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Stories of Starting Podcast

Stories of Starting Podcast

By Heather Boyd
Welcome to my new podcast series Stories of Starting. I am fascinated with people’s passions and creative projects. In this series we discover how people like yourself have started new projects by thinking outside the box, going with the flow and tapping into their childhood imagination.
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Stories of Starting Ep 24: Karine Bouchard, Cellist, Event Planner, Antimodèle Creator

Stories of Starting Podcast

Stories of Starting Ep 26: Amanda McQueen Comedian, Fitness Trainer
Stories of Starting Ep 26: Amanda McQueen Comedian, Fitness Trainer. Amanda is a CanFitPro certified personal trainer located in Montreal. She is passionate about inclusion, kindness and empowerment through fitness. Her programs and methods are body positive and client-focused. As a CanFitPro certified trainer she offers safe, effective training geared towards your goals. Amanda is on-the-go and can bring her gym kit to your home, favourite park or grandma's basement. Amanda's programs are designed to fit your goals and lifestyle. Official website: Amanda McQueen Fitness on Instagram One of Amanda's livestream workouts at Paradigm Fitness on Facebook:
April 6, 2020
Stories of Starting Ep 25: Domenic Marinelli, Montreal Author
Stories of Staring Podcast Ep 25: Domenic Marinelli, Montreal Author. I met Domenic at a poetry open mic in Montreal and was super impressed with his reading and passion for writer. Domenic is an author, poet, playwright, blogger, freelance writer and journalist who has written numerous books and has contributed work to such magazines as: The Gamer, The Sportster, The Travel, The Recipe, HotCars, The Things, The Talko, Steel Notes Magazine, West Island Blog, and has written articles and video script content for  From 2017 until 2018, he wrote and operated two blogs: Resonant Words, an online column and The Sunset Quill Review. Those sites are still up but void of new content. Readers can still read new blog posts here at the Domenic Marinelli Author Site. Just click the section link above: Resonance In Dark Ink . Watch interview on YouTube: Domenic Marinelli Official Website: Domenic Marinelli on Amazon: Domenic Marinelli on Amazon: West Island Blog article: Babbletop articles: Mentioned in the interview: Wattpad famous writer Anna Todd: Canadian writer Terry Fallis: Author/artist Douglas Coupland (Generation X) Author/musician Josh Malerman (Bird Box)
March 25, 2020
Stories of Starting Ep 24: Karine Bouchard, Cellist, Event Planner, Antimodèle Creator
Stories of Starting Podcast Episode 24 with Karine Bouchard, cellist, co-owner of the Anticafé in Old Montreal and creator of the Antimodèle life drawing/live music weekly event at the Anticafé. Karine's Official Website: Karine's music on Bandcamp: Ewan McIntyre band: Dream on Sally Kickstarter: Antimodèle life drawing & live music: Anticafé in Old Montreal: Home Routes: Home Routes/Chemin Chez Nous is a not-for-profit arts organization that creates new performance opportunities for French and English speaking musicians and audiences in rural, remote and urban, communities across Canada, hosted by volunteers in their homes and other community venues.  Air BNB Experiences:
March 14, 2020
Stories of Starting Podcast Ep. 23: CulturEatz; Food and Travel Influencer
Stories of Starting Podcast Episode 23 with my friend Evelyne Budkewitsch aka Montreal Food & Travel Influencer CultureEatz. Her blog features travel guides, international recipes, destination photo tours, exotic meal ideas, trip essays, easy prep dishes and fun foods made with spices and exotic ingredients. Evelyne's motto is EAT AND TRAVEL OUTSIDE YOUR COMFORT ZONE!    CultureEatz Blog/Website:  CultureEatz on YouTube:   CulturEatz vlog about our podcast:   Mentioned in the interview: Beaded Chopsticks collab on Heather Boyd Wire's YouTube channel:   Vegan Mapo Tofu recipe collab on CulturEatz YouTube channel:   Blogpost at Stories of Starting:   Eat the World private group for Food Bloggers:  Skyscanner for flight deals:  The Finer Cookie:  Gabby Bernstein (Spirit Junkie Masterclass)  DIY Raindrop Cake:  Sex Toy Unboxing and Review:  The Liver Experiment:  F*ck Up Montreal:  Creator HQ (Montreal Creator Community): Miracle Berry: Fruit Dropping Party  Emilia Fart video: How to Make Pasta Salad on a Ferris Wheel:
March 5, 2020
Stories of Starting Podcast Ep. 22: Meet the Parents
This week I welcome my parents onto the Stories of Starting Podcast. My mom Anne is a retired music teacher who taught cello and piano for many years. She trained as a nurse at Kingston General Hospital and went back to school in her 50's to get her Music degree from Carleton University.  My dad is a retired engineer. He worked clearing trails on the ski slopes near Ottawa in his youth and skied into his 80's. He took up violin in his 40's to accompany my mom. They played in amateur orchestras for many years as well as in string quartets with friend.  I am so grateful to my parents for their ongoing support of my Art and encouraging me since my days making $3 a day selling jewelry on the streets of Montreal.  My mom's love of arts and crafts was instilled in my from a young age and my dad's sense of adventure is reflected in my urban adventures! Both are giving and accepting of others and have influenced my passion for connecting and collaborating with others.  I truly believe when one of us succeeds we all succeed. This collaborative mentality was surely planted in my brain from an early age.
March 2, 2020
Stories of Starting Podcast Ep. 21: Suzannah Baum, Presentation Skills Trainer, Coach & Speaker
Stories of Starting Podcast Ep. 21: Suzannah Baum, Presentation Skills Trainer, Coach & Speaker. This week I welcome my friend and fellow member of the We2 Network (Women's Entrepreneurial Exchange) public speaking expert Suzannah Baum. From her website "A presentation skills specialist, executive speech coach and speaker, Suzannah works with business professionals who want to position themselves as leaders by delivering more engaging, compelling presentations, allowing them to step out in front of audiences with confidence, build their careers and businesses, and stand out as the leader that they are. Through training programs, workshops, executive speech coaching, online learning and keynote presentations, Suzannah works with organizations and individuals to create and deliver impactful, audience-centric presentations that get results. Clients who work with Suzannah appreciate her practical strategies to building presentations that audiences want to hear, all while learning strategies to increase confidence, focus a message, and getting real, measurable results from their presentations." Suzannah's programs: Create a Signature Speech That Sells: Rock my Speech:
February 14, 2020
Stories of Starting Podcast Ep. 20: Sarena Miller, Artist, Entrepreneur, Business Blossomer
Stories of Starting Podcast Episode 20: This week I welcome my long time friend and business mentor Sarena Miller, Artist, Entrepreneur and Business Blossomer.   Sarena is the founder of the We2 Women's Entrepreneurial Exchange in Montreal  and co-founder of Business Betterment Check out her art and illustration here:   "With the soul of an artist and the spirit of an entrepreneur, Sarena delights in helping other heart-centred and creative entrepreneurs share their gifts with the world.Described as a “firecracker and a dynamo” by some of the leading speakers and business women, Sarena exudes passion and heart with her strong inspirational message combined with down-to-earth, practical business advice.  Sarena is the Co-founder of the Academy for Business Betterment™ and the founder and President of The Women’s Entrepreneurial Exchange, (We2) where she has cultivated an organization that has helped hundreds of women gain invaluable opportunities for business growth, learning and support, bringing in high-level speakers and creating programs to help women reach their goals.  A charismatic speaker & writer with 20 years of sales experience, Sarena has a panache for marketing and soul-satisfying, creative personal branding. With the unusual combination of aesthetic flair and a strong entrepreneurial sense, Sarena helps her own clients bridge the two – so they can turn their passion into a thriving business!" (We2 website)
February 4, 2020
Stories of Starting Podcast Episode 19: Patricia Hubert, Super Mom, Grandma, Renaissance Woman
Stories of Starting Podcast Episode 19: Patricia Hubert, Super Mom, Grandma, Renaissance Woman. So amazing to interview my sister. Patti was an entrepreneur before it was a thing. She had a sewing business before she was married and ran a home daycare for 15 years while her kids were growing up. We speak about her transition into the work force after studying web design and getting employment with Health Canada. We also talk about her devotion to family, compressing her work week to spend time with her grandkids and volunteering with the Ottawa Little Theatre making costumes being an assistant stage director for several shows.
January 28, 2020
Stories of Staring Podcast Ep 18: Amanda Wan, YouTuber, Content Creator, Social Media Marketer
Stories of Starting Podcast Ep 18: Amanda Wan, YouTuber, Content Creator, Social Media Marketer. Amanda is a 21 year old student and entrepreneur living in Montreal. She has a LGBT and lifestyle YouTube channel, created the Behind the Girl Boss podcast and is the founder of the Kooky Apparel brand. She was a panelist at Playlist Live in Washington D.C and will be a featured guest at Social Media North in Stratford, Ontario. Amanda Wan on YouTube: Find Amanda on Instagram: @itsamandawan @behindthegirlboss @kookyapparel Social Media North 2020 (Amanda, her boyfriend Chris, myself and my daughter Mimi B Dolls are featured guests) Amanda's services offered on Fiverr: Thank you Peter Hartman of Happy for a Change for hosting the interview in your space: Happy for a Change on YouTube:
January 21, 2020
Stories of Starting Podcast Season 2, Episode 17: Rob Cloney Educator, Storyteller
Stories of Starting Podcast Episode 17 with my friend Rob Cloney. Rob is an educator at a local high school and teaches English and Drama. He is also a storyteller with the Montreal Storytellers Guild and performs in Montreal and Ottawa.    Rob and his wife Nedia El Khouri own and operate the Viva Vida Art Gallery in the Pointe Claire Village on the west island of Montreal.  See my interview with Nedia here:  Viva Vida Art Gallery:   Montreal Storytellers Guild:  Confabulation:  Storytellers of Canada:   Stories of Starting Podcasts on my blog:
January 14, 2020
Stories of Starting Podcast Episode 16: Heather Boyd, YouTuber, Wire Artist, Comic Writer
Today Montreal photographer Mimi Boyd interviews Heather Boyd her home art studio. Check out Mimi's doll photography on Instagram: and her website: Heather Boyd is a Montreal artist who specialized in custom wire art and jewelry. She went from starving artist selling jewelry on the streets of Montreal to paying her mortgage selling her work on-line. Her YouTube tutorials have over 2 million views. Viewers share their work and inspiration in the Facebook group Wire Art & Jewelry Makers Club. She sells her jewelry and custom cake toppers made with her husband's wire bicycles on Etsy.  Heather Boyd Wire on YouTube: Etsy shop: Heather's Mixed Media Art at the Viva Vida Art Gallery in Montreal: Official Website: Start by Starting Blog: Stories of Starting Podcast:
November 6, 2019
Stories of Starting Podcast Episode 15: Peter Hartman, Motivational Consultant, TEDx Speaker, Comedian
Stories of Starting Podcast Episode 15: Peter Hartman, Montreal Motivational Consultant, TEDx Presenter, Public Speaker, Comedian.  Read the Blog post here:  Peter's TEDx talk: Bad Guru Nightly on YouTube: Happy For A Change: Official Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Happy For A Change Mission Statement: Happy For A Change is a philosophy that encourages a positive state of being. Its aim is to expound the benefits of a positive mindset thereby converting the average person into an explorer of great ideas and extraordinary possibilities.
October 29, 2019
Stories of Starting Podcast Ep 14. George Popi, Entrepreneur, Storyteller, Producer
Stories of Starting Episode 14: George Popi, Entrepreneur, Storyteller, Producer.  George Popi is a serial entrepreneur and natural born hacker specialized in executing multi-platform, digital content campaigns. He is the managing director at Khaos in Montreal. Khaos is a full service marketing agency that works with businesses to refine and produce any aspect of their marketing campaigns. Khaos Labs is a production company that produces both commercial and original content. They have recently finished production on an upcoming feature film. Khaos Marketing Agency:  Khaos on Facebook: Khaos Labs: (Whether you’re starting a podcast, filming a video, or broadcasting live to social, creating content is easy with Khaos. ) George's YouTube Channel: George's interview with Heather Boyd on his Digging In podcast:
October 22, 2019
Stories of Starting Podcast Ep 13: Patricia Srigley, Artist, Author
Patricia Srigley is a Montreal artist who suffers from Multiple Creative Personality Disorder (MCPD--self-diagnosed). She paints, sculpts, writes, photographs, crafts, and always, always, try new things. Read the blogpost (with images) here:  Website: Kindle books on Amazon: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Instagram: Patricia's short story Misguidelines received Honourable Mention, Quebec Writers' Federation/CBC Writing Competition. Listen on YouTube: Artist profile with Lakeshore Artists Association:
October 15, 2019
Stories of Starting Ep.12 Danny Micheal Vaillancourt, Digital Artist & Social Media Marketer.
Stories of Starting Ep.12 Danny Micheal Vaillancourt, Digital Artist & Social Media Marketer.  Danny is a digital artist and satirist/writer from Montréal, Canada. Currently serving as Marketing Manager and Columnist for the satirical news publication Woken News. his digital work have been featured on numerous media platforms and marketing campaigns made global headlines. Danny's official website: Satire website: Woken Memes: Woken Memes for Acid Teens with Lucid Dreams: Follow Danny on Twitter: Footnote from Danny:  ***Special thanks to my Woken News business partner, meme-pimp-daddy and someone I am fortunate to call a friend, Corey Daniel Boger. You took a chance on me and I owe a big part of my success (and for everything Woken) to you. I would also like to thank my friends and family for their support, the Woken modmins (my second family), online friends whom I cherish and the meme community. I love you all. Full podcast transcripts, photos, links to to the Shaggy campaign and Apps Danny uses to create memes here: 
October 8, 2019
Stories of Starting Episode 11: Sharon Boddy, Writer, Forager
Today I welcome my dear friend Sharon Boddy. Sharon is a writer, forager, and environmental activist in Ottawa, Canada. We became BFF's in grade 7 and have been friends ever since. Sharon has specialized in writing, editing and researching environmental issues for more than 20 years. Her work has run the gamut of topics from renewable energy, energy efficiency and green buildings, to sustainable transportation, waste management and water conservation. She's also a pretty darned good maker of soup and a gardener. She's become an avid forager in the last couple years and you’ll often find her out along hydro cuts, in nearby parks or down along one of our city’s rivers harvesting garlic mustard, violets, dandelions, sumac and all manner of edible greenery. Her motto: Why buy food when nature will just give it to you for free? Sharon's website for environment and foraging: and random stuff: Sharon Boddy on YouTube: Follow Sharon on Twitter:
October 1, 2019
Stories of Starting Episode 10: Nedia El Khouri, Artist, Gallerist
Stories of Starting Episode 10: Nedia El Khouri, Artist, Gallerist. Montreal owner and operator of the Viva Vida Art Gallery and Art Centre talks about building community through Art, pursuing her Masters degree while operating the gallery full-time and developing symbiotic relationships with her artists.  Viva Vida Art Gallery website: Ve-Shop online store: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: MORE STORIES OF STARTING ON MY BLOG:
September 24, 2019
Stories of Starting Episode 9: Mimi B Dolls, Photographer, Instagrammer
Stories of Starting Ep 9: Mimi B Dolls, Photographer, Instagrammer. Today I interview my daughter about her passion for dolls and photography, creative communities and urban adventures. Learn how one Tweet led to features in Montreal tv, radio, podcasts and print media.  Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Mimi B Dolls official website: Watch the video interview on YouTube: More Stories of Starting on my blog: 
September 17, 2019
Stories of Starting Episode 8: Christin Boyd, Bowen Practitioner, Artist, Toastmaster
Stories of Starting Episode 8, Christin Boyd, Bowen Practitioner, Artist, Toastmaster. My sister Christin offers a variety of natural therapies on Salt Spring Island, BC. She is a Bowen Technique practitioner, Reiki 3 Master and does relaxation massage.  Christin is also an active member of Toastmasters, is an artist and a live model for other artists. She is a mom of two sons. Christin Boyd website: Youtube: Facebook: Official Bowen Technique website: Toastmasters: International House of Reiki: YouTube video of the interview here: More Stories of Starting on my blog:
September 10, 2019
Stories of Starting Episode 7: Tania Mignacca, Illustrator, Ponto Comic Artist
Stories of Starting Ep 7, Tania Mignacca, Illustrator, Ponto Comic Artist. Tania is the creator of Ponto, the iconic orange construction cone that lives in Montréal. Tania's weekly webcomic follows Ponto's urban adventures in our beautiful city that always seems to be undergoing eternal construction! Ponto official website:  Shop Ponto merch: Instagram: Facebook: Facebook Fanclub group: Twitter:
September 3, 2019
Stories of Starting Ep 6: Patrick Balyan, Event Organizer & Community Promoter
Stories of Starting Episode 6: Patrick Balyan, Event Organizer & Community Promoter.  Patrick founded What's Up Montreal, a collective of locals who love Montreal and have a passion for content creation. Creators share their urban adventures  via vlogs and images. Patrick also founded Creator HQ, formerly #YouTubeMTL. CreatorHQ is a community of content creators from the Montreal area and surroundings. Their mission is to unite Montreal Web Content Creators, connect them with other collaborators, educate and support them in the pursuit of their creative and/or entrepreneurial ventures. Patrick Balyan on Instagram: Patrick Balyan on Twitter: Creator HQ: Lounge4284: REC Creator Conference: What's Up Montreal on YouTube: What's Up Montreal on Facebook: Stories of Starting on my Start by Starting Blog:
August 27, 2019
Stories of Starting Episode 5: Dahna Weber, Intrepid Business Catalyst
Stories of Starting Episode 5: Dahna Weber, Intrepid Business Catalyst. My friend and fellow We2 Network member Dahna Weber talks about her new programs as a brand strategist, website development expert and travel junkie.  Minc Magic website: includes links to Dahna's programs: Catapult Catalyst, Minc Magic and Women's Workation Minc on Facebook: Dahna Weber on Twitter: More Stories of Starting on my Start by Starting Blog:
August 20, 2019
Stories of Starting Episode 4: Geoffrey Appelbaum Comedian, Mountain Man
Stories of Starting Episode 4 with Montreal comedian and voice actor Geoffrey Appelbaum. He is a regular at Montreal's Comedy Nest and performs frequently at corporate gigs and fundraisers. He also does stand-up comedy in French at Le Bordel and other venues. Geoffrey Appelbaum Official Website: Follow Geoffrey on Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Check out Geoffrey's videos on YouTube: Montreal comedy club The Comedy Nest: Le Bordel (Geoffrey's gigs in French): See more Stories of Starting on my blog:
August 13, 2019
Stories of Starting Episode 3: Renee Mollitt, Yoga Therapist, Artist
Stories of Starting Ep 3: Renee Mollitt Montreal Yoga Therapist, Artist, nature lover and motorcycle enthusiast.  Luscious Lotus Yoga website: Luscious Lotus Yoga  Facebook: Instagram: Luscious Lotus Art Facebook: Instagram: Luscious Lotus on YouTube: Make your own restorative yoga props: Heather Boyd Wire Yoga Earrings: Stories of Starting on my Start by Starting Blog:
August 6, 2019
Stories of Starting Episode 2: Ben Cardilli, Comedian, Musician
Montreal musician Ben Cardilli talks about his transition into comedian. Full transcripts and video on Heather Boyd's blog at Ben Cardilli on Instagram: Ben Alexander music: Instagram: Facebook: Comedy Confessional at McKibbons in Montreal:
July 30, 2019
Stories of Starting Episode 1 Natasha Henderson, Artist turned Groove Provider
Stories of Starting Episode 1: Natasha Henderson Artist & Groove Provider. Natasha is a Groove Dance provider in training to become a facilitator. Check out her classes at Groove with Natasha: Natasha's Art:  Stories of Starting blog posts are inspirational, true stories written by people of all backgrounds who have had motivational, eye-opening or transformational experiences. These personal stories can range from low-key or life-changing.  Stories are currently shared on my website which is a motivational blog for artists, entrepreneurs and creatives. Sometimes we limit ourselves due to our past thoughts and experiences. Other times we take the plunge, think outside the box and try something new to BEAUTIFUL results.   Submit your stories or request to be interviewed at Articles can be simple stories that inspire and motivate others to try something new, take a risk and follow their dreams, passions and curiosity.  Groove Dance official website:
July 23, 2019