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The HERE.together Podcast

The HERE.together Podcast

By Charles Matheus
Can 21st Century humans live together sustainably? If so, how? What can we learn from the past and what solutions are emerging in the future? How will we meet the increasing disruptions of climate change and systemic inequality that will touch all our lives? Come along with us on our journey to find the best possible answers from old wisdom, emerging technology, the social sciences, and design, as we attempt to build a hopeful and actionable model of living for ourselves.
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How to Have Crazy Ideas (And Make Them Work)

The HERE.together Podcast

How to Live Your Values (and Not Become a Cyborg!)
We’re so excited to share talk with Daniel Sih about some of the big problems facing community living and some of the solutions he’s come up with. Daniel Sih is the co-founder of Spacemakers, a productivity consulting group for busy leaders. After experiencing physical symptoms that were the result of working in the “always on” culture of internet connectivity, Daniel became passionate about helping people make space in their world for the things that really matter - like family, reflection, rest, and recharge. We’ll talk a bit with Daniel about his book, Space Maker: How To Unplug, Unwind, And Think Clearly In The Digital Age. It contains a whole new way to think about how we spend our time AND some concrete suggestions about how to reclaim some space in our lives through both ambitious and simple changes. In addition to carving out more personal space for peace of mind, Daniel recognized that he needed to push back at the atomization and isolation in our culture and actively create a sustaining community for himself and his family. Over a decade ago, he bought land and built two adjoining houses with another professional couple in Tasmania, Australia. We’re really interested in learning about how these two families (and their neighbors) learned to share life and land as an intentional  mini-community. It sounds like the community got a little spontaneous, too, as neighbors joined in. Over the years, Daniel and his extended family learned about the limits of good intentions and the importance of structure to keep a community healthy through all seasons. Their solutions are ones that you might find yourself thinking about, even if your intentional community is just one family sharing a house. For full Show Notes, go to:
May 16, 2022
How to Make an Art of Sustainability
This episode might seem like a bit of a diversion…our guests this time aren’t necessarily living in co-housing but they are both deeply immersed in creating a rich, sustainable community in Santa Barbara, CA. Jill Cloutier is the Public Relations Director of an environmental education and arts nonprofit called Explore Ecology (EE for short). EE works with over 30,000 children a year with a focus on Watershed Education, School Gardens, Waste Reduction, and Creative Exploration. Their work inspires children to engage with the natural world, think critically, and experience the value of environmental stewardship. Jill is a podcast producer, video-maker and writer. Her projects focus on plants and permaculture. Permaculture is a really important concept that contributes to biological, agricultural, and household sustainability and we’re really excited for Jill to help us understand that term and how we can practice it at small and medium scales to improve our lives and impacts. Rachel Palmer is the Art Coordinator for EE and is in charge of the Art from Scrap Creative Re-use Store and Gallery and the associated arts programs. Rachel is a fiber and print artist, educator, and self-proclaimed podcast fanatic. She is the Story Editor for Copper & Heat, the James Beard Award-winning podcast exploring the unspoken rules and traditions of the kitchen. I’m all about the upcycle and Charles is all about the permaculture, so I can’t wait to see where this conversation goes and find out what we can learn today. Welcome, Rachel and Jill! Thank you so much for being here with us today! For key takeaways, sustainability resources, and a full transcript, go to:
April 11, 2022
How to Live in an Eco-Village - Getting Your Human Needs Met with Dr. Kathryn Caldwell
We know so many people who simultaneously feel blessed and privileged with a good, secure, abundant life, but they know they are missing something.  The single-family lifestyle has caused us to trade away too much community, mutual support, and joy for the illusion of autonomy, abundance, and safety. There is an ache in our bones for a life that is more connected and meaningful, a life that sees us giving more of our gifts, and that leaves more and less of an impact on our world. If you feel that same ache, you’re in the right place. We’re beyond excited to talk with Dr. Kat Caldwell today about some of the human issues of living in community. How do we mobilize in the face of climate change, when we are mired in grief and/or denial?  How do we make individual changes that have a positive impact? Dr. Caldwell has a Ph.D. in Human Development and is a researcher and teacher in the field of Conservation Psychology, which strives to understand the “reciprocal relationships between humans and the rest of nature, with the goal of encouraging conservation of the natural world.”  Kat researches how people make conservation-based choices in their households and how messaging can promote healthier and more sustainable food systems and behaviors. Kat encourages her students to become self-aware, critical thinkers and engaged citizens with an understanding of what motivates conservation behavior. She is also the Director of Thrive Ithaca, the Ithaca EcoVillage Education Center, so she is the perfect person for us to talk to about how to make this dream of ours work. With enough money, we could design and build all sorts of awesome housing and community features, but unless we understand what makes people live well together and behave in sustainable ways, we’re not going to succeed, so we are especially grateful to talk with Kat.
March 14, 2022
How to Do Well by Doing Good - Ethical Property Investing with Dr. Dionne Payn
This episode we’re excited to talk with someone who is leveraging the inexorable power of capitalism to actually make positive change. Dr. Dionne Payn is the Founder and CEO of High Impact Property Investments. Dionne specializes in raising capital for organizations that create ethical property developments in Australia and the USA. Dionne is a speaker, author and property coach who loves creating win-win outcomes for as many people as possible. Her goals include: Socially responsible investment Affordable homes for everyone Building resilient communities Ending homelessness Dionne has a PhD in Natural Products Chemistry, has project managed a number of property developments in Australia and has helped over 30 investors to achieve double digit returns through property. These property projects range from small one into two subdivisions up to larger, sustainable, co-living projects. In this interview, Dionne talks about how she created abundance for her family while creating win/win/win solutions for investors, housing seekers and the community AND while sticking to a set of lofty values.  For more about the Ethical Property Framework, see the show notes:
February 14, 2022
How to Design the Future - Applying Design Thinking to Sustainability with David Johnson
This episode we’re excited to bring you a conversation with someone who seems able to cultivate a 10,000 foot view of the historical, social, cultural, and technical facets of climate change and sustainability.  David Johnson, has been teaching at Stanford Law School since 2008, while doing legal work for tech and biotech firms in Silicon Valley. His recent work on sustainability, though, explores the application of design thinking to the big problems we face today, whether it’s micro plastics in the oceans, species loss, or Southwestern drought. Listen all the way to the end to hear David give is some free consulting about a big community project that Kelly and I are contemplating as out legacy work.  For more about David's extensive background and access to helpful and actionable sustainability resources, see the full Show Notes at:
January 10, 2022
How to Make Sustainable Living Sustainable - Let Your Values Do The Driving
We’re really excited to release this episode featuring Kate Gaertner, a leading sustainability expert and consultant with 25 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience. Kate is also a personal carbon footprint evangelist on a mission to help individuals align their priorities with their values to create positive change. The level of her involvement in the forefront of women’s business, sustainable fashion and reforming manufacturing toward zero waste make her a real thought leader and we’re lucky to have her here. Kate has held digital marketing management positions at XM Satellite Radio, Ziff Davis Media, and Time Inc.; worked as a strategic consultant to Fortune 500 companies developing go-to-market business cases; founded a sustainable women’s active wear lifestyle brand, OMALA; and was an Adjunct Professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T.). She serves as the Board Chair of XXcelerate, a business-accelerator and fund for women led businesses; and is a technical advisor to the Loopt Foundation, a global-reach non-profit progressing pre- and post-consumer material zero waste goals within manufacturing. ​Kate is the author of the book, Planting a Seed: 3 Simple Steps to Sustainable Living. It is packed with actionable sustainability tips AND a template for prioritizing those tips and actions in a way that matches who you are and what you value. ​The website ( is this incredibly useful and generous portal into personal sustainability. I found Kate because someone in my twitter feed forwarded Kate’s sustainability quiz which helped me see where my efforts were strong and where they could be stronger. also contains links to worksheets that you can use to make clear and closely customized action plans to reduce your carbon footprint and make your life better. ​
December 06, 2021
How to Make Sustainable Choices - A conversation with Sustainability Coach, Sara Zellner
Hello, H.tties. In Season 3 of the HERE.together podcast we’re obsessed with the the big question - [fanfare] Can we live together sustainably? And if so, HOW? Over the next year we’re gonna curate conversations with the people who are living in ecovillages, designing new cities, inventing new (or unearthing old) household tech, and who are at the forefront of sustainability science to get answers for ourselves and for you. That’s why we’re really excited to interview Sara Zellner early in the season. Sara has been helping organizations AND families answer the big question. She is an entrepreneur on a mission to help individuals and businesses align their priorities with their values to create positive change. (YOu know we are suckers for values alignment!) She is the founder and owner of Saz Healthy Living, which provides sustainable living, health, and wellness coaching, and is the principal CEO of Lynz Consulting LLC, which specializes in corporate responsibility; environmental, social, and governance (ESG); and sustainability consulting. PhD-trained, Sara uses her research and coaching skills to delve into her clients’ vexing issues and assist them in reaching their goals. In this episode, Sara lays out the three most important steps individuals and families can take to reduce their carbon footprint (and, incidentally, become more physically healthy). She also runs us through the most common blocks to personal sustainable change and some support about how to get past them.  For more information about Sara's services and list of critical sustainability tips, click over to the full show notes at:
November 16, 2021
How to Live Together Sustainably OR How to [not] Watch the World Burn
Welcome to Season 3 of the HERE.together podcast. This season we are upgrading the podcast so it serves you AND US better.  Yeah, we did a sustainability study and realized the pod wasn’t thriving for us. Over the past two years, it’s been beautiful and uplifting to talk with all those amazing, smart people, and learn about personal growth, art, relationships, and even sex. But we were quite frankly getting burned out creating weekly content. We love the topic and could talk about personal growth forever… but it just wasn’t enough to keep us going on an unrelenting weekly release schedule. AND... Over the course of the last few months, we realized that there was one Big Question that we talked about over and over  We covered our walls with post-it notes about it...And spent insomniac nights strategizing about it …And (one of us) obsessed over it with google searches and Facebook group queries... It’s a great topic for a podcast. It’s a big, relevant, important question that we bet almost everyone is thinking about, even if only semi-consciously So here’s the big question: [Trumpet fanfare] Can we live together sustainably?  If so, how?   How do we stand a chance against rising temps, rising seas, and burning forests? How do we adapt the way we live to the weird weather, the economic changes, and the social upheaval that’s getting closer every day?  The best way we know how to try and answer this huge important question [fanfare] is to podcast about it. To talk to all the smartest, most engaged people we can find on this topic.  So, in season 3, we invite you to come with us as we explore the way forward through climate chaos, pandemic, and economic upheaval on both a personal and a global level.   In Season 3, We’re gonna curate conversations with the people who are living in ecovillages, designing new cities, inventing new (or unearthing old) household tech, and at the forefront of sustainability science and ancient wisdom to get answers for ourselves and for you.   AND, because we know there is deep expertise, passion, and curiosity in our audience, we’ll be providing even more opportunities for you to share your ideas, questions, and concerns. Stay tuned to the end of this episode to hear about some of these opportunities.  Along the way, we’ll share our story and our search for a better way to live.  We think it might be your story, too. For pictures of the Ithaca EcoVillage, footnotes to this episode and a link to our Clubhouse room, see the SHOW NOTES here:
November 08, 2021
October 31, 2021
October 31, 2021
How to Live an Epic Life - Leaning into Fear and Service with Claire Louge
Hello H.tties! Our pod-a-versery is coming up next week. We’re finishing our second full year of podcasting! In recognition of that achievement AND all the support you gorgeous h.tties have given us, we’re re-releasing this early (kind of major) episode with Claire Louge, that we recorded back in February 2020 before the world changed. This episode is our most downloaded ever… and for good reason. Claire is brilliant, inspiring, and tells important stories about her personal growth and what drives her to be such an advocate for youth and community. Like the other special re-releases we’ve done recently … this interview with Claire is another part of the meta story of how the HERE.together podcast came to be what it is today. You see, at the time of this original interview, Claire had just been promoted to Executive Director of a state-wide non-profit and I thought we’d be talking about kinda standard podcast interview fare about how she’d been so successful at such a young age. She’d pitch her programs, encourage people to get involved and we’d have a decent episode. Instead, the conversation veered quickly into much more important, more fraught territory that included stories about self-image, eating disorders, fear, courage, and choosing to live large. Yes, we also talked about preventing child abuse and live action role-playing. This kind of radical honesty, fierce connection, and general badassery became the touchstone for us in producing this podcast. We knew we couldn’t make a regular, rah-rah business or thin-veneered community podcast… we knew we were in this for the vulnerability, the deep humanity, the learning, and, frankly, the big love that we’ve experienced over and over with the parade of incredible guests we’ve been so fortunate to share conversations with. And that’s the knowing we’ve followed ever since. Thank you for following along. For more about Claire and a curated list of books and resources mentioned in the episode, see the show notes at:
October 18, 2021
How to Open Your Heart - A Deeply Connected Conversation with Gestalt Therapist, Tony Himes
Hello H.tties! We are re-releasing an episode with Tony Himes that we recorded way back in November 2019. Tony is a Gestalt therapist and founder of the Arizona Gestalt Institute. Tony works with youth, adults and couples to help them find more ease and meaning in their lives. This episode is a worthwhile re-issue for several reasons. One, we believe that Tony’s message of contact and interpersonal connection is a really important one in the era of Covid separation and alienation. And, two, this early episode became a bit of a model or template for what the podcast would become. We opened ourselves up to Tony as he led us - on air as it were - through a gestalt exercise that caused us to tear up and have some deep feels. That shared vulnerability and learning became the special sauce for this whole project. Tony completed his Master of Science degree in Educational Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy in 1992 from the University of Nevada Las Vegas. Tony is currently an adjunct faculty member at Prescott College and he was an Associate Faculty member at the Gestalt Institute of Phoenix. Tony has been in private practice as a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Prescott, AZ for the past 20 years. For 7 years Tony and his wife provided therapeutic foster care to teenage boys as a support to avoid incarceration. Stay tuned for a heartfelt and enlivening conversation that offers some real skills for engaging and connecting to live a richer life. For more about Tony Himes and Gestalt therapy, check out the full show notes at:
October 04, 2021
How to Teach Healthy Masculinity - Mark Winkler Explains How He Calls Men IN
This week on the HERE.together Podcast we are releasing, in full, another of the episodes of the Remaking Manhood Podcast which I co-host and co-produce with Mark Greene. We schedule these cross-promoted episodes in part to give you access to content that we believe will inspire and inform you and this interview with Mark Winkler definitely meets that purpose.  This content re-purposing strategy also, frankly, saves a little energy for other projects like planting the fall garden and writing more blog posts about leadership and healthy masculinity. I’m really proud of this RM episode because, we get interview an expert in drawing men and boys into healthy masculinity and into supportive relationships. Mark Winkler, co-founded Manhood Camp, a non-profit working with under-served youth and families in the Los Angeles region. And works with adult men through his fatherhood circles and through the FATHERHOOD CIRCLE BLOG. I think you’ll find Mark’s voice to be an important and compelling one… his approach mixes firm accountability with love and compassion. For more information and contacts for Mark Winkler, additional resources for men's work, and a link to the Gilette video we mentioned, go to:
September 27, 2021
How to Have a Meltdown - a Real, Raw, Revelatory Session with Integration Coach Tanya Keats
Are you the kind of person who holds onto stress?  Who shoves it down day after day until it explodes in a glorious rain of expletives and recrimination.  Or maybe it just comes out a bit sideways and makes things uncomfortable with people you love. Either way, this episode might be just the thing to encourage you to let it all out, but in a healthier way.  Your intrepid HERE.together team learns how from our own experience and from the expertise of our guest, Tanya Keats, a coach who helps her clients cut through their personal obstacles, with the magic of action and adventure.  She also helps us navigate an on-air seismic burp. True to our typical form, we share what’s real and how we work through it. Hello H.tties! Welcome to a volcanic episode that - spoiler alert - turns out ok in the end.   What's Special About Our Guest: Coach Keats works with all sorts of people on all sorts of issues, but the thread that runs through everything is helping others break out of whatever box they’ve found themselves in.  Tanya has her own experience with being boxed in and she didn’t like it one bit.  She’s spent her adult years creating a box-free life full of authenticity and adventure for herself and her clients. Today she is a Speaker, Integration Guide and Leadership coach who  guides her clients towards a free life, lived with ease. Listen on as Coach Keats holds the space for Charles to have a mini meltdown - right in the middle of recording -  and then helps us process through it together.  We hope this impromptu coaching session will inspire you to make the time to express your full range of feelings before you’re stuck doing it at an inopportune time. For information about Tanya Keats, her contact links, and a curated list of resources, please visit the show notes at:
September 20, 2021
How to Find Your Soul - Cultivating a Relationship with Nature and Our Selves
Hello H.tties! We are re-releasing an episode with Adam Vellturo that we recorded way back in December 2019. That episode was one of our most popular -  it was the first one to hit triple digit downloads. In it, Adam helps us  explore and understand nature therapy, deep ecology, the nature of the soul, and whether or not we're going to survive and thrive in the 21st century. You know, fluffy stuff like that. That’s how we roll on the HTP… inspiring, hopeful conversations with smart guests who can tackle the big topics. Our pod-a-versery is coming up in a less than a month. We’re finishing our second full year of podcasting! And in recognition of that achievement AND all the support you h.tties have given us, we’re re-releasing this early episode. It’s a meaningful one to us and holds powerful, lovely memories. In this episode, listen for Adam's prescription for easy soul work and a recitation of a Walt Whitman poem that are both perfect for the cooler, clearer nights ahead. For more about Adam, eco-therapy and soul work, go to:
September 13, 2021
How to Find Your Strengths - Getting Coached Using the Gallup Strengths Assessment
What if the things you loved to do the most turned out to be the most valuable in your career and your home?  What if tendencies that haven’t been recognized as strengths turned out to be the secret to your success?  What if we could all see and appreciate each other for our strengths and not worry so much about our weaknesses? Guest Bio: Micah Lorenc is a corporate management dropout turned leadership / relationship / team development coach. Based in Austin, Texas, Micah is a Gallup-Certified Clifton Strengths Coach and believer in the power of positive psychology. He has nearly a decade of facilitation experience, with an emphasis on strengths-based development workshops for teams, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Micah developed the ACRR coaching approach to ensure that all individuals and teams with whom he works will see lasting results. Micah is a delight and he really helped us figure out some important things during this conversation. AND it turns out that focusing on strengths is a lot like looking where you want to aim your car or your shot.  Stay tuned for a conversation overflowing with glass-half-full goodness, learn how to see your own strengths, appreciate what others bring to the table, and how to band together to accomplish anything. For more information and complete show notes, go to
September 06, 2021
How to Win at Mental Health - A Conversation About How to Conquer Depression with a Full-on Effort
Dealing with depression and anxiety?  Who is winning, you or them?  What if you had a playbook full of healing, coping, and life-giving strategies at the ready?  Would you feel more supported, more hopeful?   Guest Bio: Zack S. Rutledge is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, an ACE Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and a Certified Brain Health Trainer through the Functional Aging Institute. He has a black belt in karate, has practiced yoga for almost a decade, and has played in punk bands for years. He holds an MA from American University in Washington, D.C. and is currently pursuing a Clinical Psychology degree. Zack is the author of The Official Depression Relief Playbook: Real-Life Strategies From a Guy Who Has Lived It. He shares with us how depression and anxiety, triggered by grief, sent him spiraling downward as a young adult and how he created a playbook full of winning strategies to take on his mental health challenges from every angle.  Stay tuned to find out how you can defeat your demons with Zack’s D-Day approach. Enjoy this uplifting, laughter-filled conversation and pick up a new perspective that might just change everything for the better.   We do talk a little about the tough stuff of depression, - nothing graphic, but take care of yourself.  If you feel things come up for you, reach out and get help, whether that’s a friend, a professional counsellor, or a help line, like National Suicide Prevention Lifeline  800-273-8255. For more about Zack, his book, and MORE,  view the show notes at:
July 26, 2021
How to be Powerfully Peaceful - Developing Conscious Skills, Mindfulness, and Success with Neil Seligman
Wouldn’t it be ideal if we could take our full, relaxed, connected and authentic selves everywhere, including to work? Wouldn’t it be better if leaders of all kinds could lead from a place of mindfulness, self-awareness, and peaceful power? If Consciousness and Corporateness coexisted wouldn’t they create something new and revolutionary?  Guest Bio: Our guest today is Neil Seligman.  He was a trial lawyer - or Barrister -  in England for 8 years, but his interest in Consciousness and meditation pre-dated his law career. It wasn’t until he ditched the day job and spent several years exploring his inner and outer worlds that he saw how to connect mindfulness practice with corporate life and productivity. Now Neil trains and coaches professionals in a wide variety of “conscious skills,” and speaks at prestigious corporate events and seminars around the world, from Europe to America, Asia, and Australia. Having immersed himself in  mindfulness since his teens, Neil combines his authentic passion for the practice with unrivalled professional expertise in his pioneering business, Conscious Corporate Consultancies. His insight and compelling enthusiasm leave his audiences inspired, energized and armed with practical ways to reach their highest potential. We are so pleased to bring you our conversation with the calm, grounded, and utterly delightful Neil Seligman.  If you don’t relate to the corporate angle, don’t worry - there is a ton in our talk that relates to personal growth and using mindfulness to make pretty much everything more joyful and functional.  For more about Neil, his programs, classes, artwork, videos and MORE,  view the show notes at:
July 19, 2021
How to Start a Fire: Getting Our Sex Life Off the Back Burner
"Let's talk about sex, baby Let's talk about you and me" If you’re our generation, you probably danced to Salt ‘n’ Pepa at a teen club or when you sneaked into a bar with a fake ID.  It was all super-hot back then, but how about now?  Have you lost your mojo?  Is sex, intimacy, and connection on the back burner or worse, a distant memory?  Well, it doesn’t have to be. In fact, today’s guest makes shared pleasure, a richer relationship, and a fuller life seem not just possible, but totally worth the effort.  We’re your hosts Charles Matheus and Kelly Roberge.  We are insatiably interested in the intersection of personal growth, healthy relationships, and vibrant communities. Welcome to the HERE.together Podcast where we go deeper than the typical podcast on topics that really matter. We ask questions no one else asks, we share true stories about ourselves that few other hosts tell, and we walk into the material we cover with vulnerability and honesty.  Guest Bio: Our guest this episode is Susan Bratton, intimacy expert to millions. She teaches people how to achieve ageless passion and unlock the secrets to life-long vitality.   She is the best-selling author and publisher of 34 books and programs including “Sexual Soulmates'' and “Relationship Magic.” She is co-founder and CEO of two corporations: Personal Life Media, Inc., a publisher of heart-connected lovemaking techniques and bedroom communication skills and The20, LLC., a manufacturer of organic and botanical supplements that enhance sexual vitality.  A best-selling author and publisher of 34 books and programs including Sexual Soulmates, Relationship Magic, Revive Her Drive, Ravish Him, Steamy Sex Ed™, The Passion Patch, Hormone Balancing, and Hot To Trot.  Susan has been featured in the New York Times and on CNBC and the TODAY show as well as frequent appearances on ABC, CBS, The CW, Fox and NBC. Susan’s core expertise lies in the intersection between passionate lovemaking techniques and bedroom communication skills. She has studied extensively what makes intimacy truly passionate, surrendered, and connected, and she boils those skills down to simple practices anyone can use to achieve profoundly pleasurable results. What's Different About This Episode:  We normally get to know our guests on a pretty deep level, but this week, Susan Bratton really got to know us.  We open up about our own sexual histories and our current sex-life (or lack thereof).  We show up as fully transparent and vulnerable, as always, as Susan helps us work through our fears, hesitations, and desires so that we can re-invest our relationship with closeness, caring, and communion.   So keep listening for an honest, revealing, healing conversation about how to make sex great at any age. For more about Susan, her programs and classes,  and curated episode suggestions view the show notes at:
July 12, 2021
How to be a Victor, not a Victim
How do you keep going through the darkest nights of the soul? How do you take the worst things that happened to you and turn them into fuel for good?  How do you shift from victim to victor?  ​ Guest Bio: Fatima Oliver is devoted to helping others become their best selves.  She is a survivor of the kinds of trauma, abuse, and personal tragedy that would break most people, but she found a way to keep going, heal, and thrive. Now she wants to reach back and help others find their way out.   Fatima has an MBA and the financial knowledge and skills to go with it.  She’s written a memoir sharing her story titled, "The Prescription is in the Dirt."  If that’s not enough interesting bio to intrigue you, she also toured as a backup singer with the Righteous Brothers for 4 years.   Listen to the whole episode for a deeply meaningful conversation about surviving and thriving, finding our voices, and paying it forward with the multi-talented badass boss, Fatima Oliver. For more about Fatima, her coaching and classes,  and curated episode suggestions view the show notes at:
July 05, 2021
How to Be an Awesome Dad - A Conversation about Engaged Fatherhood and Social Change
This week on the HERE.together Podcast - in belated recognition of Father’s Day - we are releasing, in full, another of the episodes of the Remaking Manhood Podcast which I co-host and co-produce with Mark Greene. In this episode, we interview Kevin Shafer,  an associate professor of Sociology at Brigham Young University, who is conducting ongoing research around the surprising impact of engaged fathers and how that engagement later shows up in the adult lives of their sons. Hint: It's really good news for gender equity. In this episode, Kevin explains his research and connects it to both his own fathering and fatherhood.  Despite how complex the parent child relationship is, Kevin is able to provide some really basic and actionable tips for how to raise kids who can grow up authentically, and resist the boxes that domination culture wants to shove them into. At the end of this episode, Mark and I tell some stories about our own connections to our dad’s and what kind of “protective factors” they gave us. I hope you get a lot out of this conversation. We’d love to hear from you about your understanding of engaged fatherhood. Who helped you become who you are? What hopes do you have for fathers and children today? What can we do as a culture and a nation to support engaged parenting? For more about Kevin, his research, other fathering resources, and curated men's work suggestions view the show notes at:
June 28, 2021
How to Shatter Glass - An Energizing Conversation with Women's Executive Coach Kate Hutson
What if you had the confidence and boldness to ask for what you want, go for the promotion, choose to change lanes, or live your way into your biggest goals? Our guest today coaches women in conquering their fear, creating productive habits, and building the roadmaps that take them in the direction they want to go.  She reminds us that we will never feel ready and that taking action will lead to confidence, rather than the other way around. Guest Bio: Kate Hutson is an Executive Life Coach, Public Speaker, and the owner of Shattered Glass Coaching. After years of passionate work as a business leader, teacher, coach, and mentor, Kate turned her passion for mentoring others into practical knowledge for the real world-- skills that women can use in their everyday lives to help them gain confidence, develop leadership skills, and achieve their wildest dreams. After becoming a Certified Life Coach in 2020, Kate now coaches executive women to become courageous leaders in their workplaces and their personal lives. Kate’s market niche may be female executives, this episode has some wisdom and energy for everyone! I dare any of you H.tties to listen and NOT get inspired and empowered. I dare you. ! Listen in for a real conversation about what women face in the workplace and how they can walk confidently toward their goals.  Get your high fives and fist pumps ready - you’re going to need them.
June 21, 2021
How to Talk Feminism with Men - A Conversation in Which Charles Outs Himself
How many Feminist men do you know? You know what they say in cosmology - there’s either zero, one, or infinity of something!  And given that there's one feminist man on our podcast team, what does that mean? Our guest today had a hard time finding a Feminist man in her dating life, so long story short, she created a website where men identifying as Feminists can share, connect, and get inspired to take action. So far she’s identified at least 33 Feminist men, which guarantees there are more to discover. Guest Bio: Maria Orihuela is a multi-national, multi-lingual dynamo who started out in communications and advertising, but shifted gears when she realized she wanted more meaning and purpose in her work life.  She lives in London and now works as a Corporate Trainer, Coach and Facilitator. Maria’s passion for diversity and inclusion and her desire to destigmatize the word “feminist” led her to create a project called Men Talk Feminism. She realized that change might happen more effectively if men talk with other men about the perils of patriarchy and the value of dismantling a system that hurts everyone. Men can go to the website, and answer three questions about their experience of and understanding of the importance of being a feminist.  Maria also talks about how #Metoo happened at the perfect moment in her own healing journey and about how she’s motivated to tackle patriarchy for her own personal benefit and that of the generations that follow.  Stay tuned for a joyful, lively conversation about the value of creating space for everyone to flourish together. For more about Maria Orihuela, Mentalkfeminism, and a curated list of feminist resources, view the show notes at:
June 14, 2021
How to Take it to the Next Level - Music & Community Enrichment with Candace Devine & Drew Hall
If you could time-travel, what band would you go back and befriend right before they made it BIG??   Well, we have yet to crack time-travel, but the good news is we all get to be up-close friendly-fans of our guests today and after the rest of the world hears their new single, we’ll be able to say we knew them when.   Guest Bios: If you’ve been a HERE.together listener for a while, you already know Candace Devine and Drew Hall, local music powerhouses and all-around good eggs.  They have ridiculous musical credentials individually, and together they, along with Johan Glidden, have formed a Supergroup called Ponderosa Grove, that is not only blending amazing local talent into a band that is destined for greatness, but they are building an equally powerful arts culture here in Prescott that embraces excellence, collaboration, and community. For those of you who don’t already know, Candace has been a professional singer and songwriter since her early 20s, performing with or opening for acts like  Christina Aguilera, Ringo Starr, Styx, the Four Tops and many others. She is a prolific songwriter and collaborator and received a Grammy nomination for her work with jazz saxophonist,  Mindi Abair. Candace also hosts the Creative Convergence Podcast that features conversations with world-class artists, musicians, and other creatives. Drew Hall is a former banker who defied the 9-5 life at his earliest opportunity, going on to be in every kind of band, teach guitar to young and old musicians alike, and to curate exceptional music shows here in Prescott.  In pre-Covid times, Drew could be spotted playing with the Cheektones, Summa Totius, THiS Trio with Slim Gamble of Lady Antebellum fame, et cetera! Stay tuned for a laughter-filled AND deeply insightful conversation about the creative process, the art of leadership, and the positive role of music in bridging differences. You’ll be treated to not one, but 2 songs from their forthcoming album and Charles treats us to a terrible  metaphor about how collaboration is like spiders and centipedes. For more about Ponderosa Grove, the musicians, and links to the June 18th live stream, and curated book suggestions view the show notes at:
June 07, 2021
Boysen Hodgson on the Personal Impact of Men's Work
For generations, our culture has taught us a narrow and limiting set of rules for how to be a man. The end result? Epidemic levels of isolation for boys and men and embedded repression and violence for the vast majority of women and children. As a boy and young man, I learned that same set of rules and I adopted that stoic, suppressed, and sometimes emotionally violent version of manhood. It took me years to find a way back to the real authentic version of myself that is open, loving, curious, vulnerable, bold, and creative. What if there were ways… paths… programs… groups… a movement, that helped men break out of the Man Box, find their authentic selves, and become happier, less destructive, and more constructive? This episode is about just those paths, those groups and that movementt. This week on the HERE.together Podcast we are releasing, in full, another of the early episodes of the Remaking Manhood Podcast which I co-host and co-produce with Mark Greene. In this episode, we interview Boysen Hodgson,  the Communications Director for the ManKind Project USA. For the last 35 years, ManKind Project has been providing intensive weekend retreats and long-term peer support groups for men all over the world. In this conversation, Boysen quickly sets the bar for vulnerability, insight, and truth. Mark and I also end up sharing our deep backstories about how we created our old, mistaken assumptions about ourselves and the world.  Mark explains how those old bad stories cause many men to either self-sabotage or lash out. All three of us men share our experience with the work it took us to become a man of connection, accountability and purpose. For all of us, men's work is an ongoing process and one that constantly reveals new ways of seeing and being. Boysen's own knowledge of men's work, both as a leader and as a man is a powerful resource for all the men in our community. I end up surprised by a couple of new ideas that come from the conversation and by some insight that comes bubbling up out of me at Boyson’s invitation. I’m really pleased, and a little nervous to share this episode with you, but here we go. For more about Boysen, the Mankind Project, other mens work resources, and curated book suggestions view the show notes at:
May 31, 2021
How to Be the Solution - Asking Questions and Taking Responsibility with Angel Ribo
Who cares about big business when you’re just trying to get your small business off the ground?  What do CEOs have to do with running a successful family? If you just re-watched Wall Street or read the news and need to feel hopeful about business and the world, this is the episode for you.   Welcome to Part IV of our Spiritual Warrior series. ​ Guest Bio: Angel Ribo is a contender for the most energized, positive guest award.  We are so excited to introduce you to this glowing, powerful man who has been coach and confidante to hundreds of corporate officers around the world, [we’re talking 15 hundred CEOs in 33 countries] who brings heart and spirit into the business world, who  focuses on the quality of relationships at all levels, in order to help his clients improve not just their bottom line, but their impact.   And HIS impact doesn’t stop there.  Angel is bringing his business acumen to the service of underprivileged kids in Latin America, teaching and mentoring them to become entrepreneurs using the resources they have on hand.  So far he’s worked with over a thousand young people and you’ll hear that compelling, fascinating story in part II of this episode. Stay all the way until the end, as well, though, to get this weeks simple but really deeply challenging personal science assignment. For more about Angel Ribo, links to his social media and website, and curated book suggestions view the show notes at:
May 24, 2021
How to Build Soulful Power - Breathing, laughing and learning with Christian de la Huerta
Is your ego running your show?  Are you making choices guided by fear?  What would it be like to put your purpose and soul in charge?  How would your life be different if you did? Spoiler alert: you’d have more freedom, more real power, and you’d be able to join with others to create the sustainable world we need... It’s all hands on DECK time. Guest Bio: Our guest this week is Christian de la Huerta, a spiritual teacher, personal transformation coach, and leading voice in the soulful breathwork community. Not only is Christian one of the warmest, loveliest humans we’ve had the privilege to speak with so far, he is a kindred spirit who challenged us to think bigger.  Sooo much bigger. When there isn’t a pandemic on, Christian travels the world, leading inspiring and transformational retreats and treks that combine psychological and spiritual teachings with lasting and life-changing effects.  He’s recently published the book, Awakening the Soul of Power, [described by multiple Grammy Award–winner Gloria Estefan as “a balm for the soul of anyone searching for truth and answers to life’s difficult questions.”] Christian talks with us about the Hero’s Journey, giving our egos the right job, why connecting with our personal power is a good thing, and presents us with multiple paths to that authentic power. Stick around for an enriching conversation that takes us - and you - from the metaphorical stadium out into the cosmos.  It’s full of practical ideas for real life and big, inspiring visions that definitely left us feeling well-fed, body and soul. Fair warning… we start the interview with about a four-minute breathing exercise/guided meditation. We hope everyone listening will breathe along with us. If you’re driving or operating equipment right now, or doing something else that requires your attention, perhaps return to this episode when you can do so safely and comfortably. For more about Christian de la Huerta, links to his social media and website, and curated book suggestions view the show notes at:
May 17, 2021
How to Live for Justice - A Vision for Engaged, Spiritual Activism
A photographer, a Civil Rights Lawyer, and an Episcopal Priest walk into a bar… This week’s show is no joke, though.  Our guest, the Reverend Dr. Marcia Ledford, Esquire IS a Civil Rights lawyer, a photographer, and an Episcopal Priest.  Stay tuned for a great conversation that encompases journeys both personal and cultural, the third rails of politics and religion, and where all those things come together in Dr. Marcia’s ongoing work for social justice. Neither one of your podcasts hosts grew up in a regular religious tradition. And we are wary of the dark power that organized religion can wield to oppress and repress. Even the Buddhists in Myanmar are killing people in the name of. But we can’t deny that the US Civil Rights movement was championed by religious leaders. Nor that “church ladies” in Georgia helped swing the US Senate. Nor that a Jesuit priest, Father Boyle, created Homeboy Industries in LA to help young community members de-escalate violence and develop alternatives to gang life. So… we are really excited to have the Rev. Dr. Marcia Ledford present the case for a progressive and engaged Christianity. We hope you listeners are, too.  Guest Bio: The Rev. Dr. Marcia Ledford founded Political Theology Matters, LLC, to help the people develop a personal mission grounded in theology for greater social justice. Marcia teaches, speaks, and preaches about political theology in varied forums and maintains a very intriguing blog. For Dr. Ledford's complete bio, links to her social media and website, and curated book suggestions view the show notes at:
May 10, 2021
How to be 88% Happy with Dr. Marissa Pei
If you want to try out some ideas and actions to push your average happiness up to 88%, we have the conversation for you.  Our guest this week is Dr. Marissa Pei.  She’s been through the shit and she’s here to tell you that you CAN be happy - at least 88% of the time.   Dr. Marissa, as we call her, or the Asian Oprah as Dr. Bernard Beckwith of Secret fame called her - to Oprah’s face - has a Ph.D in organizational psychology.  Dr. Marissa literally wrote the book on Organization Development & Consulting with Dr. Fred Massarik and her consulting work has helped hundreds of Fortune 500 companies become more inclusive and successful. Now her focus is on “splattering more hope and happiness through speaking, writing, and promoting a variety of Life Balance Topics including How to be Happy 88 percent of the Time. Dr. Marissa’s popular syndicated talk radio show “Take My Advice, I’m Not Using It” is broadcast nationwide on I Heart Radio AND has reached well over ½ a million downloads on ITunes and YouTube.  Dr. Marissa wrote the bestselling book, 8 Ways to Happiness from Wherever You Are, as well as “Mommy, What Are Feelings?” an interactive children’s book illustrated by her daughters, which has been recognized for helping autistic children express their feelings.  Dr. Marissa is clearly a woman of “plugged in” intelligence. She zeroed in on Charles’s issues right from the start and put him through an unscheduled mini session that was both helpful and surprising. Because we can’t not, we also venture beyond the personal growth arena to talk about and push back against the wave of anti-Asian violence we’ve been seeing in the US. Dr. Marissa’s early life was marked by intolerance and she has some choice words for and key ideas about the racism bubbling up in our communities.  So listen on to get energized, inspired, empowered and 88% happy with the fabulous Dr. Marissa Pei. For the complete show notes, including links to other relevant episodes, Dr. Marissa's resources happiness, AND a curated reading list, go to:
May 03, 2021
How to Break Out of the Man Box
For generations, our culture has taught us a narrow and limiting set of rules for how to be a man. The end result? Epidemic levels of isolation for boys and men and embedded repression and violence for the vast majority of women and children. I learned that same set of rules and I adopted that stoic, suppressed, and sometime emotionally violent version of manhood. it took me years to find a way back to the real authentic version of myself that is open, loving, curious, vulnerable, bold, and creative. What if it were easier for boys to grow up whole and for men to break the shackles of dominance based masculinity? I (Charles) spent most of my life, struggling to balance my desire for equality, authenticity, joy, nonviolence and connection with my desire to fit in with my gender. It took years to find them, but it turns out there are men who are choosing a kind of masculinity that encompass real human values. Thousands of men have broken out of the man box and its rigid repressed dog eat dog version of masculinity. They - we - are choosing a masculinity of connection, compassion, and collaboration. In return we have healthier relationships, and more meaningful, lasting lives. And now there’s a new podcast dedicated to interviewing some of those men and encouraging others to join them: Remaking Manhood, The Healthy Masculinity Podcast. This week on the HERE.together Podcast we are releasing, in full, the first episode of the Remaking Manhood Podcast which I co-host and co-produce with Mark Greene. In this episode, both Mark and I share old stories of shame and (somewhat delayed) redemption. Mark explains with powerful clarity the system that keeps most men in the Manbox and then I lay out the three different ways men can start their own path toward authentic, healthy manhood. I really hope you find it inspiring and I hope you share it with the men and young men in your life. For the show notes, including links to other relevant episodes, resources for men, AND a curated reading list, go to:
April 26, 2021
How to Make Your Marriage Happy - One Thousand Years of Relationship Wisdom
When was the last time you asked a family member for the secrets to their successful relationship?  Do you talk about what makes a happy marriage with your friends over dinner?  If you don’t have these conversations and access to the wisdom of people who have “figured it out,” then we have the resource for you.  It’s Relationship Month here at HERE.together and our guest has 1000 years of relationship wisdom cued up for YOU. Guest Bio: Our guest this week is Claire Vande Polder, a journalist and producer - Claire Vande Polder has spent a career in the nonfiction world as a television producer and writer. She began at National Geographic Television in Washington, DC. After traveling the world, she joined the Discovery Health Channel as an executive producer. Since then she has worked independently with a variety of networks and production companies including TLC, Investigation Discovery, Smithsonian Channel, HGTV, Oprah Winfrey’s Harpo Studios, and others. She has a B.A. in English from Calvin College and an M.A. in 19 th Century English and American Literature from King’s College London. Claire probably produced or wrote projects you’ve seen!!  So cool. Last year, Claire went down the rabbit hole on the question of what makes for a happy marriage.  She interviewed couples from all over the world, all ages and stages and stations in life - adding up to a THOUSAND years of marriage - to get some pearls of wisdom we can all learn from. Her book Making Marriage Happy: Hard-Won Wisdom from Real Couples is an accessible delight that breaks these successful strategies and behaviors down by subject area and into bite-sized nuggets that are easy to try on. For the show notes, including links to other relevant episodes, AND a curated reading list, go to:
April 19, 2021
How to Make Your Relationship Exceptional - Changing the World, One Relationship at a Time
What would your relationship look like if you could call it Exceptional?  Are you ok with pretty good?  What would you change, if you could?  How would the world be different if your relationship were exceptional? Guest Bio: It’s relationship month at HERE.together. This episode, we are talking with a young couple who have done a ton of homework on their relationship - literally trying a bunch of different ways to be in a love relationship - and over time and with a lot of experimenting, they have found gold.  Now they are prepared to share that gold with us and with you. Natasha Koo and Yachym Jerie have been together for a decade and married for 6 of those years.  They knew there was something special between them early on and when they found themselves living thousands of miles apart, instead of breaking up or being miserable without each other, they tried an open relationship.  Later on they tried a few other “non-traditional” formats.  But what really made things work for them was radical honesty and vulnerability.  It worked so well that they now have a business helping other couples go from good to great, or should we say, exceptional. They join us all the way from Malaysia and we have what is one of the most moving and profound conversations of this podcast.  Their framework matches our perfectly - get our own personal shit together so we can create strong, resilient partnerships that let us make a positive impact in our communities and the world. It is our pleasure to introduce you to Natasha Koo and Jachym Jerie. For the show notes, including links to other relevant episodes, AND a curated reading list, go to:
April 12, 2021
How to Be Enough - Making Personal Growth Fun and Meaningful
This podcast seems to all about change and growth. But we’re guessing you listeners have a lot of questions about this focus. “Do we really have to change?”  “Why all this pressure to grow and get better?”  “Why does Charles book the kinds of guests he does; all these coaches and inspiring thinkers?” “Why do the hosts keep promoting this ‘Weekly Science’ activity?” “What’s this all about?” In this episode, we try to answer some of those questions. We talk this episode about the nature of change, being human, and our own ambivalent attitude toward change and personal growth. We even call up one of our previous guests and super fans to get his reaction to some of the recent podcast episodes and learn what it’s like for him to listen to the pod. Over the course of the conversation, we are able to put the drive for personal growth into a larger more compelling, and more connected context. And we end with some ideas about how we can approach personal evolution in a way that can be easier and more joyful. And, yes, we propose another “Weekly Science” about it! So, if you want to know more about the “Why’s” of personal growth, listen to this episode! For the show notes, including links to other relevant episodes, AND a curated reading list, go to:
March 29, 2021
How to Walk into Adulthood - Parenting, Adventure & Authenticity
Our intrepid guest this episode is 13-year-old Georgia Clews who is halfway through her long trail hike adventure with her mom, Charlotte Clews. If Georgia (known by her trail name, Marmot), gets all the way to the Utah border under her own steam, she will likely be the youngest person to hike the Arizona Trail. At the same time, Marmot is taking distance schooling to extremes as she logs into her lessons every time she can get cell service. Wow! Some of you may be asking, what kind of parent would drag their tween from Maine to Arizona and make her endure cactus spines, big hairy spiders, and snow storms? Well Charlotte (known on the trial as Dread Pirate) is the perfect person to be accompanying her daughter on a thru-hike of epic proportion.  Dread Pirate has completed thru-hikes on all the major continent-spanning trails in the US: The Appalachian Trail The Pacific Crest Trail And the Continental Divide trail where she and her husband (Marmot’s dad) got engaged. Charlotte has had more than her fair share of adventures and epics and can handle almost any trail emergency. Charlotte is also a trained and educated naturalist, a wilderness first responder, and a licensed Maine guide.  The real reason she’s perfect for this adventure, though, is that she believes in the power, autonomy, creativity and character of kids. She doesn’t see her role as a parent as one who hovers over a child, preventing or cleaning up mistakes… She knows they deserve every chance to fail, excel, learn, and experience life. For the show notes, including links to other relevant episodes, AND a curated reading list, go to:
March 23, 2021
How to Live Your Purpose - Combining Drive, Acceptance, and Compassion
Imagine you won the lottery - either literally, or by somehow managing to hit a grand slam in your professional life.  You bought the cars, the homes, took the vacations, paid off the debts of some people you love, lived the fantasies.  Where do you find real satisfaction and meaning?  Being too rich isn’t a problem most of us are likely to have, but it’s an important lesson to understand that money doesn’t solve the problem of being a human navigating Life.  Today’s guest has done quite well for himself, but his true legacy is not just helping people create successful careers, which he has certainly done, it's his work helping people create joyful lives at any level by getting clear on their purpose. Guest Bio: Our guest this episode, Rick Heyland, spent a career as a top executive with RLG, a global consulting & coaching organization. Now in his “retirement” he’s speaking, writing, podcasting, and still coaching through his business Continuous Improvement 4 Life. Rick works with small businesses and individuals to improve their skills around goal setting, accountability, engagement, and detailed planning so they can enhance their performance. Rick’s secret sauce, though, is his passionate focus on crafting a coherent and inspiring purpose and on following simple, continuous steps to live and work as close to that purpose as possible.  Stay tuned to learn what the power of purpose can do to help you live a more effective and fulfilling life, with our guest Rick Heyland! You’ll want to listen all the way until the end to learn about this week’s prize giveaway. For the show notes, including links to Rick's book, links to other relevant episodes, AND a curated reading list, go to:
March 15, 2021
How to Do the Right Thing, Part II - The Un-episode
Welcome to the Un-episode… the Un-podcast… the Un-interview… in which your dedicated hosts get the table flipped on them by their crafty guest, end up answering his (deeply personal) questions, and totally love it. It all started so innocently… we were just sharing our favorite podcasts during the break! Well… however it started… it went somewhere else…we thought about trying to regain control of the interview and to get back to asking our questions, but Jeff’s questions were much more interesting and inspiring than the ones we had mapped out on our whiteboard. And really, where Jeff was taking the conversation was straight to one of our favorite places; his questions are about the skills and attitudes that build healthy relationships. And we believe, you, our audience are here for exactly this kind of conversation… not just how entrepreneurs can be better at business and making money, but how we can all be better partners, parents… people. Guest Bio: A quick re-introduction to Jeff if you didn’t listen ( YET!) to episode 68. Jeff Morrill started Planet Subaru in Boston years ago and brought with him a culture of service, inclusion, mentorship, kindness, and sustainability that extends to employees and customers alike.  Jeff is now in a new season of life, out of the direct scrum of running the business. Now he seeks to mentor others in leadership and promote the ethical business practices that he says made his bottom line all the better. He wrote a book about his experience and recommendations called Profit Wise - How to Make More Money by Doing the Right Thing, which we highly recommend. Part of this new season for Jeff seems to include some deep self reflection and a powerful curiosity about what makes relationships work. Listen as we drop into a very candid conversation about the big questions in life… what are you doing? What brings you meaning? How do we relate to others? How can we uncover the flaws in our relationships and address them? We hope you enjoy this un-episode. For the show notes, including links to Jeff's book, links to other relevant episodes, AND a curated reading list, go to:
March 08, 2021
How to Do the Right Thing - Take the High Road to Raise the Bottom Line
How do you think of successful businessmen?  Selfish and greedy or generous and thoughtful?  I’m guessing there have always been both kinds, but overall, I’ve tended to think about people with a LOT of money in less than charitable terms. Pun intended.   What if I told you about someone who has generated $100Million in annual business revenues, and not only gives generously, but wants others to be able to do what he’s done?  We were privileged to talk with a man who made his fortune and realized that money and achievement alone didn’t bring him satisfaction.  Come with us to find out what does.  Guest Bio: Jeff Morrill started Planet Subaru in Boston years ago with his brother and brought with him into his business life, the ideas of win-win, superior service, and a culture of inclusion, mentorship, kindness, and sustainability that extends to employees and customers alike. At Planet Subaru, Jeff knows that those values must come with concrete steps… they must be implemented to be real and to mean anything. So Jeff’s team decided to power the whole facility with solar panels. They hired sales people from diverse backgrounds, who other dealerships wouldn’t hire. And they created an apprenticeship program to train women for higher-paying service jobs.  Now in a new season of life, Jeff seeks to mentor others in leadership and promote the ethical business practices that he says made his bottom line all the better.  Jeff wrote the book Profit Wise - How to Make More Money by Doing the Right Thing to share what he learned. The book teaches 10 principles for running a successful business that is also ethical and sustainable. See the list of principles in the Show Notes on the episode webpage. Instead of the shady, ruthless, or corrupt approaches to business that we’ve seen unfold all too often, stay tuned to hear how businesses… maybe even the one you run… really can, as Jeff says, “take the high road to raise your bottom line.” Explanation: Just so you know, this episode is actually part one of a two-episode arc with Jeff. This week we are releasing the parts of the conversation that focus on business, community, and how Jeff’s values of inclusion and abundance infuse his projects. Although this episode focuses on Jeff’s business, we believe that everyone will find inspiration in his life story, his powerful ethics, and his genuine human warmth.  Toward the end of the original recording, Jeff turned the tables and started asking US questions about interpersonal communication and about our relationship. It became an “un-podcast.” It’s such a special and unique conversation, that we’re releasing it as its own episode next week. For full show notes including more about Jeff's unique businesses, links to other relevant episode AND a curated reading list, go to:
March 01, 2021
How to Belong to the Whole World - with Deb Matlock, Wild Connection Guide
Have you ever felt out of place?  Have you been surrounded by people you don’t get and who don’t get you?  Do you like spending time in nature or with animals, more than with other humans?  Or, do you love humans and the natural world, but feel concerned about how that relationship is going? We understand and we are so pleased to bring you this conversation with a person who has dedicated her life to helping bridge the gaps between humans, animals, and the larger natural world.  She helps remind us that while sometimes we feel separate, we are always a meaningful part of this remarkable life on planet Earth. Our guest this episode is Deb Matlock. Deb is an environmental educator and naturalist, a shamanic practitioner, and an animal communicator.  She helps people and animals through spiritual coaching and shamanic-style journey work.  Deb is also dedicated to exploring her own spiritual connection to life and the more-than-human world. Deb’s has a Master’s degree in environmental education and is working on her Ph.D.  She is a certified Life Coach and a Wilderness First Responder. Deb’s personal mission is to help others explore the wildness within themselves as well as their love and connection to the amazing world around us.  She is dedicated to working in service to the wild spirit that lives within all. This is just the short version of Deb’s Bio.  Find the link to her website in the show notes for all the details on Deb’s varied and impressive career. Listen to the whole episode to find out how we can feel more at home in our own skins and in this more-than-human world. For full show notes including Deb's full bio, links to other relevant episode AND a curated reading list, go to:
February 22, 2021
How to Turn a Conversation into Community - Featuring Tara Jackson from Arizona Town Hall
In times of division and discord like we’ve been experiencing, how do we come back together?  How do we heal our communities and move forward into healthier ways of living together?  How do we do justice and grow the economy? Opposing viewpoints and civil strife have always been with us, even in times of relative calm.  Not all voices have been heard or represented and our communities reflect this.  It’s easy to despair.  But, working diligently, for over 50 years, Arizona Town Hall has sought to give all voices an equal chance to speak and contribute.  AzTH has facilitated 100s of conversations in communities across our state, and included all the voices, so that we can work toward the kind of solutions that make things better for everyone. Our guest this week is Tara Jackson. Tara has served as president of Arizona Town Hall since July of 2006. Az town Hall exists to bring diverse and often opposing parties together to solve the most complex and challenging issues facing the state. Tara works with Arizona’s public universities, the media, elected leaders and other stakeholders to determine the best approach for addressing tough conversations. For full show notes including Tara's full bio, links to Arizona Town Hall's reports AND access to free yoga videos, go to
February 15, 2021
How to Get a Heart in Business - Building a Brand with Passion and Commitment to Community
How long do you have to be in business before you start thinking about your legacy, before you start giving back and building a better future for others? How big is big enough to help the community? State Forty-Eight is an apparel company run by people who realized early on that they wanted more than just to get ahead in business.  Their vision of success included being an active part of solutions for people in the state they champion.  After only 7 Years in business, they started a foundation to support budding entrepreneurs and serve youth and activate the community in volunteerism and local pride.  State Forty-eight engaged in charitable partnerships nearly from the beginning, but saw that they could do even more with their own non-profit foundation.  Listen to this episode to learn how this group of creative entrepreneurs used their hearts and their smarts to create what will surely be a major force for good in Arizona. Although this is a story about a specific Arizona company and foundation, we hope listeners in other areas get some inspiration to look for - or create - similar businesses that count community and philanthropy as part of their bottom lines. For full show notes including links to Mike's entreprenuership recommendations,  go to
February 08, 2021
How To Be Purposeful and Fulfilled - Life by the Bucketful
Why should you make a bucket list?  Our guest, The Bucket List Guy, Travis Bell, would suggest that making and realizing your own true list of desires - no matter how small or how odd, will bring energy and purpose flooding into your life. Do we have to say what a bucket list is?  I assume most people know, but just in case you don’t, it’s a list of things you need to do before you die so you can kick the bucket without regret. Travis Bell had early success in business, growing his fitness coaching company into an enterprise with 10s of thousands of clients across Australia. Then his business and life hit some bumps, but Travis was determined to rise above the disappointment and depression. He “became his own experiment” and started signing up for workshops, retreats and empowering experiences. After a few years of this self-healing work, he realized he had discovered something he could offer others. Trav and his Bucket List team now work with thousands of people a year, using the Bucket List concept as a tool to get at the truth of what people really want and what we all can achieve when we get out of our own way. He just published a book called The Bucket List Blueprint that is a manifesto and instructional guide for living a more fulfilling life. If you need to get your groove back, come with us on this journey with Travis Bell to spark the connections of our own creativity and power using the Bucket List tool.  We get pretty excited to realize and remember some of the badass things we’ve already done and we feel the energy rise up to help fuel the ride to our next stop. For full show notes including Travis's TEDx talk and your hosts' bucket list examples go to
January 25, 2021
How to Step Aside - MLK Day Special Non-episode
Happy and consequential Martin Luther King/Civil Rights Day to you. After the 2020 we had, I can’t think of an MLK day more poised between worlds than this one. So much of the racism and white supremacy that had long been conveniently ignorable to us white folks finally became completely un-ignorable. Thank god! Today feels like a day to mourn all the losses and pain and separation that became inescapable to almost all of us. AND it feels like a day to hope for much, much better times ahead. For all Americans. In honor of the day we were going to re-release the HERE.together episode we recorded right after the murder of George Floyd. In that episode from May, Kelly and I struggled with coming to terms with our own ingrained racism, our new understanding of anti-racist thought and action, and called on our whole community to do the hard work of acknowledging, grieving and moving forward - individually and together. Seemed like an appropriate convo to re-visit. But our friend, pod guest and super H.ttie Laura Fitton reminded us this morning that today is a day for white folks to pass the mic and make way for the voices of people of color. Today cannot just be a day about white folks grappling with racism or anything that looks like virtue signaling. So, instead… we’re releasing this micro episode to help you find other listening, reading and viewing experiences... Awesome content that was not made by a couple of white folks. Enjoy our curated recommendations.  Check this link for show notes that include all our recommendations and more. 
January 18, 2021
How to Get Attention - Use the Media for Good, not Evil
If you think publicists are just for celebs and big business, you haven’t met today’s guest.  In the middle of a 20-year campaign to free an innocent man from death row, she woke up to the value of using media for causes like justice and civil rights.  She also realized she was really good at it, as you’ll hear, and went on to make a career of cultivating media exposure for her diverse client list. Tracy Lamourie is the Founder and Managing Director of Lamourie Media and the author of the upcoming book GET REPPED - Build Your Brand With Effective Public and Media Relations. In addition to helping her clients succeed in their chosen fields and endeavors, Tracy has used her considerable PR skills to advocate for human rights, anti racism, and criminal justice reform. Tracy has won all sorts of awards for her work and thought leadership and today she’s here to share some of what she’s learned. She’s also Canadian, so this marks our first international podcast. Follow this link to the full episode and complete shownotes.  
January 11, 2021
How to Cook a BIGGER Moose - the Full, Lightly Edited Episode
We can’t even imagine cooking a moose - why would we want to do that?  If that’s what you’re thinking, don’t worry, today’s episode is all about writing and being human and the ongoing struggle to live in community.  A moose does get cooked in our guest Kate Christensen’s second memoir of the same name, but we will save that for you to discover on your own.  ​Guest Bio: Kate Christensen is an award-winning author of 7 novels and 2 memoirs that have a lot to do with the glory of food, coping with being human, finding community, and the tenuous beauty of life.  Her characters, including the character of herself in the memoirs, are broken and beautiful, they are finding their way home to themselves and uncovering their places in this world.  They are messy and real and we love them.   We talk with Kate about the writer’s life, about growing up in our shared home town of Jerome, Arizona, about the difference between NYC and rural Maine/NH.   This conversation is full of laughter and discovery. It also contains references to the physical abuse Kate witnessed growing up and the ongoing sexual assault she suffered as a minor. We don’t go into the details but we wanted you to know in case it’s not healthy for you to hear those kinds of stories. We are grateful to Kate for her vulnerability and openness… we think these kinds of stories are a way forward and out of the dark for us all.  Before we go any further…  we want to let you know that you get to choose which version of this podcast to listen to. Our conversation with Kate lasted nearly 3 hours and every part of it was chock full of fascinating stories and important ideas. We couldn't leave much of that precious audio in the delete bin so we are releasing two versions. One version is the highly edited and leaves out 25 minutes of Kate’s recollections of her high school life, Charles’s very different version of Kate’s high school life, Kelly’s passionate thoughts about community and the story of Dingo the Dog. The other version (How to Eat a BIGGER Moose) is longer, fuller, more complete.  It's perfect for those who want to know more about the writing process, want to hear more about what happens "behind the scenes" and/or who want to remember what life was like in Jerome, AZ in the 80s.
January 05, 2021
How to Cook a Moose - Lessons in Place and Belonging
I can’t even imagine cooking a moose - why would I want to do that?  If that’s what you’re thinking, don’t worry, today’s episode is all about writing and being human and the ongoing struggle to live in community.  A moose does get cooked in our guest Kate Christensen’s second memoir of the same name, but we will save that for you to discover on your own. Guest Bio: Kate Christensen is an award-winning author of 7 novels and 2 memoirs that have a lot to do with the glory of food, coping with being human, finding community, and the tenuous beauty of life.  Her characters, including the character of herself in the memoirs, are broken and beautiful, they are finding their way home to themselves and uncovering their places in this world.  They are messy and real and we love them. We talk with Kate about the writer’s life, about growing up in our shared home town of Jerome, Arizona, about the difference between NYC and rural Maine/NH. This conversation is full of laughter and discovery. It also contains references to the physical abuse Kate witnessed growing up and the ongoing sexual assault she suffered as a minor. We don’t go into the details but we wanted you to know in case it’s not healthy for you to hear those kinds of stories. We are grateful to Kate for her vulnerability and openness… we think these kinds of stories are a way forward and out of the dark for us all. Before we go any further… We want to let you know that you get to choose which version of this podcast to listen to. This version is the highly edited version that leaves out 25 minutes of Kate’s recollections of her high school life and Charles’s very different version of Kate’s high school life. Also in the extended version are Kelly’s passionate thoughts about community and the story of Dingo the Dog. For those of you who want the longer, fuller, more complete version, you can find it right now as the episode How to Cook a BIG Moose. Link to full description and relevant Show Notes
January 05, 2021
How to Get Coached - Witness Change in Real Time!
What would you change if you had your very own coach?  Someone who would tell you honestly and clearly how to meet your goals? What would you work on?  Your business?  Your health?  Your relationship? Personal growth - along with healthy relationships and community engagement is part of the troika we promote here all.the.time! That’s what you get to hear Kelly and me work on together in real time pretty much every week on this podcast. If you’re listening to this, we’re pretty sure you’re interested in creating a fuller, more authentic life… or maybe you just like listening to us as we muddle around and through the process. The New Year is when most of us take some time to evaluate how we’re doing and resolve to do better.  If you’re like us, you’ve designed your own life-change program over and over again and tried to gut it out until at least mid-February before backsliding or giving up outright.  (and it’s so friggin painful and disheartening) Sometimes we beat the odds and make major changes.  But is there a key, a trick to making meaningful change? Maybe a coach can be part of the process? This week we not only talk with, but get counseled by two professional coaches.  Friend of the pod Tom Check is back with us and our new friend Ken Kilday joins us to help unpack what coaching is and isn’t, and we explore together the nature of change. Follow this link to full show notes with guest bios, helpful links, and online resources. 
December 28, 2020
How to Be Resilient - Building Community Sustainability
This week, we bring you Laird Christensen, someone who has thought deeply about how we can move ourselves and our communities forward through overlapping crises. This episode covers a LOT of ground: Anarchy, literature, activism, guitar playing, fatherhood, hope, despair, and potlucks as activism. Most importantly, Laird reminded us to ask “What if?” Laird Christensen, is the Director, MS in Resilient and Sustainable Communities at Prescott College. Laird grew up in timber country in Oregon, amidst the clear cuts and lumber mills and developed a deep-seated need to connect to wild spaces.  Part of Laird’s intriguing story, though, includes his conscious decision to separate himself from the wilderness and the forests - and to leave the protest lines - to work upstream. To go from protecting one forest to transforming the culture that endangers the forests in the first place. We talked about how our culture and economy is based on the idea of scarcity and how the opposite of scarcity is not abundance but sufficiency… can we take what we need and leave enough for others and future generations. We have such huge challenges in front of us. Getting through covid, repairing our economy, rebuilding our communities. Laird points out, though, that these kinds of crises are the new normal and that we have to work together to build in resilience. Fortunately, he and others have been thinking about how to do just that. Even better, building resilience is something we can do as individuals, neighborhoods, and towns. Listen to the whole episode and see if you don’t get some inspiration and ideas that will help keep you hopeful and engage. Click this link to see the full shownotes with reading recommendations, resources for taking action, and helpful references. 
December 14, 2020
How to Have Crazy Ideas (And Make Them Work)
What’s it like combating an entrenched problem like homelessness during a pandemic?  What skills and mindset make the difference in good times and bad? How does one get selected Prescott Woman of the Year? Find out from Coalition for Compassion and Justice Executive Director, Jessi Hans.  In 2018, Jessi and her team set the bold (Crazy?) intention to end homelessness in Prescott.  Since Covid, they have redoubled their efforts to house every member of the Prescott community and connect their clients to the services that will help get them back on their feet and back to their lives.  We talk with Jessi about the Housing First philosophy, leading her team with authenticity and transparency, the value of partnerships, and how to stay human when things get tough. This week we are sharing an episode from another podcast we produce - The Prescott Woman Podcast. In this interview, we talk to Jessi Hans, a nonprofit director who lives a bold and dedicated life. We talked with Jessi a few hundred years ago when we were just starting out and this interview is just as full of community, leadership, and her bold, crazy mission to end homelessness.  It was great catching up with Jessi and if you missed her the first time, go back and check out episode 8. Guest Bio: After 16 years in the human services field, Jessi Hans has an understanding of how addiction, trauma, mental illness, and systemic barriers can put people out on the street. Jessi takes a collaborative approach to problem-solving, bringing together people and organizations with the gifts and skillsets to make meaningful progress on difficult problems.  She also works consciously to shift the narrative around people experiencing homelessness to help everyone see what she sees: human beings, citizens, neighbors, members of the community. Born and raised in Iowa, Jessi earned her B.F.A. at Northwest Missouri State University and she’s lived in Arizona since 2005. She has a wife and three young children. Jessi enjoys quality time with her family, traveling, reading, creating art, and singing. Jessi was recently named Women of the Year by Prescott Area Leadership. When we asked her the uncomfortable question of why she was chosen for this honor, she told us she thought the award honored her role more than her actions. We think she might be being too humble, but we’ll let you decide why you think Jessi deserves the win. Stay tuned to find out what it’s like to have the audacity to take on the big problems with love, humor, and vulnerability as we talk with CCJ’s Jessi Hans. This is also a perfect episode for this difficult season. In it, we talk about what it means to serve those less fortunate, what it means to have a safe place to live, and how we can make a difference not just by writing checks, but by extending compassion. Anyone else feeling more of the holiday spirit, just hearing those words? Not yet? Keep listening.  To access full show notes, go to:
December 07, 2020
How to Pandemic - Advice from Two Community Health Professionals
Whether you are an obsessed Pandemic Watcher like Charles or just want to know how to stay un-infected until the vaccines arrive, this episode is for you.  We bring you interviews with two people who have unique knowledge about the Covid pandemic. Find out what’s going on with vaccine trials, what numbers to look for, and how to make your plan to stay safe through what will undoubtedly be a long, tough winter.  Despite the grim statistics and stories of anti-mask pushback, our conversations this week left us feeling hopeful knowing science is on the case and that human creativity, resilience, and love will, indeed, triumph. This week we talk with our favorite epidemiologist Christine Stewart, a professor at UC Davis, who helps us make sense of the vaccine trials & rollout. She also explains how her family gets its social and emotional needs met while staying safe and virus-free. It turns out that Christine is not only a distinguished scientist, she’s a brave research subject. Christine was one of thousands of volunteers in the Stage 3 vaccine trials. You’ll get to hear about her experience with the Moderna vaccine and why I’m really excited to get a sore arm and a fever. We also talk with our local Health Department’s Information Officer, Terri Farneti, who makes us appreciate the courage and commitment all the hard-working people in our health infrastructures have demonstrated in the face of a massive health crisis combined with incontheivable blowback. Link to the full show notes.
November 30, 2020
How to Feed a Wolf - Two Stories and Four Tips for Better Leadership
So We’ve been thinking about the parable of The Two Wolves in the aftermath of the national election. Given how much anger, xenophobia and racism has risen, will a new president make a difference? Were we always this awful and now it’s just visible? Or have we become more awful under the influence of a, well, craven and selfish leader? Listeners know we’re big believers in the “both/and theory” of everything. So we're going big and ambitious today and working to tackle both the implications of leadership and responsibility of individuals in the battle of wolves. Hang out with us today as Charles tells a true story of how green wolf leadership created opportunities for excellence and unity in the midst of a crisis. AND we’ll explore how everyday people (That’s us) can feed the right wolf the right diet and become the kind of leaders in their own lives that, together, transform our culture into one of compassion, responsibility, and inclusion. We wrestle this set of weighty subjects with our usual mix of humor and empathy. Stay sharp for 3-4 pop culture easter eggs and a chance to win a HERE.together T-shirt. Follow this link to see full show notes and a picture of a Tyrolean Traverse. 
November 23, 2020
How to Not Know - Balancing Contemplation and Action
If you think of Buddhists as quiet, gentle people who meditate all the time, think again.  Our guest this week is a proponent of engaged Buddhism, a movement within the philosophy that turns contemplation into action, practice into purpose.  We learn from Pete that it’s not enough to acknowledge the suffering in the world, engaged Buddhists strive to do something to relieve suffering where they find it. If your efforts to help others - friends and family OR out in the world - fall short of your expectations, or if you are confused about how to start making a difference, this episode might be for you. Welcome to the weekly podcast for people craving A sense of connectedness A dose of empathy A glimpse of the way forward An opportunity to engage Pete Pierson has been a man of action his whole life, so it makes sense that he would be attracted to a practice and community that embraces action.  Once an Outward Bound instructor, as well as a firefighter and Mobile Intensive Care Paramedic in remote and extreme areas of Minnesota and Alaska, Pete knows how to help.  He’s seen death up close, and as a UU lay minister, he was asked the big questions – Why?  Not finding a good answer to that question eventually led him to Zen and engaged Buddhism, which, as you will hear, taught Pete to make peace with not knowing. He also knows the value of community and has been active in the many communities he’s called home.  While living here in Prescott long enough to go to grad school, he allowed himself to be recruited to run for the state house of representatives against an incumbent republican with dubious personal history.  He agreed to run, not because he thought he could win, which he didn’t, but in order to force the public conversation on vital issues. Now working as a farm laborer in Kansas, Pete is finding solace in physical work and taking care of family through the pandemic.  He is serving on the township board, doing freelance writing and non-profit consulting, and he doesn’t know what’s next.  But he’s ok with that. In this episode, Pete reads from the essay “A Gift of Not Knowing”. His story takes us to a hot, windy day at the Wounded Knee Memorial in SD and a concrete example of how to engage with history, suffering, and cultural divides. As he explains, Not knowing is a good place to start. Link to full show notes with references and RECIPES!
November 16, 2020
How to Live Through an Election
How are you, dear listeners?  We are recording this on Sunday, November 8th.  This has been a week full of all the feels... the stress and joy and fear and sorrow and hope.  We hope you are coping and coming through it ok.  We checked in with a couple of our besties yesterday to process all these feelings and find out what comes next.   We know that not all of you are political junkies like Charles has become. And many of you are likely ready to move on, with fewer phone calls, fewer flyers in your mailbox. But more people followed this election closely than ever before. More people voted than ever before. By all accounts, it was the most important, most consequential election in a generation. Our generation. All that said, we want to check in with you AND share with you a couple of stories from some dedicated women who were engaged in the election. Their stories are personal and emotional. We think they will touch you.  Joining us this week, we have pod fave Laura Fitton back to talk about what makes this election different and why her belief in our new Vice President Elect is so deeply, deeply personal.   For those of you who don’t remember, Laura is a serial entrepreneur and problem-solver. A college chum from Charles's Cornell days, Laura took her smarts and passion and created her own internet start up about monetizing and promoting brands on Twitter. She sold her company to a large inbound marketing company, freeing her up to address climate change through the Enough Company and then the pandemic with the The PPE Index. The throughline in all her ventures was seeing a need and deciding to do something to meet it. (If you see something, do something!) In this episode Laura talks about her realization that black women are the backbone of our democracy and what she did to help amplify their voices and work. And, because we’re not done protecting the vote and protecting democracy... We also have - we are beyond thrilled to say - Kelly's BFF from high school, Elise Durham.  We’ve been promising that you’d get to meet her and we finally get to deliver on that.  She lays it down on the Founding Fathers, voting in Georgia, and moving forward together.  Elise works for Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms as the Director of Communications at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport - the world’s busiest airport.  Before that, she was a TV news producer, as well as running communications for Morehouse College and Florida A&M University.  She was also Kelly's high school’s mascot Leo the Lion in their senior year.  We are so happy and excited to talk with her, and you’ll hear why.  She’s a smart, savvy badass we know you’ll enjoy. Use this link to see full show notes and photos of the guests.
November 09, 2020
How to Take a Compliment: A Live Stream Party Remix
In case you missed the big news (yes election, yes covid numbers, but the other big news) - this podcast just had its 1st anniversary. To celebrate, we released a Greatest Hits episode, threw a party, AND renamed/rebranded the dang thing. If you missed the party, fear not!  We harvested some of the best moments and arranged them in this thoughtful audio wreath for you to enjoy. We were so happy and grateful to have some of our favorite humans join us as guests and as audience members on Friday to celebrate, as we said, our one-year anniversary as a podcast.  Drew and Candace sang us a couple of awesome songs.  Bill Konigsberg, Jim Natal, and Matt Ruff read the perfect passages, and some of our smartest pals talked over how to save the world. We also made the big announcement that we are re-branding this very podcast.  After much consideration, we felt that a new name would serve our audience and get our message out into the world a bit better.  Welcome to the HERE.together Podcast.  Click HERE for full show notes, full guest list, and links to resources and references. 
November 02, 2020
How to Look Back and Learn: One Full Year of Rocket Feather
How many 1-year-olds can say they conversed with 47 notable geniuses, fomented community, provided solace to at least dozens of friends and strangers, and emboldened others to take a creative plunge into unknown waters? You know a toddler like that??  Cool.  We need to interview that kid.  But seriously.  The one-year-old I’m talking about is, of course, the RocketFeather podcast.  And while we have had a blast building this first year, and only a few arguments, we could not have done it without you - the intrepid Rocketeers. You have been willing to go with us to the difficult places, the challenging places, the confusing, painful, weirdly joyful places.  And it’s made all the difference, especially in the year of covid, for us not to have to make this journey alone.  Sharing our fears and questions and solutions with our 47 amazing guests and with our brilliant and beautiful listeners has made the most challenging year - debatably - of our lives, not only tolerable, but full of meaning and real joy.  So come with us on a walk through some of our favorite moments over the last year as we remember, make meaning, and plan for what’s next. One of the big themes of this podcast - the Rocketfeather podcast - is that we do the personal work in order to be in relationship, so we can be of service.  This is how we have designed this walk down memory lane today.  While most of our interviews touched on all three of these phases, we have grouped them according to where we remember having our minds blown and our hearts opened. This episode would be 14 hours long if we included every bit of goodness, so by necessity, we pared it down to the high points that struck us this week as we were assembling it, which was a delicious torture. It was like cutting up a gorgeous piece of velvet yardage - so hard to cut into when the whole thing is so stunning, but necessary to make the garment we wanted to make.  So we hope you like what we made. Nobody ever promised that creativity was devoid of tough choices. See the Show Notes for this Episode at
October 26, 2020
How to Raise the Bar
What’s it like to take an unpopular stand for something you know is important?  What’s it like to make public service a pillar of your life?  What’s important in making a good life for your family? Join us for a chat with the First Family...of Cottonwood, AZ as we learn about leadership, service, entrepreneurship, adventure, and more. Tim and Ruth Ellen Elinski are right in the thick of it. Tim is the current and recently re-elected mayor of cottonwood, and his wife, Ruth Ellen, a long-time non-profit leader and entrepreneur, is a Business Analyst for the Small Business Development Center at Yavapai College. Together they are working to build the economic and community strength of Cottonwood and the Verde Valley, while raising two daughters and launching their own small business. We get into what it was like for Tim, as mayor, and for the Elinskis as a family, to face protesters in front of their house after Tim’s controversial mayoral proclamation.  We go exploring with them to the wilds of Miami, Arizona and the birth of their most recent business venture.  And we find out what it means to them to serve and support their community - the whole community, even the people who boldly disagree. Link to more information in the show notes:
October 19, 2020
How to Be a Local Hero
What would it be like for the businesses near us to be owned by our friends and neighbors?  What would it be like if the money we spent in those businesses stayed in town and enriched our whole community? What if we all felt like partners in our economy instead of just customers? Today’s guest, Thomas Barr, is the Executive Director of Local First Arizona, the largest coalition of local businesses in North America. A proud Arizona native and graduate of Arizona State University, Thomas leads the business coalition of Local First Arizona by advocating for the economic and cultural benefits provided by building strong local economies. Thomas’s work is fueled by his values. In this episode, he reveals some of the personal and family stories that forged his values around justice and inclusion. He also explains how his  advocacy for a strong local business community contributes to building vibrant, equitable prosperity across the state. In his free time, Thomas volunteers with many causes and organizations throughout the Valley including Young Nonprofit Professionals, Equality Arizona, Arizona Commission on the Arts, Heritage Square Foundation and Phoenix Legal Action Network. Thomas was honored in 2018 as one of Phoenix Magazine’s 40 Under 40, he’s an alumnus of Arizona Leading for Change, and the Valley Leadership Institute's 40th cohort. We were so happy that Thomas Barr was able to join us this week to share his passion and plans for a thriving economy. He also shared the sometimes wrenching stories of businesses and business owners that Local First Arizona is working to keep afloat during Covid, the biggest challenge to small business in a century. Keep listening to the end when Thomas reveals his secret “smell test” to find out instantly whether a business is locally owned or not, and for his powerful vision for the next 20 years. For comprehensive show notes with links to Local First AZ programs, tips for shopping local, and resources for local business, go to
October 12, 2020
How to Get off the Couch
What would make you get off the couch and take to the streets in the name of justice?  Justice for people like you?  Justice for people who are “different”?  We continue to struggle with these questions, but our guests today got off their respective couches long ago.  Find out what activism is like here in the Prescott area for Ren Manning and Rosemary Dixon, as they fight for healthcare, freedom, and basic respect for all of our neighbors. Rosemary Dixon lived all over the world before settling in Prescott 9 years ago. She earned her graduate degree at the University of the Western Cape, in South Africa, and lectured in gender, race, racism and whiteness at the University of Nevada, Reno for eleven years. She is a steering committee member of Prescott Indivisible and the of chair of the recently formed AREA-P (Anti-Racist Education and Action-Prescott). This group operates to educate primarily white people on the hierarchical system we have created, but also acts to spotlight racial injustice and white supremacy in all its forms. Ren Manning, is a community organizer, educator, and artist who has lived and organized all over the world.  Ren has taught courses on US/Mexico border studies, anti-racist organizing, landscapes of neoliberalism, art & agency, and community outreach. Ren works on immigration reform, and is currently helping Judy Stahl get elected to the AZ State House. See the show notes for the full scoop on our accomplished guests. I’m amazed that we could even get time with them to record this podcast, they are so busy, but I’m thrilled that we did. This is an intense conversation, but we left it feeling inspired, hopeful, and most important, ready to take action to make things better for ALL of our neighbors.  We hope you’ll come along with us for this talk and then we’ll see you at the meeting after. I’ll bring the cookies.
October 05, 2020
How to Question Everything
What story are you living and who wrote it?  You?  Or did your family or society or the advertisers of America write the script for the life you’re currently living?  Are you an entrepreneur struggling to live a healthy life while making your business successful?  What does success even look like? What would it be like to be able to answer those questions?  More importantly, what would it be like to intentionally set your own direction and meet your own authentic expectations, free from old stories and self-imposed obstacles? Our guest this week is Mary Hodges.  Mary is the host of the Abundantly Being Podcast where she and her guests share tips for creating fulfillment from within and taking ownership of your life and business. Mary's mission is to help entrepreneurs create a thriving life and business from the inside out so they can experience more flow, more fun, and more freedom while they share their gifts with the world. She’s also owner of STL Startup Lawyer where she provides advice and peace of mind to small businesses and startups.
September 28, 2020
How to Love Poetry in an Apocalypse
Do you like poetry? Do you care about art? Do you wonder, sometimes, how art fits into society? How creativity fits into your life? This week’s guest is Jim Natal. Jim wrote his first poem when he was in high school but let poetry go when adult demands got in the way. Jim had a successful but ultimately unsatisfying career working for the National Football League, shepherding big corporate deals, and polishing the brand. After 25 years, and in spite of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s assertion, Jim managed to create a second act for himself. Six books later, Jim is an award winning poet, teacher, and event promoter. For the last 12 years, Jim has worked to draw renowned authors for readings and interviews to the little city of Prescott, Arizona. His efforts have built a literary culture where Jim had originally found none.  This week on September 25th, we’ll be watching online as Jim welcomes Lisa Ko to the Literary Southwest Virtual stage. Lisa Ko’s novel The Leavers is a 2017 National Book Award Finalist and was on Best of lists at NPR, LA Times, Buzz Feed and, yes, Oprah Magazine. The link for the event.  Although Jim joined us ostensibly to talk about Literary Southwest, we wrung him dry for his insight into the purpose of poetry, that nature of creativity, and whether there is a place for art in the apocalypse. Jim also reads two of his poems, both of which are incredibly relevant to the moment. Our original interview with Jim lasted two and a half hours and was full of fascinating anecdotes, inside stories, and generous ruminations. We whittled the audio down to something a little more digestible for the average listener, but if you would like to hear the whole conversation, email us at and we’ll send you a Dropbox link to the unedited version. In the meantime, stay tuned as we talk writing, connection, and self-discovery with Jim Natal. We think you’ll finish uplifted, more hopeful, and see a pinch more beauty in your world.
September 21, 2020
How to Be Emotional
How are you?  Are you doing ok?  If the reality is that you’re not doing awesome right now, we’re here to say that’s ok.  You’re not doing it wrong. If you’re feeling great, that’s ok, too.  Hang out with this conversation anyway, because if you can show up for your loved ones who are struggling, that’s a good thing. #alwaysbebuildingempathy. We just wanted to check in with you and spend some time today talking about anxiety and depression and the complex emotional landscape that we are all walking through right now.  It’s a big challenge, but we can help each other and maybe even wind up stronger on the other side. We know a lot of podcast episodes (ours included) follow a certain format…. Here’s the problem… Here’s our expertise with this problem…. Here’s three simple steps you can take to solving that problem. Now a word from our sponsors. But we’re choosing not to follow that formula and instead just have a rich, rambling, revealing conversation. Because that’s what life is. Because there IS no three step solution. Because healing and growth take place in the presence of a witness, not necessarily an expert or guru. Because we believe we, as pod hosts are part of a community. Because we believe that you are part of this community. So… yeah… I have to say that some days I’m not OK. And that those days are more frequent these days. And that’s one of the reasons we’re recording and sharing this podcast. I’m not OK, Kelly’s not OK, maybe you’re not ok ... and that’s OK.
September 14, 2020
NACOG Revealed: The Team That Keeps Northern Arizona Working
We are sharing an episode from another podcast we produce - The Prescott Woman Podcast. We think the themes in this interview: community, collaboration, and shared mission are a perfect fit for this channel.  ---- What is NACOG?  We’ve all heard of it.  Most of us can’t seem to remember what it stands for.  But after this episode of the Prescott Woman Podcast, you will know and remember, thanks to Teri Drew, the smart and savvy director of the Economic/WorkForce wing of NACOG, the Northern Arizona Council of Governments.  They are doing the hard and important work of economic development, community support, early childhood education, and so much more.  They coordinate with local and county governments across Apache, Coconino, Navajo, and Yavapai counties here in Northern Arizona to make life better for all of us. Teri is with us today to talk about the work she has done for over 40 years to lift individuals out of poverty via career development and at the same time, support local businesses in building effective, sustainable workforces. Guest Bio: Teri Drew works with 24 communities across Northern Arizona to help both workers and businesses build success. She currently serves as Chair of the Arizona Workforce Association (AWA) and was recently appointed to the United States Workforce Association (USWA). She has served on just about every workforce-related board and committee at local, state, and national levels during her long career [see the show notes for the details]. Teri is a Promise Maker sponsor of Yavapai County Big Brothers Big Sisters. She was named Prescott Area Leadership’s Woman of the Year in 2012 and has been the recipient of numerous regional, state and federal innovation awards. For full Show Notes go to:
September 07, 2020
How to Be Authentic and Whole
Come on a journey with us, in which our heroes grow up together in a safe but restrictive community, begin to question that community, fall down a slippery slope, crash their Jenga tower, lose everything, find their authentic selves - including their anger, gain everything, discover a new kind of joy, and then create a sanctuary where all are truly, deeply welcome. Turns out it was the sanctuary that they needed all along. This successful heroes’ journey is a story that we hope will give you joy and hope for your own complicated journey.  We all fall down (or get kicked out), but our guests this week are here to remind us what’s on the other side.  This is the third episode in our bounce-back series and we hope you’ll get a lot of value from it. Our guests this week are Kate and Colby Martin, co pastors of Sojourn Grace Collective, a progressive Christian church in San Diego, California.  Their church is a fully inclusive, open and affirming community that welcomes all and works for justice. How they got there is not easy.
August 31, 2020
How to Be Useful: There is Always Something
Our guest this week is serial entrepreneur and problem-solver Laura Fitton.  A college chum from my Cornell days, Laura and I spent a lot of time together at Cornell Outdoor Education leading backpacking trips, teaching rock climbing and developing our communication and leadership skills.  Even back then, Laura stood out with her intelligence, drive and courage. Those characteristics showed up in the first thing she chose to do after college. She got a job cooking for an educational program on a tall ship sailing back and forth across the Atlantic. She took that job despite being prone to sea-sickness because she believed in the Sea Education Association and its mission. Laura eventually took her smarts and passion and started her own internet start up called after the original character limit on then-nascent Twitter. She sold her company to a large inbound marketing company and got to host a major annual conference featuring some pretty amazing speakers. I’m not sure, but I think she was the one who booked Michele Obama. Laura went on to start a company to address climate change (the Enough Company) and the pandemic (The PPE Index). The throughline in all her ventures was seeing a need and deciding to do something to meet it, with her trademark intelligence and empathy. This episode started off talking about the nature of entrepreneurship but ended up diving into the nature of evil and how to avoid it. No, seriously… the nature of evil. So be prepared to get inspired, enlightened, and frankly, a little challenged. There are some very clear calls to action in this episode.
August 24, 2020
How to Turn Setback into Success - Part 1
What if you could reinvent yourself?  What if you did it again and again?  If you haven’t already done it yourself, can you even imagine where such a journey would take you and who you would become? Our guest this week is Melanie Banayat, owner of Wing Space Co-working here in Prescott.  Her career has included graphic design, resort management, holistic health coaching, and fine art. Through each career, Melanie has been a typical entrepreneur, grabbing opportunities, working hard, and creating success so she has a ton of experience to share. After having to reinvent herself a number of times, Melanie now helps others do the same.  Not just a place to rent a desk and make copies, Wing Space fosters budding entrepreneurs in all the areas they need to succeed.  In response to the Covid Crisis that is forcing so many of us to retool our business or turn our side-gig into an enterprise, Melanie and the folks at Wingspace have created Launch, an incredibly valuable class for folks going through the business start up process. It is a six-week, self-paced virtual class with dozens of video tutorials PLUS peer-to-peer coaching in an accountability group (Called a Mastermind group.) A class like this would normally cost thousands of dollars. Your jaw will drop when you hear how inexpensive Melanie had made it. We recorded 3 episodes this week and the thread that ran through all of them was what happens when your life burns down.  All of our guests found the grit and tenacity to keep going when it looked like all was lost, and in that darkness, found gifts that helped them build new lives that turned out to be more authentic, more meaningful, and more powerful than those they left in the ashes.
August 16, 2020
How to Win at Love: Three Steps Toward More Equity, Intimacy, and Capacity
If your relationship isn’t all bliss all the time, you’re doing it wrong.  Right?  That, of course, is nonsense. We get taught a whole slew of behaviors and attitudes (packaged as strength or righteousness) that actually inhibit joyful, lasting relationships. It’s hard to unlearn those lies, but we here at Rocket Feather are working hard to help you have easier, more successful partnerships with the people who matter to you.  Listen to this episode as we lay out the three components of win/win relationship culture and how going for the win-win will revolutionize your experience of being in relationship. jpGXS89N8gfdLW1dCRKI
August 09, 2020
How to Be Powerful: OR a Priestess and a Warrior Walk Into a Podcast
What if we decided to honor all the parts of ourselves and each other….the masculine, the feminine, the earthy and the gold? What would it look like if you could express the full spectrum of yourself?  What would the world look like if we all decided to break down and recycle the boxes we’ve been expected to live in? Come with us as we explore not only the mundane but the sacred feminine and masculine and find out how diving into them can change the world for the better. We had an enriching double date this week with our friends Doug Eagan and Dawn Delvecchio. Dawn is a scholar, entrepreneur, martial artist, and priestess who is encouraging women to reclaim their feminine power  Just this year she interviewed 39 priestesses from around the world and multiple spiritual traditions. In this interview, she shares some of what she learned in that process. Dawn is offering a reduced-cost intensive online coaching program to help women cultivate inner strength and engage the mission of their souls.  Doug Eagen is a mens work leader, and mentor for boys who has been active in Boys to Men and the Mankind Project helping to craft a healthy masculinity. References: Return of the Priestess Dawn’s Priestess Alchemy Course Resources: Dawn Delvecchio’s website ManKind Project  Boys to Men Mentoring Zokni of the Week Music Credits: Alejandro Magaña at
August 03, 2020
How to Add to Your Life
How can we develop more ease and authenticity inside ourselves? How can we build more capacity and resilience to face current and future difficulties? And what if, the same methods for adding to our lives created better relationships and more effective leadership? How much would you pay for this? But wait, don’t answer… This episode is full of just the sort of conversation and questions you’d hear if you were hanging out with us in the kitchen. Kelly and I regularly rassle with these ideas around healthy personal growth, uplifting relationships and inclusive, sustainable community. We get pretty agitated about the topic and the possibilities and sometimes Bill the Cat has to come in from the living room to yell at us to quiet down. Or maybe he’s just agreeing loudly. It’s hard to tell We offer up this conversation with both great passion and great humility. Our passion comes from all the years we’ve been working through these ideas personally and professionally. Our humility comes from the fact that we are very human and are working through all of this ourselves. We are doing our best not to preach or lecture [though it might sound like it sometimes - we do get excited], but we think there’s something good and powerful in facing these uncomfortable truths and we want to talk it through with you, together. References: Carl Jung Anima/Animus The Shadow Nonviolent Communication Book Set This House in Order Nominate Satchel at The Rocket Feather Podcast Page Resources: Episode 34 with Matt Ruff Episode 19 with Rowdy Duncan Art Therapy Resources Music Credits:
July 27, 2020
How to Talk to Teens: Relationship Technology from Adam Young
What if parenting, teaching, or just hanging out with teens could be easier and less stressful. What if we adults could adopt a few simple techniques to help kids make good decisions, free up their own authentic wisdom, AND build closer relationships.  This week, we’re talking with Adam Young. Adam spent 10 years as a classroom teacher and nearly as long as a mentor and program director for Boys to Men Mentoring. (The nonprofit org I used to head) At Boys to Men, Adam was key to the expansion of our school circles - we talk about “circles” a lot in this episode. They are simply hour-long support groups consisting of 8-10 boys and 3-4 adults. At our peak, BTM was conducting 16 weekly circles in half a dozen schools. This model is in use in schools all around the country and the world. These days, Adam is one of the principals of a new consulting and training program called Circle Dynamics Group. The Circle Dynamics Group works with schools to train teachers and education leaders to quickly build interpersonal connections that encourage trust and deeper conversation with students. They have an open set of workshops coming up July 21st - 30th. You might want to strap in a little more tightly than normal this week. Some of the ways that Adam works with teens - the radical trust, the abandonment of adult privilege and power - might rock your world and your assumptions. SHOW NOTES References: Circle Dynamics Group Boys to Men Mentoring Niobe Way - Deep Secrets: Boys' Friendships and the Crisis of Connection 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Resources: Validate in Place TEDx TalkEpisode 28,  How to Vote for Your Best Self with Stasia Rivera Episode 15 Better Together: Teens, Community, and Activism Redefining Strength Facebook Group RocketFeather Community Lab Facebook Group Music Credits: Music provided by Audio Library Plus
July 13, 2020
How to Stay on the Same Page with Your Beloved
What’s it like for you when your beloved gets angry?  What about when it’s over something you did?  Do you panic?  Get defensive?  Throw blame?  Crumble?  Flee? How can we handle these inevitable moments in our close relationships in a way that actually deepens our connection and reduces the stress and trauma of a fight? Kelly and Charles have been working in and on their marriage together for nearly six years. Before earning that street cred, Kelly earned a Masters in Art Therapy, and grabbed all the wisdom available from Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, etc. Charles studied nonviolent relationships and teaching and has mentored over 1000 youth and adults in communication, self-awareness, and accountability skills. On this week’s podcast, we share results from the lab that is our marriage, in hopes that you will find it useful in your own relationships. SHOW NOTES: References: RocketFeather Blog Brene Brown Podcast Blushing Cactus Photography Prescott Woman Podcast RocketFeather Community Lab Music Credits: Chill Out Records - No Copyright Music
July 06, 2020
How to Write a New Story with Rowdy Duncan
What would it be like if we thought about the current situation as if it were a fable, told to us by an elder?  What would we learn?  How would it end? What if we could tell a story that could help us create the safe, sustainable, equitable future that we want for ourselves and our children? Our friend and fellow traveler on the path, Rowdy Duncan returns to help us unpack the pandemic, the protests, and the times we’re currently navigating.  He shares an indigenous and earth-based perspective he’s been exploring to make sense of what he’s witnessing and experiencing, and that he’s using as a tool to blaze his trail through this complex environment. Rowdy is on the communications faculty at Phoenix College.  He teaches Intercultural Communication, Diversity & Inclusion studies, he’s active in youth leadership development, AND he’s a huge advocate for community and restorative modes of justice. Rowdy is also the Writer, Producer, and Host of The Inclusive Activism Podcast, which you will definitely want to check out. All this makes Rowdy the perfect person for us to have on the show to dive into the deep end with us and see what we find there. SHOW NOTES:  References -  Colby Martin TEDx Talk Katie Hess Website Inclusive Activism Podcast Resources -  Rowdy Duncan Consulting Harvard Implicit Bias Tests
June 28, 2020
How to do a 180: From Racist Skinhead to Anti-Racism Advocate
How does a kind young man get involved with a hate group and how does he get out and build a life of compassion and empathy? Our guest this week is Hayden Gebler.  A “normal kid” growing up in Northern AZ, Hayden had a huge need for connection and belonging. His journey toward that belonging took a dark turn that resulted in Hayden spending several years in a white supremicist gang.  Now at 26, his life is radically different and his heart is filled with love and understanding instead of hate and bigotry. In this episode, Hayden talks very frankly and openly about what caused him to veer off and what brought him back. Trigger warning: In this episode we talk about drug use, self-harm, suicide attempts, and violence. We don’t dwell on any of it, nor glorify it, but you might want to choose the right time to listen to this podcast. References: The Harvard Implicit Bias Study White Supremacist Prison Gangs in the United States Resources: Suicide Prevention Resources Find a local AA Meeting Music Credits:  Royalty Free Music and Creative Commons Music from Kevin MacLeod.
June 21, 2020
How to Empathize for a Living - A "Choose Your Own Adventure" Episode w/Novelist Matt Ruff
What happens when an old college friend has his novel adapted by Jordan Peele and JJ Abrams for an HBO series?  You invite him on your podcast, that’s what. Our guest this week is the writer Matt Ruff, author of seven, very different books. We talk about the craft of writing great characters, the luck involved in getting published, and how to become an overnight success in only 35 years. We dive deep into the creation of characters who are experiencing very different lives and challenges than we are. And we talk about how critical it is now to live with those kinds of characters and learn from them.  Matt's books span the gamut, from speculative fiction, literary fantasy, alternative history and gothic horror. His third book, Set this House in Order, won the James Tiptree, Jr. Award for it's incredibly unique exploration of gender. Matt's sixth book, Lovecraft Country, raises the pitch of the horror of racism with a nasty dose of Lovecraftian supernatural horror. That's the book that caught the eye of Jordan Peele.  Set This House in Order changed Charles's notion of the self and, not to put to fine a point on it, this episode completely changed our understanding of racism. We're really curious what you think about it.  SHOW NOTES:  References: Matt’s Ruff’s Website Risley Hall at Cornell Matt’s Ruff’s Books @ IndieBound Matt Ruff’s Books @Amazon Lovecraft Country Trailer Resources: 8cantwait - a campaign to bring immediate change to police departments Anti-racism resources for white people
June 14, 2020
Prescott Strong
What makes Prescott (and the rest of the Quad Cities) strong? What makes us unique and successful when things get tough? Our first collaborative episode attempts to answer those questions. This week we are really, stupendously pleased to share with you the first episode of a whole new podcast series. A couple months ago, after interviewing Breeanya Hinkel on this podcast and then partnering with her and her posse of engaged business leaders on the Women in Science episode, we hatched this new project, a new, separate podcast that will feature some of the same stories and interviews from the Prescott Woman print magazine. For the June/July issue, the writers and staff at Prescott Woman Magazine started collecting stories of resilience and creativity in the face of Covid 19. They called the resulting cover story “Prescott Strong.” This first episode of the Prescott Woman Podcast is an expanded audio version of that story. We trust that you will find it inspiring and meaningful because the voices are those of your neighbors and friends. Show Notes: The following women and men contributed quotes: Deputy Police Chief Amy Bonney Claire Louge - executive Director of Prevent Child Abuse Arizona Deputy Fire Chief Cory Moser Kerry Johnson - Special Education Teacher Tina Rose - Parent Jim Cabral - Owner of Gabby’s Grill Rachel Whisenand, Emergency Department Nurse, Yavapai Regional Medical Center Ariana Bennett - Parent The following people shared their trials and triumphs with us in extended interviews. Kaia Kordossky-Herrera, Physicians Assistant and owner of Prescott Complete Care Sasha Naasz, owner of The Movement Studio Carissa Johnson - English and Language Arts Teacher at Bradshaw Mountain Middle School The following local musicians provided the music you heard throughout the episode. Follow these links to more of their music: Drew Hall & Anton Teschner on Facebook Candace Devine on Spotify Rachel Plays Guitar on Spotify Sugar and the Mint on the web. Kaileena Martin on Spotify Subscribe to the monthly Prescott Women Podcast. Get ready for next week’s episode: Check out Matt Ruff here. Watch the trailer for the HBO Series.
June 08, 2020
The Only Goal that Matters - In Memory of George Floyd.
We’re both struggling with grief, anger, and shame this week. Are you? Our country is showing it's deep fracture lines and the pain is real. Creating justice through thoughtful, individual, and collective action is only goal that matters  We know it’s not easy, but let’s spend some time together getting to the bottom of our feelings and beliefs and then moving toward some useful action. We had planned this week to talk about creativity, but the police killings (George Floyd, Tony McDade, Sean Reed and Breonna Taylor), the unequal way COVID 19 is infecting and killing black and brown people, and the long-term affect the economic crisis is going to have on already marginalized people won’t let us talk about anything other than race today. And really, these issues directly relate to the pillars of this podcast, particularly community and masculinity. We’ll be talking about our own personal experiences, knowing that white experience so often drowns out the experiences of others. But it’s what we have to work with and from.  We live in a VERY white area, but we feel strongly that we are also part of national and global communities, and we’ll do what we can to facilitate conversations that serve all. We’re going to do our best to create an open space for one another and you, our beloved audience. We’re going to bring our usual blend of curiosity, warmth, and empathy to this episode. But, you all should know, there is pain and anger here… Please, if it shows up in my voice or if it shows up in your head, please breath and lean in. If we pull back, we’re done for. We need you. Anti-racist activists are making it very clear. We live in an unjust and violent system and it is up to us - middling white folks - to get off the fence and off the couch and fix it. We hope this exploration will take us in the right direction. SHOW NOTES:  References: Jane Elliot -  former third-grade school teacher, anti-racism activist, and educator Genesee County Sheriff Chris Swanson joins protesters as they walk for George Floyd Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields talking and listening to protesters Washington Post Reports - Audio Story about Christian Cooper, the African American Birder Teri Kanefield Blog Teatime for the Firefly - Shona Patel - A novel about a young girl growing up in India. Resources: Anti-racism resources for white people Check out Charles’ Blog Zokni nomination A guide to how you can support marginalized communities - CNN Music Credits: Metamorphosis - Phillip Glass jpGXS89N8gfdLW1dCRKI
May 31, 2020
Why You're Never Too Old for a Coming of Age Story - An Adult Conversation with YA Author Bill Konigsberg
When Bill Konigsberg was a teen, there were no novels featuring young gay men.  Thanks to him, gay teens today can’t say the same. In his latest novel, though, the sexual preference of his protagonists is almost incidental. Max and Jordan are in the middle becoming adults, and their struggle to integrate pain, joy, capacity, and weakness into their wholeness makes this book totally relevant for those of us who are still growing… that is - everybody. Bill Konigsberg is the award-winning author of six young adult novels. THE PORCUPINE OF TRUTH won the PEN Center USA Literary Award and the Stonewall Book Award in 2016. OPENLY STRAIGHT won the Sid Fleischman Award for Humor, was a finalist for the Amelia Elizabeth Walden Award and Lambda Literary Award in 2014 and has been translated into five languages. His debut novel, OUT OF THE POCKET, won the Lambda Literary Award in 2009. THE MUSIC OF WHAT HAPPENS, was released in February of 2019, received two starred reviews, and has been optioned for a film. His next novel, THE BRIDGE, will be released in the fall of 2020. In 2018, The National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE)’s Assembly on Literature for Adolescents (ALAN) established the Bill Konigsberg Award for Acts and Activism for Equity and Inclusion through Young Adult Literature. Before Bill wrote for young adults, he was a sports writer and editor for ESPN and the Associated Press. Charles met and got to know Bill through their shared work helping create initiations for men - the Mankind Project - and boys at Boys to Men. Charles was immediately drawn to Bill’s intelligence, vulnerability, and attentiveness. Bill lives in Phoenix, Arizona, with his husband, Chuck and their two Australian Labradoodles, Mabel and Buford, who complete him.  Mabel and Buford have professional glamour shots on Bill’s website. I fell hard for Buford - you might, too. Bill’s books - the one we read, anyway - are filled with real people of all stripes, not token stereotypes or caricatures.  They are dealing with real and relatable problems and struggles, and being gay isn’t the most notable thing about them.  They are regular people who just happen to be gay.  Bill creates a world that is familiar for some of us - especially those of us who grew up in the arts or in places like Jerome, AZ - where being gay and out is unremarkable. We found it refreshing and a relief to spend time there and we really loved getting to know Jordan and Max and their friends and family.  We definitely want to read the rest of Bill’s books, especially the new book: The Bridge that is available for pre-order now. SHOW NOTES: References:  Bill Konigsberg Bill’s Books  Resources: The ManKind Project Mental Health Helpline Crisis Hotline 
May 24, 2020
Who is that masked man? Bridging the Covid Gap with Empathy
Is the masked man a hero or a villain? These days we’re seeing some very emotional division around the decision to wear a mask in public and whether staying home is cowardly or going out is reckless. Today we are going to dig into that and see what’s under the mask. In this episode, we’ll be looking at the value of freedom, definitions of masculinity, ideas of strength, and how our society is structured as well as experimenting with empathy, framing, and connection.  Charles will have a rant and Kelly will play devil’s advocate. So stay tuned if you want support around doing the right thing, even when it’s unpopular [with fringe elements]. We want to know what you think about how to balance freedom with responsibility so we hope you’ll comment in the Rocket Feather Community Lab Group or by leaving a phone message at References: Charles's Blog Post "New Strength vs. Old Strength and The Great Mask Debate" Charles's TEDx Talk "Redefining Strength for the 21st Century" Vanity Fair Article by Ed Yong Why the Pandemic is So Confusing Stasia Rivera’s Website  Daryl Davis: Crossing Boundaries with Respect NPR Story TEDx Talk  Earl Hipp, Man Making Bill Konigsberg Website Music Credits: Bensounds
May 17, 2020
Don’t Worry Child [Insert Your Name Here]
Are you missing live music and the sense of community you feel when out on the town? Are you craving connection with the creative energy of your favorite musicians and artists? This week we’ve got the certified biggest voice in town plus our favorite guitar genius - in the HOUSE!  Literally, in our house - don’t worry we stayed in our own corners. Grammy-nominated singer Candace Devine and local rock god Drew Hall join us for a no holds barred talk about creativity, re-invention, and community, as well as playing some music to lift your spirits. We used several of the fan-submitted questions to pry into the life and history and thoughts of our passionately creative guests. Candace has been a professional singer since her early 20s, working with Christina Aguilera, Styx, the Four Tops and many others in the recording studio and out on the road touring.  In this episode, we find out that she is both a champion equestrian coach AND a cat enchantress. Also, she swears like a sailor, so proceed at your own risk #totally worth it. Drew is a former banker who defied the 9-5 life at his earliest opportunity, going on to be in every kind of band, teach guitar to young and old musicians alike, and curate exceptional music shows here in Prescott.  In pre-Covid times, Drew could be spotted playing with the Cheektones, Summa Totius, THiS Trio with Slim Gamble of Lady Antebellum fame, Drew & Anton, and many many more! 3This podcast episode hits a lot of the superlative buttons: longest, loudest, biggest recording challenge, most cat input, most social media engagement, and definitely the most musical. Candace and Drew played two songs for us live, and we play you the recording of “Don’t Worry Child (Rosalyn)” their newest collaboration and entry into the NPR Tiny Desk Concert. “Don’t Worry Child is ostensibly about Drew’s daughter, but in our view, it’s really for and about all of us living through these stressful times. Show Notes: Raven Productions website Candace Devine Website Bon Jovi - Livin’ on a Prayer Raven Productions Friday Feature  Drew’s Favorite Guitarist - Richie Kotzen covering Sara Smiles Music Credits:  Drew & Candace songs Under the episode intro and featured in the podcast - Don’t Worry Child (Roslyn)  "Givin it Up/Medly" "You Got Me" Under the episode outro - While My Guitar Gently Weeps George Harrison Cover by Candace Devine, Dylan Ludwig and Drew Hall
May 10, 2020
How to Vote for Your Best Self with Stasia Rivera
What if relationships could be easier? What if you knew why your teen, your toddler or your partner was “giving you that face?” And what if you knew how to respond in a way that didn’t suck? What if you could build rather than damage your relationships? Well this week, we got to talk with a relationship and parenting wizard who has developed a simple system to help us understand ourselves and each other. She explains how, from that foundation of empathy, we can use her basic tools to navigate conflict or misunderstanding to build the connection we all crave. Plus, she helped me figure out how to get the trash to the curb on time. Our Guest, Stasia Rivera, is a family systems, trauma, and addictions therapist/coach with 25 years experience helping people reach their peaks. Her practice is a unique combination of applied neuroscience, systems thinking, and common sense. She and her team recently recognized that families and young people are experiencing new challenges during this pandemic. They pivoted their whole business model to respond to these needs and are launching a range of accessible and affordable classes and resources. Check them out at  SHOW NOTES:  Psych Theory Trading Cards James Clear - Habit Theory Alfie Kohn - Punished by Rewards Peter Levine - Trauma and Healing Attachment Theory Polyvagal Theory
April 26, 2020
How to Bear the Weight of the World: Global Respect & Love with Olivia Lee
What’s it like to work in the Arctic while riding out the pandemic in Arizona?  What’s it like to meet this challenge with a giant heart, a brilliant brain, and a 4-year-old? International researcher, advocate for women in science, mom, and authentic human, Olivia Lee joins us on this week’s podcast to talk through the challenges of conducting climate research during a pandemic, being separated from family overseas, and coping with the weight of feeling like it’s never enough.  I’m not a brilliant scientist, but I’m guessing those are things we can all relate to.  Listen on to hear how Olivia’s deep empathy and respect drive her work and keep her going in difficult times. Increasing our capacity for the “unpleasant” feelings is one of the main goals we have here at RocketFeather.  If we can be with those difficult feelings and over time, stop judging ourselves for having them, we are well on our way to being responsive humans rather than reactive ones.  That means we can be there for each other instead of just worrying about ourselves. So thank  you all for hanging in here with us as we grow in empathy and resilience and love.  Olivia Lee is such a great model for this kind of strength and we feel so privileged to talk with her and count her as a friend. We hope this healing conversation will continue in the RocketFeather Community Lab, so reach out with your questions and answers and let’s help each other through this time - let’s do that and more.  Let’s help each other redefine who we get to be on the other end of it.  What are you leaving behind and what are you bringing with you?  We want to know. SHOW NOTES Books, Podcasts & Poems Brene Brown Interviews Dr. Mark Brackett Permission to Feel by Dr. Brackett [Oh Sweet Spontaneous] poem by e. e. cummings Organizations Sea Ice for Walrus Outlook  Alaska Sea Life Center 
April 19, 2020
How to Cut Yourself Some Slack During the F-ing Pandemic
Are you already carrying enough metaphorical baggage and second-hand trauma as you sit in your house? Do you find yourself adding to the load with self-recriminations, overly ambitious to-do lists, or a litany of “shoulds?” Hang out with us today as we chat with someone who knows what it’s like to have high standards… and who is recognizing that maybe she’s using those standards to beat herself up. And maybe it’s time to stop. Our guest this week is Ida Woll, the owner of our favorite local frame shop and gallery, The Frame & I. She grew up here in Prescott and calls herself a near-native. She bought The Frame & I in 1998 after working there for 3 years and has used her role as a member of the downtown business community to support the arts and non-profits with true commitment.  She raises framing to an art form because she, herself, is a life-long artist, and she is passionate about turning people’s sacred objects into real treasures. Ida is a great guest for all of those reasons and because she has a powerful capacity for self-reflection, vulnerability and humor. We laughed more on this pod than almost any of the others. And we cried, together, a bit too. We hope and trust that this emotional expression is what you’re here for. References: The Doomsday Book by Connie Willis Brene Brown Interviewing Glennon Doyle, author of Untamed Resources: Community Resources and Requests Schedule a Free Parenting Support Call
April 12, 2020
How to Live with Your Parents During a Pandemic.
Are you an adult person living with your parents?  Are you looking at having to move in with your adult kids?  Humans lived several generations all together for the vast majority of our history.  But that is no longer the norm.  Now, there is a sense of failure and frustration, a feeling of lack of freedom and autonomy that comes with parents and their adult children living together, but does it have to be that way?  We think not. Description: In this episode, we tackle the question of how to live more peacefully with family.  Whether you are riding out the pandemic under the same roof, or are separated by many miles, getting along with family can be challenging. The relationships we, as children, had with our parents hang around like ghosts, haunting our present interactions, but Charles and Kelly have a framework for thinking about these relationships differently and suggestions for developing a practice that increases capacity for being together in a new way.  Join us as we address a listener question and take a deep dive into the kind of personal work that can bring joy back into stressful relationships in stressful times. References: Dead Again [1991] starring Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson, with Robin Williams William Glasser’s Choice Theory: 5 Basic Needs Performance Rock Climbing [1993] by Dale Goddard, Udo Neumann The National Domestic Violence Hotline/Text Channel
April 05, 2020
How to Belong: Tapping Collective Genius in a Crisis
What would it be like if you could rally your whole neighborhood to tackle a serious  problem you all share?  What would it feel like to help lots of people find strength and solutions they never imagined they had inside themselves?  Can you imagine facing a massive crisis like, say, a pandemic, with love, calm, and optimism? You definitely can if you are today’s guest, Tracey McConnell.  A long-time community organizer, non-profit advisor, and personal growth coach, Tracey is no stranger to hardship or challenge, but she meets difficulty with a loving resolve that is truly inspirational.  Her special skills help her to bring diverse people together and find the common ground that makes it possible to move into a solution.  A skillful facilitator, Tracey leads us in a Focused Conversation to model how we can come together on even the most difficult topics, see the humanity in everyone, and make things better for all.  Join us for a refreshing dip into the pool of possibilities on episode 24 of the Rocket Feather Podcast. SHOW NOTES References: Creative Capacities LLC: (928) 925-4020 Tracey on Facebook: Rocket Feather Community Lab on Facebook Institutions We Support & Admire: Arizona Community Foundation MATForce El Gato Azul The Raven Cafe Music Credits:  AShamaluevMusic Quotes: “Between Stimulus and Response There Is a Space. In That Space Is Our Power To Choose Our Response” Charles attributed this quote to Victor Frankel but apparenly the story is more complex. Check it out at Quote Investigator:
March 29, 2020
How to Handle Covid - Reduce, Reconnect, Recover
Are you a little feeling a little concerned? Freaked out? Or strangely numb? Hey, all your emotions are valid. It’s OK. Join us for this slightly slapdash, but fully engaged podcast episode as Charles shares the emotional stance that helped him prepare his family for the pandemic. He also talks honestly about how he bounced back from overwhelm and grief. In the second half of the pod, Charles explains the cyclical, three phase model for getting through the pandemic and all you all to find ways to lead. SHOW NOTES: Recommended Twitter Follows Laura Fitton @pistachio Great curator of info. Also posts dogs, chickens, and lullabyes. Andy Slavit @ASlavitt Former Medicare, Medicaid, ACA head for Obama Admin Mike Birbiglia @birbigs So far daily Instagram Live comedy shows Other Resources A List Of Live Virtual Concerts To Watch During The Coronavirus Shutdown Music By: Joseph Earwicker “I wish it need not have happened in my time," said Frodo. "So do I," said Gandalf, "and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings
March 23, 2020
How to Think About a Pandemic: Covid 19 and Community
Guest: Dr. Christine P. Stewart, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Department of Nutrition at UC Davis Director, Institute for Global Nutrition As a health researcher, mom, & world traveler, Christine Stewart has an excellent view of the delicate web of health services around the world, and of how communities deal with adverse circumstances. Join us in conversation about how to take responsibility for ourselves and each other during crisis, what makes us resilient, and how we can find opportunities for growth and connection during these turbulent times. A nutritional epidemiologist, Dr. Stewart wants us to be sure not to confuse her with someone who studies infectious diseases. But this smart, informed, scientist, shares with us her views on how to ride out a pandemic, how to redirect focus on to what’s important and how to stay in community while remaining more than 6 feet apart. Dr. Stewart’s full bio: Helen Keller International A world without barriers to sight, health, and human potential. Centers for Disease Control [CDC] - Coalition for Compassion and Justice [CCJ] - Ending and preventing homelessness. We are a service and a solution to those living in homelessness, working toward a just and compassionate community for all! Yavapai County Food Bank - Providing meals, school supplies, computer classes, and more for families in need.
March 17, 2020
How to Suceed in Business - Women in Science - Part 2
In honor of Int’l Women’s Day, we’re releasing a double live podcast. Each segment is chock full of inspiring women in science, tech, and business. Every guest brought a unique story about passion for science and important insights about overcoming obstacles on the way to realizing that passion.
March 09, 2020
How to Persist - Women in Science - Part 1
In honor of Int’l Women’s Day, we’re releasing a double live podcast. Each segment is chock full of inspiring women in science, tech, and business. Every guest brought a unique story about passion for science and important insights about overcoming obstacles on the way to realizing that passion. We recorded this double episode live at a beer release party and fundraiser for girls in STEM (Sci/tech/eng/math) programs. The party was hosted by Granite Mountain Brewing, a woman owned business. Our contribution to the party was inviting five different STEM women (and three more showed up)! Two women we invited acted as guest hosts asking questions and guiding the flow. We recorded over two hours of stories, laughter, camaraderie, connection and we’re bringing it to you in two parts so you can pace yourselves. GUESTS: Olivia Lee - Assistant Professor at University of Alaska - researching climate change in the arctic - mom, graphic designer, andChampion of Women in STEM . Michelle Baker, Systems analyst and tech consultant - mom - local Tech Champion Jenn Flaa - NASA Engineer, serial tech entrepreneur, and rock vocalist Zakiya Shivji - Forest Service geologist and dancer Valerie Burns - Yavapai Library Network Manager and early women’s IT pioneer Audra Yamamoto - Engineer, business owner, local instigator Jen Herbert - Former future Surgeon General, US Business Owner of the Year SHOW NOTES: Resources & Articles Granite Mountain Brewing Olivia Lee’s T-Shirt Fundraiser Northern Arizona Tech Alliance Prescott Women Magazine Superstition Meadery The Mom Project A List of Female Heads of State
March 09, 2020
A Relationship Quickie - How Charles and Kelly Keep it Working
Want to know the secret to successful relationship?  You know there's not one secret, silly! A dear friend of Charles's said, "There are some things you can only learn while being alone and there are some things you can only learn by being in relationship.". Take a listen to hear how the two Rocket Feather hosts have constructed a pretty powerful relationship by doing combining what they learned while alone with what they now learn together.  SHOW NOTES:  Tickets for the Phoenix College TEDx HERE.  Granite Mountain Brewery Event HERE.
March 02, 2020
How to be a Better We - Linking Community Activism to Personal Healing
How do we remain true to ourselves while being good members of a community? What kinds of thoughts or attitudes can lead to personal and social healing? How can privileged folks find the courage to engage? Why is there always too much food at a potluck? We don’t answer all these questions during this one podcast episode but we do have a wonderful, charismatic and thoughtful guide to the issues. Rowdy has worked in the field of diversity and inclusion for over a decade.  He is an innovator with a myriad of different workshops informing about issues related to colorblindness, to Interest Based Negotiations, to Nonviolent Communication and Conflict Resolution, to Positive Masculinity, and seeing People as Possibilities. An engaging and passionate presenter and facilitator, Rowdy is also the director of Paradise Valley Community College’s Diversity, Incorporated, and he is an active member of the Healing Racism Public Dialogue Series. He co-wrote the proposal for Paradise Valley Community College’s Leadership Certificate. He also sits on the Desperado LGBT film festivals screening committee. He produces and delivers his Inclusive Activism Podcast bi-weekly to his thousands of listeners about how the intersections of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity work are a form of Personal Leadership. He was also a 2014 winner of the Arizona Diversity Alliance’s Diversity Champion Award, as well as the John and Suanne Rouche Award for Excellence for the Community College from the League of Innovation in 2015. And just when you thought that was enough, Rowdy raises a rescued pit bull named Tank. SHOW NOTES: Resources & Articles Inclusive Activism Website Inclusive Activism and Emerging Evolution Podcasts on Spotify Phoenix College TEDx Conference - March 4th Adlerian Psychology
February 24, 2020
Why Not Be a Leader - A Hometown Conversation Breeanya Hinkel
How do you build the kind of community you want to live in? It turns out there are a slew of ways to go about it and this week’s guest is putting them all in play. Breeanya uses her platform as a magazine publisher to champion other people, businesses, and projects. In her “spare” time she uses her leadership skills to support important arts and youth nonprofits. And, in the course of this friendly, light-hearted interview, she convinced us that getting outside for a hike is another important way to build community. Breeanya was born & raised in Prescott, AZ and is a true “Prescott Woman.” She has been the designer and editor of Prescott Woman Magazine since 2008. In 2018 she took the bold step of purchasing the business.  Breeanya also owns a graphic design business, BJH Designs, serves on the board for Prescott Center for the Arts, and is a member of the Prescott Valley Economic Development Foundation, and Prescott Women Who Care. Breeanya was pleased to be one of the recipients of the 2013 Prescott Area Young Professionals Visionary Awards. In 2016, she was a “20 Under 40” winner, one of 20 notable area entrepreneurs, managers, business owners and professionals younger than 40.  Breeanya enjoys hiking and exploring in Northern Arizona and the world. SHOW NOTES: Resources & Businesses Prescott Woman Magazine BJH Designs Prescott Athena Awards - Nomination Form International Athena Awards The Hike Shack Gripstone Climbing Gym
February 16, 2020
More Blood! A Double Date with Horror Movie Directors
Love horror movies? Hate horror movies? Either way, you’ll love this conversation about movies, being married, and how to rock social media. We learned about why horror films work to talk about real social issues, how to use clear communication to work together as a creative couple, how to get over writer’s block and how to bring empathy to social media and marketing. Angie & Andrew Johnson-Schmit are independent filmmakers and social media strategists who live and work in Prescott, AZ. They have written and directed the horror/comedy short, Dead Votes Society,the web series Diary of a Mad Scientist’s Assistant and Dr. Wanker's Short Adventures. Their debut feature film, Witch Child is currently in post production. As partners in the social media strategy/management agency, Slackerwriter, LLC, Angie & Andrew consult with non-profits, artists and small businesses to build social media engagement with their followers. They also provide social media support for organizations and individuals interested in achieving engagement with less daily commitment. Their motto is: "Taking up the slack, so you can relax!" SHOW NOTES: Movies Witch Child Trailer Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Shining The Conjuring Get Out Articles, & Events Social Media for Artists, Nonprofits & Small Businesses - Slacker Writer Workshop 7 Ways to Stop Messing Up Your Social Media - Slacker Writer Blog 5 Ways Marcia Lucas Gave STAR WARS Its Heart
February 09, 2020
Living an Epic Life with Claire Louge
Do you want to live an epic life? Do you want to know how to build sustaining community through small acts? Do you wonder how art folds into a life of leadership? Do you want to hit someone with a foam sword? We won’t claim that Claire Louge has all the answers but… she kinda does. We strongly recommend you take some time to bask in the honesty, clarity, and passion that Claire brings to this podcast episode. Her personal story covers despair, near death, and recovery. Her professional path charts community, creativity, humility, and leadership. Guest Bio: Claire Louge is the Executive Director of Prevent Child Abuse Arizona, a statewide non-profit organization dedicated to preventing child maltreatment before it happens, and helping those who have experienced childhood trauma build resilience to its effects. Claire obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Human Development from Cornell University and her Masters of Education in Human Relations from Northern Arizona University. Claire is also a Certified Trauma Support Specialist through the Arizona Trauma Institute, certified by the National Alliance of Children's Trust and Prevention Funds to teach the Strengthening Families™ Protective Factors Framework, and an authorized Stewards of Children® facilitator. She is a graduate of the American Express Leadership Academy at the ASU Lodestar Center and is also an AmeriCorps VISTA alumnus. Claire also volunteers her time to create and produce live action role playing adventure events for teens. Show Notes: Organizations & Events Prevent Child Abuse Arizona Statewide Child Abuse PREVENTION Conference - July 21 & 22 Wayfinder Camp Books & Articles Things My French Mother Taught Me - Claire Louge SoulCraft - David Plotkin Choice Theory - William Glasser Positive Childhood Experiences So You Want to Talk About Race - Ijeoma Oluo
February 02, 2020
Better Together: Teens, Community, and Activism
Are you wondering why teens are showing up in the news so much over the last eighteen months? Are you curious about why so many are more active, more engaged, more committed, than ever? Join us for an intergenerational Rocket Feather podcast as we try to answer those questions. This week we interview two teen leaders and activists from the Teen Advisory Council, Shannon and Emma, along with their adult mentor, McKenzie MacIntyre. McKenzie has a bachelor’s degree in psychology with an emphasis in Adolescent Development and is studying toward her M.Ed. in School Counseling.  She serves as Coordinator for the Teen Advisory Council at the Launch Pad Teen Center. McKenzie chose Emma (age 16) and Shannon (age 17) to be a part of the podcast because, “Both girls show tremendous strength in leading their peers and being advocates for their community.” Find out what these smart, passionate teens are doing to make life better for themselves and their generation and how you might fit into their plans. SHOW NOTES: Youth Movements & Teen Centers The Launch Pad Teen Center The Neutral Zone Teen Center Sunrise Movement March For Our Lives Black Lives Matter Articles, Events & Videos “Greta Thunberg: Person of the Year” - Time Magazine, December 2019 “From Parkland to Sunrise: A Year of Extraordinary Youth Activism” - New Yorker, Feb 2019 “New Research: Diversity + Inclusion = Better Decision Making At Work” - Forbes Magazine, September 2017. “Tough Talk with Stasia Rivera” - Teen Advisory Council Event “The Power of Vulnerability” - Brene Brown “The Infinite Game” - Simon Sinek The Evolutionary Power of Children and Teenagers - Alison Gopnik Interview
January 26, 2020
Passionate Introverts and Fat Grey Cats
Do you wonder what "Rocket Feather" means? Are you curious about what makes two introverts so chatty? Looking for some laughs, some feels, and some value this long weekend? Join Charles and Kelly on this episode to learn and ponder more about making Relationships work, sparking Creativity, building Community, and healing Masculinity.  Show Notes:  Books to Read For the Love of Men - Liz Plank How to Be an Adult - David Richo Organizations to Follow The Aspen Institute (Community Weaving) ManKind Project
January 20, 2020
Art Saves Lives - A Rock n Roll Interview
Are you curious about the creative process, relationships, and the healing power of art? Come hang out with the Rocket Feather team on their first double date with the creative and life partners of Blushing Cactus Photography.  Tracy Fultz and Jeremiah Scheffer inspire us with their bold images, their generous approach to the act of taking pictures, their love for community, and their love for one another.   To honor Tracy and Jeremiah's love of live music in the Phoenix scene, we feature some song samples from their favorite bands. Enjoy the energy! SHOW NOTES:  Blushing Cactus Instagram: @blushingcactusphotography  Elizabeth Gilbert on the Nature of Creativity TED Neil Preston - Iconic Rock Photography MUSIC PLAYED Under the Intro - The Bayou Bandits "Take Me Back" First Break - Break the Robot "The A List" Second Break - The Black Moods "Belladonna" Under the Outro - The Bellwethers - "Schizophrenic Zen"
January 13, 2020
We Will Pump YOU Up - Building Deep Strength
Are you ready for the new year, new decade, new reality? Life in the Roaring Twenties is going to be challenging in ways we can't even imagine. But it doesn't have to be joyless, lonely, or futile. Kelly and Charles have some experience developing the kind of personal and relational skills that give hope in tough times. In this podcast, you get to spend some time exploring the difference between shallow strength and Deep Strength. This episode even comes with a free Deep Strength workout plan that you can start today! Show Notes:  Deep Strength Workout Plan - Download it here Teddy Roosevelt's "Man in the Arena" quote comes from his 1910 speech Citizenship in a Republic. BIGNESS and Superpower concept courtesy of Fabeku Fatunmise, Kelly's business coach.  Rumi's Poem "The Guest House"
January 06, 2020
Facilitator of the Inevitable - A Conversation with a Eco-Therapist Adam Vellturo
Are you one of those people who knows there's more to life than what's on the surface? Join the Rocket Feather team for a dive into the depths of soul, growth, and hope for the future. This week's guest is Adam Vellturo, an ecotherapist who has spent the last 30 years guiding people into health and a more complete relationship with their soul. Be sure to listen all the way to the end for Adam's prescription for easy soul work and a recitation of a Walt Whitman poem that are both perfect for clear, cold winter nights. 
December 29, 2019
Home for the Holidays - Top Two Tips for Family Visits
In this episode, Charles and Kelly offer up their usual mix of empathy, humor, and wisdom about one of the most difficult topics for all of us: visiting family. They make the point, that even in the most loving, stable, and supportive family, dysfunction, pain, frustration can simmer just under the surface. This podcast presents two very simple, very actionable tips to try for the holidays that might lesson some of the pain and dysfunction. 
December 23, 2019
Diving into the Heart of the Dragon with Molly McGinn
Molly McGinn takes us on a Hero's Journey into Healing, Learning, and Community Molly McGinn is a learning specialist focused on designing and facilitating leadership and management skills training for global companies and nonprofit organizations. Her life story and intellectual/spiritual journey are much more complex and interesting though, than that LinkedIn-worthy business bio. Molly has literally traveled around the world - the long way, as she says. As a very young woman she went to Japan to study for a year at a Zen monastery, and then, naturally, became a Pan Am stewardess. See if you can follow along to hear how that career choice eventually led to her sitting on the edge of the Grand Canyon with a founding member of the Chinese Communist Party. You’ll also want to listen so you can hear about Tibet, the nature of self and community, and for two Zen Buddhist jokes. Molly has a strong personal dedication to her own lifelong learning and to community building at the local and global levels. Toward the end of this episode, Molly talks enthusiastically about her most recent project, a group of intentional learning communities for promising young people in recovery. We know you will enjoy this podcast and we hope you’ll respond with some comments and questions.
December 16, 2019
Love, Roller Derby, and the End of Homelessness
Join us for a deep dive with Jessi Hans, a bona fide Community Weaver dedicated to ending homelessness in Everybody’s Hometown, Prescott, Arizona. After becoming Executive Director of CCJ, [Coalition for Compassion and Justice], Jessi set a bold agenda to include and uplift everyone in our hometown. In a few short years, her team and partners have made a huge impact, and along the way, she’s worked to reinvent nonprofit teams, motivate and nurture her family, and consciously find ways to grow and develop as a person. In this interview, Jessi helps us figure out how we can support marginalized people [hint: treat them like full members of the community with agency and value]. Jessi also explains how she continues to motivate herself and inspire her people to work at their highest and deepest levels.  Warning: this episode is NOT a bummer!!
December 09, 2019
Everybody Poops: A Treatise on Dichotomies
We’re glad that you’ve chosen to be in conversation with us today. In this episode, Kelly and I talk about things that matter to us: The dichotomy and union of the opposites represented by the brand RocketFeather; the difficulty and importance of getting things done while staying true to direction and intention and; the real, and beautiful lesson gleaned from a children’s picture book. We hope you enjoy our mix of deep, personal exploration and accessible fun. We welcome your thoughts on our topics and feedback on our delivery. WARNING: as you might glean from the episode title, we use the word poop and it’s less G-rated synonym quite frequently in this week’s show. Show Notes -  Books Mentioned:  Everybody Poops - Taro Gomi Amanda Mayer Stinchecum King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine - Robert Moore Go to and search for "Big Magic" by Elizabeth Gilbert. Websites Mentioned:  Purchase your Zokni match at Zokni Discussion music courtesy of
December 02, 2019
Coaching and Community Weaving
In this episode Kelly and Charles interview Tom Check who is helping people make breakthroughs for them selves AND to build sustaining community.  Tom Check is someone the rest of us are trying to live up to. We been Tom’s, co-facilitators, colleagues, and friends. In all of our different experiences with Tom, he always ups the quality of the moment, the conversation, the project, the program. He does that with his powerful intelligence, his drive, and his passion for excellence and efficiency. In this conversation, Tom talks about the happenstance and drive in his own life, how he came to be a coach, and why he hosts monthly dinners at his house with relative strangers.  SHOW NOTES: Books Mentioned-  Jocko Willick on After Action Reports Other Resources -  David Brooks on Social Weaving ChoiceCoaching Four Stages of Development (To me, By me, Through me, As me) Peter Sage
November 24, 2019
Re-defining Strength for the Challenges Ahead
What would it be like if we could recognize and leave behind the kind of strength that included violence, vengeance, and exclusion? What if we could define our strength by how inclusive, present, thoughtful, and persistent we were as individuals, couples, and communities. In this solo episode, Charles muses that the shift from "power over" strength to "power with" strength will lead to easier, more fulfilling relationships AND give us a chance to survive and thrive in the 21st Century.  Show Notes Books Mentioned:  Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg He: Understanding Masculine Psychology by Robert Johnson (I actually suspect that the section on emotions vs. mood is in We: Understanding the Psychology of Romantic Love Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Feire Other Resources:  Validate in Place - Charles's TEDx talk David Roberts Twitter Feed:
November 18, 2019
Opening your Heart with Tony Himes
In this warm, intimate interview, you get to hear about the sense of hope, joy, and connection that Tony Himes brings to his work and his life. Tony has been a Marriage and Family Therapist for over 20 years and is the Executive Director of Arizona Gestalt Institute. Tony completed his Master of Science degree in Educational Psychology and is now an adjunct faculty member at Prescott College.    During this long, relaxed chat, Tony shares deeply from his own profession and personal experience about what it means to "be in contact" - to connect with oneself or another in a powerfully open, humble, and supportive way. At the end of the episode, you are invited to join in on short exercise to get in contact with yourself.    Enjoy.
November 11, 2019
The Power and Possibility of the Circle
Join us for our interview with Jessica Stickel. Jessy is a lifelong learner and a forever aspiring possibilitarian. She is passionate about supporting people in discovering their wealth that is within them and their circumstances. She has been serving families for over 20 years in a plethora of roles. She started as a Family Support Specialist for Head Start, then became a School Counselor, and later got her certification in Life Coaching. She is currently the Student Success Coach at Prescott High School and founder of Inspired Freedom Coaching where she works with teens, families, and adults to become the best version of themselves. In the Episode, Jessy talks about how she discovered the power of counseling in a group setting (the Circle) and her belief that everybody (including teens) already has the resources and knowledge she needs. Watch Jessy's TEDx talk, "Wealth is Within."
October 27, 2019
The Portable Episode
Come along for a ramble with hosts Charles and Kelly while we talk about our current projects and the fear and excitement that come up for us. Includes diversions into whether to play to your strengths and whether generalists are more successful. A dead raven makes a cameo appearance. 
October 23, 2019
The Importance of Being Heard or Goddammit Now YOU Listen to Me.
The inaugural episode of the RocketFeather podcast. Join Kelly and Charles as they dig into what it means to listen and be heard.
October 21, 2019