ep 20 EDIBLE REARRANGEMENT: Change My Mind On Eddies with MOM JEANS Provisions

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HIGHTEA is a highvibe podcast for women who also smoke weed. All around the world there are women just like us who use cannabis to enhance and expand their daily lives. We’ll be confabulating on all things weed, with a thoughtful and blunt exploration of pot and its many magical characteristics. Let's share stories, source trends and connect with people who use cannabis creatively and constructively—all in an effort to help make marijuana mainstream.
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More places to listen

episode 23: THE BUSINESS OF CANNABIS with 48NORTH's Alison Gordon
the second instalment of our CREATEHER series features 48NORTH's Founder & CEO Alison Gordon,  a true Canadian trailblazer. #LISTENUP as we delve into the  business of cannabis, exploring the story of one of Canada's most innovative, women-led LP's. we talk building a brand in the age of legalization (and its limits), parenting in the face of pot, grass ceiling lessons for female entrepreneurs in this space, and why your fave strain is actually a 'cultivar'.  CREATEHER ii, comin in hot. 
June 3, 2019
episode 22: CANNASEXUAL with Clinical Sexologist Dr Carlen Costa
Did you know that estrogen levels directly determine your high?  We get this tea and sooo much more with Carlen Costa, Doctor of Clinical Sexology, Cannabis Educator and Creator of The Everyday Goddess on the latest HIGHTEA.life. We're talking Sexual Health, Relationship Health and all kindsa Self-Love - and how the Cannabis Revolution & the Female Empowerment Revolution are so intimately intertwined. We're goin long & deep on this one cannabishes, a first birthday treat.  Listenup as we go in, with NEWTS and HIGHTEA.life.
April 19, 2019
ep 21 CREATEHER Series: VANDERPOP Founder April Pride
in this first drop of an ongoing CREATEHER story series, we chat with April Pride, founder of VANDERPOP - one of the country's first high-end cannabis accessories brands. listenup as we chat  April's story and path to success, some cues on navigating the waves of weed as culture and cannabis co-mingle, and a bit about responsible usage in love, life and stoner circles.  
April 7, 2019
ep 20 EDIBLE REARRANGEMENT: Change My Mind On Eddies with MOM JEANS Provisions
HIGH-end baker, recipe-maker and MOM to all Michelle Rabin of @momjeansprovisions changes NEWTS' mind on edibles with her smash-hit line of lifted treats. Listenup as NEWTS goes all-in on the best-tasting cookie of her life, and we talk to MOM about all things edibles: taste, dosing, how to get a good vibing high through the goodness of tasty treats. This one's a goodie!! #listenup #callyourmom
March 5, 2019
episode 19 VETERAN'S WAY: Cannabis for the Side-Effects of Service
Our most powerful and most important episode yet, NEWTS in conversation with Fabian Henry, founder of Veterans for Healing: a holistic cannabis organization and methodology helping heal our Canadian brothers, sisters and their families from the traumas of having served. Listen up as Fabian shares his own story, his message from the spirit molecule and his life mission from maryjane: helping veterans source their spirits again.  Humans who've risked life and liberty for their country, only to be left abandoned by it when they return home are coming back to (many) plants to be healed: a reminder for us all that our true home is this Earth, not the borders we've carved on it. This episode dedicated to every human every where who's served - we humbly thank you. We have no idea. If you are a veteran in need of support you can contact Fabian, or a toll-free crisis line: CAN 800-268-7708 // US 800-273-8255
February 17, 2019
episode 18 GROW ON: Come Together & See What Grows (Part 2: Indoor)
it's 420pm. do you know where your weed's coming from? more and more cannabis lovers are exploring their own grows - the planting, tending and growing process somehow just as therapeutic for mind/body/soul as the flower medicine itself. LISTENUP as NEWTS meets Miss NEWTY (we know -  weird right?) as we learn how to grow your own ganj indoors. we'll learn the process of a new, indoor and female grower first-hand, including where to learn more and who to seek out in the cannabis community.  part two of our GROWN ON eps, comin atcha. Listenup cannabishes.
January 18, 2019
episode 17 GROW ON: Let's Grow Our Own Cannabis (Part One OUTDOOR)
Pot provides the power to heal in our own hands - but do you know where your weed is coming from? The next revolution in the Cannabis wave is about going back to our roots; to the earth, as we grow and nurture our own maryjane medicine. Planting a seed and tending to its growth teaches us to live in Earth time - it's time to get ourselves back to the garden. GROW AND GIVE the ultimate revolutionary act. Listen up as NEWTS dives into Part One of our two-part GROW episode: with an outdoor hobby grower who cultivates with the phases of the moon. Let's come together and see what grows.
January 8, 2019
episode 16 FLOWER FOR FLOWERS: Cannabis & Women's Sexual Health
Is there a connection between cannabis and women's sexual health? Is weed why women are blooming - with the power to heal our selves? LISTENUP as NEWTS explores the power of the plant to heal our pussies and our persons, as we go deep with Pleasure Peaks' founder Antuanette Gomez - and then even deeper with The Womb Warrior. This one's for the girls.
December 9, 2018
episode 15: POPCULTURE to POTCULTURE sesh with Sarah Hanlon
NEWTS connects with cannabish, cannabis advocate and Big Brother Canada winner Sarah Hanlon @flatshanlon for a proper sesh on popculture, potculture and everything in between. Listen up as these two talk love, life (a touch of jazz) and the latest in cannabis culture in a post-legalization Canada.
November 20, 2018
episode 14: CANNABULLYING + CENSORSHIP with Bess Byers
Surprise Drop! NEWTS talks to cannabis activist and creator Bess Byers about the ongoing censorship she's been experiencing with the Instagram / Social community and the importance of women's voices now more than ever. Bess provides HIGHTEA listeners with all kindsa tips on how to engage in social (media) via this wild world of weed - and we get deep when we talk about the skankification of the cannabis category via Bilzerean's brand IMPACT. Listen up as we talk bullying and censorship in the cannabis space - and let's all join Bess in an effort of free speech this coming Sat Oct6th with an Instagram Blackout. It's a revolution cannabishes!
October 2, 2018
episode 13: HEMPFUL HEALING with Former NHL'er Riley Cote
NEWTS reconnects with cannabis advocate, truth-teller, and one of our favourite guests ever Riley Cote on the high spirit of cannabis plant-healing, our current cultural hypnosis and a straight-up schooling on hemp v cannabis - and how both will heal the world. Riley is a former NHL-player and founder of Athletes 4 Care, an organizing normalizing cannabis through sports. Coolest dude truly changing minds. #Listenup!
September 30, 2018
episode 12: MAMAJUANA our sesh with the rebel mamas
Newts & Michelle host Aleks & Nikita from The Rebel Mama, the mom blog & community that tells it like it is. All the ladies dive into what cannabis and motherhood look like, as well as touching on sex, stigma and more. Listen up!
August 30, 2018
episode 11: sesh with OG cannabish Natasha Raey
OG cannnabish Natasha Raey sits down with Newts and Michelle over a cup of Fleurs tea to discuss everything from medicinal marijuana to empowering women by helping to break stigmas surrounding sex and cannabis.
August 17, 2018
episode 10: sesh
NEWTS & Michelle celebrate their 10th episode with a proper cannabis catchup sesh: dishing on all things life, love & legalization. listen up as we talk what's latest — including unveiling our new event series — and what's coming up in this next wave of cannabis! hit us up - holla@hightea.life
August 3, 2018
episode 9: Third Eye High: cannabis & spirit 2
Part two of our exploration into humans’ sacred connection to cannabis is here! Jen & Michelle talk to the amazing Sister Kate, founder of Sisters of the Valley, a coven of women who grow according to the moon cycle. Listen up!
July 22, 2018
episode 9: Holy Smoke: cannabis & spirituality part 1
In the first part of our spirituality episode, Jen and Michelle call on cannabis alchemist Scarlet Ravin to enlighten them on how flower can heal not just the body, but the mind and soul as well. part 2, coming soon!
July 14, 2018
episode 8: canna beauty
In this week's episode, HIGHTEA dives into the world of beauty, and its new buzz-worthy ingredient: Cannabis. We talk to two women-on-the-rise who are creating go-to brands (Evio Cosmetics and Power Plant Apothecary!), each with their own fresh perspective. #ThatsDope
June 29, 2018
episode 7: WOMEN x WEED: branding, marketing, trending
we hit up #LIFTexpo in Toronto, to confabulate on how and why brands should connect with women in this new mega category, and we laid it all out for you! *special guest Carly Stojsic also breaks down where the trend's in cannabis will lead us in the future. The future is #CannaFeminism!
June 19, 2018
episode 6: sex & sensuali-THC
newts, michelle & guest ho Elli talk pussy power, and we connect with LA-based sensuality coach Carli Jo on bringing cannabis into the bedroom.
June 7, 2018
episode 5: hey, budtender
a weed is just a plant whose virtues have yet to be discovered. in this episode, newts & michelle talk to two budtenders about everything THC, CBD, et al, and one of them goes in for their first dab
May 31, 2018
episode 4: athlete's high
we're talking weed & working out! everything you wanted to know about cannabis and fitness — from training to recovery — and we check in with former NHL player and founder of @athletes4care, Riley Cote, on how those behind Canada's favourite game feel about its players using cannabis
May 17, 2018
episode 3: we'ediquette
co-hosts Michelle and Newts sit down to discuss weed etiquette. do you really pass the dutchie to left? who gets to spark that shit? and how do you deal with having a cold and wanting to partake? we break it down.
May 10, 2018
episode 2: princess of pot
take us to school. long-time pot advocate Jodie Emery dives into a blunt conversation on cannabis culture, how women can lead the conversation and how her arrest is shaping her and husband Marc Emery's future in the industry.
April 27, 2018
episode 1: say high
welcome to HIGHTEA! your co-hosts Newts and Michelle discuss why they smoke cannabis, and how this blessed plant plays a role in their relationships and sex life.
April 18, 2018
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