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Decolonising DMU

Decolonising DMU

By Decolonising DMU
This series examines the work being undertaken by Decolonising DMU – an Institutional project at DeMontfort University in Leicester which seeks to ensure there is no racial disparity across the organisation, the composition of the staff and the way we teach and the experiences our students receive. Each episode includes interviews with people working at De Montfort University or students who are undertaking their studies at the University.

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Re-thinking BAME

Decolonising DMU

Decolonising Education Studies
This episodes explores the impact of Eurocentric curricula in Education Studies and in education generally. Senior Lecturer, Rik Kennedy and Dr Motje Wolf from De Montfort University explain how they have been making their modules inclusive and offering opportunities to hear other narratives in order to decolonise their learning and teaching and how this is equipping and empowering their students for careers in education. There is also a concentration on how music is taught to young children in schools.
March 17, 2022
Decolonising Law
Three different lectures explain how they have tried to deoclonise Law at undergraduate level at De Montfort University to make the subject reflective and inclusive. The episode features, Amanda Aktar Senior Lecture in Law who teaches Law and Religion, Dr Conrad Nyamutata, Senior Lecturer in Law who teaches international child law and Dr Zainab Navqi senior lecturer in Law who focuses on gender and law.
March 17, 2022
Decolonising History
A  lot of attention has been drawn to the fact that the histories of Black and Asian communities in the UK are not addressed in schools. So how are universities addressing the issue? Professor of  History Panikos Panayi and Dr Chris Roy Zembe, Lecturer in History at De Montfort University explain efforts to decolonise history curricula and encourage more young Black students to take up History at undergraduate level.
March 17, 2022
Decolonising in professional services
To become an anti- racist University requires change across all departments. Social Innovation and Engagement at De Montfort University is home to the events team, alumni, employment, sport and music. So how are they  encouraging more ethnic students to partake in the university sports teams? Preparing students to understand cultural differences as they travel aboard? and make events organised by the university more inclusive? Just some of the issues Laura Hailstone, Head of Events at De Montfort University, Emilie Fairnington, Sport project co-odinator and Aamena Meidell, Student Exchange Officer explore as they discuss how their department strives to become inclusive and anti-racist.
March 17, 2022
Decolonising The Library
Whilst there has been greater attention and focus on the notion of decolonising for examples in museums or the arts most of the energy has concentrated upon the inclusion of material from the Global South. In Universities there have been efforts to broaden the literature used on reading lists and the inclusion of other world perspectives in lessons. However, as this episode discusses more can be done to make Universities more accessible for bilingual and International students. This episode looks not only at decolonising the reading list but why students should not be stigmatised for failing to conform to western models of learning and language styles. Guests Kaye Towlson, Librarian at De Montfort University and Sumaya Loonat, Senior International Lecturer in Law.
March 17, 2022
The Inclusive University
What impact can equality, diversity and inclusion strategies and processes have on the lived experiences of staff and students in higher education. In this episode De Montfort University’s Vice Chancellor, Professor Katie Normington and Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, Chris Hall share their thoughts on how to create a fair and inclusive institution and culture. Spoiler alert there is no quick fix, this type of work requires continuous time, effort and consideration because staff and students need to be equipped and confident in the knowledge they can be supported if they report something, progress in careers or as students be aware their institution is tackling the awarding gap. 
July 09, 2021
BAME Researchers
What challenges do Black, Asian and minority ethnic researchers face in the University?  Is there a lack of visibility of BAME researchers in the academy?  This episode tries to grapple with whose voices and perspectives are prioritised in academic citations? Who gets the time to publish original research and what type of research is valued in the University landscape. Professor Richard Hall and Associate Professor Lisa Palmer from the Stephen Lawrence Research Centre offer their insight into research process and operations and the challenges minority staff face.
June 16, 2021
Re-thinking BAME
The use of the terminology BAME, which stands for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic, as a catchall term to describe minorities' in the UK has criticised in a number of places. The controversial Race Report 2021 described it as “unhelpful”. Some newspapers have decided against using the term in their publications. This episode tries to understand the need for labels to describe a wide range of communities and questions if is possible to find new term that includes everyone? We also look at the role of BAME staff networks play in Higher Education. The episode features Dr Hardeep Basra, Academic Development Consultant and Co chair of the BAME staff network at De Montfort University Rik Kennedy Senior Lecturer in Education at De Montfort University Moonlie Fong-Whittaker Learning and Development Coordinator at Imperial College London. for more information about the term take a look at  Advance HE
May 06, 2021
Decolonising DMU - The Student Voice
The project to Decolonise De Montfort University does not only encompass plans to create inclusive curriculums but also to critically examine institutional structures and process to ensure there is equity for all students. Therefore, the student voice is an essential part of the process. This episode focuses on the Decolonising DMU Student Ambassadors, who are a small team of employed and paid students who facilitate and amplify the voices and experiences of minority students studying at DMU. This Episode features Charotte Pryor, Liam Sutton, Zara Tahir, Taiwo Sofwora and Jasmine Kelly-Gobuiwang who highlight the work they have done in this role.
March 25, 2021
BAME Professors
Why do Black Professors in UK only account for less than 1 percent of the workforce? And despite a raft of initiatives including Athena Swan, why do male professors continue to outnumber female professors by a ratio of 3 to 1. This episode examines the double discrimination that some minority ethnic female lecturers can experience and offers advice for those aspiring to make it to Professor.  A panel discussion with Host Gurvinder Aujla-Sidhu and Bertha Ochieng - Professor of integrated health and social care Professor Susha Patel – Pro Vice-Chancellor and Dean for the Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Media and Ismini Vasileious Associate Professor in Information Systems
February 22, 2021
Dropping out of University
Universities around the country have resumed teaching whilst under the latest national lockdown in the UK - but it is a year like no other. In ordinary years Christmas is a point where some students will simply not return to their degrees. But with the added stress caused by Covid-19 on top of the other worries - will more students consider quitting? This episode focuses on Black students who are more likely to drop out their degree programmes in the UK. We hear from a former DMU Media Production Graduate, Emmanuel Adeyemo, now Production Manager at Beat 103.6 FM in London and Associate Professor Mark Prescod on what De Montfort University is doing to support students. 
January 18, 2021
Microagressions or Racism?
Guest presenter, Charmaine Marufu, leads a student panel to discuss and explore the issue of micro aggressions as experienced by students at De Montfort University The panel look at racism, stereotypes of Muslims, and Asian female students and outline why the term 'gypsy' is an offensive term and the drive to remove it from documentation used at DMU.  Guest Zara Tahir, Human right and  Zara Tahir, final year Law, Human Rights and Social Justice (LLB) Liam Sutton, second year  Law, Human Rights and Social Justice (LLB) Taiwo Sofowora, Second year, Fashion Textiles and Design 
December 01, 2020
Teaching Race in the University Classroom
Black Lives Matter have drawn attention to deficiencies in how race is handled in the classroom. In this episode, Shardia Briscoe Palmer, Lecturer in Media and Communication, Dr Ben Witham, Senior Lecturer, International Relations and lecturers, Zaheera Essat and Maureen Raynor in Midwifery to discuss how race and racism feature in their teaching at De Montfort University.
November 04, 2020
What does Decolonising mean?
Decolonising DMU Project Director Kaushika Patel, Interim Deputy Vice Chancellor of De Montfort University, Simon Aldroyd and Director of the Stephen Lawrence Research Centre, Kennetta Hammond Perry discuss and explore the concept of Decolonising and how it applies in practice at De Montfort University
November 03, 2020