO
In this episode I talk with Garima Kapoor Chief Operating Officer and co-founder at MinIO. MiniO has built a high performance distributed s3-compatible object storage solution that is software defined, hardware agnostic designed for large scale data infrastructure. Garima and I talk about how MinIO was built from scratch with the private cloud as it's target but has also become a defaco standard for home labs through a strong focus on community. MinIO also offers high-performance, Kubernetes-native object storage. Optimized for cloud-native workloads, and looks to deliver Enterprise and service provider usecases around ML/AI, analytics, backup and archival workloads. MinIO was founded in 2014 and is Head Quartered out of the San Francisco Bay Area. ☑️  Technology and Technology Partners Mentioned: Block Storage, Storage, NVMe, Object Storage, Kubernetes, VMware, S3, AWS, Azure, GCP, Software Defined Storage ☑️  Raw Talking Points: Community s3 API Millions of docker pulls PUT, GET, DELETE Opensource or Purchase Subscription Single Binary 34MB? Written in Go Lang CPU offloading Web Browser/Interface  Significance of GUI ACCESSABILTY Cluster with multiple nodes Scaling and Performance Resilience at scale  Consistency Unstructured Data Data growth and the move to Object Storage Kubernetes + CSIs ☑️  Web: ☑️  Interested in being on #GTwGT? Contact via Twitter @GTwGTPodcast or go to ☑️  Music:
July 04, 2022
Episode 47 - Seal Storage
In this episode i'm talking to Jacques Swanepoel (CTO and Co-Founder) at Seal Storage. Seal Storage are cloud storage and blockchain experts with over years of experience in enterprise data storage from the likes of Seagate, Oracle, Cisco, and more. By seamlessly stewarding their clients into decentralized cloud storage, there’re making Web3 an accessible reality for enterprises, research institutes, NFT and Web3 firms alike. Jacques and I talk about how, as part of the Filecoin ecosystem, they preserve and verify data to capture historical records, store NFTs, and combat misinformation. The case studies we talk about are real world, tangible use cases for Web3 and blockchain and the their mission is to bring enterprises to Web3 to yield its innovative benefits. Seal is Web3 Cloud Storage! Seal Storage was founded in 2021. ☑️  Technology and Technology Partners Mentioned: Blockchain, Web3, Web2.0, Storage, Filecoin, Green Tech ☑️  Web: OFFICIAL WEBSITE: Use Cases: Press: Crunchbase: ☑️  Interested in being on #GTwGT? Contact via Twitter @GTwGTPodcast or go to ☑️  Music:
June 09, 2022
Episode 46 - StorPool
In this episode I talk with Boyan Krosnov Chief Product Officer and co-founder at StorPool. StorPool a market leading Software defined storage vendor, offering reliable and speedy storage platforms with a focus on low latency throughput... covering Public and private clouds platforms, servicing managed cloud and Service providers as well as enterprises, and SaaS vendors. Boyan an myself talk about how StorPool leverages an agnostic approach to hardware to allow StorPool to run across multiple hardware platforms and configurations while still maintaining reliable and speedy storage and how they have ridden the alternative new age IT stacks to success.  StorPool was founded in 2011 and is Head Quartered out of the Sofia, Bulgaria. ☑️  Technology and Technology Partners Mentioned: Block Storage, Storage, NVMe, Object Storage, Kubernetes, VMware, KVM, Hyper-V, OpenStack, Cloudstack, Software Defined Storage ☑️  Raw Talking Points: MSP Angle Cloud Platforms SDS 2.0 Hows it designed and architected Filesystem? Object Storage Based? Pooling of capacity and performance Standard storage, storage and compute PERFORMANCE methodology IOPS/Latency/Storage Consumption Decreasing latency Proper Benchmarking Resiliency Failure domains/resolution Differential? Storage Protocols Distributed Storage? Running on any hardware Future of storage with public cloud and more managed data platforms Continuous Improvement process New-Age IT Stacks ☑️  Web: ☑️  Interested in being on #GTwGT? Contact via Twitter @GTwGTPodcast or go to ☑️  Music:
May 11, 2022
Episode 45 - Functionland
In this episode i'm talking to Kayvan Sadeghi (CEO and Co-Founder) and Ehsan Shariati (CTO and Co-Founder) from Functionland. Functionland is a Web3 startup that has attracted investments of USD 1.1M+ via a heavily oversubscribed early funding round, They are about to launch its first product which is a plug-and-play blockchain device that promises to free users from a range of online subscription services, including photo storage, file sync, secure password backups and more. Both Kayvan and Eshan talk about how this offering creates virtually limitless storage opportunities thanks to its “blockchain-attached storage” solution but unlike most Blockchain projects, there is an open-source physical platform element for storage, computing, and interconnecting with other devices. Functionland was founded in 2020 and is headquartered out of Toronto, Canada. ☑️  Technology and Technology Partners Mentioned: #Blockchain,  Web3, Web2.0, Storage, Raspberry Pie, Opensource ☑️  Raw Talking Points: Islands of storage pay with cash Blockchain Attached Storage Web3 alternative to cloud subscriptions Backend and FileCoin/storage ... Web2/Web3 components replacing HTTP with P2P The BOX! Designer made, modular and upgradable (TOWERS) Module, PNP, dApp OpenSource dApp development Built on rPi FULA Network protocol token? - Mining token to pay for services open source monetizeation The BOX is mining FULA? Sustainable? Shared Storage and Computer Onboard developers and opensource apps monetize web3 technologies  Filecoin hackathon Competitive landscape? Crowdfunding on Indegogo Communities and growth hacking Security? Data etc Seed Funding 1.1 Million ☑️  Web: OFFICIAL WEBSITE: WHITPAPER: IndeiGoGo: DISCORD: ☑️  Interested in being on #GTwGT? Contact via Twitter @GTwGTPodcast or go to ☑️  Music:
April 28, 2022
Episode 44 - Global Data Vault
In this episode I talk with Will Baccich, Co-founder and CEO at Global Data Vault. Global Data Vault is a leader in cloud-based Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS), Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS), and the backup for Microsoft 365 space. GDV strives to add the most value to their customers based on their guiding principals of Data Quality, Proactive Monitoring, Transparency and straight forward pricing. Will and and I talk about how how GDV was founded in the early era of file based offsite backup and how their innovative approach to abstracting more out of their core platforms for the customers led them to focus on a single backup vendor to offer industry leading backup and disaster recovery services. Global Data Vault was founded in 2002 and is head quartered out of the Dallas, Texas.  ☑️  Technology and Technology Partners Mentioned: Veeam, Platespin, Falconstor, Novastor, VMware, Service Provider ☑️  Raw Talking Points: Perth connection What's in the name Hosted desktops Buying GDV in 2006  Slightly different view to other providers much more managed service company responsibility to the protection of the environment Cost effective high service 2 Datacenter Locations Point of differentiation DRaaS / BaaS / Microsoft 365 Backup Current State of DRaaS/BaaS/SaaS Backup 2004 file backup business - Novastore 2007 backup no enough DR solutions Falconstore, Platespin and Storagecraft Working towards workable DR solution 2014 Veeam - Best technology and partnership VeeamON 2015 - 5 launch partners 2016 sold GDV and kept the Veeam Business Late 2021 Acquisition Ransomeware - Insider Protection Full DR from CC 10PB of storage held ☑️ Web: ☑️ Contact via Twitter @GTwGTPodcast or go to ☑️ Music: Could always do with a coffee!
April 25, 2022
Episode 43 - STEP'N
In this episode I talk with Yawn Rong, Co-Founder of STEP'N. STEP'N is Web3 company that has built a Strava type lifestyle app with Game-Fi elements that is aiming to be the leading Web3 Health + Fitness application. Users are equipped with NFT Sneakers to walk, jog or run outdoors to earn tokens, which can then be used to level up sneaker attributes, mint new Sneakers or be converted to FIAT. Yawn and I talk about how the is play2earn industry that commands a 21 billion dollar market-cap and is ready for prime time through wider adoption by non-crypo natives. Hear how AI and Machine Learning data science have gone into creating an already successful eco-system as well as the STEP'N team having the ability to learn from past projects, pivot ideas and react to issues in rapid time... this is move2earn! STEP'N is a move-to-earn health and fitness application. Users equipped with sneaker NFTs can move outdoors to earn tokens and NFT rewards. STEPN has a built-in wallet, swap, marketplace, and rental system that allow non-crypto users to onboard STEPN STEP'N was founded in 2021 and is headquartered out of Australia. ☑️  Technology and Technology Partners Mentioned: Blockchain, Solana, Binanace, Web3, Web2.0, NFTs, IOS, Android, AI & ML ☑️  Raw Talking Points: Mechanics of the move2earn AI/ML, Movement, GPS Data Web3 landscape and breaking new ground Basing and learning off AXE and GameFi Space Community support, growth hacking and social impact  Social tools, prizes giveaways, Quiz, AMA and Twitter Space DAUs statistics Luck elements Governance vs Utility Token (GMT vs GST) Binanace IEO Solana first... BNB coming Attributes and levels Gems and Energy Levels Strategy and playing the game The tech behind the app The IOS and Android App  All in one wallet/app/marketplace/move2earn Roadmap, Rentals, Marathons/Games Cheating and Bots and Crypto fatigue ☑️  Web:  OFFICIAL WEBSITE: WHITEPAPER: LITEPAPER: HOW TO PLAY: MEDIUM: LINKTREE: TWITTER: DISCORD: REDDIT: ☑️  Interested in being on #GTwGT? Contact via Twitter @GTwGTPodcast or go to ☑️  Music:
March 30, 2022
Episode 42 - Mirantis Lens
In this episode I talk with Miska Kaipiainen, VP Engineering, Strategy & Open Source Software at Mirantis. Mirantis helps organizations ship code faster on public and private clouds. They provide a public cloud experience on any infrastructure from the data center to the edge. Miska focuses in on Lens which empowers a new breed of Kubernetes developers by removing infrastructure and operations complexity and providing one cohesive cloud experience for complete app and DevOps portability. We also cover the current state of Kubernetes adoption and how focusing on developers with Lens as a Kubernetes IDE has seen tremendous growth for the product, which is Open Source. Mirantis was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Campbell, California. ☑️  Technology and Technology Partners Mentioned: Kubernetes, Mesosphere, Docker Enterprise, Docker Swarm, OpenStack, Open Source ☑️  Raw Talking Points: Container Orchestration Kontena days Origin of Lens Mirantis Len acquisition Strong community support Operations vs Development Why is a Kubernetes IDE important Where is Kubernetes uptake today Enterprise Adoption OpenSource - Organic growth Community stop marketing Service and Support K0s DevOps Care Team Spaces Managed Dev Cluster Multi-Cluster manangement Multi-platform ☑️  Web: ☑️  Interested in being on #GTwGT? Contact via Twitter @GTwGTPodcast or go to☑️  Music:
March 17, 2022
Episode 41 - Cloudian
In this episode I talk with Gary Ogasawara, CTO of Cloudian. Cloudian simplifies enterprise storage with limitlessly scalable storage that consolidates massive data sets to a single, easily managed environment. Cloudian brings the flexibility and simplicity of public cloud storage into our customers data centers. Gary and I talk about how Cloudian’s fully native interoperability with S3 ensures investment protection for developers and datacenter managers who rely on modern S3-enabled applications and for use cases with an extensive partner ecosystem across multiple use cases. Cloudian was founded in 2011 and is Head Quartered out of the San Francisco Bay Area, USA. ☑️  Technology and Technology Partners Mentioned: Amazon, Kubernetes, Veeam, CommVault, Block Storage, S3, S3 Storage, S3 APIs, Hadoop, Pure Storage, Backup, Archive, Storage ☑️  Raw Talking Points:  Evolution of S3 from AWS to on-prem to Cloud to hybrid Future of S3 as primary storage target VCD Integration for Service Providers Veeam Partnership WEKA partnership VMware Partnerships The lowest TCO for scale-out enterprise storage Native S3 API Ransomware protection Speed of light problem  Data Gravity Storage as a Service Failure Management ☑️  Web: ☑️  Interested in being on #GTwGT? Contact via Twitter @GTwGTPodcast or go to ☑️  Music:
February 17, 2022
Episode 40 - Filebase
In this episode I talk with Joshua Noble, CEO and Co-Founder at Filebase. Filebase aim to make decentralized storage accessible and easy to use for everyone. They are doing this by building a scalable, secure and performant access layer to various decentralized storage networks, with a familiar S3-compatible interface. Josh and I talk about how Filebase is bridging storage platforms between traditional S3 based offerings and the decentralized world of Blockchain Storage. There is a reason why Filebase has been listed as one of the 10 Hottest Data Storage Startups of 2021 by CRN! Filebase was founded in 2018 and is Head Quartered out of Boston, USA. ☑️  Technology and Technology Partners Mentioned: #Blockchain, #Web3, Web2.0, Amazon, Kubernetes, Veeam, CommVault, Sia, Storj, SkyNet, Decentralized Storage ☑️  Raw Talking Points: * What is Decentralized Storage? * 3x Redundancy/Sharding/No SPOF * Backup Partnerships * How do you absorb/leverage market fluctuations? * How is this different from AWS/etc? • Pricing compared to AWS etc * Edge Layer Cache * Object Maps • Web3 Adoption / Usecases * AWS OUTAGE * Hackathon with Akash * Web2 vs Web3 - Bridging the two * SIA/Skynet/Storj ☑️  Web: ☑️  Docs: ☑️  5GB Always Free Offer: ☑️  Interested in being on #GTwGT? Contact via Twitter @GTwGTPodcast ☑️  Music:
December 30, 2021
Episode 39 - Debunking Decentralized Blockchain Storage with Zac Cohen from FileBase
In this special episode of GTwGT, I speak with Zac Cohen (COO and founder at FileBase) about a topic that many think is still far away from being a reality... some that think is a science experiment... and others think is an out and out scam. That topic is decentralized storage leveraging Web3 and Blockchain technology. Zac and I talk about how mass adoption is a matter of when, not if... and more importantly, for those that want to understand what it is and isn't, we talk about what makes this exciting way of storing and accessing data function and what benefits it offers over traditional data storage platforms.  ☑️ "Decentralized storage offers a different way of thinking about how to store and access your information. Data is distributed across nodes geographically distributed and connected through a peer-to-peer network" ☑️  Interested in being on #GTwGT? Contact via Twitter @GTwGTPodcast  ☑️  Music:
December 20, 2021
Episode 38 - Tanks! For Playing
In this episode I talk with Aaron Alderman, Director and Founder at Tanks! For Playing. Tanks! For Playing aims to revolutionise the blockchain gaming space with a novel concept where gameplay is based around social connection and strategy that is fuelled by the ambition to win cash prizes in tournaments. #Tanks  ☑️  Technology and Technology Partners Mentioned: #Blockchain, #Web3, Web2.0, NodeJS, Amazon, Kubernetes, React, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polymatic, Solidity, EVM, Uniswap, Quickswap, Pancakeswap, Coin MarketCap, Coin Gecko, NFTs    ☑️  Raw Talking Points: * Blockchain gaming * Bootstrapping a new company through ICO ($441,755) * TANKS Token * Burns (what is burning) * Multi-chain * Web3 vs Web2 Technologies  * The Game Its self written in Unity (mobile or in browser) * Investors vs players ... target market * What does it mean for the game to be fully on-chain  * NFTs in Blockchain gaming * Hosting application/games for Web3 Technology behind that   ☑️  Web: ☑️  Whitepaper: ☑️  Gameplay Video: ☑️  Interested in being on #GTwGT? Contact via Twitter @GTwGTPodcast ☑️  Music:
November 12, 2021
Episode 37 - Civo
In this episode I talk with Mark Boost, CEO and co-founder at Civo. Civo is a company who's vision, is to create a flexible cloud platform featuring, but not limited to Kubernetes, created by developers, for developers. A company that thinks you should spend less of your time managing environments and hosting platforms, and instead, spend more time coding. Mark and I talk about the foundations of launching a pure play cloud native hosting company which us underpinned by Kubernetes end to end and how a focus on culture and community has resulted in a successful platform beta leading into GA launch at KubeCon 2021.  Civo was founded in 2016 and is head quartered out of the United Kingdom. Could always do with a coffee donation... TALKING POINT NOTES Kubernetes Learning and Community Pricing k3s and any special engineering k3s cluster and instances control plane invisible Hardware platform Opencompute standardised design) OCP Kubevirt Instances API and CLI and Web - IaC Terraform Marketplace Culture how you are doing things differently General state of KaaS First pure play  Web: YouTube Launch Video and Platform Time lapse: Interested in being on #GTwGT? Music:
October 11, 2021
Episode 36 - LAB3
In this episode I talk with Lachlan White, General Manager of Technology at LAB3. LAB3 is a company that empowers ambitious organisations to modernise, transform and grow fearlessly through controlled, automated, and scalable cloud technology. Lachlan and I talk about how LAB3 have found success powered by Code and driven by Innovation. We also talk about the reality of what it is to be a born in the cloud native IT practitioner and how DevOps, Infrastructure as Code and any automation challenges the previous generation of IT born in virtualization with a hint of the physical. Lachlan explains his approach to making both worlds work together to produce the right outcome for their customers... a must listen to anyone trying to work out modern platform operations. LAB3 was founded in 2017 and is head quartered out of the Melbourne, Australia. TALKING POINTS NOTES Agile technology services founding Azure Microsoft partnership Cloud & DevOps, Modern Workplace, Network, Security and Data, IoT & AI practices IaC generally Starting in automation and Cloud Native Lead into Terraform Next Generation Platforms  How does Lab3 take more traditional companies on this cloud native journey DevSecInfoOpsO OpenShift Kubernetes Web: Interested in being on #GTwGT? Music: Could always do with a coffee!
September 09, 2021
Episode 35 - WhiteCanyon Software
In this episode I talk with Paul katzoff, CEO of WhiteCanyon. WhiteCanyon is a company leading the area of permanent deletion technology for data on HDDs, SSDs and NVMe drives. The company is engaged in the development, sales, and support of Drive Sanitization. Paul and I talk about how WhiteCanyon's flagship product, WipeDrive, has become a world leader for erasing hard drives. Government agencies, US Military, and Fortune 500 companies across the world are using WipeDrive to permanently erase and wipe hard drive data. WhiteCanyon was founded in 1998 and is head quartered out of the American Fork, Utah, USA. Web: Software Timeline History: Interested in being on #GTwGT? Music: Could always do with a coffee!
August 31, 2021
Episode 34 - SoftIron
In this episode I talk with Phil Straw, CEO and Co-founder of SoftIron. SoftIron creates superior appliances for scale-out datacenters, private and public cloud, and enterprise scale facilities. The appliances improves industry-standard performance on all critical metrics including density, efficiency, capacity, speed, and heat emission. Phil and I talk about how SoftIron has gone about designing and manufacturing their own appliances end to end and leverage Ceph to offer a truly open-source solution that scales with performance and without lock-in that has been delivered as a true software defined solution... and it's just the start for them! SoftIron was founded in 2012 and is head quartered out of the London, UK. Web: Interested in being on #GTwGT? Music: Could always do with a coffee!
August 11, 2021
Episode 33 - Snyk
In this episode I talk with Lawrence Crowther, Head of Solution Engineering APJ at Snyk. Snyk are the cloud native application security leader,  enabling 2.2 million developers to build securely, with a vision to empower every modern developer in the world to develop fast and stay secure. They provides a platform to secure all of the critical components of today's cloud native application development including the code, open source libraries, container infrastructure and infrastructure as code. Lawrence and I talk about how Snyk has boomed into the market leader in this relatively new space being driven by open source software, cloud native development and infrastructure as code built first for developers as a dev tooling company ... so now you know! Snyk was founded in 2015 and is head quartered out of the London, UK. Web: Getting Started: Interested in being on #GTwGT? Music: Could always do with a coffee!
August 05, 2021
Episode 32 - Managecast
In this episode I talk with Nathan Golden, Owner at Managecast Technologies. Managecast are 100% focused around the cloud backup, disaster recovery and business continuity space, managing over 1 Petabyte of customer data and have customers across virtually every industry vertical. Nathan and I talk about how Managecast pivoted away from IT consultancy to help their customers improve their data protection strategies. Along the way, the decision to specialise in backups paid dividends as Nathan was able to scale the business with the help of resellers and a strong web portal that was built from the ground up with multi-tenancy in mind.  Managecast was founded in 2000 and is head quartered out of the Cincinnati, Ohio. Technology and Technology Partners Mentioned: Veeam, Asigra, Zerto, NetApp, 3Par Web: Interested in being on #GTwGT? Music: Could always do with a coffee!
July 22, 2021
Episode 31 - ShapeBlue
In this episode I talk with Giles Sirett, CEO and Founder at ShapeBlue. ShapeBlue is the largest independent integrator of CloudStack technologies globally. They design and build complex cloud, network and storage infrastructure with globally leading skills in Apache CloudStack. Their technical team are all active contributors to the Apache CloudStack project and a good percentage are also project committers. Giles and I talk about how ShapeBlue provides consulting, integration, training and infrastructure support for enterprises, telcos, IaaS and MSPs which allows them to deliver true, utility-based IaaS to theirs customers that is platform and hyper-visor agnostic. ShapeBlue was founded in 2012 and is head quartered out of the London, United Kingdom. Technology and Technology Partners Mentioned: CloudStack, Containers, Kubernetes, VMware, VMware Cloud Director, vSphere, AWS, OpenStack, RedHat, KVM Web: Interested in being on #GTwGT? Music: Could always do with a coffee!
June 24, 2021
Episode 30 - VOYR
In this episode I talk with David Siles, CEO at VOYR. VOYR is one of the first decentralized content platforms for creators, artists, musicians, celebrities, and fans. It integrates blockchain functionality into a comprehensive ecosystem with unique interactive features and monetizing tools for the creators. Dave and I talk about the ability to tap into the innovative new world of decentralized finance (DeFI), Web3 and the Binance SmartChain where the $VOYRME token is available. This new world opens up a ton of possibilities for this new social media platform looking to disrupt the market while leveraging new technical innovations from which to deliver the platform. VOYR was founded in 2021 and sits under Voyager Media Group, Inc and is head quartered out of Tampa, Florida. Web: | $VOYRME Token Whitepaper: $VOYRME Token Info: Discord: Interested in being on #GTwGT? Music:
June 17, 2021
Episode 29 - Rafay
In this episode I talk with Haseeb Budhani, Co-Founder and CEO at Rafay. Rafay enables developers to automate the distribution, operations, scaling and lifecycle management of containerized microservices across public and private clouds, and service provider networks. Rafay’s Managed Kubernetes platform is built around foundational elements that together deliver an optimal abstraction layer across disparate infrastructure, making it easy for developers to scale and operate applications across any number of locations or regions. Haseeb and I talk about how Rafay’s platform significantly simplifies the deployment of containerized apps anywhere and how organizations can achieve desired levels of reliability, availability and performance with any combination of public cloud environments through a dev friendly SaaS offering. Rafay was founded in 2017 and is head quartered out of the San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley. Technology and Technology Partners Mentioned: Containers, Kubernetes, VMware, vSphere, AWS, KubeVirt, RedHat, OpenShift Web: Start for Free: Interested in being on #GTwGT? Music:
June 10, 2021
Episode 28 - Tape Ark
In this episode I talk with Guy C. Holmes, President and CEO at Tape Ark. Tape Ark pride themselves on being the global experts in Tape to Cloud Migration. Guy and I talk about how he saw an opportunity with the early emergence of cloud computing to drive an innovative approach to data storage and management, which would enable organizations to liberate their data from legacy media to the cloud en masse. This is a fascinating discussion around global data that was locked away in tape (and paper archives) and the ability to re-activate data for innovative new use cases, or help find new discoveries previously locked away. Tape Ark was founded in 2018 and is head quartered out of Perth, Australia. Technology and Technology Partners Mentioned: Amazon Web Services, Tape, LTO, S3, Glacier, Azure, Google Cloud, Wasabi Web: The Maverick Mindset: NASA Moon Data Story: Interested in being on #GTwGT? Music:
June 03, 2021
Episode 27 - HostedBizz
In this episode I talk with Paul Butcher, Co-Founder at HostedBizz. HostedBizz is a 100% Canadian-based and 100% Canadian-hosted integrated technology service provider. Born out of a need to offer VDI, they now offer managed services spanning Infrastructure, Backup, DR, Storage as a Service and more. Paul and I talk about how HostedBizz removes the burden of technology management and reduces cost of ownership to a predictable monthly expense turning your technology costs into investments. They have focused on the channel and enabling them offer HostedBizz services at scale with streamlines billing options. HostedBizz was founded in 2012 and is head quartered out of Ottawa, Canada. Web: Interested in being on #GTwGT? Music:
May 26, 2021
Episode 26 - VAST Data
In this episode I talk with Jeff Denworth, Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder at VAST Data. VAST Data is a software company bringing an end to complex storage tiering and unlocking the ability to use flash across the enterprise. Jeff and I talk about how VAST Data is a radically different architecture built upon disaggregation and shared everything compute and storage leveraging containers, Optane 3D Xpoint-based memory, NVMe-OF and QLC based SSDs for fast storage no matter what the workload...with vast amount of usable space that scales and is highly resilient. VAST Data was founded in 2016 and is head quartered out of New York. Web: Economics: Storage Field Day Overview: Interested in being on #GTwGT? Music:
May 13, 2021
Episode 25 - Zella DC
In this episode I talk with Clinton Keeler, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Found at Zella DC. Zella DC is a next-generation datacenter provider disrupting traditional server rooms and enabling the Edge. Born from the need to service challenging remote sites plus solving the problems related with the explosion of data at the edge, Zella DC offer micro datacentres that replace traditional onsite facilities. Clinton and I talk about how Zella DC's Micro Data centers are built for high levels of resiliency, security and mobility all done with automations and monitoring technologies.   Zella DC started operations in 2010. The company is headquartered in the Perth, Australia Web: Products: The Zella Fort is an instant edge computing micro data centre with cooling, security and monitoring - an all-in-one solution perfect for army battle groups that is easily deployed just about anywhere Interested in being on #GTwGT? Music:
May 06, 2021
Episode 24 - AUCloud
In this episode I talk with Brad Bastow, Chief Operating Officer at AUCloud. AUCloud provides highly secure, standards based, sovereign cloud IaaS to Australian Government and Critical National Industry communities. This includes Federal, State and Local Governments and CNI organisations such as telecommunications, electricity, energy, financial services and similar utility providers. With high levels of certified services hosted out of IRAP rated facilities, I talk with Brad about how AUCloud was born to fill a niche specialisation in the government IT market and how they offer BaaS, DRaaS, Storage, SaaS Backup and more through a fully automated web portal leveraging vendor APIs to deliver self service with added security and manageability.  AUCloud started operations in 2018. The company is headquartered in the Canberra, Australia Technology and Technology Partners Mentioned VMware, Veeam, IaaS, BaaS, DRaaS, Cisco, VMware Cloud Director, Microsoft Office 365, IRAP Web: Services: Interested in being on #GTwGT? Music:
April 22, 2021
Episode 23 - PhoenixNAP
In this episode I talk with William Bell, EVP of Products at PhoenixNAP. PhoenixNAP was evolved from the need to consolidate network connectivity and offer colocation and cloud to Phoenix. From there it grew world wide by offering scalable, secure, and reliable, infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offerings. PhoenixNAP uses a custom portal and their own set of APIs to enable the rapid creation of cloud services. Strong in IaaS, Backup and Disaster Recovery as a Service, I talk with William about how developing security products and looking ahead to the next wave of infrastructure hosting for cloud native workloads based on Bare Metal Cloud offerings is allowing pNAP to innovate and lead in the service provider market.  PhoenixNAP was founded in 1996 and started trading as that entity in 2009. The company is headquartered in the Greater Phoenix Area, Arizona Technology and Technology Partners Mentioned VMware, Veeam, IaaS, BaaS, DRaaS, Kubernetes, Containers, DELL, Cisco, NetApp, Zerto, VMware Cloud Director Web: Bare Metal Cloud: Interested in being on #GTwGT? Music:
April 15, 2021
Episode 22 - Platform9
In this episode I talk with Sirish Raghuram, , CEO and Co-Founder at Platform9. Platform9 provides SaaS based Managed Kubernetes, Openstack and Serverless for public, private and edge platforms. They deliver cloud-native technologies with SaaS simplicity that are easy to install, operate and scale, while supporting broad cloud capabilities that run on any infrastructure. Sirish and I talk about his early days working as one of the early VMware Engineers and how the paradigm of what cloud was lit the fire to join up with his co-founders and start Platform9. We discuss VMware Cloud Director, the early days of OpenStack, Docker and Kubernetes and how the latter won the container manager race, has matured, but is not quiet there yet in terms of mass adoption. Platform9 was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Mountain View, CA, USA. Technology and Technology Partners Mentioned Kubernetes, OpenStack, CloudStack, VMware, VMware Cloud Director, Docker, Containers, KVM, Mesosphere, Docker Swarm, Linux Web: Platform9 Free Tier: Interested in being on #GTwGT? Music:
April 01, 2021
Episode 21 - Mechanical Rock
In this episode I talk with Hamish Tedeschi, CEO and Founder at Mechanical Rock. Mechanical Rock's mission is to deliver better software, faster while helping clients transform the way they deliver. Their methodology is based on DevOps, modern code-driven infrastructure and test first development. DevOps is what they do. Hamish and I talk about what DevOps really is all about and how he saw a space in the market around modern application development focused on public cloud platforms and a do everything as code mantra! Their DevOps philosophy delivers better software, faster through Everything-as-Code under configuration management, including immutable infrastructure validated via Behaviour Driven Infrastructure (BDI), Test First Development, exemplified by Test Driven Development (TDD) and Behaviour Driven Development (BDD), Continuous Build via deployment pipelines, including automated testing at the unit and scenario level, Continuous Operations including monitoring and alerting, auto remediation and optimisation and Transparency of information, and active collaboration across teams, throughout the process Mechanical Rock was founded in 2014 with the company headquartered in the Perth, Western Australia Technology and Technology Partners Mentioned AWS, GCP, Azure, Microsoft, CNCF, Snowflake, HashiCorp, Terraform Shout Outs and Notes Web: GitHub: DevOps Dream Game: Latency Conference: YouTube: Interested in being on #GTwGT? Music:
March 18, 2021
Episode 20 - DCTwo
In this episode I talk with Justin Thomas, Managing Director and Founder of DCTwo. DCTwo offer world class cloud and hosting services, delivered from their own custom designing and built datacentres. They have recently had a successful IPO on the Australian Stock Market and have started making waves in the Modular, eco-friendly renewable DC space. Through partners and resellers they offer a suite of managed and vertically integrated cloud services delivered from their datacentres. Justin is very down to earth and relatable, and we have a great conversation around the evolution of datacenters over the past twenty years and how being 100% hands-on has helped DCTwo grow to were they are today. We even get a look at their custom designed 63amp single phase PDU which will be commercially available shortly. DCTwo was founded in 2012. The company is headquartered in the Perth, Western Australia Technology and Technology Partners Mentioned VMware, Veeam, Datacentres, Digital Currency, IaaS, BaaS, DRaaS, VDI Web: Modular Datacentres: PDU: Interested in being on #GTwGT? Music:
March 04, 2021
Episode 19 - env0
In this episode I talk with Tim Davis, Developer Advocate at env0. env0 does awesome stuff with awesome automation tools! They develop a SaaS based Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) management platform that helps businesses master cloud infrastructure with environment provisioning, cloud governance, and workflow tools. Tim and I discuss how the env0 platform is the first cloud management platform built to enable self-service with complete governance and cost control while offering separation and control of dev and ops. env0 was founded in 2018. The company is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley Technology and Technology Partners Mentioned HashiCorp, Terraform, Terragrunt, VMware, AWS, Azure, Google Web: Interested in being on #GTwGT? Music:
February 24, 2021
Episode 18 - Elbaite
In this episode I talk with Samira Tollo, Chief Technology Officer at Elbaite. Elbaite do crypto different! They are the worlds most advanced and comprehensive P2P digital assets marketplace, allowing buyers and sellers to trade without ever risking their cryptocurrency with a central exchange wallet. Samira and I talk about how inherent mistrust in current Crypto Exchange platforms drove Elbaite to come up with a more secure way to trade digital currency... starting with Elbaite hosting no digital wallets... this is a marketplace! Elbaite was founded in 2017 with launch in 2019. The company is headquartered in Melbourne, Victoria. Technology and Technology Partners Mentioned Bitcoin, Ethereum, Blockchain,  Buy Bitcoin Buy Ethereum Buy Litecoin Web: Sign Up Here with free money offer: Interested in being on #GTwGT? Music:
February 11, 2021
Episode 17 - Nebulon
In this episode I talk with Clint Wyckoff, Principal Tech Marketing Engineer at Nebulon.  Nebulon is a recently out stealth startup redefining storage for Hybrid IT. The company is developing and providing a new and unique approach to storage. Clint and I talk about how their Cloud-Defined Storage looks to compete with SAN arrays and HCI and how a focus on APIs delivers a self-service, cloud managed, server-based approach to storage for critical applications. Nebulon was founded in 2018 with all four co-founders where early employees at 3PAR. The company is headquartered in Silicon Valley, with offices in Fremont and on the Peninsula. Technology and Technology Partners Mentioned VMware, SuperMicro, HPE, AWS, 3PAR Web: Nebulon SPU Interested in being on #GTwGT? Music:
February 04, 2021
Episode 16 - Virtual Systems
In this episode I talk with Dirk Arends, President at Virtual Systems.  Virtual Systems has evolved as a group of problem solvers, who believe in leaving the world better than we found it. While their first priority is creating a new standard for delivering great technology, they stand for more than that. Dirk and I talk about how Virtual Systems specialized in VDI and Application delivery in the early days and how having a Backup and Disaster Recovery plan has become something insurance companies are asking companies to prove and test for compliancy.  Virtual Systems was founded in 2010 out of FreedomNet Wireless in 2003 and is based the Michigan, USA. Technology and Technology Partners Mentioned VMware, Veeam, TrendMicro, Nimble, HPE, Zerto, Datto, NSX, DELL, Horizon View, 5G Web: Free Trials: Interested in being on #GTwGT? Music: hrq9GKyyIONSNUKAyosw
February 04, 2021
2020 Wrapped and Reviewed
In this episode, I chat with special return guest Ben Young as we talk about the first 16 episodes of Great Things with Great Tech. We talk about our episode highlights as well and the topics, trends and narratives discussed through the season. A big thankyou to all my guests who featured in the first 16 episodes and looking forward to returning in 2021!  For now, have a listen to the wrap-up and make sure to catch-up with existing episodes. A reminder to subscribe to Great Things with Great Tech with Great Tech on your favorite PodCast platform and on YouTube at Interested in being on #GTwGT? Music: Graphic: Spotify 2020 Wrapped
December 17, 2020
Episode 15 - OnApp
In this episode I talk with Jim Freeman, Head of Solutions at OnApp.  OnApp provides a complete Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) software platform for hosting companies, cloud providers, managed service providers and telecoms companies. Service Providers can create a wide range of cloud, dedicated hosting, CDN, DNS and storage services on top of commodity datacenter infrastructure; automate them completely through a central control panel. Jim and I discuss the early days backing Xen as a compute platform, the key partnership with VMware and OnApp's Federation service which is a true Cloud Computing Marketplace. OnApp was founded in 2010 and is based the United Kingdom. Technology and Technology Partners Mentioned DELL, VMware, KVM, Xen, Kubernetes, VMware Cloud Director, NSX-v, NSX-T Web: OnApp Federation: Interested in being on #GTwGT? Music:
November 26, 2020
Episode 14 - Weka
In this episode I talk with Liran Zvibel, Co-Founder and CEO at Weka. Weka has built the world's fastest parallel file system, designed to solve the performance challenges in AI deep learning and technical computing. WekaFS delivers high performance, low latency storage. Weka provides a seamless hybrid cloud solution between on-premises data centers and the public cloud. With customers in several high performance markets including autonomous vehicle AI training, genomics, financial modeling, EDA, software development, satellite imaging and media and entertainment. Weka was founded in 2014 and is based San Francisco. Technology and Technology Partners Mentioned NVMe, DELL, HPE, nVidia, SuperMicro, Cisco, Mellenox, Infiniband, Linux Web: WekaFS Tech Deep Dive: Interested in being on #GTwGT? Music:
November 19, 2020
Episode 13 - Kasten
In this episode I talk with Niraj Tolia, President, GM and Co-Founder at Kasten. Kasten simplifies the operational management of stateful cloud-native applications for Kubernetes. The K10 Platform for Kubernetes Backup and DR provides an enterprise operations teams an easy-to-use, scalable, and secure system for backup/restore, disaster recovery, and mobility of Kubernetes applications. Niraj and I talk through the brief but eventful history of Kasten leading up to and beyond the Veeam acquisition. We also spend a lot of time talking about how Kubernetes is changing the IT landscape and going deep into the WHY and HOW of protecting Kubernetes workloads with Kasten. Kasten was founded in 2017 and is based in Los Altos, California, USA. Technology and Technology Partners Mentioned Kubernetes, Helm, VMware, Tanzu, Docker, Containers Web: K10: Interested in being on #GTwGT? Music:
November 12, 2020
Episode 12 - HyAlto
In this episode I talk with Alan Zurakowski, CEO at HyAlto. HyAlto delivers a revenue focused Cloud Management Platform designed for MSPs and CSPs focusing on VMware IaaS and BaaS platforms. Those in the VMware Service Provider space might remember them as AirVM who were an early innovator in the cloud market in 2008, delivering a white-label, IAAS cloud platform for resellers. As demand for cloud services grew, a strong pivot took place to developing SaaS based software to enable service providers and white-label distributors to sell and deliver cloud services at scale. Find out how vCloud Director played a huge role in shaping their success... and not in the way you would expect! Technology and Technology Partners Mentioned VMware, Veeam, Datto, ConnectWise, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Office365 Web: Solutions: Interested in being on #GTwGT? Music:
October 15, 2020
Episode 11 - comdivision
In this episode I talk with Yves Sandfort, CEO and co-founder at comdivision. comdivision have built a strong reputation over the past 25 years as a leading Professional Services company, spanning architecture, design, implementation as well as education and enablement primarily with VMware Technologies. They enable enterprises and service providers to do great things with great technology with a strong focus on emerging technologies. Yves and I talk about current industry trends such as intrinsic security and the future of multi and hybrid cloud and how the commoditization of technology platforms enables the next wave of great technologies. Technology and Technology Partners Mentioned VMware, Veeam, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Kubernetes, Carbon Black, VMware Cloud Web: Solutions: Interested in being on #GTwGT? Music:
October 08, 2020
Episode 10 - OffsiteDataSync
In this episode I talk with Brad Jervis, Senior Cloud Architect at OffsiteDataSync (ODS). OffsiteDataSync is a leading cloud services provider, recognized as a global provider of highly available and secure cloud data protection solutions, including Infrastructure (IaaS), Disaster Recovery (DRaaS) and Backup (BaaS). Brad an I talk about how the company was founded for break/fix but quickly filled a growing niche in becoming one of the first true backup and DR focused providers. Technology and Technology Partners Mentioned VMware, Veeam, Zerto, Nimble, Dell, CEPH, Linux, Microsoft Web: Exclusive Offer: DRaaS 1TB FREE Interested if being on #GTwGT? Music:
September 24, 2020
Episode 9 - Functionly
In this episode I talk with Tim Brewer, Co-Founder and CEO of Functionly. Functionly is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company focused on delivering a real time intelligent Organizational Chart. Tim and I talk about how his prior experiences within organizations and as an advisor lead him to believe that there was a better way to do organizational mapping and charting leveraging web based technologies. This is a great story about looking to fill a gap in the market through SaaS based tooling and automation for what was previously deemed to be only doable via manual functions and tasks.  Technology and Technology Partners Mentioned AWS, Heroku Web: Trial Now: Interested if being on #GTwGT? Music:
September 16, 2020
Episode 8 - Portainer
In this episode I talk with Neil Cresswell, Co-Founder of Portainer. Portainer works by hiding the complexity that makes managing containers hard behind an easy to use GUI. By negating the need for users to use CLI, write YAML or understand manifests, Portainer makes deploying apps and troubleshooting problems simple. Neil and I talk about how he saw an opportunity with containers that was well ahead of the current Kubernetes wave and how he focused on reducing complexity around containers. Technology and Technology Partners Mentioned Docker, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, CNCF Web: Public Demo:  Interested if being on #GTwGT? Register interest here: Music:
September 02, 2020
Episode 7 - OrionVM
In this episode I talk with Sheng Yeo, CEO and Co-Founder of OrionVM. OrionVM are a wholesale Cloud Service Provider who designed their cloud platform for speed and distributed resiliency leveraging the InfiniBand networking standard as the core of their architecture. They where doing Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI) before HCI was a thing! Sheng gives us an insight into their founding and we go through what makes them unique as a IaaS provider doing great things differently, creating their own niche in the market while continuing to learn and grow along the way.  Technology and Technology Partners Mentioned Linux, Xen, InfiniBand, Cumulus Networks Web: Architecture: Interested if being on #GTwGT? Register interest here: Music:
August 24, 2020
Episode 6 - iland
In this episode I talk with Justin Giardina, (CTO) at iland. iland are one of the most innovative Cloud Service Providers in the world. This has been achieved by building their platform with usability and management as cornerstones. Justin and I talk about how iland's purpose built public API provides partners and customers with the ability to consume and manage their cloud services at scale with a focus on Infrastructure as Code. This API allows them to expose great technology platforms across 11 global locations offering IaaS, DRaaS, BaaS, Storage, Security and Compliance, and Office 365 backup. Technology Partners Mentioned VMware, Veeam, Zerto, Cassandra, Cisco, Nimble, Tenable, Trend Micro, HyTrust Web: API Swagger: Interested if being on #GTwGT? Register interest here: Music:
August 13, 2020
Short Take 1
This is Great Things with Great Tech Short Take 1. While we take a break from regular episodes, I spend a bit of time looking back at the first 5 episodes and talk a little bit about what sort of technology company I am looking forward to interviewing as the show grows. As mentioned, please have a listen to all the previous episodes and subscribe on YouTube and the Podcast platform of your choice. YouTube: Anchor: Twitter:
August 07, 2020
Episode 5 - Webair
In this episode I talk with Sagi Brody, (CTO) at Webair. Webair has grown into one of the leading IT Infrastructure and Cloud solutions providers based out of New York, offering a wide selection of IT solutions including DRaaS, BaaS, Dedicated Private Cloud, Managed Security, IaaS and more. Sagi and I talk about the company history spanning 20+ years and how they grew from a small web hosting company finding its way in the 90s and 2000s to an innovative Service Provider leveraging automation and trusted technology partners now with a commanding data center presence. Technology Partners Mentioned VMware, Veeam, Zerto, Ubuntu, Cisco, KVM Web: Solutions: Interested if being on #GTwGT? Register interest here: Music:
July 30, 2020
Episode 4 - Runecast
In this episode I talk with Stanimir Markov, (Founder and CEO) from Runecast. Runecast Analyzer’s patented AI engine converts industry sources of information into machine-readable data. The Runecast AI Knowledge Automation (RAIKA) technology gathers and parses information from publicly available sources of data, then uses Artificial Intelligence and human expertise to translate this into machine-usable data. Stanimir and I discuss his roots working in IBM where him and his co-founders saw a gap in the market in proactive issues management that has fueled Runecast's success today. Technology Partners Mentioned VMware, AWS, Kubernetes, Ubuntu, Elastic Stack Web: Technology: Free Trial: Music:
July 22, 2020
Episode 3 - Probax
In this episode I talk with Kevin Allan, (Founder and CTO) from Probax. Probax offers a data protection platform for MSPs, offering intelligent and automated cloud solutions including Backup as a Service (BaaS), Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), Archive as a Service (AaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) Protection for Dropbox, Microsoft Office 365 and more! Kevin and I discuss his roots in Perth where he saw a gap in the market that needed filling and how initial technology challenges contributed to Probax's success today. Technology Partners Mentioned Veeam, StorageCaft, Dropbox, Microsoft Office 365 Web: Services: Instant 20TB Trial: Music:
July 09, 2020
Episode 2 - vBridge
In this episode, I talk to Ben Young (Development Manager) at vBridge.  vBridge is a cloud service provider based out of Christchurch, New Zealand with a secondary hosting presence in Auckland. Ben and I chat about how natural disasters helped shape the companies direction and how they built their own cloud management platform with a reseller first mentality which has made it one of the most powerful and unique in the IaaS world. Technology Partners Mentioned VMware, Veeam, Juniper, DELL|EMC, HPE, Pure Storage and Cloudian Web: Services: Ben's Blog: Music:
July 01, 2020
Episode 1 - Zettagrid
In this first episode, I talk to Nicki Pereira (CTO) of Zettagrid. Zettagrid are an Australian based Cloud Provider who have lead the way in the ANZ IaaS market for a decade now. Nicki and I chat about how Zettagrid came to be, and how technology platforms like VMware vCloud Director and Veeam where central in them innovating on core technologies and how that led to them leading the market on their way to APJ expansion. Technology Partners Mentioned VMware Veeam Zerto Juniper DELL Web: 30 Day Free Trial: Music:
June 25, 2020
Episode 0 - The Seed
Welcome to Great Things with Great Tech!  Episode 0 In this seed episode I go through the idea behind #GTwGT and talk a little about how the idea for this came to be. I also give some initial thoughts on what it is to create great things on great technology and give an outline about how the show will be structured. I even drop a hint about who the first Episode will be with. Subscribe below, and also on the YouTube Channel. Website: Twitter: @anthonyspiteri
June 19, 2020