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HRB Portal podcast is designed to accelerate the expansion of HR & business processes' digitalization. It's targeted on aspiring HR directors & managers by offering the content that informs, educates & entertains. HRB Portal podcast is geared towards professional development, whether you're new to human resource or have been at it for decades. You can expect episodes each month featuring leading specialists of AGroup, HRB Portal community companies, HR executives, our legal partner Glimstedt representatives and other experts relevant to HR.
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#3 Business Resilience: what to do when there is nothing normal?

HRB Portal podcast

#4 AGroup has bought out the share previously sold to BaltCap venture fund
In the episode #4 we're excited to announce the successful completion of a management buyout transaction between AGroup and BaltCap. Back in 2011 we built a partnership with BaltCap, which resulted in a venture fund becoming a major shareholder of our company. All these years have been marked by the sign of productive cooperation, with BaltCap investing in AGroup’s breakthrough evolution. Particularly, it’s important to mention the contribution of Martins Jaunarajs, the fund’s partner, who we are deeply thankful to for his patience and confidence throughout all these years. Apart from BaltCap, AGroup’s shareholders also have taken part in managing our company, thus a decision has been made to buy out a share previously sold to our partners in the fund. It has been a general and thoroughly agreed solution which, we believe, will result in our further success and extensive evolution. AGroup confirms its commitment to our present development strategy: focusing on the Baltic States and Poland, on the major international companies with distributed workforce mainly from Retail & Manufacturing sectors. The company will do its best to keep on developing our main product (HRB Portal) and constantly improving the quality of services we offer. BaltCap shares our views, believing that this bargain will increase AGroup team’s motivation and have a positive effect on our business and customers. The fund in its turn is going to focus on different projects which are no less strategically important for BaltCap. “We’re grateful for the invaluable support provided by BaltCap in the timeline of our cooperation. Buying back the fund’s share for AGroup has been a hard decision, and, apparently, it hasn’t been a spontaneous one. We have to move on and expand new horizons, and the more we work, the more opportunities we see in a nearby future and the more goals to fulfill”, says Alexander Snurnitsyn, AGroup CEO. “It was a real pleasure to work with Alexander and AGroup. Over the years, the team has built a great IT solution for the management of HR-related tasks of enterprises with distributed workforce. The recent onboarding of several large companies in their respective industries in the Baltic Sea Region has been a testimony of a solid work performed by AGroup. I wish Alexander and his team success in developing the business further”, - adds Martins Jaunarajs, BaltCap partner. AGroup was founded in 2008 with an intention to become a leader in a software companies’ cluster in the Baltic States and Eastern Europe. So far, we have made 550 organizations’ lives easier with our products, in 22 countries till now – and are still expanding a customer base. BaltCap was founded in 1995 and ever since has been operating in the Baltic States region serving as a large and experienced private equity investor. Over the past 25 years BaltCap has invested in about 100 companies in a wide range of industry sectors, giving preference to those which are considered the most innovative ones. BaltCap's main goal is to develop companies into internationally recognized business champions. Host: AGroup Marketing & PR Manager, Julia Kuznecova To follow AGroup: Facebook   LinkedIn
November 11, 2021
#3 Business Resilience: what to do when there is nothing normal?
In the episode #3 we’ll explore what to do when there is nothing normal. We are experiencing such a level of disruption — extreme uncertainty and business risks are not seen in generations. Some companies freeze and fail, while others innovate, advance, and even thrive. Well, to be able to thrive in the face of a rapidly shifting environment there is an accelerated need for companies to become bionic according to Boston Consulting Group (BCG). It implies a conscious synthesis of human and technological capabilities. Building bionic companies is also at the heart of HRB Portal approach to digital transformation since it’s absolutely idle to make standalone digital improvements. McKinsey Global Survey on digital strategy (2021) confirms that the time is now to make bold investments in technology and human capabilities that will equip businesses to outstrip others in a rapidly evolving landscape. The results suggest a clear link between the technology endowment and economic outperformance.  The most digitally mature industries according to BCG’s Digital Acceleration Index (DAI) study (2021) have appeared the following: Financial institutions, Technology, Telecommunications. Apart from that the pandemic has clearly accelerated the digital development of: Consumer goods, Retail, Health care. Not surprisingly, the above mentioned industries are among the key HRB Portal adapters. Over the last couple of years the most digitally mature companies have already outperformed their peers across 9 KPIs (revenue growth, enterprise value, ROI, cost reduction, share price increase, market share growth, overall EBIT impact, digital impact & artificial intelligence impact), and they have been particularly strong in such areas as: Revenue growth, Enterprise value,  Return on investment (ROI) in digital projects. While nearly all organizations are focused on digitalization McKinsey Global Survey on digital strategy (2021) intimidates us by the fact, that only 10% of chief human resource officers agree that their organizations are prepared for the future of work.  Our HRB Portal specialists can professionally advise you how to obtain a purpose-driven digital transformation strategy which allows you to align teams, launch proper digital initiatives, and build capabilities to sustain a digital advantage. Digitally transformed HRB Portal companies are powered by cutting-edge technologies and data-driven insights possessing remarkable advantages over their competitors. AGroup CEO, Alexander Snurnitsyn asserted, “HRB Portal digitally transformed companies might see powerful outcomes, including enhanced capabilities, and better performance in terms of cost efficiency, revenues, and return on capital. They also might find a higher sense of purpose and improved organizational wellbeing.” Host: AGroup Marketing & PR Manager, Julia Kuznecova To follow AGroup: Facebook LinkedIn
November 3, 2021
#2 5 Tips for choosing a proper PAYROLL provider
Guest: AGroup CEO, Alexander Snurnitsyn Host: AGroup Marketing & PR Manager, Julia Kuznecova In the episode #2 we’ll talk with AGroup CEO, Alexander Snurnitsyn about the reasons why to outsource payroll to IT software companies and what criteria bear in mind while choosing a proper payroll provider. Perhaps you’re just looking for a simple way to automate payroll processing. Or, maybe you’d like a payroll service that comes with all extras. By the way, this year AGroup has started offering payroll outsourcing services to mid-sized enterprises starting from 100 to 500 employees since there has been a great demand for it. It’s undeniable that the best payroll services are the ones that save companies time and effort at a cost-effective price point. As a CEO, Alexander Snurnitsyn manages AGroup in such a way that employees enjoy work and are passionate about the company. Alexander is responsible for overseeing the company’s strategy and sales efforts across geographies. He focuses on building & expanding relationships with key customers & strategic business partners. For more than 20 years Alexander Snurnitsyn has been a true innovator and a product visionary in the IT industry. Alexander holds an Executive MBA degree from the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga and a Master’s degree in Physics from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. To follow AGroup: Facebook  LinkedIn
October 8, 2021
#1: HRB Mobile App
AGROUP HRB MOBILE APP will tackle management & engagement gaps in field, distributed & remote workforce operation  Nowadays, in the age of X, Y, Z generations dominating the workforce when a significant chunk of work is done “on the go”, no one can imagine a People Management tool w/o a mobile component. Well-aware of our HRB Portal customers’ needs AGroup announces HRB Mobile App release. It is targeted for self-service users such as field, distributed & remote workforce of companies operating in various geographies and languages. HRB Mobile App includes the main HRB Portal modules and functions supported by multilingual interfaces (LV, LT, EE, PL, EN) on Androids & iOS. HRB Mobile App possesses a complete set of features demanded by the majority of employees and Line Managers in their day-to-day work, for example, they’ll be able to: apply for a leave, submit claims’ expenses, assign tasks, check pay slips, approve/reject requests, receive push notifications with reading acknowledgments, send messages & reminders. HRB Mobile App dashboard is intuitive and easy-to-navigate providing you all the key features right at your fingertips. “AGroup has built HRB Mobile App on the basis of insights gathered from our customers – the leaders in their industries and gaps to fill in. Well, we are expanding the functionality of HR tools making it an integral part of our lives! It is not just about streamlining operational processes and improving workforce management, but about driving their engagement, which is especially topical during the period of remote work,” commented Alexander Snurnitsyn, AGroup CEO.Hassle-free HRB Mobile App will be available solely to AGroup HRB Portal users to come to rescue them. They'll get the data on the go with alerts to communicate messages. Come & join HRB Portal community! Folow us FB & LinkedIn Read more on
September 1, 2021