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Home Health Revealed

Home Health Revealed

By Michael Greenlee and Hannah Vale
Home Health Revealed brings you real stories from real industry leaders about all things related to home health. From staffing to technology, agency start-ups to scaling and growing an agency. It's the patients that deserve the best care and we want to help our listeners get there.
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"It's Always Too Early Until It's Too Late" | How to Have Meaningful Conversations About Advance Care Directives
Wow! What a powerful quote from Carla Sutter, Director, Advance Directives Registry for Contexture. Ms. Sutter holds her master’s degree in social work and has spent her 30-year career working with organizations who are dedicated to helping clients and families care for themselves and others whose needs are changing due to age or illness. Ms. Sutter is specialized in advance care planning conversations and advance directives. Ms. Sutter’s previous work as a hospice social worker, counseling patients and families at end-of-life, has been a guiding point for her work and a reminder of who is at the core of any program on advance care planning and end of life decision making in which she is involved. Additionally, the research and writing of her master’s thesis entitled “Developing ethnic competence in social work practice” has directed the way she approaches a community centered program. Ms. Sutter is the author of Where Do We Begin: A Guide to Elder Caregiving. In this episode of Home Health Revealed, Michael Greenlee and Hannah Vale sit down with Carla to discuss how to have those meaningful conversations about end of life directives.  What keeps people from having these important conversations?  How can home health and hospice professionals be prepared to talk about these plans?  How can you write your own end of life directive?  How will you know that your wishes will be honored?  Whether it's through a state organization, place of faith or other resource, Carla encourages us to create a plan for the end of life earlier than later.  Some additional resources:  Arizona Resources on Advance Care Planning You can access advance directives forms at no cost in several locations. · Arizona Healthcare Directives Registry | · Arizona Attorney General Life Care Planning (Arizona)| · Five Wishes |  · PREPARE | Many resources provide tools to start a conversation about advance care planning with loved ones and help guide your own decision-making. · Arizona Healthcare Directives Registry | · Arizona End of Life Care Partnership | · The Conversation Project | · PREPARE | · SAGE – LGBT Elders Resources | · Go Wish Game | · Death Over Dinner | · Veterans Advance Care Planning | For more information, visit Home Health Revealed is hosted by HealthRev Partners. 
August 11, 2022
Changing Your Mindset on Time | Choosing the Right Coding Company | Regaining Control of Collections
Plan to join us for the upcoming webinar on the Home Health Proposed Rule 2023 by registering at What if time was created to protect you? How can we use it to. better our lives and how to serve others? Lack of time management causes anxiety and stress, sleep issues and even anger or depression. In the work place, it can cause burnout. As leaders, our employees have lives outside of work. Most people are fighting a battle against time before they even grab their favorite cup of coffee.  Michael gives his personal example of how he sets his daily schedule to renew his mind and be prepared for life's challenges and serve others through what he calls, "Me Inc." When is comes to finding a coding company, never make decision on price alone. Use the given steps to find the right partnership. As consumers, we are in pursuit of value that fits the price. What you are really looking for is quality, compliance, data and a brand that fits your company.  To regain control of collections, there are some common problems we have identified. From Payor set-up and intake to posting payments and claim adjustments, Home Health Revealed lists the steps to take back the process and jump start your collections. 
July 19, 2022
Automation Revolution: How Home Health is being Impacted by Robots and AI?
While automation is not new, the surge in technology and the use of additional AI features are greatly impacting the home health industry. Automation is really just the use of machines with process automation capabilities to help with processes. Many menial and repetitive tasks are being replaced with robots. With the staff shortage, the use of automation is becoming even more important. AI or Artificial intelligence is also being used. Speech recognition, image recognition, and censors are being used to create processes and make decisions. Machines or bots are programmed to perform tasks as a human would based on a set of parameters. Built using algorithms or mathematical functions. We use is all the time in social media, Alexa, smart phones, vehicles. It’s a series of inputs and outputs. It can only respond based on its programming. We have really identified three major parts of the home health process that have been impacted by automation: those are the intake process, the patient care portion, and then the revenue cycle. Listen to learn more about each of those aspect.  AND.... We're taking this show on the road! Home Health Revealed is going "on tour" so to speak. We will be recording live at conferences and trade shows this summer. 
June 16, 2022
Staffing: Generational Trends in the Workplace and The Great Resignation
Have you wondered why so many people are leaving the healthcare industry? Everyone seems to be struggling with staffing.  What is the Great Resignation?  In this episode, Michael Greenlee and Hannah Vale take a look at the generational trends in the workforce and talk about how to attract employees from the different generations.  The statistics may surprise you.  Is there such thing as loyalty to employers?  Be sure to let us know what your Commandments of Employment are! This episode is powered by Velocity. 
April 13, 2022
Author the Best Plan of Care and Clinical Documentation in 2022
The clinical documentation, OASIS and plan of care are critical pieces of patient care.  Are you appropriately using clinician collaboration? Who is considered a collaborating clinician? How do you know if you are writing a good plan of care? Where do you confirm what needs to be on the POC? Is it a good idea to create cookie cutter POCs? Can a POC be too long? How does the clinician determine what interventions the patient needs on their POC?  What does it mean to assess a "paper patient"? Join Michael Greenlee, Hannah Vale, and Anna Powers as they discuss how to author the best documentation.  Home Health Revealed is sponsored by HealthRev Partners  
March 01, 2022
Use Analytics to Drive Growth in 2022 | Industry Trends and Processes
Let's get set for success! Learn about industry trends heading in to 2022 that are affecting cashflow and operations in home health and hospice. Michael Greenlee and Hannah Vale give specific insights into the analytics that matter, what agencies should be tracking to make good business decisions and how to build a team with fresh vision.  Increase efficiency by setting goals and automating processes. What is your company DSO and how does that impact your agency? What is "the TOOTHPASTE analogy"? How do you know if something is a trend? When you're looking at your billing processes for the end-to-end revenue cycle, do these things: 1. Implement a remit forecast per payer for billing. 2. Track your days to pay and create a root cause analysis. 3. Set achievable numbers and create benchmarks. 4. Perfect the process: from NOAs to posting, analyzing AR, then claims and denial management. Be sure to hare your WHY with your team to promote your mission and create a back up plan through RIGHT SOURCING.  Analytics is the vehicle to help you achieve all your goals in 2022.  Home Health Revealed is sponsored by HealthRev Partners. Their home health solutions and hospice solutions combine technology, service, and analytics to uncover opportunities for improvement and drive peak financial performance.
January 24, 2022
Hot Topics for Home Health Agencies in 2022 | And How State Associations Can Help
Join Home Health Revealed as we tackle the hot topics home health agencies are facing RIGHT NOW. Patti Heid, Director of Clinical and Regulatory Affairs at the Home Care Association of Florida, talks with us about how associations are helping providers maintain compliance while navigating the rapid changes coming in 2022. From advocacy to education and on-going support. How should agencies prepare for the pending vaccine mandates? What does the transition from the No-Pay RAP to the NOA look like for agencies? What are staffing shortages really costing agencies? Patti, Michael and Hannah discusses and give practical information on these topics and how associations can provide support as we head into 2022. Home Health Revealed is sponsored by HealthRev Partners. Grow your agency and expand your mission with a high power revenue cycle management partner.
December 11, 2021
Are You Leaving Money on the Table? | Coding and OASIS Review for Home Health
Coding for home health is extremely complex. It not only affects a home health agency's reimbursements, but also the ratings, referrals and overall brand. How can an agency know if they are leaving money on the table?  In this episode of Home Health Revealed, Jessica Cook, Director of Coding and OASIS Review with HealthRev Partners answers our questions.  When it comes to OASIS, CMS wants to see improvement. Scoring an OASIS correctly is crucial to ensure proper payment and outcomes. Outcomes and star ratings go hand in hand because the OASIS items that are considered 5 Star items also impact the agency's overall ratings.  Every patient must have a specific plan of care. The interventions and goals must be specific to the patient. And the primary diagnosis or primary focus of care should always be on the plan of care.  Analytics are also essential to helping agencies improve their documentation and provide education.  Whether an agency is looking to outsource or they are coding and reviewing in-house, there are three things Jessica says to look for when considering OASIS documentation:  1. Is the clinician's OASIS a true reflection of the care the patient needs and is receiving?  2. Is the agency potentially leaving more on the table and do they know?  3. What impact are they having on outcomes and star ratings?  When a patient is looking for care, they are depending on the ratings of an agency as an indication of whether they will also receive quality care. Documentation affects reimbursement, ratings, and ultimately the brand of the home health agency. 
November 08, 2021
Successful Wound Care Program for Home Health with Corstrata
Wound care is a problem in home health that costs the industry $40 billion per year! Join us as we hear from industry leaders, Katherine Piette and Alicia Jenkins on how to tackle the wound care problem.  Katherine Piette is the CEO and Co-Founder of Corstrata. As a 20+ year post-acute, healthcare executive, Katherine has served in quality, marketing, and operational roles. She brings extensive experience in Telehealth, continuous process improvement, project planning, and organizational redesign for care management and high-opportunity, high-cost populations including wounds and ostomies.  Alicia Jenkins, RN, BS, CWCN, serves as Corstrata's Clinical Director of Provider Services. Alicia is a recognized, experienced Wound Consultant and leader in Home Health, Hospice, and post-acute settings. With more than 20 years of experience in post-acute care, she has extensive knowledge of virtual wound management and a proven history of improving patient and business outcomes. She offers a deep perspective on the opportunities for post-acute providers with wound and ostomy patients.  Wounds are respected in post acute as high utilizers of clinical time and wound supply resources. There is lack of access to wound experts to help improve treatment plans and financial and clinical outcomes associated with wound patients.  In this episode we talk about:  1. How big of a problem is wound care in the home health industry and what does it mean if a wound isn't treated properly? 2. What should be included in a successful home health wound care program? 3. What are biggest gaps seen within wound care, industry-wide? 4. Why is identification and staging of wounds so critical for documentation?  5. How can agencies reduce face to face visits and increase healing time? 7. What new trends are being seen in care delivery? And how does partnering with a wound care expert benefit a home health agency? 6. What are the benefits of tech-enabled wound care?  How big of a problem is wound care?  There is a lack of knowledge regarding wounds and how to address them and take care of them. Wounds are seen across all diagnoses. Frequently patients come out of the hospital with a wound(s) that linger. It's a challenge for the patient because it's painful, maybe odorous and takes time to heal. An average of about 30% of the patient population in home health has a wound. The knowledge to care for that patient need is very important.  Not only does it affect the patient, it has financial implications within the home health agency, including high supply costs.  What are the components of a successful wound care program? Katherine and Alicia give us the 6 key ingredients to building a comprehensive wound and skin integrity policy and treatment plan. One of those is the access to certified wound care specialists.  Home health wound care documentation effects treatment plan, outcomes, and reimbursement. How should pressure injuries be staged according to the National Pressure Injury Advisory Panel? Reimbursement is dependent on appropriate and thorough documentation, coding, and OASIS outcomes. It is important for agencies to have access to wound experts; Tech can enable clinicians to analyze information at the bedside.  Corstrata is a specialized Telehealth services company that offers virtual access to certified wound and ostomy specialists to improve patient outcomes and lower costs. Call 800-566-1307 for more information. 
October 05, 2021
Home Care Software Solution: What You Need to Know to Choose the Right EMR with Kristen Duell
Hannah Vale and Michael Greenlee as they talk with Kristen Duell, the EVP at Kantime. She has over 17 years of experience and is a wealth of knowledge in the health care/tech space. She loves helping people grow, learn and accomplish their goals.  Home health agencies have to find the right EMR (Electronic Medical Record) software system. Kristen talks about the real questions agencies should consider when choosing an EMR solution that works best for them.  She discusses topics like how user friendly a solution is, if it's able to grow and scale with you, considering payer diversification and the ability to flow all the way through to billing.  Kristen defines the most common functionalities that agencies should look for when making a decision about implementing an EMR solution.  One of the most important aspects is the implementation process. Kristen talks candidly about her experiences with implementation.  What should agencies look for from a clinical documentation standpoint? Online training has become an essential piece of continuing to hire and expand your organization.  Other resources for agencies includes reports, analytics and data. The decision-making process is complex. Kristin gives the top 3 questions agencies should ask when making the decision to adopt an EMR solution.  Kantime is the #1 home health and hospice EMR Solution. They offer a web-based management system in the post-acute care space: private duty, home health, pediatric, hospice and palliative care and self-direction.  Request a Demo from Kantime to learn more! Home Health Revealed is sponsored by HealthRev Partners. Grow your agency and expand your mission with a high power revenue cycle management partner.  Mention this podcast and receive up to $500 off your first three invoices with a coding or billing 12-month service agreement. Request a Quote. 
September 02, 2021
Marketing Your Agency with SEO Marketing Leader, Josh Lenz
Hannah Vale and Michael Greenlee talk with Josh Lenz, a SEO marketing leader specializing in authority marketing about how home health agencies can better market their businesses to grow and scale their businesses.   Josh shares his raw, personal story about going from the corporate world to woodworking to mastering SEO. He talks about the basic of marketing, types of content, and how to create a marketing plan.  Learn more abut the basics of marketing: traffic and conversions. Marketing strategy is so simple but it requires a routine. Learn how you can achieve success with any platform. Do one thing consistently for an extended amount of time.  The places you can publish and the types of content you can create are limitless.  There are three types of content:  1. Spoken word 2. Video 3. Written  Begin with one content form to produce content consistently on a particular platform and become the authority.  When choosing your content, picture the person you are serving. Taking care of a person is how you get your page to be seen. Write or create to a specific person to answer their question or solve their problem.  Josh talks about how to create a marketing plan that can be done in-house through his system: Explore. Analyze. Adapt.  SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means getting your website ranked for key phrases that people are searching for. Josh explains how Google is ranking content.  What is the difference in marketing and advertising? One is "free" In the home health and hospice field, as agencies are trying to grow and scale, they must create a plan that is consistent.  What is the difference in working with a marketing agency versus an individual?  Incorporating culture and portraying the heart of the company is so important to send in your marketing message.  Resources mentioned in this podcast:  Create, Verify, and Optimize My Business  HealthRev Partners  Looking for information on home health and hospice coding or home health and hospice billing? Mention this podcast and get up to $500 off your first three months of service with a 12-month agreement. 
August 15, 2021
Kick Off Episode with Michael Greenlee, Founder and CEO of HealthRev Partners
Hannah Vale and Michael Greenlee bring you the first episode of the Home Health Revealed Podcast as they bring real stories from real industry leaders about issues related to home health. The Home Health Revealed Podcast is sponsored by HealthRev Partners. So, for the kick off episode, we wanted to hear from Michael Greenlee, Founder and CEO of HealthRev Partners. He talks about why and how he decided to start his RCM (revenue cycle management) management. Find out how he models his business to build a team. He gives advice on hiring using profiling the strengths and skills of his employees, creating performance matrices to pay salespeople and service providers so that they are committed to the vision of the company.  Within his company, everyone has a voice. He believes that within his company people can disagree and be candid so long as it comes from a place of passion.  Coding and Billing can be a commodity; What makes HealthRev Partners different is that they view their role as a partner to home health and hospice agencies.  What makes the company great is the people behind the services that are provided. You can't run a company without great people and a great solution.  He tells some heartwarming stories from his childhood that helped shaped his philosophies of life and who he is today. "Always be a man of your word." What differentiates HealthRev Partners from other coding and billing services is their dedication to analytics. Velocity gives you all the analytics you need to make wise decisions and find any gaps in productivity.  You can reach out to Michael or HealthRev Partners for more information on Velocity or to learn more about their services. Join us in the next episode as we hear from a leader in SEO marketing and learn how you can grow your agency from an SEO perspective. 
July 30, 2021