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I.A. Podcast

I.A. Podcast

By Israa A.
Listen into my shenanigans about food, poetry, Sudan, politics, rants & who knows what else...
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Sudan Art and Design Library ft Mohamed Elhassan & Heba Bella

I.A. Podcast

Sudan Art and Design Library ft Mohamed Elhassan & Heba Bella

I.A. Podcast

Sudan Art and Design Library ft Mohamed Elhassan & Heba Bella
The mission of the Sudan Art and Design Library is to provide free and open access to materials and services to people of different ages and backgrounds. .إن مهمة مكتبة السودان للفنون و التصميم هي توفير وصول مجاني و مفتوح لمواد و خدمات لأشخاص من أعمار و خلفيات مختلفة Check out our website for more information: VOLUNTEER WITH US! / !تطوع معنا DONATE / يتبرع Feel free to contact us at:
April 28, 2021
Digital Sudanese Poetics Archive ft Matthew Sage - Cached Media
Happy National Poetry Month!  In this episode, I introduce you all to Matthew Sage. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing-Poetry and a Master of Fine Arts in Writing. He’s done various creative works and currently runs an intermedia platform called Cached Media. He was my instructor at Northeastern Illinois University for the course Writing in CMT (WIP) then later my research mentor for the McNair Scholars Program, assisting in my research project called the digital Sudanese Poetics Archive ( Check out Matthew Sage's works:
April 14, 2021
Deaf History Month - Deaf Culture/Audism + Music
It's Deaf History Month so I thought to talk about types of deafness, deaf history, deaf culture, and audism in this episode to bring awareness. Also, to speak about my personal experiences as a black deaf/hearing impaired person in America and my experiences with listening and creating music. ***If you are deaf/HOH and would like the transcript of this podcast episode and/or any other episode please contact me at ~ Support The Chicago Hearing Society: + Donate + Sign Language Classes at CHS ~ Check out my music: + Bandcamp + SoundCloud  ~ Deaf Communication by Innovation in Chicago (Matt Lieberman) ~ Archive about deaf black culture/history ~ Black "Deaf" History Month ~ Black Culture ASL ~ CONVO (Deaf-owned) ~ Some Deaf YouTubers Mentioned: + Sign Duo (Deaf Man Vs. Drive Thru) + Rikki Poynter + Jessica Kellgren-Fozard
April 7, 2021
Importance in Diversifying American Libraries ft Lesley Williams
Lesley Williams has worked as a Librarian for almost thirty years. She was known as the first full-time African-American Librarian at Evanston Public Library. In this episode, Lesley and I communicated about the importance of diversifying American Libraries when it comes to all diverse backgrounds in all communities, such as race, age, religion, disability, LGBTQ+, and many others.       ABOUT LESLEY / PRESENTATIONS  Jewish Voice for Peace at Chicago
March 31, 2021
Anti-Blackness in The Arab Community + Colorism
In this episode, I speak about my own experiences and others on topics related to anti-blackness within the Arab community and colorism in society.   **Disclaimer: Yes not ALL Arabs and yes this sadly happens in ANY community/country.   INSTAGRAM  Essential Resources on Racism and Anti-Blackness in the Middle East and North Africa 
March 24, 2021
Sexual Harassment in Sudan ft. Reem Shawkat
Check out Reem's Instagram Volunteer for Project Taghyir  "A community for individuals who are no longer satisfied with accepting things as the way they are. We are challenging ideas, systems, and beliefs that are harmful in order to create space for positive and limitless individual, and community development in Sudan and its diaspora." - Reem Check out the #ItsNotOkay movement on Instagram and be a part of the movement. 
March 17, 2021
Interview: Poet - K. Eltinaé
Be on the lookout for his amazing poetry book “The Moral Judgment of Butterflies”  Check out his works on:  INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK
March 10, 2021
Background about the Black Lives Matter Movement. Also, my background as a Sudanese-American about how it has impacted the Sudanese community and the rest of the world. Check out for more details. INSTAGRAM 
February 22, 2021
Introduction: Who the hell am I?
Introduction about who I am & what I am about. Be patient with me I’m still learning how to podcast. I started this podcast because I have a lot to say about a lot of things. Buckle up & listen in! INSTAGRAM
February 14, 2021
Welcome to I.A. Podcast!
Hello everyone! My name is Israa and welcome to my podcast. Whether you’re drinking some tea in the morning, going out for a run or driving your car listen into my shenanigans about food, poetry, Sudan, politics, music and who knows what else….I hope you get to know me more and also my amazing guests. Talk to y’all later byeee!
February 12, 2021