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I Have Seen Niagara

I Have Seen Niagara

By Nonhorse and Love
Come, stay a night with us at the motel that goes by many names, here in weird and magical Niagara Falls, NY. Let us be your guide through the suicide and honeymoon capital of the world, city of light and dark wonder, with stories of the bizarre and soundscapes of creepy delectation. Enter with your eyes closed and your mind open, as we send logic over the brink.
Featured weekly on Wave Farm Radio, WGXC-90.7 FM.
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The Ice Bridge (in memory of David Crandall)

I Have Seen Niagara

The Ice Bridge (in memory of David Crandall)
Last month, the I Have Seen Niagara team lost a good friend, and important member of the show, with the passing of David Crandall. David's unmistakable noir baritone was featured in several episodes, most notably as the recurring character, The Sergeant. He was also a skilled audio engineer, and someone we could also go to for ideas and advice. In this special episode, The Ice Bridge, we use some of our remaining bits from recording sessions with David, and retire his character by weaving him into the fabric of Niagara Falls. We'll be taking the rest of the summer off to regroup, but in the meantime, here are a few of our favorite episodes feature David Crandall, enjoy: "Dear Diary, I Kill Daredevils" "Birthmark of the Beast" "A Chimp Named Mark Twain" "The Massive Entering" The Ice Bridge was written and narrated by Ric Royer. Soundtrack by G Lucas Crane. Additional vocals by Crane and David Crandall. 
August 09, 2022
Beyond the Western Door: In the Forest Where Animals Talk
Have you ever wondered why anytime anyone needs to escape the many civic predators here in Niagara Falls, the first place they run is the forest? Well, running into the woods is part of a grand tradition in times of need here, and rightly so. For the woods surrounding the falls are full of helpful animals who can talk, and who love to provide advice, tidbits, and hints to whatever ails you. There is candy hidden in their feathers and an otter can always be counted upon to sharpen a pencil. If you even need a band-aid, they got you covered. But beware, animal advice is not always made for humans, and the music the animals play may not be fit for human ears. This time, Beyond the Western Door, we will try to hear their call. Voices: Miriam Atkins Angela Moore Jason Conklin Clemence Freschard Stanley Brinks Robert Norman Joseph Ahearn Kengo Ikeda-Iyeki Simone Bonzon´e
July 25, 2022
Daredevils, part 5: The Wooden Spaceship
Season finale! A great wooden spacecraft is being built. The ship is intended to fly the last few remaining daredevils away from Niagara Falls, and to a new planet of refuge (or at least as far as Detroit). But the ship has one last stunt to pull before leaving town, it will either be the greatest daredevil stunt of all time, a complete disaster... or both. Written and narrated by Ric Royer, soundtrack by G Lucas Crane. Additional voices by David Crandall, Jasmine Knapik, Zach Trebino, Zach Keebaugh.
July 01, 2022
Daredevils, part 4: "Dear Diary, I Kill Daredevils"
The daredevil body count is on the rise in the City of Niagara. The Sergeant of the Police Squad is playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse with the killer. Only, he is both the cat AND the mouse. How far will his mind let him go with delusions of heroism, when deep down he knows he's just a puppet for the twisted plans of the Mayor with the Unpronounceable Name? As he nears his breaking point, he turns to drinking and watching too much television. BUT WILL IT HELP?? Written by Zach Trebino. Voices: David Crandall (Sergeant), Admiral Grey (Ursula), Tony Pepperoni and Zach Trebino. Soundtrack by Alice Kemp.
June 09, 2022
Daredevils, part 3: Blood of the Daredevil
Anthony comes from a long line of daredevils, but he has always fought the thrill-seeking impulse in his blood. But his blood is getting louder, and more dramatic. Anthony finds himself in a battle against his own hemoglobin, beckoning him to dare against the devil. With the draconian Niagara Falls daredevil ban in place, Anthony must choose a life struggling against his calling, or a life hiding in the forest. Story, narration and soundtrack by G Lucas Crane. Additional vocals by Angela Moore.
May 25, 2022
Daredevils, part 2: The Nabisco Kid's Last Leap
Legendary Niagara Falls daredevil The Nabisco Kid takes one last plunge down the mighty waterfall, this time without a barrel, head first, right into a boulder. His son must identify the body at the coroner's office, but without a map, and far from home, the Nabisco Kid's kid could be in for trouble, especially if he doesn't start dreaming! Written by Devon Fick, soundtrack by Alice Kemp. Voices: Aaron Lowinger (Coroner), Deanna Knapik (mom), Ric Royer (son), Zach Keebaugh (The Classicist)
May 12, 2022
Daredevils, part 1; The Daredevil Museum
Daredevils have always held a special place in Niagara Falls lore, but when the town started cracking down on all forms of stunts, daredevils were forced underground. When two veteran daredevils, Ace Dog and The Nabisco Kid, find each other at a secret Talk House, a plan gets hatched to pull off the greatest stunt of all time. It's certain death, no matter what! Written by Ric Royer, voices by Ric Royer, David Crandall, Zach Trebino and Miriam Atkin. Soundtrack by L.A. Fontaine.
April 20, 2022
We're back in March with DAREDEVILS!
The Mayor of Niagara Falls approves this message!
January 10, 2022
Beyond the Western Door: Overheard at the Oracle Feed n' Seed
Lets take a detour to the Oracle Feed n' Seed on the corner of Packard and Porter. The only local Feed n' Seed that sells both good coffee and psychic advice along with 50 pound bags of dog food and horse inseminator syringes; the only local business that contains the true oracular power of the falls themselves. When things seem murky and unclear, stop in and buy six dozen baby chicks in a box, and ask the owners and proprietors Agnes and Red Burbandonophon about your future. Is that website you're working on going to be successful? Will you finally get that rare beanie baby from that jerk you continue to be friends with? Do the evil sprits that pursue you know how hot the real estate market is? Like, do they? It's so fucking crazy out there right now........beyond the western door. Written and composed by G Lucas Crane. Voices by Ric Royer, Kayla Elrod and Angela Moore. 
December 30, 2021
Psychic Network Niagara, part 5; The Missing and Probably Dead Podcast
Our season 4 finale gets nicely wrapped up by Barbara, host of the Missing and Probably Dead podcast, a nationally renown show about people who disappear and usually turn up dead. The case of the missing psychics in Niagara Falls gets featured in a national spotlight after the psychics all suddenly return, and act like nothing happened. Barbara probes into the many questions that the case leaves hanging: What happened in those hills? Why is everybody acting see eerily happy? And what's with the sound of a jam band playing under everyone's breath as they sleep? Story by L.A. Fontaine. Soundtrack by Brett Masteller. Voices: Ric Royer, Ronnie La Hoyt, David Crandall, Admiral Grey.
December 29, 2021
Psychic Network Niagara, part 4; Birthmark of the Beast
A cable access show gets a mysterious call from a mayor with a mysterious name about a birthmark with mysterious origins. Written by Zach Trebino. Voices: Zach Trebino, Ric Royer, David Crandall, Tony Pepp and Paul Panamarenko. Soundtrack by G Lucas Crane, including a sample of Rully Shabara & Wukir.
November 24, 2021
Psychic Network Niagara, part 3; True Fortunes
A drifter comes to Niagara Falls seeking his true fortune told. He heard there is an old deadhead in town with a magic live set recording, and if you listen to it with him he will tell you your future. Also the drifter is buying up all the jars in area for other crank divinations, creating a massive jar shortage. Written, composed and narrated by G Lucas Crane. 
November 18, 2021
Psychic Network Niagara, part 2; Lillyville
Big Psychic Jim's search for his psychic son brings him to Lillyville, town of psychics. NOTE: Before listening, please be sure to have all microwaves turned off, unplugged and placed outside. Written by L.A. Fontaine. Voices: Ric Royer, Admiral Grey and Annie Taylor. 
November 11, 2021
Psychic Network Niagara, part 1; Big Psychic Jim
A psychic seeks guidance from a psychic to help find his psychic son who was abducted by a group of psychics at a psychic retreat. Written by L.A. Fontaine, featuring Ric Royer, Miriam Atkin and Malka Main. Soundtrack by guest artist Brett Masteller. Hear more from Brett, including the full soundtrack -->
November 04, 2021
Season 2 is gone with the Cave of the Winds
Season 2 is over! Now here's a song about a place we'll soon visit, The Cave of the Winds! Song by Ric Royer and G Lucas Crane, you can download it here:
October 20, 2021
Beyond The Western Door: Bottled Glory
This week's episode gives us a window into the future with a swirling crystal sphering of scenes from our next season, Psychic Network Niagara! Every season, we take a sharp turn with tape deck investigator G Lucas Crane as we probe deeper into the mysteries of our Niagara with a mystical sonic textual deep dive, plunging us beyond words, beyond narrative, Beyond the Western Door. Voices: Jonah Levy Isabel Kagan, Kevin Thurston, Kayla Elrod, Admiral Grey, Miriam Atkin, Angela Moore, Dr. Bank
October 15, 2021
Legends of the Falls, part 5: The Hourglass
Season two finale! It's news reporter Zach El Keebaugh's final night in Niagara Falls, and it could be his final night on earth if THE HOURGLASS of eternal youth is delivered to the wrong door. Written and narrated by Ric Royer. Soundtrack by G Lucas Crane. Voices: Zach Trebino (Zach El Keebaugh), Deanna Knapik (Hourglass Lady), David Crandall (Biker), Admiral Grey (Hospital Corners), Miriam Atkin (Maid), Zach Keebaugh (Lace Mummy), Noah Britton (TV). Best experienced while watching accompanying video by Zach Trebino on our youtube channel:
October 14, 2021
Legends of the Falls, part 4: Lace Mummy
Grace is given a manila envelope as part of a gig for WizGigs temp agency. On it is written the detailed origin story of the Curse of the Lace Mummy, as well as intricate instructions for the contents of a mysterious pine box in her trunk. If not followed correctly, could she be the next to fall under the spell of this diabolical curse? Written and narrated by G Lucas Crane. Soundtrack by G Lucas Crane too!
September 29, 2021
Legends of the Falls, part 3: A Chimp Named Mark Twain
The Niagara Falls Police Squad brings in a man for questioning after his wife is found dead. When the suspect claims that a mysterious chimp may have done it, the Sergeant wonders if Mark Twain (a ghost chimp) is at it again. Suspect played by Ric Royer, Sergeant by David Crandall, Officer Tony by Tony Pepp. Soundtrack by G Lucas Crane, written by L.A. Fontaine.
September 23, 2021
Legends of the Falls, part 2: Devil's Hole Pizza and Ribs
News reporter Zack El Keebaugh investigates the rumors death and cursed food surrounding Devil's Hole Pizza and Ribs. Written by Devon Fick. Soundtrack by G Lucas Crane Zack El Keebaugh: Zach Trebino. Ronnie: Ronnie La Hoyt. Chasm: Tony Pepp
September 15, 2021
Legends of the Falls, part 1: The Wagon Wheel
Season 2 begins with a trip to Niagara Falls for news reporter Zach El Keebaugh, who is sent to do a feature on urban legends of Niagara. His first stop: The Wagon Wheel, a notorious dive bar where legends are made... and perhaps El Keebaugh is the next one. Zach El Keebaugh: Zach Trebino. Vomiting magician: Chad Raines. Bartender: Miriam Atkin. Randy Newman: Ric Royer. Written by L.A. Fontaine.
September 07, 2021
Season 1 Wrap and Trap
Season 1 is over. Now listen to a song by this season's musical guests, The Shy Boyz. Do watch the video for this too, it's something:
August 24, 2021
Beyond the Western Door: Magnetic on Main
Every season, we will probe deeper into the mysteries of the storyline through a mystical sound and text experiment, plunging us beyond language, beyond narrative, Beyond the Western Door. This month: Magnetic on Main. Sound and text by G Lucas Crane. Voices: Dr Bank, G Lucas Crane, Angela Moore, Kayla Elrod and Jason Conklin.
August 17, 2021
The Sunflower Cult, part 5: Alone with a Living Body
In our full-length season 1 finale, a young man accompanies his uncle across the border, but he stops moving and speaking so he thinks he's dead. But death is not the end...not when you're in the company of The Sunflower Cult. Sound by G Lucas Crane. Nephew: Ric Royer. Uncle: David Crandall. For full listening effect, watch with accompanying video by Zach Trebino!
August 17, 2021
The Sunflower Cult, part 4: Voices from the Other Side
S1 E4: A lowly employee at the Ransomville Outdoor Auction and Flea Market finds a cassette tape that uncovers the truth behind the Sunflower Cult, but will the Niagara Falls Police Squad believe his story? Also, Easy Diesel is now dead. Collectively written, sound by G Lucas Crane. Bug Child: Admiral Grey. Employee: Ric Royer.…More
July 28, 2021
The Sunflower Cult, part 3: Midnight Fog
S1 E3: It’s a close call for Easy Diesel, a truck driver and former profiterole runner, who discovers the secret mansion of the Sunflower Cult. Written and recorded by L.A. Fontaine, sound by G Lucas Crane, guest voice Zach Keebaugh.More
July 21, 2021
The Sunflower Cult, part 2: The Massive Entering
S1 E2: Rodeo and Aunt Denise go on Oprah to defend the Sunflower Cult and The Massive Entering occurs. Written by L.A. Fontaine, sound by G Lucas Crane. Featuring the voices of Roy G Biz, Miriam Atkin, L.A. Fontaine and G Lucas Crane.More
July 14, 2021
The Sunflower Cult, part 1: I AM A DOOR
Welcome to Season 1 of I Have Seen Niagara: The Sunflower Cult. Tonight, someone wakes up in room #33… trouble ahead, trouble behind.Written by L.A. Fontaine, sound by G Lucas Crane. Featuring the voices of The Shy Boyz, Haleh Khojasteh and Ric Royer.More
July 04, 2021