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Hustle Like Hannah Podcast

Hustle Like Hannah Podcast

By Hannah Lockwood
Your "How to" guide & inspiration for turning your creative side into a business opportunity! Hannah, the owner of Hannah Danielle Dance, will be chatting to inspiring people who have turned their creative hobby into a business... sharing their stories and tips to help you realise your potential! Follow Hustle Like Hannah on social media: *Instagram: *Facebook: *Twitter:
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S2 EP20 (S2 FINALE!): Chatting to Lauren Manning (Up in Lights Dance Academy & Happy Dance UK)
This week's episode is one that Hannah can relate to a LOT. Hannah is joined by Lauren Manning from Up in Lights Dance Academy & Happy Dance UK! Having danced since early childhood, Lauren knew that she wanted to dance to play a key part in her life one way or another. Whilst assisting with some dance classes alongside her studies at university, Lauren soon realised that this was what she wanted to do in life so set up her very own classes. Starting with just 3 children, Lauren has built up her business over the years and now has around 450 pupils attending her dance school! In recent times, she has also set up 'Happy Dance' which is made up of a podcast, social media platforms, and helpful class supplies to not only help dance teachers, but to learn from and unite dance teachers with the vision of making the world a happier place through dance. Lauren is full of positivity and helpful advice for anyone looking to turn their creative passion into a business... To find out more about Lauren and and her businesses, go to: Up in Lights Dance Academy Instagram: Up in Lights Dance Academy Website: Happy Dance Instagram: Happy Dance Podcast:
May 17, 2021
S2 EP19: Chatting to Leigh Telford (My Wellbeing Pal)
**Trigger Warning** The following subjects are spoken about during this interview: mental health, attempted suicide, and eating orders (with specific mention of bulimia). If you need to reach out for help with anything mental health-related, go to: Mind (UK): Mental Health Foundation (UK): Beat Eating Disorders (UK): Mental Health America (USA): Mind Your Mind (Canada): This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, and Hannah is joined by Leigh Telford, the founder of My Wellbeing Pal. Leigh's story may be triggering for some, but it's a truly inspiring story of how you can use a difficult situation to completely transform your life for the better. Working as a marketing manager for several years in the highly stressful environment of a fat-moving corporate goods company, Leigh had found herself in a place where she felt like she had hit rock bottom physically, mentally and emotionally. Sadly, in 2007, Leigh attempted to take her own life when she decided that enough was enough, but fortunately, she survived and realised that it wasn't her time to go yet... but it was definitely time for a change! Whilst recovering from her suicide attempt, and waiting what was feeling like an eternity for some help, Leigh turned her attention to holistic healing solutions and soon began to see that this could be so much more than just part of her recovery. Holistic healing solutions led to a change in lifestyle and becoming trained as a holistic nutritionist, a yoga teacher & a reiki healer, which allowed Leigh to close the chapter on her fast-paced corporate working life for good and embark on a rewarding career doing what she was passionate about. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic hitting her business pretty hard, Leigh has used previous experiences to help her stay focused and adapt her business in a way that will allow her to expand the business even further. The conversation gets quite deep, but Leigh is full of experience and advice for anybody looking to pursue something they are passionate about... To find out more about Leigh and My Wellbeing Pal, go to: Web: Podcast: or search for "The Honey Temple" on this platform Facebook: Instagram: TikTok: YouTube:
May 10, 2021
S2 EP18: Chatting to Michael Winter (Litebulb Media)
Hannah is joined by Michael Winter from Litebulb Media on this week's episode. Michael always had a passion for writing, but he kept this as a hobby whilst building a career in the construction industry. After a decade in the construction industry, he realised it just wasn't giving him the job satisfaction he craved! After doing some casual work for a lifestyle magazine, which included a once-in-a-lifetime trip to drive a Bentley in Manchester (!), Michael was reminded of his love of writing and decided to embark on creating his own business! He wasn't too sure how to drive people to a website, so he decided to invest his time into learning all about digital marketing, before arriving at the idea of starting Litebulb Media. Today, Michael no longer works in construction. He now runs Litebulb Media full time, teaching people who are just getting started – particularly those who are bootstrapping their start-up – how to do the marketing for themselves and get past the dreaded zeroes (zero visitors, zero leads, zero sales) with his "Zero to 1k" 30-day challenge. It's definitely a conversation full of experience and useful advice for those looking to break out of employment into a creative venture... To find out more about Michael and Litebulb Media, go to: Web: "Zero to 1k" 30-day challenge: Facebook: Twitter:
May 03, 2021
S2 EP17: Chatting to Michelle Adams (Chatty Cats Care)
This week, Hannah is joined by Michelle Adams from Chatty Cats Care! Coming from a theatre background, Michelle has always been a passionate and artistic soul. She's performed with some top theatre companies, performed at many events, and even starred in an award-winning short film at just 16 years old! But Michelle has another lifelong love... a love of cats! When Michelle was at university, she wanted to find a flexible way of earning some income. She came across a job listing for a cat sitter, which sounded purrfect... It wasn't long until Michelle realised she could make some decent money doing this, especially if she cut out the middle man and ran the service as her own business. So that's exactly what she did, and 3 years later she has 14 employees and over 100 London-based clients! It's quite the success story to say the least; what more motivation do you need than a story like this?! To find out more about Michelle and Chatty Cats Care, go to: Web: Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: Podcast: or search for "The Catmaste Chronicles" on this platform
April 26, 2021
S2 EP16: Chatting to Frank Porco (Art By Frank / Against the Grain Tattoo Collective)
This week, Hannah is joined by Frank Porco from Against The Grain Tattoo Collective! Frank was always creative in his youth with a passion for art. Later in life, much to the disagreement and concern of others, he turned this love of art into a career as a tattoo artist, which led to him & a friend of his joining forces to start their very own tattoo shop in Canada during the 2020 pandemic! He's got plenty of advice on how to turn your passion into a business, as well as how to get a business off the ground even during the most turbulent of times! To find out more about Frank and Against The Grain Tattoo Collective, go to: ATG Site: Instagram (shop): Instagram (personal):
April 19, 2021
S2 EP15: Chatting to Jaime & John Caponetta (Pawsome University)
On this week's episode of Hustle Like Hannah, Hannah is joined by Jaime & John Caponetta from Pawsome University. Pawsome University was created from Jaime & John's joint love of dogs, and their passion for helping save and rehabilitate dogs in order to prevent them being given up or surrendered from their homes. Having both worked for the Monmouth County SPCA, they aren't afraid of challenges (business or dog-wise!) and they have learnt so much already since setting up just a few years ago. It's a tale of how passion, determination, and taking a risk can all pay off! Truly inspiring and helpful for any budding creative entrepreneurs out there...  To find out more about the Caponettas & Pawsome University, go to:  Web:  Facebook:  Instagram:  Twitter:  Podcast: or search for "Pawsome University" on this platform  YouTube:
April 12, 2021
S2 EP14: Chatting to Lauren Saunders (LCS Inc.)
Happy Easter, Hustlers! Whilst you're snacking on your gifts from the Easter Bunny, feast your ears on this week's episode... This week, Hannah is joined by the inspirational Lauren Saunders (LCS Inc.)! Having always been an artistic soul, Lauren began her creative journey working as an art teacher by day and running her own lash business as a side hustle. Pretty soon, the lash business took off and became Lauren's full-time job, meaning she switched her teaching job for a life as an entrepreneur. LCS quickly became a lash coaching business, helping other lash artists make it on their own, before turning into a coaching business for budding entrepreneurs in all different industries! Today, Lauren lives a life full of travel, freedom and passion, just like she always wanted, and she helps many ambitious and heart-driven business owners achieve their potential by teaching them to implement the 3 Ms: mindset, marketing & manifestation! You don't want to miss out on Lauren's motivational tips & tricks, so get listening... To find out more about Lauren, go to: Web: Instagram: Facebook: Podcast ("The Aligned Entrepreneur Podcast") - Spotify: YouTube ("Wine & Wisdom with Lauren and Tara"):
April 05, 2021
S2 EP13: Chatting to Rachel Allen (Bolt from the Blue Copywriting)
Hannah is joined by Rachel Allen, Principal of Bolt from the Blue Copywriting, in this week's episode. Rachel's passion for writing began at a young age and has always been a key part of her life; so much so that her schooling led onto graduating with a degree in journalism. Like many graduates, finding a job was hard for Rachel, so after working a job where she was just unpacking boxes all day long, she set herself a mission to work for herself WHILST travelling the world! One regular day, Rachel came across the term "copywriting" and knew right away that THIS was how she was going to use her passion to make money and create a successful business. And the rest, as they say, is history! Rachel's story is full of lessons and tips, so you're in for a treat... To find out more about Rachel and her business, go to: Web: Facebook: Instagram:
March 29, 2021
S2 EP12: Chatting to Stacy Juba
In this week's episode, Hannah is joined from across the pond by Stacy Juba, who turned her love of writing into a career as an author, online course provider & freelance developmental book editor. In 2019, Stacy also founded the "Shortcuts for Writers" group which now has over 1500 members, with new members joining daily! Stacy has a lot of advice for anyone looking to turn their hobby into a business, with tips for everyone (not just writers!) - so be sure to listen in! To find out more about Stacy, go to: Web: Shortcuts for Writers (Web): Shortcuts for Writers (Facebook Group): Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn:
March 22, 2021
S2 EP11: Chatting to Tara Huddless (Tara Huddless Coaching & My Mentor Finder)
This week, Hannah has an exciting announcement to share... she's going to be on the radio, featuring on BBC Radio Sheffield's Upload Show! Check it out on BBC Sounds or BBC Radio Sheffield on Thursday 18th March 9pm-10pm (GMT).  Hannah is also joined by another guest this week; a fellow dancer and entrepreneur! Tara Huddless from Tara Huddless Coaching & My Mentor Finder is joining the show this week to chat about how she turned a lifelong passion for dance and fitness into a business in the early '00s, which grew into having a hen party branch for a number of years and has now further evolved into a successful coaching business. This then somewhat led onto her SECOND venture called My Mentor Finder, a platform helping to connect mentees and mentors online, which launched in July 2020... and Tara has created and ran both of these businesses alongside establishing a successful corporate career! So whatever stage you're at with your creative business journey, Tara's got the experience and advice for you! To find out more about Tara & her businesses, go to: Tara Huddless Coaching (Web): Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: My Mentor Finder (Web): Instagram: Facebook: LinkedIn: VivaSynch Instagram:
March 15, 2021
S2 EP10: Chatting to Lane Kawaoka (
This week, Hannah is joined by Lane Kawaoka from Lane's story is one of leaving a full-time job as a civil engineer to turn a passion for helping people find financial freedom into his full-time venture! Stemming from a hobby of podcasting and blogging about personal finance, Lane started building a real estate portfolio on the side of his engineering job until he was able to give it his undivided attention two years ago. Known as the "Real Estate Anti-Guru", Lane provides people with financial advice with the goal of helping them break out of the "Wall Street Roller Coaster". He's got plenty of tips for those of you looking to turn your creative side into a side hustle that may one day become a full-time business... so listen up! To find out more about Lane &, go to: Web: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: Podcast: search "Passive Real Estate Investing via Simple Passive Cashflow" on this platform
March 08, 2021
S2 EP09: Chatting to James Mulvany (, &
This week, Hannah is joined by fellow podcaster, and all-round audio enthusiast, James Mulvany. James is no stranger to the entrepreneur life, as he created his very first business, inspired by his love of radio & broadcasting, at just 16 years old, and he has been his own boss ever since! This entrepreneurial streak continued throughout his university life and has led him to build multiple internet companies during the past 15 years. His current ventures include:, & He's got a lot of experience and passion for the topic of turning your creative side into a business, so have a listen to get motivated and inspired! To find out more about James or his companies, go to: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: LinkedIn:
March 01, 2021
S2 EP08: Chatting to Aman Agarwal (Sanpram Transnational)
This week, Aman Agarwal joins Hannah to talk about how he turned his hobby of writing into his own business! It began with writing about technology for fun on the open writing platform 'Medium' and giving his friend - who had sadly fallen victim to an app developer's scam - a free lecture in order to give him more knowledge to avoid this happening again. Fast-forward to now, and Aman has turned his hobby of writing into Sanpram Transnational; helping people who aren't very tech savvy gain more knowledge and become more 'digitally fluent'. He set up his business during the 2020 COVID pandemic, so he can also share tips on how to be resilient and thrive in hard times! To find out more about Aman or Sanpram Transnational, go to: Web: Free essays: LinkedIn:
February 22, 2021
S2 EP07: Chatting to Diana Grant
Happy belated Valentine's Day, Hustlers!  On the subject of Valentine's Day, this week's guest is none other than the "leader of a love revolution" herself, self-love coach and author, Diana Grant. Diana has always been a creative person, dabbling in hobbies such as painting and writing, and she has always had a passion for people & creating a world of love and beauty! She's worked in many industries as an employee, including retail and HR, but 12 years ago she set up her very own digital programme and started training clients, and has never been happier. With so many more avenues in Diana's coaching business, and multiple layers to her story, Diana's experiences and abundance of advice is sure to help you keep the (self-)love alive! To find out more about Diana, go to: Web: Email: YouTube: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn:
February 15, 2021
S2 EP06: Chatting to Joel Holc
This week's episode is a little bit different... Hannah's guest this week is Joel Holc, and his creative business story isn't one which stems from a hobby, but one which stems from finding passion from a life-changing experience. Joel has owned many businesses along the way, but these were typically formed on the basis of "how can I make money?", but after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease 12 years ago, Joel's perspective on life changed completely. Now, Joel's passion is happiness and self-healing. Drawing on his own experiences with self-healing, and defying conventional doctors' predictions of being in a wheelchair by now, Joel is now an energy healer speaker & author helping others to heal organically and take back control of their own life & happiness! It's a truly inspiring story for everyone, especially if you're battling obstacles and feeling a lack of control in your life right now... To find out more about Joel, go to: Web: Instagram: Twitter: Book (Amazon): LinkedIn:
February 08, 2021
S2 EP05: Chatting to Brianna Parks (Brianna Parks Photography)
This week, Hannah is joined by Brianna Parks from Brianna Parks Photography. Brianna was always a creative person, but her love of being behind the lens started purely as a hobby! However, after getting married and realising her heart wasn't in the medical field like she originally thought, Brianna picked up photography again... only this time, she meant business! She now runs a successful elopement photography business based in California as well as studying full time back home in Idaho! She may only be young, but she's definitely got some useful tips for all the creatives out there! To find out more about Brianna Parks, go to: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Pinterest: TikTok:
February 01, 2021
S2 EP04: Chatting to Kyle Leeman (Detached Media)
This week Hannah is joined by Kyle Leeman from Detached Media. Having been an avid lover of shooting videos and film-making since the age of 11, Kyle has spent his years focusing on media in his studies and working on perfecting his editing skills when shooting some fun personal projects. Since deciding to start up as a freelancer, Kyle has spent the last year building a name for himself and growing his client base, despite some difficult bumps along the way! He's got plenty of tips and advice for you creatives out there, and he even talks about how the COVID pandemic may have actually HELPED online/digital businesses... To find out more about Kyle and Detached Media, go to: Email: Fiverr: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube:
January 25, 2021
S2 EP03: Chatting to AJ Krow (Peak Luxury Travel)
This week, Hannah is joined by AJ Krow from Peak Luxury Travel. Rewind to almost a year ago, AJ was about to embark on his transition from a stable public company job to his "dream job" with a mature startup company... but sadly 'rona was round the corner ready to change AJ's path completely! Without a job, AJ quickly adapted to the changes going on around him and decided to take a risk by throwing himself into self-employment. He has taken his hobby and passion for travel into his very own travel agency called Peak Luxury Travel; a full service travel planning & booking company, specialising in high end luxury resorts, and helping people collect and use points/miles to book unforgettable experiences! With lots of sound, realistic advice, AJ's story is sure to boost your motivation... To find out more about AJ and Peak Luxury Travel, go to: Website: Instagram: Facebook:
January 18, 2021
S2 EP02: Chatting to Brenden Kumarasamy (MasterTalk)
Hannah is back with the guest interviews and is kicking us off by chatting to the young, confident MasterTalk coach Brenden Kumarasamy! Brenden used to find great joy in presenting, and he even used to take part in 'competitive presenting' while he was at university. When he joined the corporate world, he spent his downtime making "how-to" YouTube videos on topics such as public speaking. After discovering that there was an interest in his videos, Brenden decided to set up "MasterTalk" - his very own online coaching practice & YouTube channel. Through MasterTalk, he helps people of all ages and from all walks of life master the art of public speaking. Need a confidence boost to kick off 2021 with? Here's the one to listen to! To find out more about Brenden and MasterTalk, go to: Web: YouTube: Instagram: Facebook: LinkedIn: Twitter:
January 11, 2021
S2 EP01: New Season, New Year... What's New?
Hello Hustlers, and welcome back! Hannah is BACK and ready to bring you your weekly dose of #MondayMorningMotivation again! Kicking off season 2 with this little introductory episode, Hannah is taking centre stage and is wrapping up how she spent the festive season, sharing her advice on how to cope with Lockdown 3.0 while explaining how she's shifted her mindset to a more positive and manageable one for the New Year, and giving you an insight into some exciting guests you can expect to come across in season 2! This podcast is as much yours as it is Hannah's... so if you want to appear as a guest on the show, or you're a listener who simply wants to share your thoughts, feelings, stories, questions or advice, email or DM Hannah on Instagram. Don't forget to like, rate, and review the show, and make sure you subscribe to Hustle Like Hannah so that you never miss an episode!
January 11, 2021
S1 EP18 (S1 FINALE!): Chatting to Laura Di Franco (Brave Healer Productions)
It's the FINALE of season 1! And what an inspiring episode to end the season (and 2020) on... In this week's episode, Hannah is joined by Laura Di Franco from Brave Healer Productions. After having gotten into journaling in her teenage years, and gaining around 30 years of experience in the physical therapy field, Laura started her own physical therapy business where she also did her own writing & blogging for the business. 2012 came around, and Laura self-published her very own book, which helped trigger the birth of Laura's second business - Brave Healer Productions - in 2015. Laura's main focus now is to help other healers get their words published and their messages shared far and wide! This is a truly enlightening episode packed full of stories and tips for everyone... To find out more about Laura and Brave Healer Productions, go to: Web: Collaborative Book Project Page: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn:
December 21, 2020
S1 EP17: Chatting to Aaron Hunt (The Personal Brand Photog)
This week's episode of Hustle Like Hannah sees Hannah chatting to Aaron Hunt from Aaron Hunt Photography & The Personal Brand Photog! He tells us all about how his love of photography encouraged him to take a leap of faith and trade in a career as an engineering leader for a life as a self-employed photographer. He has also had other endeavours, such as a podcast and a virtual summit, come to life off the back of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. With plenty of experiences and anecdotes behind him, you're bound to find some useful tips within this episode! To find out more about Aaron and his brand, go to: Web: Facebook: Instagram: Podcast:
December 14, 2020
S1 EP16: Chatting to Karla Singson
Hannah is joined by serial entrepreneur and “wonder child” Karla Singson in this week’s episode. Having graduated university at just 19 years old, but not seeming desirable as an employee for companies, Karla started both freelance writing gig along with a flower shop, despite having no real money in her pockets. Fast-forward 11 years and Karla’s flower shop is now a family franchise, and she owns multiple other businesses as well as being a successful motivational speaker & author! She’s seen and learnt a lot, and she’s here to share it with you! To find out more about Karla, go to: Web: Proximity Placements: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: Medium:
December 07, 2020
S1 EP15: Chatting to Lady Mekaella DeMure
This week's guest is across the pond in the USA. Lady Mekaella DeMure is the "fan girl with fan girls" who discovered her love of cosplaying & fire eating as a teenager, and turned it into a multi-decade, award-winning career as a performer & producer in traditional theatre, burlesque & nerdlesque! She's also recently written and released her own book called "Policing Muses". She's got a lot of stories and advice, including how to tackle certain issues and pressures surrounding body image and inclusivity - don't miss this treat of an episode! To find out more about Lady Mekaella, go to: Web: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: Book: "Policing Muses: A History with Pasties & Mirkins"
November 30, 2020
S1 EP14: Chatting to Amy & Megan Pickard (hAPpea creations & pastel paca)
Hannah has a double whammy episode today, as her guests are twin sisters Amy & Megan Pickard who have both turned their hobbies into their own creative businesses! Amy used her love of arts & crafting, including embroidery, sewing & crocheting, to help fund her university placement and, after finding success with this, she decided to set up her own Etsy store under her brand name: hAPpea creations. In 2020, due to the impact of the COVID pandemic, Megan joined forces with Amy and set up her own 'sister' brand called Pastel Paca. Pastel Paca was born out of Megan's passion for the likes of crocheting and jewellery making. Being a Master of Science student, Megan was just crafting as a way to wind down, but she saw the potential in selling her crafts and decided to also take the plunge into the business world! They may have been in business for different lengths of time, but both of these sustainability-conscious, business-savvy sisters have their own stories and tips for you all! To find out more about hAPpea creations or Pastel Paca, go to: hAPpea creations Etsy: Instagram: Facebook: Pastel Paca Etsy: Instagram:
November 23, 2020
S1 EP13: Chatting to Effiena Mesquitta (VBC - Vegan Beauty Cosmetics)
In episode 13, Hannah is joined by Effiena Mesquitta from VBC (Vegan Beauty Cosmetics). Effiena used to enjoy doing nail art for a bit of fun, and even pushed herself a little further by exploring how to create her own nail polish. A little down the line, she decided to turn this little hobby of hers into her very own business. VBC has been running for 6 years now, and Effiena has even branched out into other vegan beauty products, such as bath bombs (get your Christmas bath bombs ordered!). She's got quite the story to tell, and plenty of advice for those of you aspiring to turn your creative "side hustle" into a comfortably-paying full-time job! To find out more about Effiena & VBC, go to: Shop: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
November 16, 2020
S1 EP12: Chatting to Charlotte Hamilton (Sugar Storm Studio)
In episode 12 of Hustle Like Hannah, Hannah is joined by Charlotte Hamilton from Sugar Storm Studio.  Charlotte always thought she would follow a traditional route to follow her passion and become an artist, but unfortunately that didn't quite pan out. After jobs in a nightclub and as a receptionist didn't give Charlotte the fulfilment she longed for, she put one of her sketches on a t-shirt and decided to put it up for sale on Facebook. Long story short... this is where the birth of Sugar Storm Studio happened! Sugar Storm Studio is now a business encompassing fashion, creative content, and DIY workshops with three core values: inclusivity, sustainability, and empowerment. With a range of experiences, challenges & tips to share, Charlotte will help you realise your hobby to business potential! To find out more about Charlotte and Sugar Storm Studio, go to: Web: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Spotify: Other links (including shop, blog, workshops etc.):
November 09, 2020
S1 EP11: Chatting to Poppy Mae Higgins
This week Hannah is joined by Poppy Mae Higgins who, at the young age of 21, has turned her self-titled blog into a business. She talks about how you can overcome self-doubt, and that you're never "too young" to enter the entrepreneurial space! To find out more about Poppy and her blog, go to: Blog: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Pinterest: LinkedIn: YouTube:
November 02, 2020
S1 EP10: Chatting to Wayne Veldsman (Vel. Consulting)
Wayne Veldsman from Vel. Consulting joins Hannah all the way from Denver (Colorado, USA) to chat about his hobby to business journey! Wayne used his love of all things technology to help create an online clothing boutique called "Campus Casual" back in 2014. Since then, he has used his passion for media creation and technology to further enhance all of his other business ventures and to help other entrepreneurs boost their businesses. With lots of stories to tell, advice to share, and an upbeat vibe, this week's episode is sure to leave you with a dose of Monday Morning Motivation! To find out more about Wayne and Vel. Consulting, go to: Web: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Podcast: LinkedIn:
October 26, 2020
S1 EP09: Chatting to Dominick Domasky (Motivation Champs)
Another international guest joins Hannah in this week's episode. Dominick Domasky is chatting to Hannah about how, after going broke and losing everything at the age of 26, he has turned his long-term love of reading and writing inspirational stories into his very own publishing company. He is a published author, and also owns "Motivation Champs" - an inspiration sharing platform helping aspiring authors achieve their goals too! He's here to shed a light on the challenges he has overcome, and how rewarding working for himself has been - it's truly a dose of Monday Morning Motivation! To find out more about Dominick and Motivation Champs, go to: Web: Youtube: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:
October 19, 2020
S1 EP08: Chatting to Sarah-Jayne Bell (PPD Studios)
This week Hannah is joined by Sarah-Jayne (SJ) Bell, the founder and owner of PPD Studios. SJ is here to talk about how she turned her hobby of pole fitness into her own studio, where she & her team teach pole, aerial hoop, aerial silks, zumba, and so much more! There's been a lot of battles along the way, including her ongoing battle with M.E., but she's here to show us how strong her passion still is and give you some "top tips" when it comes to YOUR hobby to business journey! To find out more about PPD Studios, go to: Web: Facebook: Instagram:
October 12, 2020
S1 EP07: Chatting to Tom Bithell (Seamless Design Online)
Tom Bithell from Seamless Design Online joins Hannah to talk about his hobby to business journey. Tom was always a creative child & teenager who loved writing stories and being involved in photoshoots, and when approaching his university graduation in 2018, Tom turned what was initially just a module project for his Journalism degree into his very own business! SDO is a multi-platform hub of information and inspiration that has a focus on all things ethical, eco, and sustainable within the worlds of interior and style. For any young budding entrepreneurs out there, Tom has some key insights and advice to share with you! To find out more about Seamless Design Online, go to: Hub: Podcast: Shop: Instagram: Facebook:
October 05, 2020
S1 EP06: Chatting to Emily Supiot (Cozy Clicks)
Emily Supiot from Cozy Clicks joins Hannah to talk about how she turned her passionate talent into a business. Like most parents, Emily was always taking photos of her children as a way to capture memories and maintain her artistic side, and after friends & family praised the great quality of her photos, Emily took the plunge to set up 'Cozy Clicks'. Having expanded this business into an educational service too, Emily is here to talk about her experiences and offer help to any budding entrepreneurs facing the dreaded "imposter syndrome". To find out more about Emily & Cozy Clicks, go to: Web: YouTube: Facebook: Instagram: eCourses: Podcast (webpage): Podcast (Apple Podcasts):
September 28, 2020
S1 EP05: Chatting to Graham Glossop (Glossy Glow Candles)
Graham Glossop from Glossy Glow Candles appears on Hustle Like Hannah to talk about his transition from hobby to business during the UK lockdown. Always looking for the next challenge, Graham turned his hand to candle-making & up-cycling beer cans. Soon after, he was quickly captivating his Instagram followers and gaining customers! It may be early days, but Graham has already got plenty of advice for anyone looking to monetise their hobby! To find out more about Graham & Glossy Glow Candles, go to: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: "Confusions of a 30 something" Podcast: "Unforgettable Travel Stories" Podcast (Instagram):
September 21, 2020
S1 EP04: Chatting to Eve Howlett (The Secret Circus)
Eve Howlett (aka The Queen of Heartbreak) from The Secret Circus chats to Hustle Like Hannah about her journey from creative hobby enthusiast to creative business owner. Having spent years enjoying all things entertainment - from life modelling and performing, to making show jewellery and costumes - Eve has created her own empire, putting on shows full of burlesque, comedy, circus skills and so much more to audiences in the UK, Los Angeles & New Zealand! She has plenty of advice for anyone looking to make a career out of doing what they love! To find out more about Eve & The Secret Circus, go to: Instagram (personal): Instagram (business): / Facebook: YouTube:
September 14, 2020
S1 EP03: Chatting to Craig Rowe (Oz Swoosh &
Craig Rowe from Oz Swoosh & joins Hustle Like Hannah all the way from Brisbane, Australia to talk about his extensive journey from hobby to business. Craig has a background in graphic design, and talks about how his "child's play" and creative endeavours in childhood have paved the way for, and enhanced, all of his businesses in adulthood. He has a wealth of experience and tips for any budding entrepreneurs and hustlers out there! To find out more about Craig's work in his different businesses, go to: ( Web: Instagram: Twitter: Email: (Oz Swoosh) Web: Web (Shop): Facebook: YouTube: LinkedIn: (People With a Passion) YouTube: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:
September 07, 2020
S1 EP02: Chatting to Ben Bowden (BB Graphic Design)
Ben Bowden from BB Graphic Design appears as the very first Hustle Like Hannah guest to talk about his journey from hobby to business. Ben, a young entrepreneur from Manchester (UK), defied the odds of the 2020 UK lockdown and turned his passion for graphic designing into his very own business. He shares his story and tips for fellow graphic designers & people looking to turn their passion into a business opportunity. To find out more about BB Graphic design, and to contact them, go to: Web: Shop: Email: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Please note: there were some technical issues when editing the audio, so apologies if the sound quality dips from time to time. These issues have been ironed out for future episodes!
August 31, 2020
S1 EP01: Introducing Hustle Like Hannah
"Hustle Like Hannah" is your 'how to' guide & inspiration for turning your creative side into a business opportunity, and breaking the stigma that creative businesses are just glorified hobbies! Do you have a creative hobby or passion? Have you ever fancied yourself as a bit of an entrepreneur? Perhaps you didn't even realise it was possible to turn your hobby into a business?! Hannah, the owner of Hannah Danielle Dance, will be chatting to some inspiring people who have turned what was once a hobby/passion into a successful business venture. They'll be sharing their experiences and tips to help YOU realise your potential!
August 31, 2020