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By Bradam
Casual esoteric nostalgia with just a hint of the macabre. A podcast.
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252: The Stuff Mirrors Are Made Of
Bepis, Benis, and Conke, a new invitation to support our show, liminal spaces, Video Center’s special corner,  peckers vs peppers, and how long it takes to give up on harvesting the platinum, iridium, and palladium from catalytic converters.  Links: Please give us money (click “Support”) Liminal spaces More liminal spaces Catalytic Converter Platinum Removal Episode music: The Last Moment of the First Day
January 07, 2022
251: The Strength Of Slick Teeth And Other Mental Exercises
Recreating the entire world by yourself, how do Jedis defecate, long hundreds, arrogance calculus, sparky explosions, some sort of strange man dog, and colander helmets.  Links: Long Hundred Pastafarians How to pronounce penis Episode Music: Escaping by thurmite
December 30, 2021
250: Had To Get Up For A Mattress Delivery
Another episode of things Brad typed at me, beige food specializations, chicken fingers are effing goooood, liquified jalapeno peppers and capsaicin distillates, even plants want to take over the world.  LINKS: Episode music: Down River by thurmite
December 15, 2021
249: A Funky Bunch Of One's Own
We are going to leave the non-cosmos people out of it, show AND tell, good sensations and sweet vibrations, a new segment called “Things Brad Typed At Me,” different conceptual levels of experiencing music, you’ve forgotten that the box exists, we don’t want to get sidetracked on Encino Man, I Dig a Pygmy, opera singer violence, a discussion of Romulan culture, star-faring, make a big world by focusing on the small things, Brad’s workout regimen. LINKS: Marky Mark’s Good Sensations Encino Man trailer Ancient Greek Music Reconstructed I Dig a Pygmy Episode music: Let Yourself Go by thurmite
December 04, 2021
248: The Simplicity Complex
Sloughing the slough, with-it outcomes, VCR editing tips and tricks, Bob Seger and Pee Stain, Fool in the Rain and Houses of the Holy mixups, Vacation Bible School, Moondog v Ennio Morricone, James Horner or it didn’t happen. LINKS: Theme - Instrumental by Moondog On the Rooftops by Ennio Morricone The Strength of the Righteous (Main Title) by Ennio Morricone Adam's Vacation Bible School video from 1994 Creepy Uncle Bob Episode music: Airborne by thurmite
November 18, 2021
247: The Infamous Chewtar Incident
Playing the thing in the box game, most infamous transporter accidents in Star Trek history, hypo, emotionally resonant violence, the Chew or the Tar, the vessel that contains the business papers must be moved, Miles of sexual tension, much like resistance eternal youth is futile, pill-taking technology.  Links: Transporter Incident #1 from Star Trek: The Motion Picture Transporter Incident #2: Janeway Murders Tuvix Transporter Incident #3: Rascals Episode music: Outer Duction by thurmite
November 11, 2021
246: Opposites Attract
Dubbed, you gotta spend your time somehow, looking for the weirdness, a little Gutterballs mug ASMR, the Emperor was a flipper, t-shirts, water bags, Knight Rider and SI-14, the school of these flippers, the romantic math of Paula Abdul’s hit single 'opposites attract.'  LINKS: Opposites Attract See if you can find Knight Rider episode that included the SI-14 club Episode music: The 62 Year-Old Man by thurmite
November 04, 2021
245: Pie Gaps
Buddhist rock, Winterhawk, northern routes and southern routes, different kind of shot different kind of cake, learning how to cachet right, green bean chocolate meat, the most appropriate things to eat after a days-long illness, the many uses for ranch and taco seasoning, where are the orange pies. LINKS: Winterhawk Orange Pies Gutterballs Mug Episode Music: Doo-Doo-Doo, Doo-Doo (Hey, Fella) by thurmite
October 29, 2021
244: Who Knows What Evil Lurks In The Hearts Of Predictive Text?
An unpaid Breville advertisement, the continuing adventures of Dr. Keyboard, a tech tips followup, how predictive text is intertwining in our modern lives to prop up capitalism, you can’t get to where you’re going if you don’t know where you’re going. Links: Breville countertop convection and toaster ovens Episode music: The First Moment of the First Day by thurmite
October 21, 2021
243: But The Churn Is Real
Adam’s Mayan ancestry, long timelines, once language and context are removed what’s left, don’t annoy roy the toyboy he’s coy, not wasting letters, going back to 0th principles, iphone tech tips, how to catch a fly. Links: How to install a widget on an iPhone First Principles Thinking Episode music: Superluminal by thurmite
October 15, 2021
242: Bottling The Jar
The shared connection between human and animals, cat talk and airfish, categorization of musicals, Uncle Rico, whistling to crows, Annette is another triumph of the arts, getting to the edge and looking down.  Links: Crow Whistler Annette trailer Episode music: Edge of the Abyss by thurmite
October 07, 2021
241: Multiple Cycles
Office talk, where we do our things, biking takes balance, on a long enough timeline everything comes back to time travel, lost in Lost, and the supereff cycle.  Links: Heavyweight Lost ending explained The ending of Lost Episode music: Lost Interstate by thurmite Ad music: Interlude by thurmite
September 30, 2021
240: Alone Among The Plastic Sheets
Dorm life, capsule hotels, the violence that has been done to our minds, Brad runs a simulation of himself, shower logistics, and an escape from New York. LINKS: Listen to this man Episode music: The Last Moment of the Last Day by thurmite
September 09, 2021
239: The Rebel
We can still hear Brad’s friend, the collective shit-losing when the wife comes home, when society abandons you, nonstandard business meeting times, circumstantial evidence, the difference between a middle-aged man’s sprint and stupid-looking fast walk, and a little about our sponsorship strategy.  Links: Man Grate Don't Shake Your Baby Episode music: We’re in the Shower by thurmite
September 03, 2021
238: The Bird Skeleton
A final answer about the anecdote about the bird skeleton, Hart talk, Brad is alright with not having toilet paper, rubbin’ stumps, and one dimensional livin.’   Links: Alone By Heart Episode music: Maw by thurmite
August 26, 2021
237: The Song That We Won't Be Around To Hear
The cosmic ballet and the testicular dune buggy, Laphroig and its intentional peatiness, extra middle, Thích Nhất Hạnh, the power of potato chips, gettin' kicks on Route 66, overall side buttons, stylized meat sacs, Harley's guitars. Links: Laphroig Thích Nhất Hạnh The Sandhills Curiosity Shop Intro music: Te fuiste by Ballet Cosmico Outro music: Harley by thurmite
August 19, 2021
236: On The Consistency of Oil
Honey mustard is for the youths, a strange Venn diagram, generally General Tso's, Mr. Metaphor and his concrete rock of assurance........beep Links: Take Shelter ending scene Brad in 1996/7 holding a tiny can of Budweiser Pop's Soda Ranch Intro music: Sometimes by Mr. Metaphor Outro music: The Future Is In Your Hands by Glen Tomasetti
August 14, 2021
235: That Wookiee Glint
Art is in the eye of the beholder, whether or not intentionality matters when it comes to art, the difference between Monument Valley and a self-immolated monk, big boy TV, extensive examination of the film Take Shelter, little slices of cinematic spookery, predestination paradoxes, a coin-sized medal, and that Wookiee glint. Links: Star Wars medal scene Ansel Adams ice skaters Take Shelter trailer Intro music: Got Glint? by The Chemical Brothers Outro music: Gimme Shelter by The Rolling Stones
August 05, 2021
234: Flesh Fries
Brad's dilemma of offices, multiple fruit fly situations, bed bags, air fryer wings, ranch talk, slicing off the sides of Rembrandts. Links: Intro music: Spaces by Tesk Outro music: One of my Turns by Pink Floyd
July 29, 2021
233: Adventures In Yard Stuff
The only failure is not learning from failure, maybe space and time are not the same thing, nostril deep in the soup, the dvd logo as a standin for a tesseract, the story of the 10mm socket, and an upended table. Links: Photo of the upended table Intro music: Stuck in the Middle with You by Steeler's Wheel Outro music: For Your Love, by The Yardbirds
July 19, 2021
232: What Is Keeping You From The Things You Want To Do?
Conceptualizing the morning zoo format, a list of things to do, trying to blow up all dem balls, mocking up a ranch/blue cheese/mashed potato-dispensing helmet, pump talk, and losing the gaskets and pins. Links: Music: Gaskets by SKUDD
March 24, 2021
231: The Striving
It's the striving that matters, Brad is really putting the work in, a tale of two ceramacists, we are all very sorry to hear about Smudge. Links: Supaman: Prayer Loop Song How to make pottery: Music: Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers
March 23, 2021
230: The Filthy Barrier That Is Somehow Adequate
A new slogan for the podcast, warm snow, fires in the old town, flew/flow, what is code, 199 year-old building, steam-based radiators, digging vs. chipping, leaving the bullets off too long, straight clean cylinders of filth. Links: Music: Ballskin by MF Doom
March 18, 2021
229: Big Effing Town Dot Com
Bellefonte is not a beautiful fountain, it's smelty time, BFTDOTCOM, pre-map names, acceptable variance, nature makes beautiful casts, the dearth of Starbucks along the I-95 corridor, and get yourself a mug that's got a little "ting" to it. Links: What the heck does Bellefonte really mean?? BFT DOT COM Episode music: I-95 by Fountains of Wayne
March 17, 2021
228: Get On The Bussss
Brad's one memory as a Big Pee-er, heat for every seat, the coolness of a depot. Links: Episode music: Time by Pink Floyd
March 12, 2021
227: The Relationship Between Absolute Trust And Achievement
Brian Wilson's favorite movie(s), auditions for how to say Norbit, acne pizza hide-outs, extending proboscises, DVD technology of yesteryear, and it's all about volume. Links: Brian Wilson on his love of Norbit Intro music: Young Norbit by David Newman Outro music: Brian Wilson by Barenaked Ladies
March 10, 2021
226: The Correct Amount Of Footsteps
Canceling Eminem, Nathan Fielder is funny, real like American movie is real, we discuss violence in music lyrics and we are totally out of our depth and should shut up, Eric Andre knows when he's gone too far, opening the tiny little door into your cold dead heart.
March 08, 2021
225: Regarding Tuvok
Rancho Cucamonga Jam, better business through angel wars, developing a sophisticated ear, Cannonball Run 2, the difference between musical storytelling and non musical storytelling, the urgency of living before you die, apparent sucks, Han Solo picking up the MIllenium Falcon with his bicep, and the space cows finally come home. Adam resists regarding Tuvok. Link: Episode music: Fukuoka Jam #1 by Phish
March 03, 2021
224: Our Magnetic Selves
Magnetic molten lava, flashlights on drills, stuck in the back of a pitch black H Mart, pitching a new M Night vehicle, some light magnetism, the missing bits, light drivers. Links: Backyard scientist molten magnet Sammy Davis Jr Mr Bojangles
March 02, 2021
223: The Versatility Of The Flat, Thin, and Round
Some laser disc and compact laser discs and digital versatile laser discs talk, the end of a daft era, fun with electricity, a little Fugees Braddaissance. Links: Plugging in things that shouldn't be plugged in Intro music :All Out of Love by Air Supply Outro music: Make Love by Daft Punk
February 24, 2021
222: Diane, I am holding in my hand a small box of external hard drives
It gets cold when you're old, the merits of bargain computers, r-sync and the foibles of the desktop Dropbox app, Backblaze and other workflow talk. Links: Episode music:Back That Azz Up by Juvenile
February 22, 2021
221: Groats Making Sense
Brad is happy to revisit oatmeal, toasted groats are the goat, talking Talking Heads, Links: Swiss oatmeal Talking Heads, Stop Making Sense Boalsburg, PA, birthplace of Memorial Day Episode music: Genius of Love by Tom Tom Club
February 19, 2021
220: What Do You Do When You Are Missing A Nub?
Oats vs beans, wheat vs chaff, a tired conversation about the various incarnations of Scooby Doo, OK Scrappy, Scooby and the arrival of beer, seats and lids and covers, potentially death-inducing nubs. Links: Nubs Rolled oats vs steel cut oats Intro music: Scooby Doo Papa by La Tropa Estrella Outro music: Scooby Snacks by Fun Lovin' Criminals
February 17, 2021
219: Multiple Invisible Tools
The note also rises, the tink core, screen craps, once the drumming gets too complex, it's zines and scenes all the way down, learning to type, the T9 input method, it's nice when the tool becomes invisible. Links: Power Duo Intro music: Walk Away by James Gang Outro music: Walk Away by Phish
February 15, 2021
218: Mouth Horns For The Masses
Moving masses of people via tweet, some whimsy talk, I'm gonna lick that, drinking molten flag poles, and the correct pronunciation of La Croix. Links: Some mouth horn competition for Brad Episode music: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly by Ennio Morricone
February 12, 2021
217: Brad's Fryed Travelogue
Tracking Kevin Sorbo down through the ages to find the powers of trillions in the dirt-stained life of VR journeys to read the plaques at the forest prisons. Link: Boom Clap, Elk Road Remix
February 10, 2021
216: Three Spots Away, Maybe
Unfun, why people watch movies, mass quantities of mashed potatoes, empty backwards places, and old match discourse. Links: Is It You by Lee Ritenour Top of the World by Van Halen
January 18, 2021
215: Man Does Not Live On Cold Soda Alone
Morph cuts, Sleeping in a bucket, fun with bicycle pumps and soda, Brad likes it both ways, and listening to Frank Zappa instead of trying to somewhat improve our show. Links: Odo Shapeshifting Homer in the Real World Van Halen, Hot for Teacher Frank Zappa, Joe's Garage cover Frank Zappa, Watermelon in Easter Hay
December 24, 2020
214: A Real Half Kimono Turkey
The square is bigger than the duck, different yeast flavor profiles, half kimonos, very poor and somewhat dangerous driving habits, and we did not talk about Toobin with my tube out. Links: Lorelei single Galliant Learn about Duck Hunt And its accompanying Zapper
December 12, 2020
213: The Fractal Jutebox
Non-Euclidean geometry rears its ugly hyperbolic head again, a mute mic fake out, the relativity of ancient history, workin' that claw machine or maybe not, a millimeter man, Brad attempts to cure his perspective, and it's terrifying when you find little taxidermied animals coming to life. Links: Non-Euclidean geometry George Harrison, Got My Mind Set On You Episode music by George Harrison, When We Was Fab
December 09, 2020
212: Styx and Scones: Equinox
Brad and Adam discuses Styx's fifth album while Adam bakes scones. Also in this episode: Mrs. Featherbottom plays a 1 inch drum, swimming in sauce, a perfectly timed little zinger, eating a bowl of cumin, and much much more. Links: Prelude 12 on 12 What are these lyrics? Family Size frozen chicken parm
December 03, 2020
211: The Atrocity Toilet
The atrocity toilet, 3rd men and 2nd men, monitoring Harry Ass Truman's every move, and the nickel. LINK: Episode music: Ball and Biscuit by The White Stripes
November 16, 2020
210: Draining The Muffin Man
The appropriateness of the phrase "drain the liz," Brad tries to defend his statement about how it's obvious that Zardoz was made by an excellent filmmaker, never put the shot of losing control of the trailer in the trailer, the spectrum of that classic 70s film look.
November 13, 2020
209: The Speed Of Pain
Storm's comin', communicating with the earth at the speed of pain, do gundarks have tic-tac sized ears, pre-distressed Lambos, several headphone updates, musing about the hardness of snow piles, and the importance of having one place. Links: Bursitis Lambo Intro music, Lamb Talk by Quavo Outro music, Waves: Long & Soft by Natural Sample Makers
November 11, 2020
208: A History Of Seeing Tiny Things
There's always a little snag, the film Zardoz as a small bird that falls out of the sky, a revisit of the 1 inch man, pigeons of prey, Our first Little Mysteries segment, Dr. Dre on the Adult Contemporary radio station. LINKS: Zardoz The 1 to 6 inch man The Long Way Up
November 09, 2020
207: Honey, I Shrunk The Ecuadorian Tobacco Farmer
Lots of talk of the length and height of things. The non-millimeter reference numbers of three new cameras, a 1 inch man among fields of crops, and the mystery deepens. Links: 1936 Kodak Bullet 35mm film Episode music: Filmstrip by Ackryte
November 06, 2020
206: Standard Food Combinations
Nonstandard food combinations, how to wash lettuce, clogging up the mind jams, sometimes the cold and the warm is its own nice thing. Links: A gigantic hot dog sliced thinly for your convenience Seattle cream cheese dogs Intro music, Hot Dog! by They Might Be Giants Outro music, Hot Dog by Led Zeppelin
November 05, 2020
205: The Mouth Horn In The Mouth
A garden of children awaits, we still don't know who Ray is, milk or melk. Links: Intro music, Can't Get You Out of My Head by Kylie Minogue Outro music, Bullet In The Head by Rage Against the Machine
November 02, 2020
204: Diane, I am holding in my hand a generic styrofoam male head
Room talk, several armoires of camera equipment, one armoire has one door seven drawers and one armoire has two doors no drawers, two steins, who is Ray?, and one generic styrofoam male head. Links: Gomyo's album A Collection of Great Steins Nice Danish scum armoire
October 30, 2020
203: Unboxing Helena
Lack of reverberations, an unboxing of epic proportions, Harry S. Truman ate part of Adam's pouch, the pros and cons of different brands of multitool, not wanting to piss on your laptop, and a surprise Regarding Henry tie-in. Links: Episode music: "Unboxing" by Albertu Grasu
October 28, 2020
202: Highway to the Dynamic Ranger Zone
History-making double speed, cross 'em offs, a brief discussion of Ansel Adams's zone system for exposing large format film negatives.
October 26, 2020
201: Oral Updates
A mouth horn intro that should have been more extra medium, a number of oral updates, coin bones, the return of random poik, sputum-covered lint. Links: Pork chops and applesauce Choose your pork chops carefully Episode outro music
October 23, 2020
200: Fleck Woes
The 4th component of the cosmic headphone ballet, the sweat, the flecks, and the wets, the Pointer Sisters and Van Halen non-connection conundrum. Links: Jump Also Jump
October 21, 2020
199: Pitza Party
Showing your foolishness as a super power, parking that big doubt truck right in the little garage, once you do the Dew what do you do, periscope usage is a super power, blights on quilts, extra medium.
October 19, 2020
198: A Cockamamie Milestone
The surprisingly aptness of cockamamie, mic stand efficiencies, The Godfather's world building fingerprints, overhype hype inverse dynamic, and a fine salvation.
October 16, 2020
197: That's Nacho Nomenclature For Ya!
What is not a nacho, a Fela Kuti sesh on party night, Richard Dawson is Patient O squared. Episode music: "Water No Get Enemy" by Fela Kuti Richard Dawson kisses 200+ women
October 14, 2020
196: The Periodpiecehole
Offspring movie prices, 0, a noteworthy eraserhead viewing, getting bitten in the period-piece hole, one small statement about Alice. Links: Show music: In Heaven (Everything is fine) Oilmen To commission an original painting like the one featured in the episode art, hit up the "Contact" link on and reference Episode 196.
October 12, 2020
195: Checks And Balances
depending on your temporal situation, Bradam returns for an epic revitalization
September 28, 2020
194: There Are Some Things That Exist In The World
The jumblinator speaks again, Adam has a small quiz for Brad, By the Waterfront's famous line "Kiss My Grits," Brad sings a tune, and a thing that exists in this world.
April 21, 2020
193: Bologna And Mayo Sandwich Update
The big pics and the little deets, Danish scum check-in, Brad's bologna sandwich update, and how to pronounce Wing Dings.
April 13, 2020
192: Amateurs!
Brad and Adam discuss the conundrums of hate, morality, and Blue Velvet.
April 10, 2020
191: Now Is Not The Time For Licks
Extremely inefficient digestive systems, 90s largesse, gotta take a little nibble sometimes, the poor man's Pulp Fiction.
April 02, 2020
190: Festival Of Years Past
A too flat keyboard, failure rates, smaller is not always better, at least 4 banks, planning out a kick-ass Saturday night, no eyes but a stern mouth, Joan Baez who's that, social security number shenanigans, supporting your kids little things.
March 31, 2020
189: Set The Timer
The old dialer/dialee conundrum, just a little bit of dread, trickling goodness, random number generator news, and behind the levels of beefaroni between the virusodes and the godfather. Music Link: Dread In My Heart by Mother Mother
March 28, 2020
188: The warning on the red button
The threat of overflows with the B-rain and B-ladders of urine parole officers and work release programs, a 3 hour version of a vignette, our cool new mugs, and making a movie 3 times because you never know until you see it.
March 27, 2020
187: Angels And Ministers Of Grace Defend Us
Pills in Ibiza as remedy for a big spoonful of beefaroni and ancient species of yeast. Also: Watery tomato downers and scurrying spiders.
March 25, 2020
186: Click Click Click
Rockin' the spider removal from the dockin' grockin' hair while workshoppin' the Netflix UI. Bonus: who was that stranger?
March 22, 2020
185: The Gutterballs Social Distancing Report
Brad's falsetto/signal, mouth horn progress reports, and introducing the newest member of the Gutterballs family
March 16, 2020
184: Bass Fishing In America
twice dedicated bite sized chunks of vinyl siding, fishing techniques, and tongue hair removers.
March 15, 2020
183: Those Hard To Break Rituals And Habits
That time when Brad was "with it," fog horn cruise ship calls, The significance of 7 orders of magnitude floating point errors, Mark Ruffalo gets 18th billing, treading dangerous language waters with respect to being in the cut, some calculator talk, and continual self improvement is the backbone of any morally upright life.
March 13, 2020
182: Styx and Scones: Man Of Miracles
Some lid/logo conundrums, the risks of going full Dungeons and Dragons, the mysterious use of the spout, mustachioed guitar licks, a JRPG rundown, and some bosch talk.
February 20, 2020
181: It's Melty Time
They don't make whisks like they used to, child's medal, wooden fire style melting, residual heat in various cooking implements, return to the frozen horse lake, the desire for the reality of the grape, harpsichords, and blurbly vocals. Links: Grape popsicle Frozen horse lake Glaciohydraulic Supercooling Music: Melting by Kali Uchiss
November 01, 2019
180: Choke 'n' Puke
Skype's borderline infinity, the sometimes death consequences, the vastly different effects of the same ethos use, Who would think "stupid" is 2 year-old, getting away with a blip, exporting a movie as a series of still frames and the deleting the ones you don't like and then reordering them as a new movie and also color correcting them indiviually in Lightroom, and Jerry Reed's legacy of greasy spoon names.
October 18, 2019
179: The Act Of Coming Home
Homecoming confoundery, football AI conundrums, the benefit of running up the score, Internet boyfriends, baby Lightroom universes, lines of trucks in the distance that Brad doesn't like, blurry cat pics, and determining what is and is not an order of magnitude away from Antichrist.
October 07, 2019
178: Gutterballs Rewind: Rewind in the Blind
Jeff Goldblum shower curtain rods and backwards microphones, Howdy Doody's strong ending, the difference between bottom up and top down when it comes to puppets, Brad tries not to be too gender normative, Star Trek IV punk anthems, making biscuits on a clown's chest, welcome to oblivion, there could be some additional high frame rate talk. LINK: the final episode of Howdy Doody's strong ending
October 03, 2019
177: Styx and Scones: The Serpent Is Rising Again
Brad and Adam go even deeper into Styx's third album.
June 18, 2019
176: Styx and Scones: The Serpent is Rising
Brad and Adam discuss Styx's third album, "The Serpent Is Rising", while Adam bakes scones.
May 28, 2019
175: Forbidden Coast
What is a stroganoff, Fatberg? And Brad encounters a few different chaps. LINKS: A Visit To the Sperrgebiet Make a donation to Kaori's treatment fund
April 19, 2019
174: Hitmaker
Beans are adulty, alternate cognac pronunciations, trying to live to the year 2115, the hundreds of millions of dollars spent on creating art that appeals to the broadest swath of people, and The Equalizer. Links: The Equalizer theme The director of the original The Wicker Man Cowboys for Christ 10 Surprising Facts about the Equalizer
January 24, 2019
173: The Thing About Beans
Uses for bean water, garbanzo memories, dinky-adjacent salad bars, Cracker Barrel times a thousand, God's Cubbard, weird culinary waking fever dream, tonic talk, Guapo's buttery cuts, and the infamous jumpball. LINKS: Wendy's SuperBar
January 17, 2019
172: Happy Santa Nuggets
Horse versus Santa nuggets, a longjohn hats, indigenous temperature talk, the Mister, zinc-coated cargo trucks, 100 leaders, velvety landscapes, mastabamid, fermented sugar water replete with petrified pine cone smoke, the children won't stop playing christopher cross, a little game of pick a hand or your hearing, nothing goes together like religion telephone and violence telephone, some mouth-horn christmas music, and gotta pump the pox.
December 22, 2018
171: Cuts Without Revisited
A creamy freezepop story, Jimmy Dean gets the microwave, Brad is a Hazeltoid transplant, lots of additional pizza talk, Drew Brees is relatively tiny as Saints go, you don't take from the tree, and fungi are genetically more closely related to animals than to plants.
October 16, 2018
170: Tech Support for Adobe Lightroom and Emergency Contraception
Brad has no credibility or reliability, a recommitment to a long ago project, an appropriate amount of circumspection, more Lightroom talk, stuff that gets away from you, Nighthawks and Streethawks, Knight Rider is a Lebowski-esque situation, why do you need this towel, atop the woman sat a man, and the history of emergency contraception. Links: A trusted source of tech info Street Hawk
September 28, 2018
169: Bicycle Music
Steve Allen is nothing if not prolific, first run syndication analysis, the local TV Star Trek arms race, un-Dude Data, the sitcom about little pink man with the blunt proboscis, Small Wonder couldn't eat in the first two seasons, steaming hot wash cloths at the Port Authority, bicycle music, and a tiny insect with flatulence. Links: Some of the oldest surviving color Tonight Show footage The Steve Allen Show with Frank Zappa Larry Bud Mellman The White Stripes - Blue Orchid (live From The Basement, November 2005) Small Wonder Intro Vermin Supreme
September 12, 2018
168: Slices Without
Authentic Canadian recipes, mushroom journeys, we talk sizzle pies, the French invasion, an erlenmayer flask of bubbling liquid, the like of shitty tomatoes, Willem Dafoe's culinary career, and the rationale for shoving a single Lego piece up your nose. LINK: The inspiring story behind Duke's mayonnaise
August 28, 2018
167: Brad Goes To The Movies
It's not like flapping the Polaroid, Ladybird teases out memory pixels, reflections on Brad's ignorance, The snobby connection to the overlapping coffee and film Venn diagram, regular laws and irregular mutton chop eyebrows, and the sun hides nothing while giving the side eye to an entire metropolis. LINKS: Dennis DeYoung On Tour Ladybird's look Cloacas in the news
August 14, 2018
166: Grape Nuts' Last Resort
Wristlet dogs, never go full 2/3rds, old timey new england catch phrases in fictional extra-terrestrial languages, different temporal segments of banned food coloring, Last resort of transcending the genre, edible gravel, the lack of Jaws 2, demi-Skars.
July 30, 2018
165: Mastaba Sympatico Certification: Gutterballs 2, Chapter 1
Adam has some problems, he's just not that into true, duration of a little mastaba shape on your nutmeat head, methods for subtracting people from future movies.
July 20, 2018
164: And Through The Door Was A Room
Au natural mannequins, the tribulations of being raised by a non corporeal life force, internal face-erasing clipboard, a pantyhose skin membrane, non-good human sounds, how hands were used in the 60s, that truth you like is going to come back in style, and Brad tells everybody to have a great time. LINKS: Zoom Quilt Yeoman Rand
June 08, 2018
163: Title Forthcoming
Brad zeegles, an epic party of red jumpsuits, refreshment subtitling, a deepcut beer koozie (cozy? I mean, you know the guy?), Lebron James epic fakeout, Wayne Gretzky's many teams, fictional baseball teams, and banquet beers.
May 29, 2018
162: Memories Of The Pewter Cup
Brain simulations, the grand tradition of pewter baby cups that the man or woman gives you and makes you go insane if you drink out of it, Adam and Brad wonder about to what extent they are being served, and measuring the men rain on the Puber-Banser scale.
May 08, 2018
161: Brad gives Adam a solution to his problem
Biff ends up in deep water, the confusion relating the letter R, Penteconters, trying to get to the right solution, beggin' strips, welcoming oneself to Flavortown, copying and pasting past experiences as if they were present or future experiences, solving the mystery music, Parties in USA's, and Lip Sync Battle Cliffhangers.
April 07, 2018
160: Any Vinyl Seat Will Do
A dispatch from Biff, an update on Brad's knee, wheat noodles, Siptember, more wintry mixes,the idea of friction, and Brad can't say what's been lost. LINKS: Gutterballs on Instagram Our Merch Has been Commended as being strongly Vaginal
February 25, 2018
159: Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Henry
Todd has freaked out and Biff has been sent to find him, spherical lasagna, chicken toes, Lego adjacent shout-out theories, and Todd and Biff the Sequel. Links: Citizen Brick Bowling Buddies
February 10, 2018
158: Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Henry Part 2
Johann Sebastian Bachmann Henry Turner Overdrive, The possibility of the rich man's Jeff Fahey, the perplexing multiple endings of Jaws 4 The Revenge, an orca out for revenge, and the regression progression since the 1970s. LINKS: The director of Jaws The Revenge (no colon) Wet T-shirt opening of "The Deep" Orca Fetus Scene
February 02, 2018
157: Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Henry
What's In a name? Some PTSHesitancy, an episode of Legal Challenges, the ill-advisements of dropping the nexus, the film-industrial complex, the 15 month JJ Cox wait. LINK: Real Life Henry
January 27, 2018
156: Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Henry
A wintry mix, the popularity of the millicochran with the ladies, the war that created the nanos, why you don't want to mess with the timeline, sculder and mully rolling right off the tongue, rearranging asshairs on the deck of the enterprise, loopholes in unpopular nerdy drinking games, the time to use the Botany Bay, the possible nonprimacy of the prime directive, and travelling back to now with a British tar. Links: Yukon Jack HMS Pinafore in beloved Sci Fi Picard Aging
January 19, 2018
155: Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Henry
Brad makes fists with his toes, Metallicloaca, pigeon standard units of measurements, reeting the tweads, and a piece of paper determining the outcome of a sporting event. LINKS: Glowing Auras and 'Black Money': The Pentagon's Mysterious U.F.O. Program Gene Steratore: Index card reaffirmed first down on Sunday night A folded piece of paper gave the Cowboys a critical 1st down (no, really)
January 15, 2018
154: Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Henry
Big Mouts Sponsorship, Suboptimal brisket experiences, Neville Craw's ability to figure stuff out, getting real Texas BBQ courtesy of Arby's, tust on the gum, the wild west of evil eyes, a good ajax, an inclinometer vs an astrolabe proper, a lot of vertical lines, License to 3, Autolycus vs Metallica's dad, and a big Load of diet Cheerwine.
January 09, 2018
153: Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Henry
Golden showers, death scenarios, doctor chest instructions, the water is running but no one's home, wrapping dangling injuries, and sauce sucking. Links: Atari game Diver Woman Todd
December 20, 2017
152: Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Henry
Peter Cetera's hits, Bradam, Queen's greatest film soundtracks, the potential for throwing footballs over mountains, children of the 1910s, aspar-grass, shrimp and flexing muscle emoji, CPR talk, and legendary Anatomy Warehouse chats. LINKS: Brad and Adam mouthpieces Mussell at Anatomy Warehouse
November 19, 2017
151: Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Henry
Facilitating patrons, Brad throws some shade, the crossword giant dot com, more gruesome sports injuries, Brad's nightmare paperclip McDonald's dream, baseball ref IDs, two magical Ls, the chaos of perfect order, tongmeistering, and the nuances of parsecs. LINKS: Baseball Ref IDs Glitch in the Basketball Matrix
November 02, 2017
150: Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Henry
Dreams of AI and paperclips, Riki-Oh, Adam's fear, Star Trek programming value, and Yomi. links: Riki-Oh Head Smash
October 26, 2017
149: Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Henry
100x speed apps, Brad doesn't know what a Manu Ginobili is, one or two way mirrors, faces and numbers receding back into the mist, Brad's lack of Elton Juan knowledge, a blank field of asparagus, the proto-christ, swifting, may-male and female, needing help with a picture frame, and emoting through one's penis. LINKS: Ro-Mansplaining (Gutterballs's sister podcast) Hambagu House (Gutterballs's other sister podcast) The Meaning Of A Wooden Photo Frame Donald Sutherland Discussion
October 06, 2017
148: Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Henry
Like a hobo Brad walks the many spaghettied path, a pretty great name for a cat, perfectly pristine pencil chewpoints, the 50/50 proposition of opening Brad's texts, slip-flops and crumples, The lack of skeletal structural integrity in great knee injuries throughout history, vehicle safety PSA, the physics of Henry's brain shot.
September 29, 2017
147: Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride
We resume our discussion of The Tao of the Dude: A random spoit, a very special guest, oh boik, more inciting incident talk, screenwritinghelp dot com, he stole the rug undo,, a turning point for act 1, a double pee, Lao-Tzu and the lousy, the wrong fonteyes and a thick 'N', and then we give up. LINK: Julianna Keyes, On Writing: The First Act Turning Point
July 17, 2017
146: Get This Man Some Ritz Crackers
Introductions, lack of Lyft conversation is a negative, tipping practices, The convenience of nefarious work practices, a ridesharing life hack, the state of getting around in Austin, brown on brown, how to pronounce A-Treat, fiery head skeleton man, coca-cola freestyle enginees. Links: But A-Treat Online! PIbb Xtra Ritz cracker commercial - 1987
June 30, 2017
145: Gutterballs Rewind: The Two Ball Situation
Brad's been doing some detail work recently, Christese the Lartese, listener feedback, Tree thug vs. Lartese, and the bathrobe revelation.
June 09, 2017
144: Johnson? - Dwayne Johnson
Once every million years you get just the tip. Brad and Adam are joined by a special guest to discuss the basics of professional wrestling and more specifically The Rock: His presidential aspirations, his funny car, his album, and his appearance on Star Trek: Voyager. Links: Kalpa Josh vs Triple H The Rock On Star Trek Voyager
May 26, 2017
143: Regarding Regarding Regarding Henry
Following up on Caviar Night at The Olde Country Buffet, the good natured sexual harassment of the 80s, Regarding Henry toys at Kaybee, with BONUS: Brad's robot issues, business casual Admiral Akbar, imagining a rod, Bryan Mills jumps a fence, light saber world building, extra long danglers, the two important names. Links: Darth Light Saber replacement part (with dangler) Extra long dangler This is not what the dangler looks like Bryan Mills jumps over a fence Adam's prized possession
May 18, 2017
142: Gutterballs Rewind: Seventh Son
Caribbean cruises, sinjins, 14 foot swells, the Ramirez saga, finger blues, non-nutritive food varnish, blazing kayak sledding trails and the toboggan problem.
May 01, 2017
141: Skarsgardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 10
Trash Boat and Marta are a delight, the long lumpy kind, pierogie pincher wanted, half dread of interviews, the search for skinny dippers, Hazel Park treats, half-pea-sized standardization, hot grease delivery system, non-existent individual cod roe pustules, managing vegetable oil drink expectations, various cube-sized measurements, an abundance of sakeh. Links: Pennsylvania Woman Pauline Davis Says She Was Fired from J&J Snack Foods over Prosthetic Penis Agedashi Tofu Recipe
April 12, 2017
140: Skarsgardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 9
12 Lords leaping in a Styx-like fashion, atop the trianglurish tumbler rap vehicle featuring aggressive and angry next-level beats sat a man, how Shazam can help Brad achieve his superhero dreams, gobsmacking blueballs, car-sickles, and knowing better than to argue with Eija. LINKS: Eija Skarsgård about life with seven brothers Brad's Dream Motorcycle Car
March 29, 2017
139: Skarsgardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 8
Stephen Sondheim, shoe-horning mediums, the sadness of a closed Mexican restaurant, selective vegetarianism awash in the coming darkness, an intentional path, weird irrigation experiments, the benefits of various tine levels of forks, the possible leveling up of humanity, The ratio of Alexander's hands to head.
March 23, 2017
138: Skarsgardians Of The Galaxy, Vol. 7
Backwards Styx mushrooms, some unbeholden to time revisits, return of the man on a bike attached to a tube attached to a bus, a little blue agate called Earth, gobsmacking CGI in Turner & Hooch 7, free-dickin' culture.
March 14, 2017
137: Skarsgardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 6
The trickiness of truth, elbow penny stackin' goat testicles, the green creamy nut meat receptacle, not knowing Mr. Peanut, the History channel is full of shit, Thor Heyerdahl, the warm memories of Thor Heyerdahl and the Kon-Tiki, and multiple routes for coal to get to diamonds. LINKS: Gobsmackingly realistic 3d Homer
March 07, 2017
136: Skarsgardians of the Galaxy, Queen Bey Edition
Timing applies to life and nonlife, beep-cheatin', pull it out on the interstate, appeasin' the ear meats, Lemonade, being girl-shitty.
March 03, 2017
135: Skarsgardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 5
A search for a AAA battery while Brad attempts to stall for time, a little meaty blood chalice, if you can't handle the winters you don't deserve the summers, earnest prank calls, Longmont Potion Castle. Links: New Straw Dogs Prank Calls
February 25, 2017
134: Skarsgardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 4
Are Aunt Veru and Uncle Owen dead yet, lipwhisks and yellowjacket Ziploc bags, John Merrick as villain/hero, and the Roebling bridge.
February 16, 2017
133: Skarsgardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3
Water bears, the scale of aquaticity, Superman's coal-crushing days, aquatic-monkey-snowballs, Sorcerer-style potential horrors, and learning to love Barry Manilow.
January 30, 2017
132: Skarsgardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2
Bluetooth technology, sensitive membranes, protusions, protuberances, sex doubles, sheet music factories, the five obstructions, a pea-sized amount of cuttlefish, how to get rid of beer bottles when you're a kid, the disappearing Mountain Dew, and the language of ethereal single piano notes.
January 24, 2017
131: Skarsgardians of the Galaxy
Feeling disembodied from reality, Black Flag, Hagaar the Horrible, data management and file structure in Lightroom, Tricky, a Salvador Dali quote, Beast King: Go Lion, and Perth Amboy are two nice words together.
January 16, 2017
130: Gutterballs Rewind: The Big Sleep
a forced birth homunculus, epistemology, ether binges, the history of dry cleaning.
January 11, 2017
129: Styx And Scones II
Brad and Adam are joined by Dawn to talk about Styx II while baking scones.
January 02, 2017
128: Johnson? - Agents Johnson and Johnson
Johnsons vs VelJohnson while John McClane is a millennial in the Japanese Business Tower.
December 22, 2016
127: Johnson? - LBJ
Lyndon Baines Johnson, his bunghole, and the elusiveness of truth. LINKS: The Cracked Podcast on LBJ LBJ's bunghole needs room Rod Johnson Air Hell in the Pacific
December 18, 2016
126: Ancient Greek Nautical Technology Part 2 (AGNT2)
Gaining perspective in the future, buoyancy of aircraft carriers, paparellas, Hubba Bubba vs. Bubble Yum, Restrictor, swirl of ignorance, grouper air bladders, and goats on a boat.
December 07, 2016
125: Ancient Greek Nautical Technology
behaviorism, belonging, and ancient greek nautical technology.
November 27, 2016
124: Regarding Regarding Henry
PTSD-causing opening shots, douchebag hair, Caviar Night at the Old Country Buffet, casual objectification, Bruce plays Bruce, and tons of mirror talk.
November 21, 2016
123: Trekballs Episode 001
Larry Allen is a gazelle, height, weight, and speed work from the line out, Tongo Rad, Nimoy tries to act out some shambles, anti-Dennis-Leary propaganda piece. Links: Trek Balls
November 16, 2016
122: Gutterballs Rewind: No, Father! Don't!
Take a trip back in time to explore Gutterball's broken legacy. LINKS: The Real Liam on Twitter The Goodbyes Book Trailer The Glimpses
November 02, 2016
121: Styx And Scones
Brad and Adam discuss Styx 1 while Adam bakes scones.
October 25, 2016
120: Catching Up With Brad And Adam
Book events, pimping the shit, ancient Greek nautical technology, Old Boys and Young Boys, Brad and The Jesus get it on, some mouth horn news, oppressive starscapes, The Goodbyes kicks ass, Brad and Adam go "Daaaaa" in unison, we took pills in Ibitha, and a new send-off. LINKS: The Goodbyes - Novel By Leslie Welch
October 16, 2016
119: The Tao of the Dude
SEASON 2 PREMIERE! Meatbag sense of time, revisiting Fahey, the Ty guys of Game of Thrones, trying to pronounce the thing that this whole season is based on, a play on sounds, full part time, counting the words, Tank Battles: Norway Drift, and Ancient Greek Nautical Technology (AGN-T). Links: BUY OUR LEBOWSKI 2016 T-SHIRTS!!!! E-meter Scientology Odysseus Anatolia Tank Battles - Norway Drift How embarrassing (go to 1:48) Sweet Jesus
October 09, 2016
118: The Final Poopdeck
Angular bacon, Russian dolls within dolls, Glunk, Salacious Crumb, R2 is AC/DC, Super Mario Brothers, Peter Frampton as AI evolution, Enduro, Missile Command's perpetuity, farting Daniel Radcliffe, living at the intersection of humanity and technology, the dolly zoom is an unsettling in-camera effect that appears to undermine normal visual perception, just deserts, he's gone to Brad, culinary geometry of bologna and hot dogs, a hell of a read, the hardening process, a too-detailed description of these may have upon the moron, first-night scenes. Links: The Fonts of The Big Lebowski All persons fictitious disclaimer Brad's YouTube Opus: Mindy's Just Deserts The Dolly Zoom "Balance" - amazing drone work Chinese Robocop I Feel Fantastic Fred Rogers is a badass Telugu First-Night scene Randall Balsmeyer The Motion Picture Production Code - MPPDA - OCTOBER 1927
May 06, 2016
117: Piacere Sequence
Grenade toss dynamics, cough styles, the CEO of OCP, Elon Musk is the benevolent Creator, political arty land grabs, Robocock, Ronnie Cox, fear of getting the Holodeck wrong, Next Generation-O-Verse, Gila Monsters go to Plaid, Piacere Sequence, the world is filled with Wiers, finding the balance between unity and contrast, Piero Piccioni, Brad hot-boxes, and balsamic piss. Links: Teo Usuelli - Piacere Sequence (1972) Meredith Monk - Walking Song Boddicker eliminates Morton Moondog - Stamping Ground Moondog
April 23, 2016
116: Señor Greaser
Que divertido! Tubular long-lipped creature, Rex Grizzelby vs Max Rebo, the problems with Snit and the Galactic Registry, some apologies, Brad is not good at sports, Brad's Achilles knee, penultimate seven, a tiny closet, a game of horse, a buttocks, and a prosthetic ass. LINKS: Brad's New Closet Recording Setup Some background on Señor Greaser AMSPEC - Stunt Sewing Bowler Bid Farewell to Hollywood Star Lanes
April 14, 2016
115: There's A Thousand Pretty Women Livin' Out There
Apple's time-sensitive computer bomb, Johnny 5 as Skynet, heart reelin' vs. brain reelin', baboon asses, Chewbacca's bright red ass, Star Trek II and Chekov, Styx and Pink Floyd as contemporaries, Brad is taxed, Brad teaches Adam about the industry lingo, Margaret Hayes, a different travel of a different person, Lucinda Williams is not a lightweight, neutron bomb apocalypse paranoia, crappiness wrapped in ambition, Godbite.
January 11, 2016
114: Big Dave Diliberto
The threat of asbestos, circular shoutouts, screwball comedies, David O. Selznick, 44: The Next Movie, Shawn Colvin conundrum, the Rain Man soundtrack, Reinery vs. Levinson-y, a brief history of Doc Pomus, the worst part of The Big Lebowski, how dated a sound would sound, a shoutout to the little pencil creak sound, Jennifer Ralston and economy of name, Big Dave Diliberto the Big Associate Editor, and an exhaustive description of an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Links: Doctor injury porn Hill Street Blues theme song Mesothelioma Dom Irrera, How to Talk South Philly Italian Slan Quince Richard Moll -- Nostradamus "Bull" Shannon Johnny 5's Beating again Doc Pomus Richard Mosse: The Impossible Image
December 31, 2015
113: Catch Ya Later On Down The Trail
We screw up right off the bat, Dr. Jacoby is just kind of ultra-sleazy, rounding out the cast of eccentric characters, another triumph for the arts, we get confused, Brad's looking for comfort-takin', reverse moonwalking, Guttersanity, a suspicious-looking 9 pin, Schroedinger's roll, Brad's tension tingle is showing again, the preferred nomenclature of Wilkes Barre, Wyoming valley versus Wyoming, settler just came about, the H8tful Eight, an endwith and a startwith, and a nerd dogwhistle. Links: GUTTERBALLS MERCHANDISE MAKES A GREAT HOLIDAY GIFT H8ful Eight ultra Panavision Another triumph for the arts Wilkes-Barre How to pronounce Schrodinger
December 08, 2015
112: Takin' 'Er Easy For All Us Sinners
The veracity of microphones, moodically, Brad's perceptions cannot be trusted, Adam lacks perspective, Molly Crabapple and the rebranding of precarity, selling baby teeth on etsy, Johnny 5s beating, The Dude's hammed up lipsmacking, the history of black memorial armbands, carborating the peanut-eating experience. links: CHECK OUT THESE LEBOWSKI T-SHIRTS AND OTHER MERCH Molly Crabapple: rebranding precarity as entrepreneurship Wildcat boston robot gets bullied kicked and punched by people A Compilation of Robots Falling Down at the DARPA Robotics Challenge Jonny 5's Beating
November 25, 2015
111: The Dude Abides
A TARS odyssey, lane oiler cleaners, mechanics of physical objects a la Boogie Nights, bowling alley work release program, it's hard to understand what Richard Pryor says sometimes, autonomous sensory meridian response, LTO tape sounds, a whole Bjork, we contemplate watching people watch Shia Labeouf watch his movies, two more sparrots, agelessness of motion pictures, the search for Sheryl Crow becomes despera. Links: HEY, THIS IS A PRIVATE RESIDENCE, MAN T-Shirts TARS Custom Lego Figure on etsy
November 17, 2015
110a: Jen Ralston On The Ins and Outs Of Foley Editing
A Gutterballs Special Presentation with special guest Jen Ralston, who worked on foley editing for The Big Lebowski as well as many more beloved films and TV shows. We get into the ins and outs of foley editing, including impact sweeteners, syncing up the dude's jellies, comedic timing, some unused The Jesus foley, and a ton of insider foley editing info. Links: GET SOME LEBOWSKI / GUTTERBALLS MERCHANDISE Jen Ralston on IMDB In The Blink of an Eye, by Walter Murch
November 12, 2015
110: Your Silk Upholstered Chair
What will happen when we hit the center, bugaboo of hobgoblin minds, unclassifiable music, Walter's rapid cycling bipolarity, The Dude's Zennity, MERCHANDISE, the least well-known Van Zandt, Barton Finkin' yourself, the story of Naked Lunch is ludicrous, hoisting by your own Jean-Luc Pitard and a Raising Arizona connection, a random cliff walker, cremains, Uncle Frank's zipper, The Decemberists and Joanna Newsome are a little too Styx-y. Links: CHECK OUT THESE GUTTERBALLS T-SHIRTS AND OTHER MERCH Inside The Dude's Stoner Soundtrack Townes Van Zandt Delirium Tremens
October 29, 2015
109: Dude, It Was An Accident
Camilo's back, a reverse gut punch (a gut pull?), Lars von Trier's filmschool, Beatles in mono (really?), Happy birthday in public domain, the super now vs the now, Walter's vulnerability, an apology 6-pack, poignant is the correct term, snortin' Donnie, Keith Wretchards and his father's remains, and Brad is on fire with the temporal nomenclature. Links: GET YOUR GUTTERBALLS MERCHANDISE NOW! Beatles In Mono Medina Sod Info Is it dangerous to inhale human remains?
October 23, 2015
108: What We Think Your Dying Wishes Might Well Have Been
Cock of the block healthily-wise, separate immunities, a textual facade, the most esoteric url of them all, maybe Chinatown was actually channeling something, drug and allergy addledness, a soliloquer, a composite posit, Walter's dog tag-wedding-ring-thingy, and so much blue sky.
October 16, 2015
107: Just Because We're Bereaved Doesn't Make Us Saps
Thanking you for your service, outdoor living rooms, our global brethren and sisteren, gross details of death, lamesposition, elements of mystery, Sting might be Flea, Dune should probably not have been made, Adam will take it under advisement, the lowest of the low as far as information density, organic disappointment, the earth has different ideas about what is permanent, there's a lot said in the unsaid, how does a hair become so problematic?
October 08, 2015
106a: It Is Our Most Modestly Priced Receptacle
Nucleartizing chickens. the year of cognizance, constellation machines, more little wooden children than you can imagine, Brad used to fall down a lot, front meats, toiling and suffering, Nic Cage owes lots of money in back taxes, a very problematic binder, compulsory hand reach, quasi-informational name placards, and little wooden gray goo children dolls.
October 02, 2015
106: Don't Need It, We're Scattering The Ashes
Fermi paradox, human timelines, Wait But Why, life imitates Lebowski, Interstellar prequel, TARS cosplay, mowing grass, the second concept of age, spouting Squantos, eliminating zeroes and negatives to marry the study of the very small and the very large, indivisible units, The New Illustrated Bible for Children, growing up Catholic, when you're deep in the Catholic. Links: Wait Buy Why: Putting Time Into Perspective The Dude Hates Cancer Nothing From Something Goodnight, Mommy Like a Drifter Spider, I was born to walk alone
September 27, 2015
105: It's A Heart Attack
A very special scripture-heavy episode. Brad's been places, giant kid spitting, positive bustling, not being subject to the vagaries of human whimsy, the life of mortals is like grass, separating the agey wheat from the chaff, Walter's John Miliusness, Jaws love, a pumpin' blood discussion, water dogs, anthropomorphizing whales, recently dead ocean cockroaches, and low tone transition-y Burwell sounds.
September 21, 2015
104: Walter, Come On, He's Got A Sword Thing, Man
Rollin' the 48s, dogly humans, re-shoutout, Junior Eagle, James Woods doesn't do shit, zyphoid process, going all the way to 12.5%, tin snip ear cutting, not the fun hepatitis, ear gnawing mythbusters, Buddhist hip-hop, Spax theorizes, poor weaponry choices, sword thingy, buzzing bee impact sounds, and a very eerie cinematic epoch. LINKS: Dom Irrera Hoodie Monks Queen "One Vision" The Bite Fight Diggstown
September 06, 2015
103: What's Mine Is Mine
The fear of soilment as result of urine circuses, eschewing the immediacy, a breakdown of Quaker Stake and Lube's Scoville units, capsaicin lube, what a stute, nervous Dudely tongue action, Flea's little dangler, stereo-appropriate fire noise, the rules rear their ugly heads again, and servicing the greater good with thwee twices. Why 'The Big Lebowski' Is Secretly 'Alice In Wonderland' - hat tip to Trashboat Photo showing a china ball
August 28, 2015
102: We Want Ze Money, Lebowski
Physical media vs. digital media, mouth piccolo, like a hobo, definitions of various homeless people, the whimsy of hobos, the very special Whitesnake, actagonists and pasagonists, staging a car torching event, shout-out to cyber-listen of the week, once you go back you never go Brak, crappy bowling manners, and Wei Glauben. Links: Damselfly Penis Whitesnake - Here I Go Again (1987 Version) Whitesnake - Here I Go Again (1982 Original Version) Wie Glauben
August 16, 2015
101a: Bush League Psych-Out Stuff
Brad's new band Dead Styx, mouthestra, Brad's high-pitchedness, tiny man trapped in a box, some trivia about the top of Mt. Washington, cultivating misery and boredom, short shrift diary entries, sometimes the beers align, a curious 'ya know,' Liam's not a good actor, sensitivity to robot cruelty, sensual Jesus, and we put an end to a certain update. Links: Mount Washington (New Hampshire) Taneytown Knight Rider Intro 1 - Classic The Big Lebowski A XXX Parody
August 07, 2015
101: Eyeball To Eyeball
Shout-outs on the 101st, another great podcast idea, Temporary Psychosis, Gutterfreaks that Gutterball together Gutterstay together, gases escaping from within Brad, Maude as a snow-covered volcano, sparks of life, roar, a geographically accurate movie, Donny gets the pin-finger, and a possibly uncounted Dude. Links: Roar TRAILER - The Most Dangerous Film Ever Made Worst Idea Of All Time Podcast Black Pajamas Greystone Mansion
July 30, 2015
100: Achtung, Baby
On the occasion of our 100th episode The Dudely Lama graces us with his presence, Brad is close to going full-on Dude, how The Producers relates to Walter, character-based emotional roller coasters, bicycle accidents and the horror of flipping humans, more incorrect nomenclature. LINKS: - The Church Of The Latter-Day Dude The Tao of the Dude: Awesome Insights of Deep Dudes from Lao Tzu to Lebowski
July 24, 2015
099: You Human Paraquat
Another GREAT podcast idea, gettin' started up, flimsy jibits, Rihanna-Lebowski crossover, dogs run towards doors, animal gender normativity, psychological points of view, tureens of stew, climbing off the potato and outta the stew, unnaturally cutting The Dude's mouth sounds, aerosolized paraquat, ocular microtremors, and more high frame rate talk! Links: Rihanna BBHMM (How many Lebowski parallels can you spot?) Amazing rifle shot Why Frame Rate Matters
July 15, 2015
098: She Never Even Kidnapped Herself
Does a hot girl trump the grand canyon, uphellish, especially for color, close death experiences, mirrorless explanations, Brad recommends the Fuji x-100t, modularity is not a new concept, tri-x and RED HDRx, resolution wars, longest preamble ever, murderous whimsicality, frozen Japanese women, very special water, water-centric conversations, distilled water, and melted VHS tapes. Links: samurai vehicle Greatest Movies Characters of All Time IMDB: Limitless
July 10, 2015
097: From Moses to Sandy Koufax
We try to be more accommodating to family members, TARS talk, barely audible 'shabbos' whispers, we can't believe Brewster's Million's has 3,000 years of beautiful tradition, 2001 was a 40-year anomaly, inward facing headlights, 45-degree headlights, Viva Las Vegas repeatability, a lack of parallax, a viva conundrum, and Sandy Koufax.
July 02, 2015
096: A Ringer For A Ringer
An out of order phone number, business politics, murder in the hopper, Scooby Doo informs us, Shaggy is very Dude-like, what's the point of view, a hidden Lingonberry pancake message, a legit whip-pan, Bunny might be a time traveler, a few sporadic Thurston yips, Dafino's cold breathiness, and some fine German translation work. Links: Bunny's futuristic magazine? The Babadook Pensacolebowski 1996 Marlboro Light ad
June 18, 2015
095: Lingonberry Pancakes
No Fear, No Death, Thich Nhat Hanh, circumcision, Endor and moons vs planets, Vipassanna meditation, a vast emptiness, Technology Voice redux, compeers, a potential mouth horn Game of Thrones theme song cover, There Is No Time, TV theme song respect, white heteronormativity, a film of joint holdings, we DO talk about The Thurston Equivalent starring Jeff Fahey, Lost longevity, Nihilism disgust, and the Coens reject a traditional film noir convention. LINKS: Moorhead High School T-Shirt compeer
June 15, 2015
094: I'm Just Helping Her Conceive, Man
Transformers, Go-Bots, the violence of youth, some snowtalk, backwards Satanic messaging, a little toolshed where He made us suffer, Hitler memes, town name anomalies, Shamush/Seamus arguments, righty-tighty lefty-loosey, fast-acting drugs, jump-light, Shia Labeouf transitionary periods, there is no pigeon. LINKS: apple laughing man Hope Is Not Strategy Pink Floyd's "Seamus" It was prounced "shahmus" in Maltese Falcon
June 09, 2015
093: I'm A Brother Shamus
Lots of Aerosmith, the legions of children under Brad's purview, Back to the Future time fuckery, Avery Monson, our lives are nothing but a short film about how short life is, a mistimed lighting cue, ISO less than 1, some lens talk, and potential chronological inconsistencies. LINKS: Some of Burwell's original score for Big Lebowski The Definitive Guide To The Music Of The Big Lebowski Hieronymus Bosch
June 02, 2015
092: My Thinking About This Case Has Become Very Uptight
Anal retentiveness and bulk pickup days, anal expulsivness, an icy continuity curiosity, Walter's tactical answering machine advantage, piercing the veil, focus pullers, tape measures, dolly grips, how we know Maude doesn't like not getting her way, an Erev Shabbos 3-fer, a Dude apartment visual aid, and the mystery of The Dude's ridelessness. LINK: A rough sketch of The Dude's apartment
May 26, 2015
091: It Increases The Chances Of Conception
Acute non-sig, "dick quotes," Magic Mike sequel, spit takes and The Danny Thomas Show, biggie-biggie-biggie, feminism, Battlestar Galactica is the spit take of TV tropes, the geography of The Dude's apartment, Hitachi vibrators, the Bechdel test, we don't talk about Krull, and some Khan korrections. LINK: Danny Thomas spit take
May 22, 2015
090: A Pretty Strict Drug Regimen
Consciousness stew, a new Wonder Years podcast, hobgoblins, a special sing-y episode, hanging chads, 17 life hacks we learned from the Big Lebowski (you won't believe #4), another a lotta ins a lotta outs, a questionable second cap drop, a motivated but overdone light cue, an apt slanty light shot, culottes, lots of sniffing, a practiced lid twist, clicky light switch, you know, a mistimed ice tinkle, and CGI rodents.
May 04, 2015
089: Not The Compromised Second Draft
Star Trek in HD, a non-revisited revisit, a ballsy visual emptiness, bare lightbulbs and opaque windows, a hairclip for its time and place, Brad and Adam engage in some pillow talk, decoding Maude, please write to us and let us know if we talked about Jeff Bridges' marriage in a previous episode, and the Seattle Seven and the Port Huron Statement.
April 25, 2015
088: Love Me
A Target employee WANTS HIS CARPET, hot sauce guy redux, a busy day at work, and yet the robe, Beau Bridges won't swear, we talk Fastly and Furiously, a strange reflectionless window, a golf ball in a television, the Kahlua is intact, an audio Maude indictment and feathery wipe.
April 17, 2015
087: Outta My Cab
Next gen race cars, Betty White nipslips, shoutouts, Nixon's over the line, stage driving lurchiness, our Fast and Furious Broadway show, the lack of Pee Wee Herman fake car lights, the license plate connections, the heartbreak of having a synthoid family, the cinematic geographical inconsistencies of a curved street, the pedigree of gold bricking, and Allen Klein. LINKS: Nixon's toe is OVER THE LINE! (Thanks, Gerald) Allen Klein and hating the fucking eagles, man goldbrick True Detective Tease Anki Drive
April 14, 2015
086: I'm Sorry, I Wasn't Listening
We go full mouthhorn, we regroup the groupings, the connection between Lloyd Catlett and The Dude, and Julianne Moore may or may not get naked sometimes. LINKS: Flight AAR 201 The Big Lebowski At TV Tropes The dude stunt double visual aid
April 03, 2015
085: Is This Your Only ID?
Little god lights and big god lights, mt. killamanjaro, the only two things in The Dude's wallet, we just stopped in to see what condition our chicken was in, a little compositing trickery, a gutteral trifecta, non-diagetic music, Carter Burwell gets dissed, we celebrate Leon Russom's entire catalog, some lighthearted climate change talk, some impressive demonstrations of geographical ignorance, the curious case of the Dick on the Case. LINKS: Inside The Dude's Stoner Soundtrack Carter Burwell, The Coens, and The Science Of The Score Leon Russom William Kunstler
March 27, 2015
084: Yeah, Yeah, Oh, Yeah
Epic hot sauces talk, the 3-fer drug transition, that time the Simpson's chili cook-off turns into an altered state, Nihilist Arby's, bored search for food, Dude eyes,,,,,,,, Let Forever Be, a lot of stuff, yellow-smoke breathin' Prochnow. LINK: Let Forever Be
March 23, 2015
083: What Condition My Condition Was In
SXSW, fucking with the AI, Deep Space 9 captions, a system of unchangeable control, whistle arrows and talking raccoons as parts of a cohesive vision, Dr. Witchcraft, Marty's Lament, Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater, They Came To Eat The Dead, Counter Paul!, late night syndicated talk shows, The Gutterballs, forests of public hair, the Punic Wars, tridents and bowling ball brazier armor. LINKS: Busby Berkeley Beezel Brunhilde Pumpkinhead
March 15, 2015
082: I Tore My Mind On A Jagged Sky
Brad tears Adam's mind on a jagged house on the rock. LINK: Some House On The Rock Stuff
March 11, 2015
081: Gutterballs
Our titular episode! Walking freely, falling, Kansas City geography, Brad's traitorous body does him a favor, a rare moment of preparedness, the titular minute, nonsilent Rs, the dirshes, high-fronded carpet, drug-induced psychosis, rug pickups, hurtling toward the abyss, cable modem longevity, a gigantic ejection of blobular globs and globular blobs, lampooning our buffoonery, a reversed sped up drug-addled madness, long T's and plural T's and manly T's, another soiled rug, shadow chicanery, impressive cheek muscle control, we drop the thing-thing, and a bastard Steppenwolf of classic rock.
February 28, 2015
080: You Mix A Hell Of A Caucasian, Jackie
Molar removal tales, complete disenchantment with cars, more on when the dude gets the molly, an attempt to prioritize The Dude's most perilous moments, the sounds of the drugs taking hold.
February 20, 2015
079: What's In It For The Dude?
Milky unctuousness and milky rot, hanging udder rooms, using middle fingers for ripping pages out of notepads, outsmarting the AI, the truth about truth serum, idle penis sketchers, major mayhem and general disaster, castle of lies, a beefy milk chinois, no poblano, an art deco-y font, nice buttock line art, the repression of phallacity, a reference to Star Wars encoded in Jackie Treehorn's naked humanoid penis sketch, highly distilled content, and Bittorrent original programming. LINKS: 50 Shades of Buscemi bittorrent partners with studio to create original content
February 12, 2015
078: I Want Mine
Uvula shrinkage, some shout-outs, tonsils, corporate mind jail, bowling alley-esque furniture and the music motivation, trying to find the elusive cologne line, semi-permeable membranes, the sound effects take hold, prelude to a cartoon boner-man, the epicenter of the villainy, nicely timed swells, a triple move-in, pinkie hand writing technology, the pulpy part, a The Goonies/The Omen crossover, Superman's suspect time traveling. LINKS Vote for Breaking The Bond Dreaming With Jeff Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut
February 05, 2015
077: Wave Of The Future, Dude
Digital lo mein, low mane, Buzzfeed's hardhitting reporting, Michael Bay's inscrutable nonsensical product placement and robot racism, a possible Joel Coen or Gimli the Dwarf sighting, Virtual Valerie and Leisure Suit Larry, X-Man and Custer's Last Stand (Google at your own risk), John (No C) Reilly and Friends, pornographers are early adopters, the We're In precursor, concrete couches, and the physics of Treehorn's pool ripples. LINKS: The Most Depressing Buzzfeed Article of All Time John Reilly and Friends Digital Lo Mein? the Sheats Goldstein Residence Lujon Henry Mancini An article from the early nineties on interactive erotic software
January 30, 2015
076: I'm Jackie Treehorn
Pinterest for degenerates, wave-centric and tumble-centric lives, rip currents, that wave back in '90, trip-hammer gone mad, the 90s were steeped in misogyny, consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, a possibly non-diagetic music track, Yma Sumac's Ataypura, a potential money shot, tracksuits versus mankinis, speed ramping and gratuitous nudity, and the redness of devilry. LINKS: triphammer gone mad Yma Sumac - Ataypura Yma Sumac - Gopher Mambo A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds Arri Lamp - 20,000 watts/225 volts
January 23, 2015
075: It Did Not Look Like Larry Was About To Crack
We talk about Jaws for half an hour, a vintage ashtray and a joint pickup, a duck man translation, nicely motivated light, a clever Santana edit, Brad doesn't like a gag, a revisited mayo moustache and the irksome nature moustachio jocularity, our past in photographs, thug shirt swapping, wondering why John Roderick and David Rees are in Africa together, anger turns to complacency, more marmot talk, and somebody has to play God.
January 16, 2015
074: Oye Como Va
More sparroting, the National Film Registry gets with the program, Adam is right about microwaves, Brad has not gone deep, collared nails, triple L cuts, a Krazy-glued phone cord, a Santana 3-fer and an Interstellar trifecta, the mysteries of the strangled duck sounds, Walter's distressed forehead rubbing, the feasibility and non feasibility of placing whole eggs in water ballons, the low hammer angle, some blithe chewing, a watery glass spatter, an elastic hobo sack, and the rules of something. LINKS: "Frogman" bar scene from Wild At Heart Limahl - Never Ending Story Lifehacker - Familiarize Yourself with Your Microwave's Power Settings to Make Microwave Cooking a Joy
January 08, 2015
073: Do You See What Happens, Larry?
Brenda Song and the epic saga of Zach and Cody, we refrain from discussing Dagney Taggert, Dabney Coleman ruled the 80s, artisanally sharpened pencils, the nuances of license plate privacy, feeding a stoned stranger scrambled eggs in the Alps, liquid nitrogen blow torches, a briefly flashing floodlight, why the sun is a fickle mistress, serrated skin scoopers, fireworms eating your flesh, a too tidy trunk close, solving the 26 year-old Takagi/akagi conundrum, why Brad thought Die Hard and Steven Seagal movies were equivalents, and our country's horrifying crumbling infrastructure. LINKS: Find a stranger in the alps. Luis Colina, a film editor who said he was working on the Coen brothers' 1994 film "The Hudsucker Proxy" when they decided to write him into "Lebowski." Colina plays the angry Corvette owner who threatens to "kill" the Dude's car.
December 22, 2014
072: Is This Your Homework, Larry?
Buy the ticket take the ride, growling it out, Worf embarrassment, antihipstamine, hypnotics not the preferred nomenclature, we've got some homework to do, Don Henley shirts, contrast and unity, the love of ADS, a punky walk, a funk, a detailed analysis of Walter's possible hairstyling techniques, the turnabout of The Dude being the threatener of castration.
December 17, 2014
071: And A Good Day To You, Sir!
Another installment of Endocrinology with Brad and Adam, the incredible optimism of Walter, the globe on a riser, the mystery of translucent shudders, identifying the contents of the nut bowl, background lighting, DuraFlame timelines, douchey Larry eyes, the centering of Pilar, an excellent match on action, "police, airing a grievance with Fleetwood Mac.
December 06, 2014
070: We Came To Talk About Little Larry
There are a lot of ugly beeps out there, a bunch of Melancholia talk, a giraffical image format, a never-ending parade of gut punches, mayhem is perhaps the word for it, a melange of Weird Al verbosity, all the great accordion hits of the 90s, how Brad can get his groove back, narthex versus vestibule, canned hams and crepes, Mr. Frump and his Iron Lung, playing fast and loose with temporal consistencies and the history of bungee cords, gerbil half tail sheaths and assorted viscera. LINKS: Larry Sellers' Street Helmet's Unsung Mr. Frump In His Iron Lung Metallica's Death Magnetic Bungee Cord Melancholia
November 10, 2014
069: Bulk Of The Series
Let these non-assumers get over themselves, who's the more earnest artist - Maude or Marty, trying to humanize Maude, the wonder of the movie, a film/digital verbal standoff, Brilliance On Both Ends: The Autobiography of Walter Sobchak, pictures at an exhibition, the three fools, a pop music rant, nuclear asses, a spiritual prequel to Plexiglass Toilet, our brains usually veto our eyes, bokeh, an avant garde composition, and Walter's ArtManCrush. LINKS: Branded Theme Song Downtown Palace Theatre (Venue For Marty's Dance Cycle)
November 04, 2014
068: Those Are Good Burgers, Walter.
A delay trifecta, plotbeats, microwave pulses and amplitudes, mesh protectors, Brad's two routers, Mussorgsky, Rimsky-Korsokov and a gnome, the jerky and the furtive, a look of moderate confusion, a potential tights connection, the commute from downtown Los Angeles to North Hollywood on Radford, a man named Martin Randahl, and a controversy surrounding the possible Charlie Kaufman cameo?
October 28, 2014
067: The Louisiana Puchase
A very poo-chase report, the economics and craft of creating CARcasses of Hollywood cars, a strangely calm driver, getting schooled in the sweatiness of Data's mother by a 9-year-old Irish girl, why The Dude didn't have an intimate experience with the windshield, the baking hot beer of the vagrant's stop by, the moderate discovery of the similarity of Larry's and his teacher's handwriting, the recurrence of the blue bug, the buzz of recycling day, being careful when pulling papers and some incongruous 3-hole punches, the grossness of The Dude's non-wet car seat, a Lebowski Squanto, and why should there by a period after that!
October 22, 2014
066: Could You Slide Your Shorts Down, Please?
We explore the filmically historical significance of David Lynch's entire catalogue, discuss the merits of Dušan Makavejev's WR The Mysteries of the Organism vs. Tommy Wiseau's The Room, a long-awaited Creedence payoff, Maude's hitting implement, we don't understand car door locks, door parts are pylons, a regular cigarette butt, a parallax-less nondistant object, and we go down a bad air rabbit hole on famous or not-so-famous fake beers. LINKS: interesting article with Luc Besson discussing camera operations and dollying JW would love this app Oh, Lindsay nihilism update fictional beer brands
October 09, 2014
065: A Lotta Strands In The Ol' Duder's Head
Unnatural sky geometries inserted into others' memories, demon whistling, we examine the legacy of sucking, some sassafras uncertainty, there's a long... something, a dusky comedy, just give me one Glazer, why that's no brain --it's a placenta, augmentative vs. majoritive, a scientist stole our root beer, Beatle boots, a nice stereoscopic phone ring, we hear Sandra laughing, "How are you, dear?", more sparroting, it's a case..., a vocabulary three-fer, is Sandy short for Alexander? LINKS: Sassafras update: A Scientist Stole My Root Beer Biennale 30 Years of Coens: The Big Lebowski - The Atlantic DB Cooper xkcd
September 25, 2014
064: Look In My LPs
We go through Maude's LP collection, discover NagelBett's track listing, a semi-heartfelt apology, magically rearranging liquor bottles, checking out a piece of film dirt, going full "verk," marveling at the history of synthpop, an exasperated gutteral sigh, revisiting the darkest mouth in Hollywood, a deliberate OCD-inducing production design element, not liking the tinkles, Lebowski jurisprudence, and considering the films we need versus the films we deserve. LINKS: Synthpop which I believe was some sort of hovercraft Not the autobahn we were looking for Herb Alpert's 'Whipped Cream Lady' Closes In On 78 Years Old Hearts of Space
September 12, 2014
063: The Bar's Over There
Hot air balloon stories, Brad walks in gamelands, video artists with fire and water, a parade of buffoonery, an unfortunate slur, denim-laced thugs, the humanity of human humor that may or may not be as human as it could be, a Cremora fallacy, some amazing re-framing and dollying, an interestingly timed screech, and a slappy jelly sound. Links: Bill Viola, video artist Video from Bill Viola's The Crossing Is this the creamer (this is most likely an updated design) Other, possibly more effective, uses for non-dairy creamer Slurry A Dolly on set (what the filmmakers used to accomplish the 2 foot move)
September 05, 2014
062: Take 'er Easy, Dude
Brad is waiting on tenterhooks, CD players and timeframes, a dig/like flub retraction, we are joined by a Typist who offers some clarification on hurricane situations, a question of The Stranger's possibly deism, the return of the orange man, the vagaries of bowling alley ambience in the form of worn out air handling units, echoey Dude voice, a Maudie/Marty coincidence, and a member of the venerable phone family provides some insight.
August 21, 2014
061: I like your style, Dude
Sometimes adrenaline's not all it's cracked up to be during a Category 2 hurricane, a brief history of Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 4: Epsiode 11, possibly related Lebowski time loops, The Dude continues to eat the nasty peanuts, a wayward napkin, design elements of Nava-faux sweaters, a possibly misplaced CO2 release, The Stranger is a little inappropriate, what's in a moustache suck, a dainty three-part foley suckhale, a less dainty slurp, and Kim Kardashian. LINKS: The Dude Abides: Online Petition Encouraging Montana Gov. to Put Jeff Bridges on the Ballot Lindsay Lohan helping brother with shopping app venture
August 15, 2014
060: You Cannot Drag This Negative Energy Into The Tournament
The dink and the bongk of Blue Velvet history, the horrifying truth of a beige toilet, rule of thirds spanning three framings at the bar, the filmic nuances of the golden spiral, some visual forensics of Marlboro Reds vs filterless cigarettes, Dick Tremayne is not in Blue Velvet, Jug, Phyllis Deblor's trademark accessories, The Dude's nut-pasted mouth, the pure envelope that The Stranger inhabits, counting the bowling sounds, the Granddaddy of Root Beers, an accidental ash, an anger-drenched "lane," and things the disappearing pinsetter repairman may or may not exclaim. LINKS: See the rule of thirds grid lines as discussed in this episode. Sioux City Sarsaparilla The Day 'The Big Lebowski' Came to Life Smilax Regelii Sassafras
July 31, 2014
059: They Were Threatening Castration. Are We Gonna Split Hairs Here?
Adam and Brad reach the halfway point and discover the truth about space pens and pencils, get some astronomical facts somewhat wrong, probably, wax awestruck about Michael Collins, dip a cucumber into birdseed, see a bat fight a cicada, debate the grossness of nuts, unravel the dude's anger at Walter and Walter's sympathizing, ponder a curiously still man, discuss Andre Johnsonless, discuss bowling alley lighting reality vs. fiction, and reimagine the cell phone brain vagina maggot birth. LINK: Rapper Andre Johnson explains why he severed his penis
July 27, 2014
058: They Got Us Working In Shifts!
Brad's two inch pigeon meets Adam's super bicycle force field rod, velocity related mis-estimation, The Dude's crests and troughs of highness, the LAPD's change in nomenclature from policeman and policewoman to police officer, Donnie's slice confirmation, a very splashy time, the story dynamics of a camera move, paper pouches, and Ramos -- the man who played two Ferengi!
July 17, 2014
057: We Cut Off Your Johnson!
Once they get through the Styx talk, Brad and Adam decide not to sit down on the plexiglass toilet, some authentic carbon stains, obtuse bowling humor manifested on towels, curiously polite Nihilists, Brad doesn't hear the incongruous buried Dude fuck, setting up the "Leads?!" joke, aggressive cop key sounds, the hopelessness of the helicopter, some possible uncertainty surrounding the term "abutment," we do not discuss the World's Shittiest Radiolab, and "wiggly." Links: Your Styxucation continues here Larry Seller's Joy Ride Route Rolling Stone Top 25 Cult Movies Clearing up the "abutment" issue
May 20, 2014
056: Hey, This Is A Private Residence, Man
In-toe gait, on the cusp of the junk, the possible origin of the cricket bat, Rock of Ages is "a little serious," The Dude's junk double, Flea-esque marmoting, Fleaction, lack of caulk residue, git-git-git-git-git-ing, toe ballet defense of farmots while panicked stammering ensues, lots of light fixture talk, farmot goat sounds, and the demise of the errant joint. Links: Marmot Dow Scrubbing Bubbles How to block a number on an iphone
May 08, 2014
055: Enjoying My Coffee
Unraveling the connections between W, HW, the Titular Lebowski and The Dude, an errant joint falls to the counter, Jans who aren't Jans, the Newman invoker, the number of showers it takes to feel better after being covered in feces, the horrible continuity of the close-up of the tape player table in The Dude's bathroom, the beautiful composition of the three hand-on-mouth ladies, the inconsistent timing of the The Dude's beep, and our continuing T-Shirt contest.
April 30, 2014
054: You Want A Toe?
Walter's Small Walter butt parasite forehead, cavaluelessness, how unravelling gauze relates to The Dude's understanding, Balrogs and Morgoth, a bike in a tree, the politics of Atlas Shrugged, why a brick is more impactful than a building, a lonely menu, a Brother Seamus driveby, the physical benefits of PT Cruisers, tinkly and stirring, Boogie Nights ripoffs and Philip Baker Hall overacts, and a giant nut on Adam's finger. Links: On the Film's 15th Anniversary, Mapping The Big Lebowski Tree grows around bicycle Body hygiene- Which is healthier and cleaner: shower or bath? TWIn PEAKS PROPS: Flesh World Magazine (Original) What did or would Walter Sobchak's dog tags say? Ayn do you pronounce her first name? VW Beetle The ZZ Top Eliminator: Profile of a Hot Rod the verve lead singer
April 14, 2014
053: I Will Not Abide Another Toe
Adam's pop-clutching adventures, Adam's tapioca fatstuffs spilling out of his thumbmeat, Brad's parallel lines meeting in infinity, why Adam should never makes movies, more proof the Titular Lebowski is in league with the Nihilists, the hidden cost in flaming cars of higher education, deliberately shittifying your film, we debate whether or not Marty is a hack, the genesis of the Abide, and more questions for the Lebowski T-Shirt Challenge!
April 03, 2014
052: That Had Not Occurred To Us, Dude
Juicy Fruit misconceptions, juicy bits, major license plate numerology, movie safety, cavalier jokery, helicopter accidents, a space monkey joke, how Pierre Boulez relates to the Titular Lebowski's limousine, Karl Hungus's very glamorous work vehicle, the Brad abides, Slates for Sarah, more quiz questions, and adventures in self micturation. Links: License plate numerology Juicy Fruit commercial Twilight Zone helicopter accident Slates for Sarah Pierre Boulez Monkeying Around (Two Different Kinds)
March 28, 2014
051: What In God's Holy Name Are You Blathering About?
Whipplesque Kickstarter projects, yes man toadie-type guys, Veronica Mars/Lebowski crossovers, The Dude's black hole mouth shapes again, no chewin' cord, arthroscopic sweatshirt surgery, contact lens horror, a Lindsey Lohan update, a surprise drink spill, and why Brad sometimes looks as uncomfortable as Brandt. Links: Veronica Mars Lebowski References Supercut Lindsay Lohan has water war with Jimmy Fallon A mention of T-Bone Why is a minute divided into 60 seconds, an hour into 60 minutes, yet there are only 24 hours in a day? see what scares Brad really, really badly
March 21, 2014
050: Careful, Man, There's A Beverage Here
The buzz of experience, flipping the geographical and expectational scripts, how to pronounce "experiment," 26.5 years of swearing sobriety, a very doggy neighborhood, the physics of drink stability, tips and tricks for private dicks, Camilo isn't wearing pants, a 4 ton tile car, and a rotting leafy baby mulch vomit face.
March 16, 2014
049: He's A Good Man, And Thurrah...
A familial shout out involving ribs and a veggie burger, fancy brads, truematic stints to reset your filmic street cred, kevin spacey vs. the dude commercial vo off, aged now-undecipherable slang, rotoscoped fake bras, the unvarnished truth about Stevie B.
March 01, 2014
048: Bones, Or Clams, Or Whatever You Call Them
The sad news about PS-Hoff. Brad's word-noises are like waves crashing onto the shore, guerilla feminist art installations in JCPenney, the Grand Illusion album cover, a curiously orange sidelight, the magically rotating remote, wardrobe malfunctions, Lindsay Lohan's 75,000 dollar two-piece fur coat saved by an NFL player, and prepare yourselves for a competition of epic proportions.
February 08, 2014
047: Ich Bin Expert
Note: This episode was recorded before the untimely death of Philip Seymour Hoffman. We will be acknowledging his passing in the next episode. Early life coal-based adventures, early Clooney, englman germish, Carel Struycken, creamer fallacies, two decade delay periods, fauxrnication, diminuitivized Helgas, an obverse strike plate, critical ash mass, retarding the incorporation, Adam's daughter turns the Lebowski tables on him, we close the book on the porno/porno preferred nomenclature, and Star Wars bibliographies. Links: Carel Struycken Viper Probe Droid
February 05, 2014
046: A Natural, Zesty Enterprise
Battle Mighty Maude, BTro, The Warriors of the wet streets, Crank Super-fandoms, Motorhead confusion, Brad Chev-Chelioses out again, the effort required to create bad porn-style shots in a major motion picture, the preferred porn(o) nomenclature, a geyser of thirstings, levitating motorcycles, the Kahlua position. Links: The Dude And Maude reunite in Seventh Son Motörhead - Ace Of Spades Maude - "Battle Mighty"
January 24, 2014
045: Johnson?
Brad and Adam are joined by special guest Laura to talk about Beyonce's game of linguistic telephone with Maude Lebowski, getting down to cases, the cognitive pressure cooker model of The Dude, how WFMZ and Christopher Cross relate to Styxlove, Vlad's hat, an argument over Maude's living arrangements, and pre-vagina chin setting. Links: Fisk and Fern | paper and household goods Beyoncé Sampled the French Version of The Big Lebowski Styx on Regis and Kathy Lee The most popular card game in the Old West - origin of the phrase "let's get down to cases" Brass Tacks
January 17, 2014
Phone's Ringing Dude: Wet Streets
It's raining men! Why are asphalt streets in the movies always wet? Brad and Adam struggle to answer listener mail.
January 16, 2014
044: My Art Has Been Commended As Being Strongly Vaginal
Ambient art chant, the uncharacterizable nature of Styx finally answered by Regis and Kathy Lee, when Vlad met Slaughter, pointular time, vaginal lead-ups, the embodiment of the scissor painting, the Palace Theatre, fleshy dermal pigment variation thing, disfusion and congust, quizzicallity, the total eclipse of the tongue, total cinematic defecation, and Earth-killing Fourth of July snakes.
January 09, 2014
043: The Dude Is Not In
The unbequizalled story of the origins of the cornhole, cornbag, blood run lodge, aquatic monkey boy, and the golden man. We also talk a bit about the dude, his answering machine, the cops, and Maude's setting. Links: Seth and Seth's tongue windows for workgroups How to make cornbags
January 04, 2014
042: Papers. Just papers. You Know, My Papers. Business Papers.
Art and Stadium Rock of Styx, rap inventors, Cat Geospatial Arithmetic, the case of the curiously long night, Hal Hartley's final piece of the trilogy, contrasting the stern cop and the fastidious cop, our favorite holiday movies and Zooey Deschanel's ubiquitousness, Adam doesn't like singing in movies, tacky but effective backlights, Brad promises not to name the next podcast Sllabrettug, dreamflight-inducing airplane sounds, and... Corpus Christi. Links: Will Ferrell As Dennis DeYoung Lebowski Quiz Not a link about Pee Wee's playhouse A frame from MAN OF STEEL, comparing teaser and final film Hal Hartley's Ned Rifle Kickstarter
December 21, 2013
041: Say, Dude? Where Is Your Car?
A multitude of revisits, anti-redisappearing, the nuances of apoplexy, isolated bowling alley worlds, The Jesus and His Color Palette, Scottish listenership, left-handed shakes, the Buehler Anxiety, inexplicable mirror people, implications of a dark spot, flares in two parts (natural and unnatural), straddling the hump, and, of course, more foot scrapes.
December 04, 2013
040: They're Gonna Kill That Poor Woman!
Painting ourselves into a temporal corner, appreciating the nice extra work, pondering the possible level of awkwardness in the cutaways to Donnie, examining The Dude's body wracking anger, contemplating a certain director's obsession with women giving birth to maggots, questioning the proper level of anger over a chocolate covered fork left on a couch, and discussing a non-propagandistic George Lucas documentary. Links: Spammydog build your own modular phone one day Jeff Troll 2 clip Not the guy on the dude's shirt New shit has come to light Penguin peeing on bride The Fly maggot birth
November 14, 2013
039: What Exactly Is The Problem?
The invisible DJ queuing things up, The Dude and the Blue comes back, what is and is not a Marlboro, courage under threat of maggots, tinky versus clinky, maintaining gender neutrality, stereophonic Donny steps, The Swiss, a curiously wooden excited pen toss, taco cornucopias, embracing the shittiness, Graphene is totally exciting and Jeb is a little Ridgey.
November 08, 2013
038: Etz Chaim Hi, Dude
Walter's odds of survival against the angelic bullets, Brad's Lebowski raincoat meta-dream, Lebowski Minecraft, the strategic deployment of verite style camera work, Walter's use of Hebrew, the surprising Number Johnny Five, various theories about the third bowling ball bag, non-Euclidean geometry, the blue man, more about Brad's life as a high-strung Dude-like figure.
October 03, 2013
037: Here Goes The Ringer
Adam regulates, oneupsmanship chicken, unintentional nihilist motivation, still bushes and moving bushes, what is important when putting together a film and what is not, The Dude's impressive physical fitness, reversed bag throws, intentional planks, joyous digits, three act structures, the source of Lindsay Lohan's staying power, tank bialthalons, new eras of shit, and the Green Leotard Man of Adam's dream.
September 18, 2013
036: Once A Plan Gets Too Complex Everything Can Go Wrong
Plans like swiss watches, baksheesh, the temporal geographies of the approach toward the wooden bridge, real-life Lost Highways, the lack of relief in The Dude when he has an out for Walter's simple violent plan, updates for two CCDs - Colony Collapse Disorder and Charged-Coupled Devices, and Brad's and Adam's admiration of muscle cars.
September 13, 2013
035: You're Being Very Undude
Getting Lebowski on the National Film Registry, Creedence mood sounds, turns out Christine is always right, diagetic audio screenwriting, business mode, rebel pilot's shooter's glass, the most non-Zen moment, authentic quiet expletives, the inconsistencies of the turn, a brief history of the 405.
September 05, 2013
034: Her Life Was In Our Hands
Brad no longer withholds the punch, the long forgotten rj, pinkie nails, the skeuomorphism of great grandpa's dialtone, another thurston equivalent, the McNugget sea-change, Hawaiian spamalot, antman and sansantman, the hierarchies of power of Atlas Shrugged and their relationship to John Whipple's The Avengers, a Lundgrenish dude.
August 30, 2013
Phone's Ringin' Dude: Class Warfare
The Titular Lebowski vs. The Dude - who won? Brad and Adam struggle to answer listener mail.
August 23, 2013
033: Laundry, The Whites
Walter in his glory, steep hellacious mazes of moguls, napkin brands, Fall Out Men, the pointlessness of debunking geographical inconsistencies, Brandt's germ-off pat, we reply to listener feedback from Jane, duck-billed chipmunk dragons, wall rugs, deduplication, three headlighted cars, perfect equilibrium of the Eastern thing, the ghost of Thurston, the text book of Lebowski.
August 09, 2013
032: Her Life Is In Your Hands
Maybe a little too much penis talk, erection chambers, the various types of shmorgusborgii, pitched up looped dialogue, the joy of outsmarting a combination lock when you are eleven, crane moves and parallax, looping, the pain of Adam's Cafe and Shore Side Burgers, the Dude gets gentrified right outta there, and Adam leaves his dreams for another episode.
July 26, 2013
031: Man In Me, Part II
Brad and Adam are joined by a maker of films, pacifist handwriting, the inability to hear a connecting brown noise, the mystery of the first shot revealed, composite jobs, a brief history of the negative of the original pilot of Star Trek, the politics of Lebowski preservation, the online discussion of the physics of the theoretical lebowski planet, and identifying the ejaculatory moment.
July 06, 2013
030: Til It Goes Click
Stuporman, alternate Jesuses, Liam's eye flirts, throatmeats, possible tedium of couch gags, a trip down physical media memory lane, smart sharks and Star Wars spillover, deliberate cheese, saying goodbye to The Jesus, hippal areas, what's going down at the Cape Cod Playhouse in Hyannis, Jainism, being fully riveted, another -ism, yet another ism, the defenseless things, and nature's feedbag.
June 25, 2013
029: Yeah? Well, You Know... That's Just, Like, Uh... Your Opinion, Man
A Lindsay Lohan update, vacation malaise and the sock scourge, drawing lines in economic sand, the alternate Tobias Funke, triangles, snort-worthiness, all the important people, inaccurate Krokus namedropping, Jesus chortles, Liam's manmeat, and the inevitability of "cute results" in a base 10 number system.
June 20, 2013
028: Life Does Not Stop And Start At Your Convenience
We welcome special guest Steven to discuss: Pinkie takes a peek, shadow discrepancies, the flangey Dude voice, the differences between Karl Marx and Joseph Stalin, slow doorbell fingers, Ernie who works at Prosource, and questioning the essential nature of The Jesus going door to door.
June 18, 2013
027: That Creep Can Roll, Man
The guy who's not Liam points too, the re-doubled zelnicker astoundment, the flopped shot from last minute, Liam's poor stitching, the rare entertainment value of masturbatory self-indulgence, pink women and their MGDs, the codpiece, non-penile pants boners, the strange cut from the jesus's celebratory finger to the triumvirate, nice triple racks, the little blue yard toy, and an extra-special musical send off.
June 11, 2013
026: The Jesus
The invitingly watchable motions of The Jesus, delicate foot scrapes, the Dude's bull-like twin nostril smoke jets, the ins and outs of ring culture, details of women's socks, the careful conceit of non importance as evidenced by stranger interruptions, recentering yourself filmically, redder stripes, egregious licks, Jesus stitchings, Bespin small droid wranglers playing keepaway, and the Hallowedding and its familial implications. Also, Adam might wear stockings and Brad gets his Chev Chelios on.
June 03, 2013
025: Why Me, Man?
Cowards, weaklings, bums, the waffliness of diegesis, the perfection of narrative spaghetti, high frame rate cameras for catching high speed crabs, the landlord as originally scripted, Thurston's future return, the temporal anomalies of round robin bowling tournaments, a listener comment from Gordon Lightfoot, the fluidity of dates in Lebowski's filmic dream, disconfirmations, Brad's ignorance of movies with guns and/or mobsters, also an entire section talking about movies we've seen.
May 29, 2013
024: Mind If I Do A J?
How Brad hates jobs, high quality digital representations of high quality paper, 150% Brandt finger splaying, cogent pieces of cultural criticism in a classic 80s film, voyaging inside The Dude's head, the resolution of paper, the season dump, more on PS-Hoff's amazing body control as evidenced by his caterpillar lip, the nihilosity of the word "gather", the jumping of the J, the unlikelihood of the Titular Lebowski's mastery of "scale to fit", the oddly long Brandt reaction preamble, the lefthandedness of the crackle, and an in-depth breakdown of the opening title sequence of House of Cards.
May 19, 2013
023: We've Had Some Terrible News
Mo-Zurt, logical glossovers, a celebration of candelabras, the porn version of an old Jeff Bridges movie, a little dude in Tron, the strongly influential Babe Ruth of Japan, some interstates, the fallacy of the Prince symbol with a smiley face, Fargo's punctuated mundanity, duck