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Heal your Heart after Baby Loss

Heal your Heart after Baby Loss

By Julia Go
I’m Julia Go. I'm a Transformational Grief and Growth Coach and bereaved mom and I help women who have lost their baby to heal their heart, make peace with their experience and create a life they love, without trying to forget.

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#9 How can storytelling help you after losing your baby? Interview with author and PhD Candidate Janel Atlas

Heal your Heart after Baby Loss

#9 How can storytelling help you after losing your baby? Interview with author and PhD Candidate Janel Atlas

Heal your Heart after Baby Loss

#20 Baby Loss and Premature Birth. My Story and how I started healing and growing. Interview with Karen
In this episode, I am talking about my own experience losing Simon.   How do you get from a place of being so hurt to where I am right now helping other women in the same situation?  How to heal and grow while grieving?    If you are looking for more resources have a look at my website:  If you are looking for individualised and group support book a complimentary call here:
November 13, 2020
#19 “Our gut feeling was that we wouldn’t continue with the pregnancy.” 💔✨Trisomy 18 and Baby Loss
In this interview, I’ve been talking to Tanya who’s lost her baby in 2019.    In Part 1 of the interview she’s talking about the moment she found out her baby had Trisomy 18 (Edward’s Syndrom) and the decision she had to make about terminating the pregnancy or not.   If you want to book your free call, please do so here: If you want to learn more about my 4-week online program G.R.O.W. and join, check out this link: P.s. Be kind and compassionate to yourself and others More: or Watch the Video on YouTube:
July 15, 2020
#18 What do I do? About Healing and Coaching
I've been wondering how to name this video, so people would watch it. People have asked me the question: "What do you do?" "What do you do as a Coach?" There's a thing called an elevator pitch, that is supposed to attract my ideal client or let people know, who to connect me with. I don't like that. I feel limited by it. I feel limited by focusing on one area, though I one way. I am no expert in business strategies, I don't know everything and every trick in health or happiness (though I know and have learnt a lot of tools for all those areas). Transformational Coaching and Healing is different though and hard to put into a few words. For me, it is almost magic, though I know I had to learn the transformational coaching method intensely, with a lot of practice and training and I got coached myself, so many times. Tears, smiles, laughter, breakthroughs and many insights. I’ve tried my best to explain what I am doing and how I understand my work, at the moment. What I realised though, is that I am changing and shifting every day, so what I am doing might look different tomorrow. A session will look different for you, then it will look for a friend of yours. Intuition, authenticity and your own agenda play such a big role in my work. Not to forget my own growth and development. I’m constantly learning, evolving. The power of being a coach is that you, yourself constantly evolve and with your learning, you will be even better to serve your clients. I’m sighing so much while writing this. Relief. Gratitude. Clarity. Purpose. I hope this video helps you to understand what transformational coaching is and how I can help people. Last but not least, when you read and/or watch my message. Please let me know if you have any questions for me or feedback. It helps me heaps to see what people get from my video and I appreciate every message, even if I am not the fasted and most reliable person to respond. I love you all. With light and love, Julia If you want to book your free call, please do so here: If you want to learn more about my 4-week online program G.R.O.W. and join, check out this link: P.s. Be kind and compassionate to yourself and others More: or Watch the Video on YouTube:
June 2, 2020
#17 The Elephant Speaks - Breaking the Silence around Baby Loss - Interview Special with Karen Prisco
In this Episode I am talking to Karen Prisco. Karen is mum to 8 children, 7 on earth and one in heaven.  After the death and birth of our Elizabetta at 16 weeks gestation, Karen found writing her story and poetry very useful in working through her grief. In this interview, we are talking about: A healthy pregnancy and unexpected loss. How to deal with the grief of other children. Challenges and trust in relationships after the loss of a baby Support Systems and how they help to cope with grief About poor treatment, anger and action Here is the book Karen wrote a piece for I highly recommend her Facebook page: If you are looking for support please reach out to me. Book a call:
May 28, 2020
#16 Why the Covid-19 situation is reminding me of losing a baby
I am talking about Covid-19 and how the loss, grief and uncertainty are reminding me of losing a baby.    This is not only meant for those who have lost someone, but this is also for you if you are grieving your lost job or if you are struggling with the uncertainty or the unexpected changes, like cancelling your holidays.    I am also talking about how to manage those losses and how to deal with your grief.    I hope you are well and taking care of yourself.    With light and love,    Julia   If you are looking for support please reach out to me.   Check out the G.R.O.W. Program   Book a call:
May 22, 2020
#15 How to cope with Mother's Day After Baby Loss?
For some of us, this is the least favourite day of the year.    I want to invite you to do something different this year. I want to invite you to celebrate mother's day with intention.    No matter where you are in your grief journey, I want to invite you to watch this video.    WHAT YOU’LL LEARN FROM THIS EPISODE:  - Why Mother's Day can be such a challenging time.  - 2 things you can do to change your experience of Mother's Day   - Why and how your thoughts are controlling how you experience Mother's day  - What you can do to bring love into this Mother's Day no matter where you're at in your grieving journey.   - How I will celebrate Mother's Day   If you’re struggling with this, or any subject I’ve shared on this episode, and we haven’t shared a phone call to see whether coaching is a good fit for you, please send me an email or book a call with me or join the Facebook Group.
May 10, 2020
#14 "The thing I noticed the most was that he wasn't crying..." 😢 💔🌟 Baby Loss Interview Series
In this interview, I've been talking to Steph. She's telling us her story about Connor who was born and passed in July 2018.  We're talking about the blur after the loss, decision making and support. If you need support with whatever challenge you experience today or you want to share your story, for a limited time I offer a free 60 min 1:1 session to support you. ❤️ For more info go to
May 7, 2020
#13 Xavias’s experience of having a miscarriage before knowing she was pregnant 💔😢❤️
Loss and grief come in many different ways and forms. However, often we think we’re alone with our experience, thoughts and feelings and we feel even worse. For me joining a grief support group for women who experienced baby loss has helped to make sense of what happened, coaching on top of it has helped me to make peace with it and enjoy my life again. Since the beginning, I was looking for YouTube Videos of women sharing their experience, but I didn’t find a lot. Since then, a few things have changed and I am on a mission to create even more awareness and support for women who have lost a baby, as well as their family and friends. In this interview series of Heal Your Heart After Baby Loss: You are not alone. I’m talking to women about their experience of loss. We explore what they thought and felt and what helped them heal and move forward. What You’ll Learn from this Episode: - Xavias’s experience of a miscarriage before knowing she was pregnant. - One way to answer the question “Why me?” - How forgiveness can help you to heal after baby loss - The power of talking about your loss - Transforming Anger into Love Website: Free Group: Free Call:  With love, light and gratitude, Julia
April 28, 2020
#12 Losing a baby and being grateful?
After I lost my son I felt a lot of resistance to gratitude! I was so angry, that I did not want to be grateful or happy. However, gratitude has been a big factor in my healing and grieving journey. In this video, I share how to overcome the resistance to gratitude. I talk about how and why it is important in our darkest times. What you can be grateful for right now. Hit reply or leave me a comment and let me know, what you are grateful for today. Love and light, Julia P.s. If you want to connect further, check out those links:  Website: Free Group: Free Call:  YouTube:
March 11, 2020
#11 Baby Loss: A Judgement Free Zone
Losing a baby is always difficult, painful and loaded with heaps of emotions.  Often on top of that, we start judging ourselves and others.  Here's to creating a judgement-free zone and an invitation to reach out to me, your friends or other professional or unprofessional help.   Website: Free Group: Free Call: 
March 3, 2020
#10 Heal Your Heart After Baby Loss Meditation
If you want to download this meditation for free go to and Free Resources. After I lost my son Simon in February 2016 meditating was one of the things that helped me to survive and heal. I didn't really meditate before his death. I tried a view times during pregnancy, but haven't had a lot of practice. When I tried meditating after Simon's death, I couldn't find guided meditations for mothers in grief, so I created my own process and I today I want to share it with you. This baby loss meditation will help you to connect with your baby and ease guilt, shame and other negative emotions you might feel. You will release emotions that don't serve you anymore and find a place of peace, calm and love. I hope this meditation brings you a bit of light in those dark days.
November 24, 2019
#9 How can storytelling help you after losing your baby? Interview with author and PhD Candidate Janel Atlas
I am honored I've had the chance to talk to this beautiful human being today.   Janel Atlas, bereaved mom, author of 'They Were Still Born: Personal Stories about Stillbirth" and PhD candidate in Rhetoric and Composition at the University of Delaware (US) took the time to talk to me in this weeks episode of Heal Your Heart After Baby Loss. We've been talking about her loss, the power of story telling for women who've lost their baby or babies, compassion and spirituality.    If you want to connect and know more about Heal Your Heart after Baby Loss, find free resources, work with me or offer support, you find all the information you need at:
November 3, 2019
#8 Will it always hurt so much?
Losing a baby, no matter at during or after pregnancy is painful. It causes a lot of overwhelming emotions.  We feel anger, sadness, overwhelm, numbness.  Our heart hurts. Sometimes, it hurts so much that we want to scream.  In this week's episode I'm going to answer the question, if it will always hurt so much. With light and love,  Julia
October 20, 2019
#7 Is love enough? Interview Special with Sophie Fort
I am honoured to present you my first interview.  In this weeks episode I am talking to Sophie S Fort the Co-Author of 'Is love enough?' a book about toxic relationships that answers the question 'Should I stay or should I go?' and gives helpful tools to improve relationships if that's your choice.  We are talking about Sophie's experience losing her daughter 13 years ago, as well as toxic relationships and grief and the ability to become pregnant.  We're also pondering the question, should I stay in a toxic relationship to fullfill my wish to become a mother?  If you want to learn more about toxic relationships check out: Do you have any thoughts or questions or you just want to connect with me and other women who lost a baby, check out the links on the following website:
October 5, 2019
#6 My 3 takeaways from the Sands Baby Loss Conference.
This weekend I had the honour to join the New Zealand Sands Baby Loss Conference. This years topic was rebuilt your life. I’ve learned a lot and I will interview some of the speakers in future episodes. 3 things stuck with me after spending some time reflecting and those I will share with you in this week's episode of the Heal your Heart Podcast. If you want to connect with me and other baby loss moms please join:  and With light and love,  Julia
September 23, 2019
# 5 Healing through Feeling
In episode number 5 I talk about feeling your feeling and how to cope with all those negative emotions.  A lot of people haven't learnt how to cope with emotions and instead are suppressing them. Maybe you are allowing yourself to be angry, but not to be sad or the other way around. Maybe you push away all your negative emotions, because they are to overwhelming and uncomfortable. I invite you to listen to this episode if you are feeling overwhelmed or like your feelings always come up in a bad moment.  You will learn questions you can ask yourself and some main tools that will help you to express your pain and grief and to find comfort and ease.  You like more support reach out to me or join the free Facebook Group: Heal your Heart after Baby Loss:
September 15, 2019
#4 Searching, Longing and Wondering
In Episode # 4 of the Heal your Heart Podcast I'm talking about the first period of time after losing a baby.  I'll cover numbness, searching and longing, thoughts and feelings and especially the questions we ask ourselves, and how to cope with those.  If you want to connect or need more support please have a look at the following link and reach out to me:
September 8, 2019
# 3 Healing through Memories, Mementos and Rituals
❤️ "If we can't make memories we can't heal." I'm introducing the topic of this weeks podcast episode with a quote from the movie 'memento'. We angel moms or parents, often have a limited amount of memories and mementos. Shared experiences are rare or even non existence, keepsakes might be just a few ultrasound pictures and things you could do for your baby were limited. So how can you heal your heart despite all those missing links? In this episode I talk about how you can create and cherish memories, mementos and rituals for you and your baby, so you can heal your heart, make peace with your loss and create a future you love. Do you want more connection and support? Join the Free Heal Your Heart Community on Facebook:
September 2, 2019
#2 Why is losing a baby different?
Why losing a baby is different from losing a spouse, a  parent or another loved one? I'm exploring this topic in Episode 2 of the Heal Your Heart Podcast.  My mission is to help you to understand your thoughts and feeling and to be able to find the words to express yourself with others.    You can share this with your friends and family, who might need some help to understand you.   If you want to connect or need more support please have a look at the following link and reach out to me:
August 26, 2019
#1 My Story of Losing a Baby
In this first episode of the Heal Your Heart Podcast, the Podcast for you if you want to heal your heart and rebuilt your life after pregnancy or baby loss, I talk about my story of losing my baby.   More then 3 years ago my son Simon was born premature and after 5 days in neonatal care, died in my arms.  The best and worst moment in my life.  I share my story the way I never did before, giving you insight on my thoughts and feeling.   I also share my intention with this Podcast and what you should expect for the next episodes.   Please subscribe if you want to know more and connect with me via my weekly Light and Love Letter and join the Free Heal your Heart Mini Program.
August 2, 2019