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Hold Up!

Hold Up!

By Hudson & Grace
Join Hudson and Grace for Hold Up!, a podcast that explores queer media to see how it, well, holds up!
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Friends - "The One With Chandler's Dad"
Hudson (Instagram: @nonboynary) and Grace (Twitter: @hifromgrace) are joined by Ariel (@thatotherariel) to discuss the S07E22 episode of Friends, "The One With Chandler's Dad". Twitter & Instagram: @holdupodcast
March 31, 2021
Some Like It Hot
Hudson (Instagram: @nonboynary) and Grace (@hifromgrace) travel back to 1959 to watch the comedy classic Some Like It Hot starring Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis. Twitter & Instagram: @holdupodcast
March 22, 2021
Billy & Chuck Wedding (WWE)
Hudson (Instagram: @nonboynary) and Grace (Twitter: @hifromgrace) are joined by Matt Scott (Twitter: @mattscottgw; Website: to break down the 2002 professional wrestling gay wedding between Billy and Chuck.
March 17, 2021
I Am Cait (S02E01)
Hudson (Instagram: @nonboynary) and Grace (Twitter: @hifromgrace) hop on the bus to discuss Season 2, Episode 1 of the documentary series I Am Cait, a show about Caitlyn Jenner. Instagram & Twitter: @holdupodcast
March 8, 2021
The L Word - "The Lisa Story Arc"
Hudson (Instagram: @nonboynary) and Grace (Twitter: @hifromgrace) are joined by Ariel (Instagram: @royal_they) to discuss The L Word. Specifically, the group discusses the story arc of Lisa, a lesbian-identifying male.  Twitter & Instagram: @holdupodast
March 1, 2021
Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (S01E01)
Hudson (Instagram: @nonboynary) and Grace (Twitter: @hifromgrace) may not be in search of a makeover, but they do dive into the 2003 original series Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.  Twitter & Instagram: @holdupodcast E-Mail:
February 22, 2021
The Office - "Gay Witch Hunt"
Hudson (Instagram: @nonboynary) and Grace (Twitter: @hifromgrace) take a trip to Scranton, PA to discuss S03E01 episode of The Office, "Gay Witch Hunt". Instagram & Twitter: @holdupodcast E-Mail:
February 8, 2021
But I'm A Cheerleader
Hudson (Instagram: @nonboynary) and Grace (Twitter: @hifromgrace) dive into the cult classic But I'm A Cheerleader with guest Jacqueline Mary. 
February 1, 2021
Real Housewives of New York - "March Madness"
Hudson (Instagram: @nonboynary) & Grace (Twitter: @hifromgrace) are joined by Kristian Robinson (Twitter: @_krobz) to talk about Real Housewives of New York. They dive into the Season 4, Episode 2 "March Madness", an episode about the New York Marriage Equality march.  Twitter: @holdupodcast Instagram: @holdupodcast E-Mail:
January 25, 2021
Will & Grace - "A Chorus Lie"
Hudson (Instagram: @nonboynary) & Grace (Twitter: @hifromgrace) dive into Will & Grace, specifically S4E16. The episode has Matt Damon guest star, playing Owen, a straight man pretending to be gay to be in the Gay Men's Chorus.  Return Of The Y2K Aesthetic: Instagram: @holdupodacst Twitter: @holdupodcast E-mail:
January 18, 2021
Episode 9: Make The Yuletide Gay
Hudson (Instagram: @nonboynary) and Grace (Twitter: @hifromgrace) get in the festive spirit with the 2009 gay Christmas film Make The Yuletide Gay. Instagram: @holdupodcast Twitter: @holdupodcast G-Mail:
December 21, 2020
Episode 8: Community - "Queer Studies and Advanced Waxing"
Hudson (IG: @nonboynary) and Grace (Twitter: @hifromgrace) head to Greendale Community College to examine Community's Dean Pelton. The 2015 episode explores the Dean's reluctance to be labeled as "just gay".  Twitter: @holdupodcast Instagram: @holdupodcast E-Mail:
November 16, 2020
Episode 7: Sailor Moon
Hudson (IG: @nonboynary) and Grace (Twitter: @hifromgrace) are joined by Aman (Twitter: @AmanAdwin) to discuss Sailor Moon, specifically the introduction of Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus. The group discusses why Sailor Moon resonated so much with the LGTBQ+ community and of course, to see if it holds up. Twitter: @holdupodcast Instagram: @holdupodcast E-Mail:
November 9, 2020
Episode 6: Brokeback Mountain
Hudson (Instagram: @nonboynary) and Grace (Twitter: @hifromgrace) discuss the 2005 blockbuster Brokeback Mountain and see if the Oscar nominated film holds up. They discuss the film's mainstream appeal, tropes of gay drama films and go on a tangent or two. Twitter - @holdupodcast Instagram - @holdupodcast E-mail us questions at
November 2, 2020
Episode 5: CSI - "The Lying Game"
Hudson (Instagram: @nonboynary) and Grace (Twitter: @hifromgrace) explore the world of procedural episodic dramas, this week in the form of CSI's "The Lying Game", an episode in which Candis Cayne plays a "female impersonator" who is murdered. Hudson and Grace examine the episode to see if it holds up while of course, heading on multiple tangents. Twitter: @holdupodcast Instagram: @holdupodcast Morgan P. Page performance art: Advocate Arrive: Study on trans people and bathrooms
October 26, 2020
Episode 4: Ellen - "The Puppy Episode"
Hudson (Instagram: @nonboynary) and Grace (@hifromgrace) discuss one of the most groundbreaking episodes of television for the LGBTQ+ community, Ellen's The Puppy Episode. The episode details the lead character, Ellen Morgan's, coming out story. The hosts discuss the episodes place in LGBTQ+ media history, while also discussing Ellen's place as an LGBTQ+ icon despite recent controversy.
October 19, 2020
Episode 3: Transamerican Love Story
Hudson (Instagram: @nonboynary) and Grace (Twitter: @hifromgrace) delve into the first episode of the 2008 reality dating series Transamerican Love Story. The show saw 8 bachelors pursue Calpernia Addams, a trans woman and advocate. Grace and Hudson discuss the groundbreaking nature of the show, the questionable casting of the 8 men and of course, whether the episode holds up. Episode 1 is available here: Episodes 2-8 are available on Amazon, but if you would prefer not to support Amazon, please send us a DM of a donation to a black trans charity and we will DM you the other episodes. GLITS: Black Trans COVID-19 Fund Community Response: Black Lives Matter resources: Calpernia's Vlog: Article on Jim:
October 12, 2020
Episode 2: Goldust & Professional Wrestling
Hudson (Instagram: @nonboynary) and Grace (Twitter: @hifromgrace) explore the world of professional wreslting with a deep dive in the 90s wrestler Goldust. They give a deep dive of the character and discuss why homophobia was so prevalent in the history of professional wrestling.  Goldust’s Debut - October 22, 1995: (watch just until 1:15 or so) Goldust plays mind games with Razor Ramon: Goldust vs Razor Ramon: Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @holdupodcast
October 5, 2020
Episode 1: The Simpsons - "There's Something About Marrying" (S16E10)
Join Hudson Krakowski and Grace Leeder for the maiden voyage of Hold Up!, a podcast that explores queer media to see how it, well, holds up.  This week, they explore The Simpsons' Season 16, Episode 10 episode "There's Something About Marrying" where Springfield legalizes gay marriage in order to boost tourism. Hudson and Grace examine whether this episode, which originally aired in 2005, still holds up. Hudson Krakowski - Instagram - @nonboynary Grace Leeder - Twitter - @hifromgrace
September 28, 2020