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Through The Attic Door

Through The Attic Door

By Hotel Elsewhere
Step through the attic door, and into the wacky and whimsical world of Hotel Elsewhere! Join The Scientist, The Gremlin, Brian The Robot and the colourful residents of the Hotel in this narrative broadcast about secret mice revolutions, unexpected friendships, and all the radio hijacking you can handle!
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Emergency Broadcast!

Through The Attic Door

A Lukewarm Reception
With the newly formed Attic Gang stuck trying to teach the demon how to be evil, The Scientist sets to work trying to impart the knowledge of ponerology. Neither Brian nor The Gremlin is happy with this arrangement, but before they have the time to protest too much, an incoming call from the modified radio presents the Gang with their greatest and most terrifying challenge yet. Looking after the front desk...
September 15, 2020
The Advanced Rules of Objection!
With The Demon in the attic, it appears that the writing is on the wall for Albert Ackintosh! The last hope for the doomed Scientist is if the attic gang can prove his soul is more good than it is evil. With Brian The Robot proceeding as the judge, the radio on hand for testimonies, and The Gremlin as the defence attorney, it's going to take a small miracle to get The Scientist off scot-free and safe from eternal damnation...
September 1, 2020
Systematic Smiley Faces
After receiving the most terrifying broadcast of their attic-dwelling lives and finally recovering the whiteboard, the gang are desperate to find out just what is going on! Fortunately the Scientist has a flawless system of smiley faces to help identify who in the hotel could be responsible. What could possibly go wrong...
August 18, 2020
Day 14: The Whiteboard Hunt Continues
Following the mysterious and rather ominous technical faults emanating from the radiotelephonic device, Brian the Robot, The Scientist and The Gremlin delve into the the Attic's old and misused storage cupboard in search of a whiteboard to jot their ideas down upon. What awaits them is endless hours of searching, trips down memory lane, a heartfelt song and perhaps if they are lucky, they might even figure out a few clues along the way...
August 4, 2020
Emergency Broadcast!
SOS! Mayday! Emergency! At long last Hotel Elsewhere's resident attic-dwelling mad scientist has managed to get his radio to work. Just in time too, because he is convinced that the shadowy Hotel Management are after him... for some reason. Along with his robotic companion Brian, will he be able to discover the management's evil plan? Will they escape in time? Will they manage to get the radio stabilized and stop it from picking up random frequencies from other Hotel guests? It doesn't seem likely...
July 21, 2020