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Heightened Living

Heightened Living

By Austin Floyd
Heightened Living is all about one thing - Higher Leverage Skills For A Better Life. With topics ranging from habits and skills, health and movement, spirituality and psychedelics, life and travel, food, and my addiction to coffee this is a podcast for anyone looking for more. Thank you for listening and I'm so excited for your feedback. -Austin
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46: Chris Kidawski on Movement, Mobility, and Myofascial Release
Chris Kidawski is the creator of Influential Health Solutions and author of 9 different books on helping you be your best self. For full show notes head to
May 29, 2019
45: Wyatt Hagerty on The Mind's Influence on Health, Autoimmunity, and Following Your Path
Wyatt Hagerty (@wyatthagerty) is the creator of Lithograf Media Group, Predicaments Podcast, and Death Comes Lifting Clothing Company. On this episode we dive into how the mind plays into health, what autoimmune disorders are like, and how answering the call to following your path can sometimes come abruptly. For the full show notes head to
April 22, 2019
44: Niraj Naik - The Renegade Pharmacist on Soma Breath and Colostrum For Health
Niraj Naik is the creator of the Renegade Pharmacist. He is best known for his breathing technique Soma Breath and travels around the world teaching it. Using the power of breathing and Colostrum he completely changed his health after having debilitating stomach pains that kept him bed ridden. In this episode, we dive into how to use the breath for good, how oxygen isn't always your friend, why the pharmaceutical industry is riddled with greed, and what you can do to take health into your own hands. For the full show notes head to
April 14, 2019
43: Iman Gadzhi on Growing Your Agency, Systematizing Your Life, and Reinventing Learning
Iman Gadzhi (@imangadzhi) is the creator of Grow Your Agency and Iman Gadzhi (his personal brand.) At 17 he started and built a thriving influencer/SMMA agency and today teaches people how to grow their agency.  In this podcast, we chat about Iman's past, his biohacking/systems for health, and much more.  Get the full show notes at 
March 17, 2019
42: Dr. Bruce Damer on Endogenous Tripping (Endo Tripping), Creating Your Life, and Inner Mechanisms
Dr. Bruce Damer ( is the founder and creator of - He's worked with NASA helping to create Virtual Worlds, Google, and even mapping out the origin of life. After his back-to-back ted talks (here | here)  he has been focusing on spreading a concept that millions of us actively participate in, endo-tripping.  In this episode, Dr. Bruce Damer and I explore Endogenous tripping and how we can use our internal systems to create external reality. Get the full show notes at:
March 9, 2019
41: Nathan Hatch on Autism, EMFs, Light Exposure, and Decreasing Stress
Nathan Hatch (@natyehatch) is the creator of Fuck Portion Control and a good friend of mine. After getting thyroid cancer in 2014 and finding himself unaided by medical institutions, he learned about human biology and the underlying causes of metabolic diseases such as cancer in order to keep himself alive.  He has a host of knowledge surrounding metabolic health.   In this episode we breakdown EMFs and electro-pollution, autism (the probable cause) and how light plays into the bigger picture of health.  Get the full show notes at
February 5, 2019
40: Matthew Myro on Spirituality, Shamanism, Timelessness, and Embracing the Journey
 Matthew Myro (@Matthewmyro) is a High-Performance and Transformation Coach at He is also a total badass when it comes to all things around health, spirituality, and embracing the journey.  Get the full shownotes at
January 25, 2019
39: Troy Casey (The Certified Health Nut) On A Holistic Approach To Healthy Living
Troy Casey (@certifiedhealthnut) is the creator of the Certified Health Nut brand. After being on his own at 14, becoming a model, and immersing himself in comedy, he wanted to blend them all together. That lead to the inception of Certified Health Nut and is helping to increase the vibration and awareness of the holistic health movement.  Now he helps people live a healthy life starting with the mind and moving to the body and beyond.  Find the full show notes at
January 8, 2019
38: James Fell on the Holy Shit Moment and Kickstarting Your Life
James Fell (bodyforwife) is the author of The Holy Shit Moment and Lose it Right. He's been writing articles for the Los Angeles Times since 2010, the Chicago Tribune since 2012, had columns with Chatelaine and AskMen, and been published in TIME Magazine, The Guardian, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, and many others. Get the full show notes at
December 12, 2018
37: Samuel Camburn on Fascia, Fixed Responses, and Resistance Flexibility
Samuel Camburn (@samuelcamburn) is a resistance flexibility expert, former US Army Ranger, and Entrepreneur whose lifelong vision is to help people pave the way to lasting physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Get the full show notes at
November 13, 2018
36: Dr. Philip Blair on CBD, Health, and How To Get The Most from Your Dose
Dr. Philip Blair is an MD specializing in the healing aspects of CBD oil. He is at the forefront of knowledge when it comes to using CBD for pain, health, and a host of reasons. On Pro-Health Advisors he helps patients with extraordinary disease management, and he also serves as a consultant for the CBD company Elixinol. Get the full show notes at
October 23, 2018
35: Asher Yaron on The Truth About The Perfect Cup of Coffee
Asher Yaron (@pak_kopi) is the creator of Coffee Truther, Coffee visionary, Coffee University on Youtube, and founder of the new Power Roaster. His Ted Talk on The Fourth Wave of Coffee is a fantastic overview of the new breed of home roasters looking for incredibly fresh beans. Get the full show notes at
September 29, 2018
34: Nathan Hatch on Thyroid Cancer and Mastering Metabolism
Nathan Hatch (@naytehatch) is the founder and creator of Fuck Portion Control. Nathan reversed his thyroid cancer utilizing principles based on healing metabolism and overall health. Nathan and I discuss an incredible amount about health and wellness in this episode, a lot of which is counter to what most people have been told. Get the full show notes at
September 22, 2018
33: Kiki Bosch on Disrupting Comfort and Cold Water Diving
Kiki Bosch (_kiki.bosch_) is the creator of Disrupt the comfort, a Wim Hof certified trainer, and an all-around badass. Kiki travels the world helping people get out of their comfort, spearheads a cold water freediving movement, and teaching how to get in connection with the present moment. Get the full show notes at
September 12, 2018
32: Jay Feldman on Your Metabolism and How to Be Healthy
Jay Feldman (@jfwellness) is an independent researcher on the fields of health and alternative means of achieving health. On Jay Feldman wellness, Jay helps show alternative methods for true health using a bio-energetic viewpoint. Get the full show notes at
August 28, 2018
31: The Fundamental Flaws of Our School System: Part 1
I wanted to a take a bit of break from guests on today's podcast and really just highlight something I am incredibly passionate about. Our school system and how education works. It isn't set up the way that we are taught in school (ironically) but was fashioned together to produce mindless, monotonous workers, and there is a reason for that. Give it a listen and let me know if you like the format
August 21, 2018
30: Anthony Ongaro on Minimalism and Breaking the Twitch
Anthony Ongaro (@breakthetwitch) is a filmmaker, minimalist, and voice in the movement of doing better with less. Anthony's book has helped thousands learn to reduce the twitch that our modern world brings us and return to the conscious, intentional living. Get the full show notes at
August 17, 2018
29:Drew Davis on Marketing, Storytelling, and Branding Towns
Drew Davis (@drewdavishere) is an international bestseller, a keynote speaker, former member of the Muppets team, and an expert marketer. More recently he's the author of many different books including Town, Inc., and Brandscaping. Get the full show notes at
August 14, 2018
28: Dr. Jerry Epstein on Why We Are Not Meant To Die
Dr. Jerry Epstein (Jerry Epstein) is a researcher and pioneer in the visualization sciences, Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Mt. Sinai Medical Center and taught at Columbia University's College of Physicians and Surgeons, and author of many different books. In his newest book, We Are Not Meant To Die; Jerry reveals how we have two paths to choose; The life path or the death path. For the full show notes head over to
August 9, 2018
27: Andy Earle on Talking to Teens and Parenting
Latest episode of Heightened LivingAndy Earle (@talkingtoteensofficial) is a researcher at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, where he studies adolescent risk behavior and the role of parents in helping teens thrive. Andy is the founder of Talking to Teens and a publisher/speaker on how to parent effectively and talk to teens appropriately. In this episode, we break down how the hero's journey plays into the mind of teenagers when parenting styles have to change and to develop an autonomous teen. Get the full show notes at
August 7, 2018
26: Alex Hutchinson on Endure, Mindset, and The Process
Alex Hutchinson (Sweatscience) is the author of "Endure" and "What Comes First? Cardio or Weights" After spending the majority of his life running and being a physicist, Alex at 28 joined the realm of Journalism. Endure is his work for the past ten years on how the mind and body can endure amazing feats. This podcast was fascinating, and I'm excited to bring it to you. Get the full show notes at
July 31, 2018
25: Ryan Munsey on F*ck Your Feelings and Better Humans
Ryan Munsey (@ryanmunsey_) is the host and founder of the Better Human Project, author of F*ck Your Feelings, and all around badass. In this podcast, we dive into why feelings can be astray, how a better human should function, and what it means to focus on others instead of just yourself.  Get the full show notes at
July 26, 2018
24: Toby Dattolo On Following Your Gut and What is True
Toby Datallo (@tobydatallo) is someone who chases their way and follows that gut intuition regardless of what common consensus is telling him. He's currently a student of chiropractic medicine, and Onnit Coach, and certified in just about every fitness area there is. On he helps clients start living their best life. Get the full shownotes on
July 24, 2018
23: Dr Emily Splichal on Barefoot Strong and Reclaiming Feet
Latest episode of Heightened LivingDr. Emily Splichal (@Dremilydpm) is the author of Barefoot Strong, The owner of EBFA Global which teaches people how to, the creator of the Naboo Technology, and an expert when it comes to reclaiming your feet and being able to move at your own accord. In this episode, we break down so many amazing topics and dive into how we all should be barefoot strong. You live with your feet every day for the rest of your life... So why not take care of them. Without further ado, here's the podcast with Dr. Emily Splichal. Get the full show notes at
July 17, 2018
22: Frank Forencich on Exuberant Animal and The New Old Way
Frank Forencich (@exuberant_animal) is the creator of Exuberant Animal and author of two books (the newest one to be released later this year called The New Old Way.) After studying in Africa, understanding the complexities of human movement, and finding the new old way Frank began teaching the amazing principles of movement, fun, Ubuntu and many others with the intention of helping people become happier more fulfilled humans. Get the full show notes at:
July 13, 2018
21: D.J. Murakami (Strongcamps) - Fitness Dogma and Movement
D.J. Murakami (@strongcamps) is a fitness expert, movement explorer, and creator of the movement university. If you head to his Instagram page, you'll see exactly why he gets hate by different fitness paradigms as he explores and creates amazing movements that not only look cool but make the body figure out how to adapt. He also is apart of Stick Mobility and a huge proponent of utilizing sticks inside of training for better strength and mobility. Without further ado, here is the podcast with D.J. Murakami (Strongcamps.) Get the full show notes at:
July 10, 2018
20: Solocast II - Viewing Events As Neutral
When it comes to life, you'll have everything and the kitchen sink hit you. The thing is, when we see events as negative, they can get in the way of what we want to do and who we want to be. That's why I've been practicing the idea of viewing events as neutral. In this quick Solocast, I explore and walk you through why we all should view events as neutral.
July 5, 2018
19: Josiah Novak on Keys to Success and Disciplined Freedom
Josiah Novak (@josiahfitness) is the creator of True Transformation and The Fit Man podcast. Josiah currently is an online coach growing a great fitness business and helping tons of people get amazing results. In this podcast we dive into how discipline equals freedom, what health looks like, life and the fear of death, and so much more. Without further ado, welcome Josiah Novak. Get the full show notes at
July 3, 2018
18: David Burkus On Friend of A Friend and Honest Networking
David Burkus (FB: David Burkus) is the author of Under New Management, The Myths of Creativity and his newest book Friend of A Friend. David is a speaker and TED Talk lecturer with almost 2 million views on his video Why You Should Know How Much Your Coworkers Get Paid. In this podcast, we break down a lot, but most importantly we cover the bases that networking shouldn't be shady or something you don't want to do but instead be something natural. We also go over how not only do your friends affect you, but you friend of friends as well. So without further ado, let's get into this podcast with David Burkus. Read the full show notes at: https://david-burkus-friend-of-a-friend-networking
June 28, 2018
17: Solocast 1 - IGTV, User Happiness, and Red Light Therapy
This is the first solocast (featuring @Trent_McCloskey) where we dive into some of what I'm interested in and concepts/thoughts that I've wanted to explore recently. We cover a lot in this episode so get ready, because there is no set schedule or topic, just some ranting from my mind. So without further ado, let's dive into the show. Full show notes at:
June 26, 2018
16: Derek John on Men's Fashion and Surviving The Summer Heat
Derek John (@iamderekjohn) is a fashion and style master, as well as a fitness fanatic. Currently, he makes Instagram stories and IG posts while working full time to help show real-life fashion tips that accentuate a good physique.  Without further ado, welcome Derek John Get the full show notes at
June 21, 2018
15: Rusty Moore on High Carb Fat Loss and Using Pinterest
Rusty Moore (Visual Impact Fitness) is one of the original fitness bloggers. After starting Fitness Blackbook and ranking most search terms on Google, Rusty re-evaluated his messaging and started Visual Impact Fitness. Recently, Rusty has launched High Carb Fat loss on Visual Impact Fitness, all about a contrarian viewpoint too paleo and ketosis. Without further ado welcome Rusty Moore. Read the full show notes at:
June 19, 2018
14: Brad Pilon from Eat Stop Eat on Fasting and Thin Air
Brad Pilon (@bradpilon) is the author of Eat Stop Eat, How Much Protein, and Good Belly Bad Belly. His newest book is Thin Air, which is all about how our air quality, C02 levels, and environment affect our lives.  Unlike most authors, Brad conducts his research and tests what he teaches. After releasing one of the first intermittent fasting guides and a detailed study of how fasting can not only lead to improved health but fat loss and muscle gain, he was labeled as the fasting guy before it took mainstream. In this interview, we break down a lot more than fasting and dive into the environment and how it affects overall health. Get the full show notes at
June 14, 2018
13: Ian Lenny From Opensourced on Accessing The New Economy
Ian Lenny (@_Opensourced) is the founder of Opensourced, a company based all around helping people access the new economy. I met Ian a few years ago and he's one of the most intelligent people on the subjects of the new economy, start-ups, getting the job you want that I know. This one is great, especially for those people looking for a new job or to finally do what they always wanted to do. Get the full shownotes at
June 12, 2018
12: Eli Wilde on Wilde Influence, Beliefs and Cold Showers
Eli Wilde (@iamwilde) is a man of many faces. After his mom won $7 million on the lottery, Eli started to believe in magic. This led to his journeys through Colorado and finally to becoming the top salesperson for Tony Robbins. After that, he began Wilde Influence where he teaches every step of influence to those wanting more out of life. Get the full resources and shownotes at
June 7, 2018
11: Patrick Mckeown on The Oxygen Advantage and Nasal Breath
Patrick Mckeown is the author of The Oxygen Advantage, Close Your Mouth, Anxiety Free and much more. He is a crusader in Nasal Breathing and someone who has helped pull the method of Buteyko breathing into the spotlight. Today he is active on The Oxygen Advantage and Buteyko Clinic and helps both Certify/teach people about proper breathing. To get the full resources and links to this podcast head to
June 5, 2018
10: Trent McCloskey on Consistency, Creating Reality and Stress
In this episode, Trent McCloskey joins the show for round two. We talk about his journey, where we first met, how consistency has been so important in Trent's life and what it really means to create your own reality. For the full show notes head to:
May 31, 2018
9: Will Schiller on Coaching, The 80/20 Rule and Building Habits
Get ready for this jam-packed episode with fitness coach Will Schiller. Make sure to leave a review if you haven't already and support the show. 1:00 Chaga Mushrooms 2:55 Allergy Elimination Diet 3:25 Seth Godin and Coffee Rituals 6:00 Will Schiller’s Journey 7:00 Will’s Skill of Connecting with people 10:00 How will became the athlete’s trainer at college 11:00 The degree Will went to school for 13:30 Training People At The Office To Start with Clients 15:00 How groupthink create comfort 18:00 The tough part of going on your own and starting to coach 21:00 Cold Shower using Buteyko Breathing 23:30 The Venice Beach and the best place ot work out 26:00 How Red Light Therapy works 29:10 Brain.Fm for sleep, nootropic and so much more 32:00 Supplements that everyone needs! 33:20 - Will’s 80/20 For Health 36:20 - Ecstatic Dance 40:45 - The easy way to take a load off your mind 42:30 - Biomat and Grounding Full Description and Links at
May 29, 2018
8: Carter Good on Life, Failure, and What The Future Holds
Today we've got a power-packed episode with Fitness Inforgraphic Master, Carter Good. Here's some of what we talk about: Why I was bowing anytime I met someone - 00:30 Carter’s Favorite Fonts - 3:30 The start of Carter’s Journey - 4:45 Stumbling Upon Happiness - 5:50 How Carter was the reserve grand champion of taking pigs to the fair - 7:15 Why Carter really started his fitness journey - 8:00 College as the hardest time of his life - 12:15 When I met Carter - 14:00 War of Art - 16:00 Carter’s Groundhog Day Scenario - 19:00 What Carter loves about coaching - 22:00 His newest course that will be released soon - 26:00 Why Carter actively trys to fail - 32:00 The Higher Leverage Skill of Intellectual Honesty - 34:00 What Carter Questions Everything About - 37:00 The different types of time - 39:00 Traveling Month-to-Month - 42:00 Did Carter get approached by a modeling agent? - 45:00 Thanks for listening!
May 23, 2018
7: Notice What Stresses You... Motivation Monday
In this quick Motivation Monday Minisode, we talk about stress. Yes, stress is rampant just about everywhere you turn. From your job to your home life, to how your environment and so much more there are many different areas that are chronic stressors in our life. This week my challenge is simply for you to start notciing these areas. You don't HAVE to take action on eliminating them yet, but just notice them and slowly start to become aware of where you have chronic stressors. If you want to reduce stress naturally checkout the video on the youtube channel as well! Austin
May 7, 2018
6: Thinking Long-Term and The Clock of Long-Now
We often think that we think long-term. It can seem like next week, next month or even the next 5 years are a long, long time. Although, in this podcast I explore thinking very long term. 50, 100, 1000 years. And how what you do now will affect the world for the rest of its existence. This week, let's go out and crush it. Get ready for the new week and thanks for listening.
April 30, 2018
5: Motivational Monday - You Only Have So Much Time... So Use It
It seems so counter-intuitive. You only have so much time in this life. Granted the truth is, you only experience (as we know now) the time you can experience. Thus, that means that when we spend time not using it correctly, we are quite literally throwing away precious seconds of our life. You Only Have So Much Time... So Use It
April 23, 2018
4: How To Stop Procrastination... For Good (A Rant)
In this quick rant, I breakdown how to never procrastinate again. This may not be what you think. To stop procrasination three things need to be in order: -The Understanding of The Importance of Time -You Need To Know Your Why -Eating Healthy and Having Energy is A Must If these three things are in order, then everything falls into place. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think! -Austin
April 19, 2018
3: Taking Control of Your Body and Health with Trent McCloskey
I'm joined today by Trent McCloskey of (IG: Trent_McCloskey) and in today's episode we break down a lot. Here's a list of what we talk about in this podcast: -How having good health ties into a Heightened Lifestyle. -Movement, Rock Climbing, and real skills through exercise. -The gym culture and how it scares people off. -Diets and what Trent's typical day looks like -Trent's view on breathing and sleeping --Bonus: Trent's Unique Sleep Schedule And we also figure out Trent's favorite high leverage skills, how he invest's in himself and how he question's everything. This is jam packed episode, so grab your headphones and start listening. -Austin
April 12, 2018
2: 3 Tips For Stress Free Travel in Airports
This is a quick and easy guide to the three tips that I love to use at the airport. Make sure to share this with anyone that you know who normally stresses out at the airport. Thanks for listening, Austin
April 4, 2018
1: The 7 Fundamentals of Heightened Living
Heightened Living has 7 fundamentals that are needed for a better life. In this quick episode, we are going to explore all 7 and how they apply to higher leverage skills. This includes: -Higher Leverage Skills Are Worth More -Quality > Quantity -Invest In Yourself -Know Your Why -Use Your Resources -Anything Can Be Learned -Question Everything That's the agenda for today's podcast. Thanks for joining me!
April 1, 2018