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By Sasha Hodder
Each episode, crypto evangelist and licensed attorney Sasha Hodder welcomes movers and shakers from across the crypto space to talk the latest issues and technologies that affect adopters and investors alike.
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HODLCast Ep. 120 - Amber Scott


HODL Cast Ep. 126 with Alice A. discussing minimum criteria for a DAO
HODL Cast Ep. 126 discusses the minimum criteria for a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Our guest, Alice Albl, is a legal researcher and writer specialized in blockchain technology, cybersecurity, and data privacy. She recently graduated from Brooklyn Law School and is working with Des Femmes and Delphi Digital while preparing for the New York Bar Exam. Alice can be found on Twitter and,  @baynoni. We discussed her work with the Lex Punk DAO Army, the definition of a DAO, the challenges with this title, the minimum criteria, the definition of 'decentralized' 'autonomous' and 'organization', whether the Howey Test rules apply, the best way to form a DAO, and how a company can get started.  For some extra reading on this topic from crypto lawyer extraordinaire, check out Lex Node's blog.
May 26, 2022
HODLcast Ep. 124 with Jeremy Snyder, CEO of BTM Compliance
Jeremy is the CEO of BTM Compliance, where he oversees over 80 Bitcoin ATM operators and his company helps walk them through everything they need to know to stay within the boundaries of the Bank Secrecy Act. BTM Compliance offers it's customers custom-built AML programs, FinCEN registration, SAR/CTR reporting, independent testing, customized KYC solutions, training, and support.  Prior to his work in the compliance field, Jeremy spent twelve years as senior and executive level manager, and has a background in Law Enforcement and an FBI HDS Bomb Technician certification. The combination of both professional experiences has provided him with many of the skills needed to run a BTM Compliance company. We discussed how he got involved with Bitcoin, what it's like being the CEO of a Bitcoin compliance company, what skills it takes to be a successful BTM operator, the challenges involved with MSB banking relations, the scams he's seen in the Bitcoin ATM industry, the NY Bit License, the correlation between Bitcoin ATM volume and the price of Bitcoin, whether SARs and CTRs are worth the effort, the future of the regulatory landscape, and more! Follow Jeremy! Twitter - @CompliancePunk LinkedIn - Blog - Hire BTM Compliance -
May 18, 2022
HODLCast Ep. 123 - Leon Siegmund
Leon Siegmund is a writer with as well as a co-founder of Bitcoin Club Malta. He has been a devotee of Bitcoin since 2015 and a former Bitcoin ATM operator. In this episode, Leon joins the program for an enlightening conversation about a variety of subjects, including his thoughts on Bitcoin vs. “Shitcoins” and Universal Basic Income, as well as self-custody of your crypto, NFTs, Bitcoin culture on the island of Malta and more!
April 04, 2022
HODLCast Ep. 122 - Sam Auch
Sam Auch joins the program to talk some recent events in the crypto regulatory space that could affect you and your money soon! From the recent bill introduced by Elizabeth Warren that could prevent crypto companies from doing business with firms under sanctions, to the Federal Reserve's plans for its own digital currency, Sam & Sasha talk all the news you need to know!
March 21, 2022
HODLCast Ep. 121 - Rare Scrilla
Musician, producer, artist and crypto evangelist DJ J-Scrilla, AKA Rare Scrilla, joins the show to talk about Rare Pepe series of Bitcoin-based NFTs, as well as the Fake Rare Directory! Learn how a silly internet meme based on an appropriated webcomic character became the launching point for the modern NFT bonanza. ABOUT THE GUEST: Rare Scrilla aka DJ J-Scrilla is an artist, music producer, cryptoartist and always looking at exploring the bleeding edge with his work. He's know for creating the first collectible Audio NFT in 2016, as an OG Crypto artist and collector, and a veteran hip-hop music producer who’s been at the forefront of marrying music, Art & blockchain. He's produced music with Roc Marciano, Benny The Butcher, K-Beta, Mobb Deep, and hundreds more. Untrained at music and art, he's known to bring a certain edge and passion to his work that cannot be duplicated. Surreal, candid cartoons, still life sketches and Bitcoin - related art is what he's become known for as an artist and raw, soulful, dirty beats is what people are accustomed to hearing from his musical work. Combining his love for Bitcoin he's combining his art, animations and music into rare, tokenized pieces of work, using various Bitcoin and Ethereum platforms. LEARN MORE: Rare Scrilla - https://www.rarescrilla.comFake Rare Directory - DISCLAIMER: All statements and opinions expressed by guests on The Hodlcast are their own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or beliefs of the show, its host(s), or The Hodder Law Firm.  All financial investments contain inherent risk. Nothing on this program should be construed as legal or financial advice.
February 28, 2022
HODLCast Ep. 120 - Amber Scott
Outlier Compliance Group's CEO Amber Scott joins the show to talk about some current crypto events in the Great White North! First, Amber & Sasha discuss some regulatory changes currently in the pipeline for Canadian cryptocurrency platforms. Then, they talk about one of the biggest issues in Canadian current events, the "Freedom Convoy." They'll separate the facts from the myths about the Canadian government's emergency measures, how they affect both fiat and crypto donations to the protest, and why people who donate or facilitate donations might be facing some serious ramifications for supporting what the Trudeau government is calling a "blockade." ABOUT THE GUEST: Amber D. Scott, MBA, CIPPC, CBP, FIS, CAMS Amber Scott is the founder & CEO of Outlier Solutions Inc., aka Outlier Compliance Group. Amber is a compliance geek with a passion for technology. After graduating from the University of Waterloo, Amber joined the compliance group at one of Canada’s largest insurers where she focused on the implementation of technology-based processes to streamline compliance.  She has since worked in in-house roles with major securities firms and banks. Somewhere along the line, she added MBA, CBP, and a few other letters after her name.   Amber joined a boutique compliance consulting firm, then larger consulting firm, before getting frustrated enough with the status quo to launch Outlier Solutions Inc. (Outlier) in 2013. Outlier specializes in anti-money laundering (AML) and privacy compliance. The company is based on one of the premises of Malcolm Gladwell's book Outliers: that to be really good at something you need a lot of practice (about 10,000 hours). Each of Outlier's team members has 10,000 hours or more of in-house (not consulting) compliance experience. Amber loves leading this team of entrepreneurial compliance badasses. LEARN MORE: Outlier Compliance Group - DISCLAIMER: All statements and opinions expressed by guests on The Hodlcast are their own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or beliefs of the show, its host(s), or The Hodder Law Firm.  All financial investments contain inherent risk. Nothing on this program should be construed as legal or financial advice.
February 21, 2022
HODLcast Ep. 119 - Ryan Dennis
HODLcast Ep. 119 with special guest Ryan Dennis! We discussed NFTs, the METAVERSE, the importance of real digital OWNERSHIP, web3 infrastructure, & the new emerging online economy. Check out Ryan on LinkedIn - Follow Ryan on twitter at @NFTsDennis
February 10, 2022