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Humans of Open Source

Humans of Open Source

By Humans of Open Source
A podcast where we explore the human side of working on open source software. We talk to contributors about how, what, and why they contribute in order to uncover the human element behind the open source communities that power our digital infrastructure.

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Me, Myself, and I on How this isn't a Rust Podcast

Humans of Open Source

Niko Matsakis on how Rust has Matured
Niko Matsakis works at Mozilla as a Principle Research Engineer and has been working on Rust since 2011. In that time he's seen the language and the community go through many changes. We discuss topics such as what features have come and gone in the language, how to continue fostering the culture of the community, and struggling with work-life balance when you just really love your job. Niko's blog, Baby StepsFollow Niko on Twitter @nikomatsakisFollow the show on Twitter @HumansOfOSSSend us an email at
November 07, 2020
Jeremy Walker on Being the BDFL of Exercism
Jeremy Walker is the Benevolent Dictator for Life of, an open source community of learners looking to learn or upskill in different programming languages, and volunteer mentors who shepherd those learners through their respective learning journeys. We talk to Jeremy about how he became a BDFL, about the challenges that come with having veto power over a community of volunteers, as well as Brexit (Jeremy resides in the UK). Jeremy can be reached by email at can find him very active on Exercism's GitHub.
September 28, 2020
Jon Gjengset on Finally being Done with School
Jon Gjengset is a PhD candidate at MIT's Parallel and Distributed Operating Systems group, where he works on Noria. Jon is also a prolific Rust livestreamer and contributor. We talk to Jon about how it feels to finally be moving on from academia, what he's looking for in his next gig, and how he approaches teaching. Jon's stream.Jon's YouTube channel where you can view his past livestreams.Jon's GitHub.You can follow Jon on Twitter @jonhoo.
August 18, 2020
Chris Krycho on Life Post-New Rustacean
Chris Krycho is a follower of Christ and contributes to the TypeScript and Ember.js communities. He also hosted the New Rustacean podcast, which sought to teach Rust through a purely audio format. We talk to Chris about how involved he is with Rust now that he no longer hosts New Rustacean, how his background as a Christian influences how he interacts with open source communities, as well as how he wrestles with the tensions of working on a project in the open that he hopes will one day become a source of revenue for him and his family. Chris's website.Chris's 2017 Rust Belt Rust talk titled Becoming a Contributor.Chris's newsletter issue where he writes about the tensions between wanting to keep the source of the rewrite project open, but still maintain the ability to generate revenue from it.The project allows you to write cross-platform applications using any web framework and then compile it into a performant native binary.
August 03, 2020
Me, Myself, and I on How this isn't a Rust Podcast
Hello fellow humans of open source! This a quick trailer about the goals of the show, my own background, as well as why I’m starting it and what I hope to achieve with it. Give it a listen if you're interested in all that, or you can skip it and just start listening to the main attractions. Nadia Eghbal's report on the state of open source can be found here.
August 03, 2020