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Heard @ Harvard

Heard @ Harvard

By Harvard
Heard @ Harvard is the regular podcast from the team at Harvard – the specialist PR and marketing agency which helps tech companies make their move.
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Heard @ Harvard - Marketing and Brand Purpose
In episode 6 of Heard @ Harvard, we sat down with two of the brightest minds in B2B Marketing. Cat Dutton, Global Vice President of Marketing at Atos and Andrew Last, MD, Marketing, here at Harvard. The conversation kicked off with a discussion around Cat and Andrew’s personal experiences of the year and the impact it has had on their work, which then led into a broader chat around how they think this years’ events have changed B2B Marketing. We discussed the rise and importance of brand purpose, as well as who is currently doing it well and looked to the future to chat about what 2021 looks like for brands and agencies a like.
November 26, 2020
Heard @ Harvard Episode 5 - Representation in Comms
In our fifth episode of Heard @ Harvard, Louie and I had the absolute pleasure to sit down with two members of the Harvard team - Efe Otokiti, an Editorial Manager and Amira Williams, who is an Account Executive. This episode was focused on race in the workplace and had a small twist - not only did we come armed with questions, so did Efe and Amira. We started off by discussing both their individual experiences of race in the workplace, followed by the impact of the Black Lives Matter movement and how this has accelerated change. We also talked about why there is underrepresentation of Black people in the industry If there is one thing we’d like to highlight from this episode, it’s the importance of listening and ensuring conversations about race in the workplace move beyond ‘difficult,’ and instead form the basis of real and long-term positive change. Only by doing that can we unlearn what we’ve been taught, change the structures we’ve got in place to allow us to retain incredible talent and create a truly inclusive workforce.
November 10, 2020
Heard @ Harvard Episode 4 – Tech for Good with Baroness Joanna Shields
For our fourth episode of Heard @ Harvard, we had a conversation with Baroness Joanna Shields OBE, who is both the CEO of BenevolentAI and Founder of WeProtect. In this episode, we spoke with Baroness Shields about a range of issues we’re facing in the world today; from her experience in the tech industry – and her disillusionment with it – to tech for good and her role at Benevolent AI and founding WePROTECT and the work she has done there. We cover her career all the way to the much-anticipated US elections and what the world holds tomorrow, a must-listen for anyone interesting in the way the tech industry is shaping the world and our lives today, and the implicit responsibility that sits alongside tech leaders to enact positive change.
October 22, 2020
Heard @ Harvard Episode 3 - Harvard to Entrepreneur with Ruby Aryiku
For our third episode of Heard @ Harvard, we caught up with ex-Harvard team member, Ruby Aryiku. Ruby was a brilliant Account Executive here at Harvard before leaving to co-found her own agency - VAMP - where she is now Head of PR. Ruby and her business partners recognised back in 2017 that the growing YouTube and Influencer industry was incredibly whitewashed, creating a false reality that there weren’t talented and entertaining content creators of colour in the UK suitable for campaigns. VAMP’s mission is to be a platform for talented, black content creators in the UK. In this episode, Ruby tells us her story, gives us an update on how VAMP is addressing the year of COVID and discusses her views on how well the comms industry is attracting diverse talent as well as its response to the BLM movement following the death of George Floyd.
October 15, 2020
Heard @ Harvard Episode 2 - Planning and the World Today
I’m pleased to say that the second episode of our podcast is available now for you to listen to or download. After interviewing the global COO of MediaCom and chair of the PRCA’s diversity network in episode one, this time round we’ve spoken to someone from within Harvard. Pete Marcus is our group planning director and has been with the agency for nearly a decade. After starting his career in consumer and corporate PR, Pete’s role has evolved and he’s been running our Planning team for the past few years, helping develop insights and strategies for our clients that make their communications sharper and more effective. Planning as a discipline is well-known within marketing and ad agencies, but is still relatively new to the world of PR. We talk to Pete about what planning is and why it’s valuable, as well as getting his thoughts on the big changes in society, technology and politics that are affecting the operating environment for our clients right now.
September 30, 2020
Heard @ Harvard Episode 1 - Building an inclusive workplace
Welcome to Episode 1 of Heard @ Harvard, our brand new podcast series designed to explore the theme of ‘creating lasting change.’ Throughout the series we will be talking to people right at the heart of both the agency world and the tech sector. In our inaugural episode we are joined by Josh Krichefski, Global COO at MediaCom and Rax Lakhani, Chair of the PRCA's Diversity Network. We hear their thoughts on running teams and agencies during the COVID pandemic; mental health in the agency world and diversity – and particularly what agencies in both PR and advertising need to be doing better.
September 15, 2020