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The Cash Flow Agent Show

The Cash Flow Agent Show

By Cash Flow Agent
We started this podcast to focusing on the Real Estate Agent and Brokers community who want to develop another stream of residual income leveraging their real estate license
It broke my heart when we see the average real estate agent make less than $30,000 pear year in income and has no other mean to survive other than just selling houses
It is about time you stop chasing that commission check and start focusing on building your business and create a legacy for you and your family!
Like Tom Hopkins said : "You are your best client". Let's serve you 1st before everybody else!
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eXp Shareholder Conference 2022 Recap | What to do in a Real Estate Market Crash or Correction
In This episode I will cover my note and key take away of the eXp Shareholder Conference 2022. and a few thought on my head on what to do when things are uncertain. Some of the link and note mentioned in the podcast can be found here:
June 26, 2022
Random thought on Strategic planning & AAPI Social Media Panel with Garrick Yan, May Pham, and Tara Trang Le
Some random thought came to me while i was playing at the pool table and how to generate real estate lead via social media.  Follow May Pham Follow Tara Follow Garrick Yan Follow Huy
May 22, 2022
How Residential Agent can get into Commercial Real Estate & the proven path to success
How Residential Agent can get into Commercial Real Estate & the proven path to success in Commercial Real Estate
May 15, 2022
Serving the underserved | Treat review like your life depended on it | Push the market using video marketing with David Truong , Luann Shikasho & Denise Mai
Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month is here and what's better than kicking it off with a panel full of Rockstar's! Follow LuAnn Follow David Follow Denise What do you want to hear next? write to the cashflow agent at
May 08, 2022
The Art of the Invite - With Wilco Ravestijn
All credit goes to Wilco and his mentorship and leadership throughout the years
May 01, 2022
Wearing High Heels to Inspect the foundation - A Flip or Flop story with Elva and Jenny
Show note: Flipping your way to success Austin 2022 Event (RSVP Required) Personal Investment Philosophy
April 24, 2022
14 Principles of Building any Business
I recalled these from memory of a training i attended while waiting for my flat tire to be fix on the way to dallas. 1.  Be Duplicatable Everything start with duplication. imaging a thousand people do exactly the same thing you did 2. Don’t compare yourself to other people and stop looking for perfection. I’m not perfect. Exp is not perfect A Lot of people quit exp because we are not perfect when our stock are 3 dollars. What do you think they are feeling now? 3. Host Event go to event- buyer / seller / agent. Funny about event. Most top producer show up. Have u try to invite a low production agent to an event? What do tell you? excuse 4. Follow up but don’t chase people / dont mistake the persistent and consistent with desperation. Positioning -positioning when negotiating. Set yourself up or your teammate up for success. Pitch anything 5. List - get a big list it couldn't get simpler than that. Show me your list of potential buyer, seller, agent and i ll tell u how well your 6. Accountability partner - talk to weekly daily. Cant do this alone. I think i want to quit many time. But it’s my partner who drag me along and when or she want to quit. I drag him or her along. Someone that share your vision and u work on it together 7. Stop knowing all the answer - stop being a know it all - part of the duplication process is not having all the answer. Why is it important? leverage. If people see u acting like u know everything, then they can’t see themself. Just play dumb. But there is this gal her name is Tu Anh, billy let see if we can get him on the phone 8. Fact tell, story sell. Nobody care about just list just sold, just listed. No one care about how many loan you close a month, except for your competition. But when they ll congrats for helping that buyer close a home with and adu… help the seller sell the home so he can move out of state and venture out. When her revshare covered her mortgage and she never have to worry and i will make it happen for her. Learn to attach story into every thing you do 9. Fell felt Found. Man I know how you feel, I felt the exactly same way when i sell my house, but I what I found out is…connect with people on an emotional level. 10. Listen Listen Listen Listen Listen - Real Estate agent talk too much why out the seller why and dig in 11. Throw up - throw down worst thing you can do - don’t expect your team to do it for you 12. Never ever ever ever quit - you are going to be challenge. Something is going to come along and test you. There will be a day of reckoning - but you never quit. - it that one connection, one relationship - one phone call. It will not happen when u want it to happen 13. Visualize where it is going to be? Everything you ever wanted and . Vision chart. Wealth chart keep an eye on your target. Donut hole example 14. Never forget number one
April 18, 2022
BRRR and Airbnb A perfect combo for You to Win in this market!
In this course you will be able to put together one of the most powerful method of real estate investing: Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance…and Repeat. Topics covered included the basic of BRRR, and a bonus topic of Short Term Rental At the end of the course, You will be able to identify the right property to apply this method and create wealth for yourself, your family, and your client. The Rich invest as if they have no money. So should you! #airbnb #brrrr  Huy Nguyen  TREC Sales Person Realtor #621921 eXp Realty  Cash Flow Agent   DISCLAIMER: This Audio content is intended only for informational, educational, and entertainment purposes. Your reliance on any information on the channel is  SOLELY AT YOUR OWN RISK
April 10, 2022
Strategy Session with Hoss Pratt - Best-Selling Author I Expert Authority on Lead Generation & Lead Conversion | Keynote Speaker | Trainer | Coach | Entrepreneur
The man, the myth, the legend, the person that sponsor both Grant Cardone, and Tarek el Moussa will come and speak exclusively to us and i was so humble to have this capture and published on our Cash Flow Agent Show Podcast! For those that know about my monster and unicorn story and how i came into relationship with him. This is it! If not tuned in to find your own unicorn in this recording. I am sure he will bring tons of value to the table and shed a light on how to lead a Sale Organization full of celebrities About Hoss: One word describes the man who gets more results out of real estate agents and brokers than any other sales trainer in the country... PASSION! A nationally known authority when it comes to lead generation and conversion, entrepreneurship, and selling, Hoss Pratt has demonstrated time and time again during his stellar career that using his revolutionary sales and marketing strategies can move agents and brokers from stuck to super-charged in just months— changing lives and changing fortunes. Hoss can show you what kind of MINDSET it takes to succeed. He can introduce you to the MODELS, tools, and resources that will accelerate results to take your business to the next level. Just be prepared to take MASSIVE ACTION! MINDSET + MODELS + MASSIVE ACTION = SUCCESS More from Hoss: What separates Hoss from all other coaches, real estate trainers, and so-called ‘gurus’ is his ability to get results FAST. He’s presented over 1,100 sold-out webinars and online events, conducted over 1,300 live seminars in 48 states, knocked on over 100,000 doors, made over 200,000 prospecting/sales calls, presented at 2,150 kitchen tables, and personally trained thousands of successful agents and industry professionals. Hoss is also an in-demand keynote presenter and trainer at major real estate conventions and live events, where he shares the stage with other nationally recognized industry leaders. Hoss Pratt is the CEO and founder of Hoss Pratt International, the premier resource for agents and firms that want to take their business to the next level. This renowned coaching and training firm helps clientʼs build better real estate businesses. Nothing is more important to Hoss than his family. He takes every opportunity to spend the majority of his time with the love of his life, wife, and best friend, Mykanna and their three young daughters. See less
November 30, 2021
Step 1. Pray to God. Step 2.Read the Financial Statement - An interview with Juan Hernandez
I don't even know how to start introducing my good friend and mentor, Juan Hernandez into the show. We came across each other path from an investor networking event in Houston Texas. Unlike most people at the event that tend to talk about themselves and what they do and partying their soul out. I spot Juan casually having a serious conversation with everyone around him. The intention is not to let people know what he does, but rather to focus about the person he is speaking with and learn more about them and their business. We ran into each other just like that and become friend since then. Juan has a very unique niche that are outside of most people mind. Rooming houses! For years, Juan and his company has been provide hundreds of housing solution for low income people, keeping them out of the street, and helping city of Houston solve the problem homelessness. Juan's two step to be a successful investor: Step 1. Pray to God. Step 2. Read the Financial Statement Enjoy the show! Book that are mention in the podcast Follow Juan on social media:
October 07, 2021
How to close 15 deals a month as a solo agent with Linh Luong
If this podcast is not going to drop your jaw, I don’t know what will. Minh and I was able to have a chance to sit together with Linh Luong for just a short 30 mins and was able to collect so many wisdom and golden nuggets. In this short episodes, We will get to know Linh a little more and we discusses so much about Social media, system and processes, mindset and even Commercial Real Estate that anyone can apply to your own business. To be able to achieve capping status and well on the way to ICON (among many other things) is an amazing accomplishment that Linh was able to achieve in such a young ages. I hope this podcast will inspire many other real estate agents and brokers to be the best they can be. Together we will be able to go so much further.  Getting to know Linh. ✅ 29 years old ✅ Mother of 2 ✅ Experienced Commercial & Residential Real Estate Agent in Houston, TX ✅ Capped in 2 month of joining EXP as solo agent ✅ Helped over 100 families to sell/buy their properties ✅ Own a Shopping Center ✅ Own a laundromat ✅ Met and had lunch with the world famous Billionaire Warran Buffett at Berkshire Hathaway’s headquarters in Nebraska. ➡️ Her goal? To Icon in November and build the best real estate team in Houston 👊 Link that was mention in the podcast: Commercial RE conference: Personality Test: Brent Gove Podcast: Mua nhà Houston: Follow Linh on IG: To partner with Linh: Schedule a zoom call with Linh: and mention Linh Luong in the note
September 13, 2021
Demystifying eXp Realty
In This special short episode my co-host May Pham and I will demystifying everything you need to know about eXp Realty.  Topic covered in the show: 1. Is eXp a pyramid scheme? 2. Is Revenue Share sustainable? 3. Everyone is recruiting at eXp, no one is selling houses 4. The stock is not real. 5. It’s a virtual company and everyone are so disconnected 6. eXp realty is losing money 7. eXp is an MLM. 8. You have to recuit at eXp 9. eXp is a better fit for experience agent. I am new, there for I have to go somewhere else 10.There are no support at eXp eXp partner with us: IG: FB: Blog: eXp Asian Network
September 06, 2021
The Build Conference recap
Had a chance to sit down with my high energy co-host May Pham and capture some note that we took from the build conference last week. This is hand down one of the most amazing conference that eXp was able to put together. Its just amazed me every time I went to the conference. every speaker, every leader has a different way of doing business. Everyone is so unique and everyone is successful. There is really no excuse for us to not success in this business! To eXp partner with us: IG: FB: Podcast: Blog: eXp Asian Network Lets just chat
August 30, 2021
Principle for business, and for life with Hanh Dao - Loan Factory
In this episode, Hanh Dao from Loan Factory will share with us her principle, in both business and life, and what make her rise to the top #10 in the nation when it come to mortgage and lending Read more about our company, and what we do to help real estate agent scale up to leave a legacy for them and their family follow Hanh: Follow May on IG: eXp Partner with May and I
August 17, 2021
Selling 300+ homes a year and leading an organization of 800+ Agents |Jeff & Amanda Whitespeare
I been waiting for this interview to have a chance to brag with the world about my business partner at eXp Jeff & Amanda Whitespeare.  In this episode, They will share their story on how they get started on real estate, how they sold their 1st home all the way to selling 300+ homes a year and leading an organization of 800+ agents and brokers at eXp Realty. Stay tune, take tons of note and don't blink! Read more about our company, and what we do to help real estate agent scale up to leave a legacy for them and their family
August 10, 2021
Is airbnb a right choice for short term and mid term rental?
a perspective about short term rental from the guest. I have a unique chance to interview with Luqi Chen. he has been staying at my airbnb for over a year. In this Episode, Luqi will tell us what is it like to stay at an airbnb vs hotel from a guest perspective. And what he has learned in real estate by just staying in close proximity with me for the last year at the Hidden Attic. Follow Luqi Follow Huy  Linkedin: IG: FB: Read more about our company, and what we do to help real estate agent scale up to leave a legacy for them and their family
August 04, 2021
Interview with Huy Nguyen - Host of Cash Flow Agent Show - By John Tsai
pretty excited to edit and upload this interview that i did with john not too long ago. We talk a lot about mindset, time management, and the reason why i started in real estate. Follow John Tsai Follow Huy Learn more about our company and what we do
July 28, 2021
A Follow up Interview with our very own agent May Pham #MBAAagent
A 2nd interview with our rockstar and future to be icon agent Minh (May) Pham - Houston #MBAAgent She dropped so many golden nuggets during the interview that will blow up your business! make sure to watch the whole thing!! Question covered in the interview: 1. Remind us, who is May, where she came from, how long have you been in the real estate industry? 2. Could you tell us one or some of your challenges and how you overcome them? 3. --Time management. tell me how you have time to do all this? 4. Tell us about your absolute nightmare deal and how you are able to work it out 5. Not only you are able to create success for yourself, but i notice  that you are also spending a tremendous amount of time helping other agents success? Why train your own enemy? 5. congratulation on being a top 10% influencer people in the company. What's your plan for the rest of the year once you hit ICON? How to Reach out to May: IG: FB:
July 22, 2021