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Head in the Cloud

Head in the Cloud

By Orama Solutions

This is your chance to delve into the greatest minds in tech today as Orama duo Sam and Paul learn of the challenges these heavyweights face as they grow their companies astronomically, and uncover the person behind the title (desert disk selections, an' all).

Some cutting edge stuff with a twist - but what else did you expect from us, eh?
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#5 FEAT ROOKOUT: A New CEO, A New Vision, A New Strategy

Head in the Cloud

#6 FEAT. APPVIA: Future-Proofing Your Business Using Cloud Tech
There's no better a time than now to think ahead - who knew this time last year that 2020 would be built around a global pandemic?   Not us. Not anyone.   But that's where 'future-proofing' comes into play. CEO Jon Shanks joins Paul in the (remote) studio to discuss how the cloud can ensure your start-up's ops don't suffer in the long run, how culture plays a big part at his DevOps cloud native start-up Appvia, and their sustainability model to keep the momentum going over the next 12 months. 
May 14, 2020
#5 FEAT ROOKOUT: A New CEO, A New Vision, A New Strategy
Orama co-founder Paul Ioannides makes his 'Head in the Cloud' debut (Sam's got competition!) with code debugging start-up Rookout's new CEO, Shahar Fogel, The two discuss how Rookout makes the lives of developers easier by locating the data they need without the need for additional code; the new, enterprise-focussed vision Shahar has for the future of Rookout as it grows in numbers and successes; logging FOMO; and what the platform is doing in order to assist the health industry during the covid-19 crisis.  And if that isn't enough, listen out for a quickfire question round that digs deep into Shahar's mind...
May 1, 2020
#4 FEAT. PLEO: 'Working Remotely In the Current Climate (And Beyond...)'
It's episode number four ALREADY?  In the midst of a global pandemic, the podcast must go on...Sam's remotely joined in the studio (i.e. the safety of his home) by Jessie, Head of People at Pleo, to provide us with the very best tried-and-tested methods to optimize your time working from home (this has come at the right time, we know); talk about why the fintech start-up's smart company cards and simplified book-keeping software streamlines internal ops and everything expenditure-related; and reveal how her team sources the best talent whilst retaining numbers by encouraging personal endeavours beyond official titles.
April 23, 2020
#3 FEAT ZEBRIUM: 'Keeping Your Applications (Automatically) Fit and Healthy'
Ajay Singh, CEO of 'autonomous log monitoring company' Zebrium, joins us this time. Recorded before the COVID-19 storm hit us, we discuss how exactly the start-up helps overburdened DevOps teams, how Ajay's background and a network of ideas people paved the way to success for him, and what his thoughts are on viral app TikTok (we're being serious - you'll have to listen until the end for that...).
April 8, 2020
#2 FEAT. SPOT: 'What's In a Name?'
Amiram Shachar, CEO of cloud optimisation platform Spot (previously Spotinst), joins us to talk 'failing fast', the future of containerization, culture, and to give us a real SCOOP about the company's exciting new brand.
March 30, 2020
#1 FEAT. GIANT SWARM: 'Diversity in Start-Ups & Moving the Needle'
IT'S FINALLY HERE: our debut episode of 'Head in the Cloud'! Our first ever guest to be quizzed on the ins and outs of her start-up is Giant Swarm product marketing team member Oshrat Nir, who talks giving back engineers’ valuable time by building and scaling a company’s infrastructure; 'moving the needle' when it comes to the women in tech topic; and how their fully remote, fully diverse status gives day-to-day operations an edge. *P.S. This episode was recorded before KubeCon was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic - so, rather than catching Giant Swarm there, check out their Instagram and Linkedin pages for the timebeing (we're sure they'll be more than willing to have a chat in person when events are up and running again!), and check out the virtual Cloud Native Summit they're supporting here as an alternative during this very unique time for the industry:
March 25, 2020
KEEP THOSE EARS PEELED - Orama Solutions' soothing vocal tones will soon be in your ears for a good few minutes every month.
September 10, 2019