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The Ian S. Hoover Show - Business, Entrepreneurship, Motivation, Investing, Real Estate

The Ian S. Hoover Show - Business, Entrepreneurship, Motivation, Investing, Real Estate

By Ian S. Hoover
A random business podcast, focused on everything business. Sometimes we will have interviews, motivation talk, business talk, investing talk, training, tips and more.
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Real Estate Deal or No Deal

The Ian S. Hoover Show - Business, Entrepreneurship, Motivation, Investing, Real Estate

Real Estate Deal or No Deal

The Ian S. Hoover Show - Business, Entrepreneurship, Motivation, Investing, Real Estate

How Lack Of Sleep Effects Business
How Lack Of Sleep Effects Business   In this clip from my interview with car dealer icon Jim Shorkey, we discuss lack of sleep and how that effects business and life.   Here is the link to the full interview:   HMU on social @ianshoover    #sleep #lackofsleep #business #life #worklifebalance
September 24, 2021
Using peoples money for real estate investing
Using peoples money for real estate investing   In this episode, I discuss what is other peoples money IE private loans or hard money loans to fund your real estate purchases.   Follow me on social media @IanSHoover  #OPM #Otherpeoplesmoney #hardmoney #privateloans #realestate #realestateinvesting
September 20, 2021
Multiple streams of income - Is it good or bad for business?
Multiple streams of income - Is it good or bad for business? In this clip from my interview with Jim Shorkey, Jim breaks down how multiple streams of income can be bad for business, you can watch the full interview here:  Follow me on social media @ianshoover  #Multiplestreamsofincome #business #income #motivation
September 13, 2021
Business Owner How To Have A Stress Free Vacation
Business Owner How To Have A Stress Free Vacation   In this Episode I talk about my personal tips for how to have a stress free vacation as a business owner, this is from years of having stress filled vacations in the past and what I have learned from that over the years.    Follow me on social media @ianshoover   Please sub if you enjoy this content and check out my other content for business owners #Business #Businessowner #Businesstips #Stress #free #vacation
September 7, 2021
#Realtor Nation Interview w/ Realtor Sean Sabina - Grow Fast While Having A Good Work-Life Balance
#Realtor Nation Interview w/ Realtor Sean Sabina - Grow Fast While Having A Good Work-Life Balance  In this episode I sit down with my good friend and fellow #Realtor Sean Sabina about his #business and how he is growing so fast while balancing work and life. He #sold 15 #houses in his first year, 30+ in his second year and now is working on building his team.  An offshoot of my old style show the Realtor Nation, tune in because you will enjoy this interview. Find me on Social media @ianshoover or email me  #realestate #realtor #interview #worklifebalance #buildingateam
September 1, 2021
Real Estate Deal or No Deal
Real Estate Deal or No Deal   In this weeks episode I play real estate deal or no deal with a $60k house in Washington PA for a potential rental property.  Hit me up on social @IanSHoover #RealEstate #Dealornodeal #Realestateinvesting #rentalproperty
August 23, 2021
Increase Success From Increasing Efforts - A Clip From My Sit-down With A Business Legend
Increase Success From Increasing Efforts - A Clip From My Sit-down With A Business Legend   I had a long interview with business icon Jim Shorkey, this is a short clip from the interview where Jim talks about how you can make the most of a $7/hr job by increasing efforts and that will increase your success.   If you bring $15 per hour effort to a $7 per hour job, you will increase your roll with the company or someone else will find you by noticing that increased effort.  Don't forget to sub to the channel and follow me on social media @ianshoover   #increase #success #business #legend #motivation
August 20, 2021
15 Ways To Increase Rental Property Cash Flow - Passive Income With Real Estate Investing
15 Ways To Increase Rental Property Cash Flow - Passive Income With Real Estate Investing   In this episode I discuses 15 ways you can increase the cash flow coming in on your rental properties, everything from property upgrades, buying the right property, finding tenants, and making your rental the best it can be.   Maximizing your rental cash flow with these 15 ways will improve your income, allow you to invest more cash into your business and increase your net worth.   Don't forget to sub to the channel and follow me on social media @ianshoover   #rental #property #cashflow #landlord #income #buyandhold #realestateinvesting #passiveincome
August 16, 2021
Should I buy this house? For under $50k? Would I rent or flip?
Should I buy this house? For under $50k? Would I rent or flip?    In this episode, Ian takes his 10 year old apprentice Olivia out to tour a foreclosure in an outskirt area of Pittsburgh. Then we spend time going over the rehab budget, if it makes sense as a rental or flip, or if it makes sense at all.    View the property on #Zillow here:  Visit us on social media @IanSHoover @DeaconHoover Visit our sites &   Checkout Ian's #Podcast on #anchor or any podcast platform   #Realestate #Realestateinvesting #flipping #buyandhold #rentalproperties #rehab #shouldibuy #foreclosure #zillow
August 9, 2021
Landlord 101 - How to find a good tenant for your rental property
Landlord 101 - How to find a good tenant for your rental property   In this episode, Ian talks about what he looks for when renting a property to a potential tenant. The application process, credit check, background check and many other tips for making sure you end of with a GOOD tenant and don't lose money.   #Landlord #Landlord101 #Landlording #Findingtenants #RentalProperty #Realestateinvesting  Visit us on social media @IanSHoover @DeaconHoover  Visit our sites &   Checkout Ian's #Podcast on #anchor or any podcast platform
August 3, 2021
Motivation Monday - Small changes make a HUGE impact on business & life - A penny doubled
In this episode Ian discusses the power that small changes can make to your business and life, make one at a time and implement them into habits then do it again, by the end of the year you will be impressed with the changes and what impacts they made. #Business #Life #Motivation #MotivationMonday #SmallChanges #Bigresults 
August 2, 2021
Sit-down with Pittsburgh business legend Jim Shorkey - A auto dealer icon
What a fantastic talk I had with Jim, we sat down and discussed his life, fall and rise of his wonderful business the Jim Shorkey Auto Group that now features 12 dealerships over western PA. We get into what he is working on now in retirement and his absolutely high goals he plans to achieve still in his life.  Jim is now focused on his business on REthinkU where for only $97 you can buy his course that will help you achieve life changing development! And the fantastic cause a community of young woman network inspired by the tragic loss of his niece Hannah. We ask that you join the movement and visit the website and donate $23 to help the cause. I learned so much from my time with Jim and I hope you will too!  @ianshoover on Facebook, IG & Twitter @deaconhoover  
July 26, 2021
How to get a career in Real Estate
In this episode I talk about the steps needed to obtain a real estate license and the three main opportunities to get into. Property management (the most flexible, consistent income), Residential sales (the most competitive, higher income potential), Commercial sales (larger commissions, hardest to break into).
July 22, 2021
5 easy ways to invest in Real Estate with LITTLE or NO money!
In this episode I talk about what I feel are the 5 easiest ways to get started with real estate investing, we talk about traditional buying, BRR, Flipping, Wholesaling & FHA. All of these options offer a relatively easy or inexpensive barrier of entry to building wealth and generating passive income.
July 20, 2021
Motivation Monday - Love what your do or fix it now!
In this quick motivational clip I go over taking massive action to change your life, today!
July 19, 2021
Season 2 - E1 - Starting fresh - New show discussing all thing business
This is a short intro to the new show taking over for my old show the realtor nation podcast, I will be doing a little bit of everything within the business world, motivational clips, interviews, educational shows. Really anything that comes to mind to share.
July 18, 2021
EP22 - Jeffrey Brogger - Digital Marketing For Real Estate Agents In 2020
In this episode Ian sits down with Jeffrey Brogger the founder of & RealNurture.ioThey talk about all things digital marketing, CRM's budgets, and much more!
June 10, 2020
Episode 21 -Alex Reinig of Redtree Mortgage
In this episode of the Realtor nation I sit down (remotely) with Alex Reinig of Redtree mortgage, we discuss him opening his own mortgage business and somethings to focus on during COVID 19
April 30, 2020
EP20 - Flipping & Working w/Flippers
In this episode Ian crams his 3.5 hour CE class into a half hour cram session, he talks about working with flippers and doing some flipping for extra income and experience.
April 14, 2020
Ep.19: Team Vs Broker
In the latest episode of The Realtor Nation Podcast, host Ian Hoover breaks down the pros and cons of starting a real estate team versus starting a real estate brokerage.Ian breaks down the difference between the two in several categories, including being able to leverage time, overhead, turnover, expansion, commission percentage, start-up capital, and more.Don't miss this highly informative one-man show! Visit for more details!
January 24, 2020
Ep18: Gigi Barnett, a 20-year television news anchor and creator of "Story Sell Your Brand"!
In the latest episode of The Realtor Nation Podcast, Ian Hoover sits down with Gigi Barnett! Gigi is a 20-year television news anchor and creator of "Story Sell Your Brand", where Gigi shows realtors how to get on TV and radio, and how to add a dose of celebrity to their brands through media appearances!Other topics covered include:• Why realtors don't have to be a high-level real estate agent or have a slew of sellers and buyers before getting local media attention.• How agents can do their own public relations and see results with easy 30-minute-a-day action steps.• How agents can find the best real estate and housing news content that producers, editors and reporter crave.• The currency that allows agents to get on TV, radio and in publications the fastest.Ian and Gigi also trade marketing stories and tips. Don't miss this highly informative episode, as Gigi brings a wealth of knowledge to the table!
June 29, 2019
Ep17: Josh Adamek, President and Investment Manager for Adamek Ventures, Inc.!
In the latest episode of The Realtor Nation Podcast, Ian Hoover sits down with Josh Adamek, President and Investment Manager for Adamek Ventures, Inc.!Josh has a strong investment background in the Pittsburgh market. Since the inception of his investment career at the age of 21, Josh has been a principal in more than 100 residential and commercial real estate transaction with a market value in excess of $20,000,000. What made this possible for Josh is the safe, secure use and leverage of private and institutional investor capital. A true testament to Josh’s values and business sense is that through all of these transactions he and his companies have never, ever missed a payment or targeted return for their investors and almost every investor has chosen to reinvest when given the opportunity. As Adamek would say, “It sometimes take years, if not decades to build relationships and credibility. Minutes, if not seconds to destroy them.”In addition to his work with Adamek Ventures and his other company, Synergy Capital, Inc., Josh volunteers his time serving as President on the board of directors for Acre of Pittsburgh. Acre is a real estate investors association with more than 400 active members and has been around since the early 80’s. Acre’s purpose is to develop and support responsible real estate investing through networking, training and education.Along with being an active board member, Josh was asked to start teaching investment classes and workshops through Acre of Pittsburgh. He began doing so but only as an opportunity to give back to the group and other organizations. Rather than accepting payment for these classes, Josh chose to run the events as fundraisers donating all net proceeds to Glimmer of Hope, a Pittsburgh based breast cancer foundation.This episode is filled with information from two highly successful entrepreneurs! Don't miss this one!
June 17, 2019
Ep16: Jesse Wig, Owner of Lifespace and Atlas Estates (and self-proclaimed "Bearded Bowtie Guy!")
In this episode of The Realtor Nation Podcast, Ian Hoover sits down with Jesse Wig, Owner of Lifespace and Atlas Estates. Jesse's big personality and positive mindset really set the tone for a fantastic conversation between two highly motivated and successful entrepreneurs.Jesse also adopted the moniker of "Bearded Bowtie Guy", and we can't say we disagree. The beard is a thing of beauty. In fact, Jesse filmed a TV pilot for HGTV! Ian and Jesse's bold personalities make for a fun and must-listen episode!
May 8, 2019
Episode 15 - Sit Down Interview w/ Ian Hoover, Co-Owner & Broker of Record at Deacon Hoover Real Estate Advisors
In this episode of The Realtor Nation, we turn the tables and put host Ian Hoover in the hot seat! Ian discusses what led him to real estate, his goals, the importance of planning, and much, much more. Don't miss this special episode!Visit!Follow Ian Hoover on all major social media platforms by searching "Ian S Hoover"!
April 17, 2019
Episode 14 - Doug Raible - Financial Professional
Doug Raible, President of The Sterling Heights Financial Group, sits down with Ian to discuss the financial world and how it can impact Realtors.
March 20, 2019
Episode 13 - Mortgage - Jason Horr
Ian sits down with Jason Horr of Tara Mortgage to discuss the mortgage industry
February 27, 2019
Episode 12 - Contractor Vs Realtor With CEO of Shannon Staley & Sons - Steve Daniele
Steve & Ian chat about the relationship between contractors and agents, the problem with the contracting model and we find out how the name of his company was created. Don't miss this one!
February 20, 2019
Episode 11: 10 Things You Should Be Doing In 2019
Ian Hoover discusses 10 things you should be doing in 2019 to grow your #Business!The 10 areas are:1.Goals 2. Expireds3. Networking4. Blog & #Vlogging5. Calling past clients6. Farming7. Social media8. Learning9. Building relationships10. Leveraging relationships Let's grow our Real Estate businesses together!
February 11, 2019
Mike Pastor, The Property Whiz!
The long awaited return of The Realtor Nation Real Estate Agent Podcast with Ian Hoover is back! In this terrific episode, Ian sits down with Mike Pastor, the Operations Manager of The Property Whiz in Pittsburgh, PA! Focusing on wholesale deals, single rehab projects, and multi-family and commercial rental properties, Ian and Mike use their years of experience to deliver a highly informative conversation you won't want to miss!Visit!Like Deacon Hoover Real Estate Advisors on Facebook!Follow @DeaconHoover on Twitter!
August 17, 2018
Mike Maletich, Owner and Publisher for Pittsburgh Real Producers Magazine!
The Realtor Nation Podcast is back! In this episode, Ian Hoover sits down with the Area Director for Real Producers Magazine in the Pittsburgh Region, Mike Maletich! These two real estate personalities discuss the keys to success, how agents can be unique but also the same, and why real estate is a long game. Mike uses the knowledge and advice he receives from top producers from all over the area to deliver some fantastic points for beginners and experts alike!
June 27, 2018
Libby Sosinski-Souilliard
The Realtor Nation is back! In episode 8, Ian Hoover welcomes award-winning and perennial top-ranked agent Libby Sosinski-Souilliard!As a foreclosure specialist, Libby has built many strong relationships since 2004 with numerous clients, closing companies, co-workers and colleagues. Libby is well-versed from start to finish when selling an REO property. Libby has won several awards and is one of Keller Williams' top ranked agents worldwide!This conversation is a must listen for anyone in real estate or real estate investing!
April 6, 2018
Sean Anthony
In this special video addition to The Realtor Nation Podast, host Ian Hoover is joined by Real Estate and social media specialist Sean Anthony!You’ve made the right choice if you’re looking for cutting edge real estate videos, 360 degree photography + virtual tours, the latest and greatest about the Real Estate market. Sean does a wonderful job promoting his brand, along with local businesses in the community.This conversation is a must watch for any Real Estate professional!
March 9, 2018
Alyxie Hill
In this episode of The Realtor Nation Podcast, host Ian Hoover sits down with Pittsburgh area agent Alyxie Hill! Ian and Alyxie discuss the importance of media in your real estate game, plus a range of other topics to help you find success!For more information, visit!
March 3, 2018
Brian Teyssier
Ian Hoover and The Realtor Nation Podcast is back with special guest Brian Teyssier!Considered a newbie in the world of real estate at only 10 years, Brian has shot to the top of the Pittsburgh market. Consistently finishing in the top 10 among local RE/MAX agents, and top 30 (out of 10,000) among all Pittsburgh licensees. Brian attributes being well versed and coached on social media and technology for his meteoric rise. Never one to rest on his laurels, he constantly attends training events across the world to be a better Realtor for his buyers and sellers, all while maintaining a life balance. Brian has accumulated the most positive reviews out of any other Realtor not just in his local Pittsburgh market but, the entire state of Pennsylvania. Find him on most social media platforms to see examples of his marketing and buyer success stories.
February 16, 2018
Tony Angotti
In this installment of The Realtor Nation Podcast, host Ian Hoover sits down to talk with "The Rookie" Tony Angotti!One of DHRE's rookie acquisitions, rising star Tony Angotti is an agent and investor that got started by purchasing a duplex and living in one side and renting the other (House-Hacking). He continues to purchase rental real estate and works primarily with investors to do the same. Tony always has his client’s best interest at heart and as a result many of his clients purchase multiple investment properties with him.Don't miss this informative conversation between two passionate investors!
January 6, 2018
Gina Giampietro
Welcome to The Realtor Nation Podcast! This week, our very own Ian Hoover sits down with Pittsburgh award-winning realtor Gina Giampietro!Gina lives by the slogan, “Our success is your satisfaction”. Whether you’re buying your first home or moving up to your dream home, Gina thrives on making make each step easier for the potential buyer or seller. Gina uses her 15+ years of experience, along with proven marketing techniques and cutting edge technology, to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. Gina is a consultant for buyers and sellers, and specializes in Allegheny, Washington, Beaver, and Butler counties.Don't miss Gina and Ian trade tips and tricks that can help YOU reach your maximum potential!
December 15, 2017
Fred Amendola
This week on The Realtor Nation Podcast, Ian Hoover welcomes Erie, PA power player Fred Amendola!Fred's Zillow profile reads:"As a life-long resident of Erie County I am extremely well connected and knowledgeable with our real estate market. Having spent 16 years in the wireless technology business, I understand the importance of communication with my clients. Cooperation and listening to your needs are vital to a successful transaction. You will always know where we stand in the process including the next steps to meet your goals. Managing real estate transactions takes outstanding project management and consistent client contact, which have been essential to my success. I bring the negotiation skills required to get your price, whether buying or selling, and will work diligently and ethically for you! I have been an affiliate member of the Greater Erie Board of Realtors for 16 years and have professional relationships with all involved in the process including realtors, mortgage bankers, attorneys and home inspectors. I have a degree from Gannon University in marketing and a Master of Business Administration from Penn State University. I have teamed up with the number one family owned real estate company in the United States to market your home, in the shortest amount of time, for the most amount of money, to the most qualified buyer. For these reasons along with the outstanding resources we have at Howard Hanna Real Estate Services, call me and let’s get started! Below are a few of the many resources we offer to help you realize your dreams! I’m SOLD on Working for YOU!!!"You won't want to miss this incredibly informative conversation between the two real estate gurus!
December 8, 2017
Karen Marshall
Welcome to the debut episode of The Realtor Nation Podcast starring host Ian Hoover! In this episode, Ian welcomes Pittsburgh Power Player Karen Marshall!Karen Marshall serves as the Operating Principal for both, Pittsburgh South and Peters Township Market Centers, Keller Williams Realty and Team Leader of The Karen Marshall Group. Karen is a respected real estate professional who has made a strong name for herself in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Karen possesses a unique ability to focus on the special needs and concerns of her clients; whether relocating, up or downsizing, or building new. Karen knows the area, the schools, and communities as well as the builders whose designs and ideas would match her customers to a “T”. Karen’s no-nonsense approach and warm personality sell her dedication and abilities far more than any statistic.Each new client has slightly different needs and concerns. Karen’s flexibility allows her to hone in on the clients expectations, and fulfill them. Each and every real estate transaction requires commitment, energy, education, negotiating skills and a positive outlook. These skills have consistently placed Karen and “The Karen Marshall Group” as the top sales associates in listings and sales with over $600 million in career sales. Karen’s 29 years of experience in all aspects of real estate include land acquisitions, new construction, developer for a residential plan, certified luxury home specialist, commercial, industrial as well as investment. You won't want to miss the conversation between these two real estate heavyweights!
December 1, 2017