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Guiding Grief

Guiding Grief

By Nicholas J Welzenbach
This podcast is a series of conversations around Something we all will feel and yet no one really talks about and we are never prepared for. Grief

My goal is to provide a resource people can access to help them understand they are not alone as they experience grief.

Stay tuned for Future episodes, we'll host:
o Faith leaders with decades of experience helping people deal with grief
o Hospice workers and Nurses sharing their experiences

And other Guru's talking about the effect physically and emotionally people may go through as they travel their own grief journey.
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Guiding Grief Podcast Suicide Edition

Guiding Grief

Guiding Grief: In Memory of My Father-in-law, John D. Knapp
In Memory of John D. Knapp my father-in-law. Welcome back to the Guiding Grief podcast, in this episode we discuss the resurfacing of past grief, our Covid world, and a very personal loss. This Episode is dedicated to the life of John D. Knapp. I hope that this personal message of grief and loss allows you to better understand some of your own grief. My resurfacing of grief was brought on by a song, "Present Tense" by Pearl Jam. It’s an amazing song with a beautiful message we can learn from. Thank you to our sponsors Darling & Fischer Life Celebrations and Los Gatos Memorial Park. Thank you to Hospice of the Valley (, A Division of Sutter Care at Home and Cancer CAREPoint ( Your dedication to supporting our community during their time of need is both beautiful and heroic.
November 12, 2020
Guiding Grief Covid-19 Edition
In this episode of Guiding Grief we are discussing Covid-19, the film Groundhog Day and that feeling your all having right now in the pit of your stomach, grief. If you enjoy the podcast please leave a 5 star review and share your friends and family.  Thank you for listening. Special thanks to Larry Brooks and Kristen Frank for your support. Resources mentioned in podcast. Local Campbell & Los Gatos Support and Info:
April 21, 2020
Guiding Grief Podcast Suicide Edition
Today we are discussing the loss of a loved one to suicide. Our goal in this episode is to begin moving the conversation out of the dark and allow survivors to grieve without guilt or shame. We have two incredible guests today. The courageous father Robert Torrano, who was willing to share about the loss of his Son David to suicide. And Bradford Leary, the grief counselor and Thanatologist from Hospice of the Valley San Jose, a Division of Sutter Care at Home, who is helping guide Robert through his grief journey. I'd like to thank our sponsors, Darlene Fisher - Life Celebrations and Los Gatos Memorial Park.
April 7, 2020
Guiding Grief Podcast with Dr. Erin Hartnett
Our guest today is Dr Erin Hartnett has completed both a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine degrees.  She specializes in combining the healing properties of both of these treatment options.  She has been in private practice for the last six years. She treats anxiety, grief, stress, pain, and insomnia using acupuncture, herbal formulas and nutrition.  What many do not know is that your body also reacts to Grief and that there are physical treatment Dr. Erin can apply to help with your grief process. You'll get to hear about this amazing process and many other health related topics. Dr Erin is committed and passionate about helping you on this journey of a longer, healthier life.
February 7, 2020
Guiding Grief Podcast Holiday Edition
What most people are unaware of is how grief and loss are amplified during the holiday season.  In this episode of Guiding Grief, you will learn methods and of resources to help you or your loved one better cope with their grief through the holidays. Today we welcome Amy Daly and Kristina Swanson, experts in their respective fields from Hospice of the Valley a Division of Sutter Care at Home.  We are honored to have them on guiding grief to share their expertise. This Episode our focus is making sure that we have an opportunity to use this platform to talk to individuals about preparing themselves for the holidays. Please like and share this post with others who may need to hear this at their time of loss or anticipated loss.
November 5, 2019
Guiding Grief Interview with Nick Sanchez
Our Guest today is Nick Sanchez. Nick is a Silicon Valley native who has been curious about human interaction and how we connect since a young age. As a lover of the arts and philosophy, Nick spends many hours gathering as much information as possible about how meaning, purpose, death, and existence impact our daily lives on an individual and communal level.  After becoming a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Nick began honing in his therapeutic skills within the Existential Humanistic Community, and is currently seeing clients in his Private Practice while continuing to study under the leading minds within the Existential Humanistic Community.
September 25, 2019
Guiding Grief Podcast hosted by Nicholas J Welzenbach with Guest Father Gary Thomas
Father Gary Thomas is an alumnus of St. Patrick Seminary through ordination to the priesthood on December 3, 1983 for the Diocese of San Jose.  Interesting background: Father was appointed exorcist of the Diocese of San Jose in May, 2005 and trained in Rome under the direction of Fr. Carmine de Filippis, OFM Cap during his sabbatical year, 2005-06. Father has mentored a number of American and foreign priest exorcists and gives conferences and has presentations on the ministry throughout the United States and Canada.  Father is a native of San Francisco and grew up in So. San Francisco where he and his family were parishioners at All Souls Parish. Father Gary graduated from the parish school in 1967, Serra High School in 1971, and received a B.S. in business management from the University of San Francisco in 1975. Father Gary enjoyed a career in the mortuary profession before his entrance into St. Patrick’s in 1979 Father served as parochial vicar at St. Thomas of Canterbury, San Jose; St. Joseph of Cupertino, Cupertino; and St. Nicholas Church, Los Altos. He served as pastor of St. Nicholas Church 1993-2005 and was appointed pastor of Sacred Heart Parish, Saratoga on May 1, 2006. 
August 1, 2019
Guiding Grief Podcast hosted by Nicholas J Welzenbach with Guest Jack Longley
 Jack Longley is proud to be a Hoosier, born and raised in South Bend, Indiana.  He could view the gold dome of Notre Dame from his home.   He graduated from John Adams High School in 1955, from Bethel College in 1959 and from Southern California School of Theology in 1976.  He began youth ministry on March 1, 1959 with an organization called Youth for Christ in St. Petersburg, Florida.  And continued that ministry in Portland, Oregon in 1965.   In 1969 he was called to be Minister of Youth in the large Arcadia Presbyterian Church in Arcadia, California where he served for 9 years.  Ordained in the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. in May, 1976.  In 1978 became pastor of the Trinity Presbyterian Church in San Jose where he served for nearly 31 years. He celebrated 60 years of ministry on March 1st of this year. Since "retirement" in 2009 he has served three congregations as interim pastor--Westminster Presbyterian Church for 2 1/2 years; Onnuri (Korean) Presbyterian Church as English Pastor for 2 3/4 years; and the Taiwanese-American Presbyterian Church as English Pastor since October 2016.  This will end on March 31st of this year. He was married to Irma Washmuth in South Bend, Indiana on June 7, 1959 and were to be married nearly 59 years until her unexpected and sudden death last March.  They have two daughters, Christine and Robin; three grandchildren, Tara, Jacqueline, and Kristopher; and four great-grandchildren, Roman, Margot, Jayla, and Athena.  He have one sister who resides in Union, Kentucky. Currently resides at El Sombrero Oaks Retirement Community in Los Gatos which originally was designed for retired Presbyterian Clergy until purchased by the Episcopal Church  in 2005.
June 30, 2019
Guiding Grief Podcast hosted by Nicholas J Welzenbach with his Guest Ryan Wright
Episode One of a series of interviews and conversations are the one thing we ALL have or will experience that no one is talking about.   GRIEF Today I talk with Ryan Wright;   Ryan believes that one of the main reasons God put him on the planet is to help people in the midst of crisis.    He has 30 years of Pastoral experience in 3 different church communities.  And is currently on staff at Bethel Church in San Jose CA and serves as a volunteer Chaplain with the Santa Clara Police Department.   Ryan served as a chaplain, after 9/11, at ground zero in New York City immediately following the attacks on the World Trade Center.   He speaks often in our community at public events and is called regularly by community leaders to help in crisis situations.  Ryan also works with several local funeral homes and conducts 3-6 funerals a month assisting families who are going through personal crisis and loss. 
April 10, 2019