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By David Laud
Frank, open and honest conversations with Industry leaders, entrepreneurs and specialists in their field. Ideal listening for business owners, directors & senior executives seeking an Insight into effective management of common and not so common challenges. Series 1. “Coping with Covid” Series 2. “Managing Forward" Essential tips, hints and guidance. An ideal resource of essential information for anyone involved in or interested in Leadership, Management, HR, Wellbeing, Consultancy, Recruitment, Employment Law, Budgeting and Business Development.
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Talking Shop with Emma Hignett
Emma is well known as the 'Voice of London's Buses', London's Overground Trains and the London River-bus, heard by more than 9 million Londoners and tourists. To date she has recorded a mind-blowing 60,000 announcements. I will also be the voice of the new Elizabeth Line (Crossrail). Emma’s voiceover work ranges from corporate films to commercials, telephone systems to public address systems. In this podcast we explore the work of a Voice Over Artist and the experience of working from home with clients across the globe as well as Emma's additional business in running a successful PR consultancy supporting local businesses. Emma Hignett  Voice Over Artist, Public Speaker & PR Consultant Former Presenter - ITV Weather, Red Dragon Radio, Capital Gold  During her spell with Capital Gold Emma co-hosted a radio show with Jerry Springer VoiceOver Artist • Transport for London 'Voice of London's Buses' • London's Overground Trains • Elizabeth Line (Crossrail) • London Riverbus, heard by more than 9 million Londoners and tourists • Recorded a mind-blowing 60,000 announcements  Examples of other client brands • Trafford Centre • Fendi • Whirlpool • Royal Dutch Airlines • English Heritage • Virgin • Visit Dubai As well as the voice over work Emma runs a public relations consultancy specialising in independent retail. Contact Twitter @emmahignett 
November 12, 2020
The Noughty Step with Amanda Thomson
This episode is the first in series 2 which will be going under the title of "Managing Forward"  In series 1 we dealt with "Coping with Covid" and whilst we know it's still very much with us we thought a positive outlook on success and forward thinking should be our focus throughout this collection of insights. In this episode entrepreneur Amanda Thomson outlines the challenges faced this year and the success of her newly created sparkling wine which is creating quite a storm is the drinks industry. With a growing trend toward living healthier lifestyles our desire to pop a cork at the drop of a hat doesn't now need to follow with a bad head the next day. Groundbreaking brand Noughty created by Amanda and her team will truly surprise you, a vegan, halal, low sugar, alcohol free bottle of fizz, it really is very good. With growing sales and international demand we can expect to hear a lot more of Noughty with Amanda able to call on her many year's experience as a broadcaster for the BBC. A thoroughly enjoyable discussion with one of the UK's brightest entrepreneurs.   Amanda Thomson is CEO and Founder of Thomson & Scott, voted one of Business Insider’s Coolest People in Food & Drink 2019. Thomson is leading the global shift to delicious alcohol-free drinking with her game-changing Noughty - the first top quality organic, vegan, halal non-alcoholic low sugar sparkling wine. Raised on a plant-based, no sugar diet by her health-conscious mother, Thomson has always had a keen interest as to what’s in her food. Formerly an Arts Broadcaster at the BBC, Thomson moved her young family to Paris and studied for her Diploma in Wine at the renowned Le Cordon Bleu School where she was Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 and an EY Winning Woman. Thomson & Scott now sells in key territories around the world including Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the US and will shortly be appearing on the shelves at Waitrose stores. 
October 29, 2020
Expressing Opinions - Kelly Beaver, MD of Ipsos MORI Public Affairs
Outline In this episode David Laud explores the career and current challenges of one of the key figures running a globally recognised data measurement and management company. At the forefront of supporting the UK Governments efforts to contain and communicate effectively on Covid19 matters, Kelly Beaver has had a challenging but ultimately rewarding 2020. This episode of the HReSource series, covering organisational and individual responses to the pandemic, helps to shine a spotlight on an inspirational leaders work in leading a multi skilled team in delivering support for high profile clients. An open and frank conversation, which in our opinion, is definitely worth hearing .  Bio Kelly Beaver regularly engages with the Government in translating complexities into practicalities from data findings sourced from Ipsos MORI surveys and assists at both a National and Local Government level to support strategies and communication campaigns borne out of her team’s work during the current Covid19 crisis. Kelly is the Managing Director of Ipsos MORI’s Public Affairs division, a team of over 250 evaluation, advisory and social research professionals. Prior to her current role Kelly led Ipsos MORI’s policy and evaluation unit, which is now a national leader in delivering evaluation services to the UK government. Kelly joined Ipsos MORI from PwC where she worked within the Research, Strategy and Policy Group and The Evaluation Partnership (subsequently Coffey International Development). She is experienced in facilitation, negotiation, presenting to Ministers, Special Advisors and senior leadership teams. Kelly holds several honorary positions outside of her role at Ipsos MORI. These include a Senior Research Fellowship at the Kings Policy Institute, a Board Member for the Campaign for Social Sciences in the UK and as a Trustee for the Early Intervention Foundation. Kelly was a Director of the UK Evaluation Society between 2011 and 2017.
September 30, 2020
Sales, Sideburns and Side Hustles - ft. Anthony Grey
Introduction Anthony Grey is an accomplished Business Development professional who has an impeccable track record of building, managing and delivering new business pipelines. His consultative sales approach and strategic thinking has helped him build new business with globally recognised brands. Our guest has a very engaging personality and his undoubted communication skills have led to opening doors at the very highest levels in the corporate world. Interestingly he also has a side hustle that of itself can break the ice at even the hardest pitch for business. Join David Laud in a fascinating conversation with Anthony where he shares his views on the changing landscape of sales and how he’s managed both a successful corporate career and gained global recognition for his side hustle. In this, episode 9 of our covid series Anthony discusses the impact of Covid and technology on the sales process, the future of business development and challenges faced by those charged with introducing customers to the organisation. Of course we discuss the Side Hustle...and were the "sideburns" in the title a clue??   Take a listen to this entertaining episode to find out.  Links:   NetRivals  LinkedIn Profile 
September 18, 2020
"Is Big Data Big Trouble for Business?" with Cyber Risk Specialist - Claire Davey
In this Podcast we explore the world of "Cyber Security" and "Big Data".  We look at the lessons we can learn from Governments and corporations who've failed to deliver and capitalise on the undoubted advantages new technology can bring to our lives.  We also discuss the big five; Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and Twitter, their dominance of the Big Data world and moves afoot to contain and control their handling of our "private" information.  1. How do we keep up with the ever-larger number of online threats. 2. Data capture - staff, suppliers, customers, prospects has GDPR worked? 3. Compliance is it a set of boxes to tick or should we better understand the risks and implications of breaching rules? 4. Big Data… why should we be paying attention to it? 5. How has the Government adopted Big Data into its activities to meet its objectives? 6. Trace, Track and Test was trailed as a key solution to control the spread of Covid before we find a vaccine. Has it worked?  7. Examples of the misuse of Big Data   _________________________ Claire Davey is an award-winning Cyber Risk specialist. With a decade-long career working for the world’s largest broking houses, she’s helped numerous global clients understand, mitigate and transfer their cyber and contractual technology risk. In September 2020 Claire’s stepping off from the City treadmill to pursue her passion of lifelong learning, studying for a PhD in the field of addiction, while continuing her work in the cyber security field through her own venture: Claire will be running group and 1:1 training programmes for professionals who want to understand more about cyber risk and cyber insurance. Key Achievements ACII and CISSP qualified and accredited performance coach.  Winner of Team Leader of the Year Award, Women in Insurance Awards 2019 Trailblazer Award Nominee, Women in Insurance Awards 2020. Winner of the Chubb Insurance Prize for Risk Management, 2014.
August 26, 2020
Kilty Secrets - How to Create a Successful Podcast - with BBC Presenter and Podcast Entrepreneur Guy Kilty
Our Guest in this podcast is Guy Kilty. Guy will be a familiar name and voice for many radio listeners. For over a decade Guy has appeared as a regular host on BBC radio five live and its iconic and very popular “Wake Up to Money”, a 45-minute bowl of snap crackle and credit crunch. He also regularly covered the news, up all night and Radio 4’s Moneybox “Live”.  Many may not realise that Guy’s entrepreneurial drive has resulted in the setting up of a successful Podcast Production company called Dap Dip.  Dap Dip provides an ideal opportunity to call on those years of broadcasting experience, helping raw podcasters polish their craft and grow an engaged audience. In this podcast we cover... Guy's Career and Interests A Brief background of Podcasting Essential Advice for Launching Your Podcast Audio v Video Popularity and Longevity of Podcasting Vanity Pods vs Audience Driven Broadcasts Sourcing and Managing Guests Trailers and Why/When They're Important Use of Show Notes & Transcripts Promoting Your Podcast  Monetising Measures of Success Including Importance of Plays vs Impact e-mail: Headliner App - The Price of Football Podcast One Heat Minute Podcast The Dap Dip Song - Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings
August 20, 2020
Cause and Effect with Rachel Flower of Excluded UK
Today’s guest is a very experienced lawyer, leadership mentor, business coach, public speaker, advocate for female entrepreneurship and one of the leading lights of Excluded UK. Excluded UK is a group created to fight against a significant injustice suffered by millions of UK taxpayers who, without good reason, fell between the gaps and received no help when much needed Coronavirus related financial support was handed out by the chancellor. Our guest is Rachel Flower and she will be talking to me about “Cause and Effect” How to Create a Campaign Platform and Grow an Engaged, Focussed Community to Achieve Results She is the co-founder of the Broadroom a network of like-minded individuals not exclusively for women but with a clear intent to encourage, support and engage with fellow female entrepreneurs. She also runs legal consultancy Serenwood and has created another network called Free 2 ride which is an online activity centred offering aiming to grow a community of active members looking for a healthier lifestyle. Rachel lives in Yorkshire but you just might hear the lilt of a Welsh accent especially when speaking passionately as she does frequently on subjects very close to her heart. You’ll also hear in this episode how Rachel is working hard to balance her busy career as a seasoned entrepreneur and campaigner with that of an equally busy parent. When Covid19 and lockdown hit the UK most of us were in a state of shock. Fortunately the Government did take swift action when mass redundancies were looming.  We saw the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme also known as Furlough. There were other schemes announced to support the self-employed such as the Self Employed Income Support Scheme, and a Discretionary Grant Scheme co-ordinated by local authorities which has currently paid out £11 billion via 900k grants to businesses across the UK.  BUT..despite the very best efforts of a wide range of tax players from self-employed to freelancers to company directors and those denied furlough or individuals simply earning less than 50% of their income from self-employment 3 million UK taxpayers are affected by this oversight and received Zero support since Lockdown began. Excluded UK is fighting their corner.
August 5, 2020
Solving the Productivity Puzzle with Tim Ringo FCIPD
In episode 5 of our series on managing through a crisis, David Laud talks to Tim Ringo, hugely experienced corporate executive, MD of Accenture and VP of IBM and SAP.  Tim is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, has a YouTube Channel and is an author and popular public speaker. During this podcast Tim answers a broad range of questions which relate to improving our business performance and covers an outline of the key content features of his new book, Solving the Productivity Puzzle. The timing of this publication couldn't be better given the World's collective desire to re-boot and re-focus after the negative impact of Covid19.   This fascinating discussion explores; How businesses are dealing with the pandemic, Struggles with harnessing and capitalising on the advancement of digital technology, The changing workplace,  The key to creating a motivated workforce, Managing 6 generations at work,  Corporate case examples of productive best practice,  Online review sites,  Wellbeing and productivity,  The future landscape and definition of productivity, Immediate priorities for business owners and senior execs  Tim's new book Solving the Productivity Puzzle is available from publishers Kogan Page and via Amazon . For more information click here  If you'd like to join the HReSource business community CLICK HERE
July 28, 2020
Coping with Covid - Diane Youdale (Jet from Gladiators) Discusses Managing Mental Health and Wellbeing in a Crisis
Covid19 has had a widespread impact on our lives.  From the obvious fears of catching and hopefully recovering from Coronavirus to perhaps loss of work or change in pattern by working from home.  Restrictions on travel and ability to see and hug loved ones also proved to be difficult adjustments but one thing that’s quietly growing whilst all of this “strange new World” has developed around us is the impact on our overall state of mind and wellbeing. BMA mental health policy lead Dr Andrew Molodynski has said: “Covid-19 has meant a sudden and stark change in the way people live their lives but as we return to some semblance of normality, we are faced with the longer-term impact this pandemic will have on mental health. As we know prior to Covid19 the UK’s mental health services were literally at breaking point, with an expected uplift in mental health issues following the pandemic the nation could be in for a very difficult time. This growing concern is hitting large proportions of the population and it’s important that we all understand how we can be affected and what to do to prevent, mitigate or treat the symptoms and underlying causes of poor mental health. Today we are delighted to welcome Diane Youdale who’s going to help us understand the common symptoms that manifest when we’re not coping and offer some useful tips and advice on better managing ourselves and essentially others, this is important for our HReSource listeners many of whom are responsible for the wellbeing of their staff. In this episode we cover: Becoming aware of the problem and ability to recognise symptoms  Most likely causes for having poor mental health Tips and techniques to help ourselves better cope with these challenges Suggestions on how to approach others who are causing concern, family, partners or colleagues Thoughts on how you could help a colleague who you’re worried about How we can identify those at highest risk and appropriate action to take Ideas on taking a more positive and proactive approach to prevent the development of low mood, stress and anxiety Practical steps to ensure the wellbeing of staff is taken seriously and not just a “tick box” compliance exercise Our Guest - Diane Youdale Diane is of course the artist formally known as “Jet” from TV's  Gladiators. As many of you will remember she was one of the original and I think true to say one of the most popular Gladiators. Diane arrived on ITV’s primetime show following careers in gymnastics and then as a choreographer, dancer and fitness professional. Whilst she is no longer “Gladiating” she is still very active in choreography plus teaching both dance and physical fitness programmes.  Diane is also a qualified and practicing Psychotherapist/Counsellor and Coach. It’s this area that we’ll be exploring today and as Diane says herself adding Psychotherapy to her skills has helped round off her understanding of the challenge’s humans face in their lives, both physical and mental.
July 15, 2020
Ideas to Action with Dr Wendy Sneddon
Dr Wendy Sneddon shares essential advice for those of you who've decided to start a new venture as a result of your Covid19 reflections. In this absorbing conversation Dr Sneddon explores: Knowing Your Strengths Creating a Vision Setting out Clear Plans Develop and Maintain a Positive Culture Dr Wendy Sneddon RVN, MSc, AssocCIPD An award-winning author, associate member of Chartered Institute of Personnel Development.  Wendy is a UK-based experienced Business and Leadership coach with 20-plus years of helping start-up businesses, strategic planning ,and team management/training. Wendy is passionate about doing what she loves, she helps entrepreneurs to build solid foundations for a successful business, through engaging and motivating their teams, so they love what they do and stay with you.Founder of the Lodestone Lounge, an online community supporting entrepreneurs with business skills; creator of HR For You software (Cloud based Employee Management system), an online filing system for you’re all your employee data and records. Passionate about ending abuse against both human beings and animals,  Wendy Sneddon is also part of the Links Group, raising awareness of the link between animal abuse and human abuse, helping vet teams recognise non accidental injuries in animals and how to help their clients who may be victims too, currently developing resources to help employers recognise the signs of domestic abuse and know how to support their employees.Truly inspirational business support, we design & implement strategies to Attract -Recruit -Retain Great Employees & Loyal Customers  Want some help motivating your team? Need a neat way to store all your employee data and share company information? Read my book and you’ll find out everything you need to have in place to set up your own HR system.
July 13, 2020
Flexible Furlough Scheme Focus with Innes Clark of Morton Fraser
HReSource Podcasts Series 1 - Covid19 and Support for Business My guest in this episode is the head of one of the largest litigation teams in Scotland, he’s also, very conveniently, a well respected and hugely experienced employment lawyer!  In this episode (recorded 15.6.20) we cover the latest updates to the Flexible Furlough Scheme including; The background and stats to CJRS the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme Changes by month up to end October 2020, including the contributions to be made by employers Practical steps in planning ahead Taking staff back part time Rotating Furloughed staff Redundancy and alternative options to consider Innes Clark is a partner with Morton Fraser one of the leading law firms in Scotland.  Innes is an accredited specialist employment lawyer and has been listed in the elite "Leading lawyers" list in the Legal 500 UK 2020 guide to outstanding lawyers nationwide.  Just in case you're wondering, the legal matters we will discuss during our chat are common to all jurisdictions across the UK however we would strongly urge you to take professional advice if you're in any doubt over the decisions you're making for your business as a result of Covid19. Full show notes are available to HReSource members - if you're running a business or provide management support you can join our community by following this link - CLICK HERE
June 16, 2020
When David met Jeff - Interview with the founder of HReSource
A brief chat with David Laud founder of HReSource, exploring his background and the thinking behind this growing platform for business owners and executives with HR responsibility. Unashamed name dropping but an interesting conversation with one of the World's most successful online entrepreneurs creating the spark that ignited the early days of HReSource.
June 6, 2020