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Have you ever had one too many beers and thought to yourself "Hey, maybe I should start a podcast"? Us too! We love technology, so we figured we'd get together about once a week, crack a bottle of good brew, and shoot the breeze about Apple, the future of mobile computing, and the differences between East and West Coast IPAs. Join us on a quest for the fastest pings and dankest hops this side of Silicon Valley, cheers!
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Episode 46: I Can Smell the Sarcasm From Here (Give Thanks - Alvarado Street Brewery)

Internet Beer Users

Bonus Episode - Mockeries - Monkish
Here it is: our never before heard lost episode! We recorded this Tuesday, May 29 and we give our predictions for the NBA Finals and announcements for WWDC 2018. Given that Apple’s iPhone event is tomorrow, September 12, it’s very interesting, and super funny, to listen to our thoughts from back in May. We hope everyone enjoys this bonus episode and thank you again for your support! This episode's show beer is Mockeries by Monkish Brewing. Producer’s note: This is a rough version of the episode. As you will see, there is quite a bit of pre-show talk and I left out intro and outro theme music just to give our loyal listeners what it sounds like when we actually record. IBU Podcast Web - Instagram - @ibupodcast Twitter - @ibupodcast Nick Instagram - @ibu_nick Twitter - @nickpr0 Untappd - @nickpro Jay Web - Instagram - @bayareabeerlife Twitter - @jaytorres Untappd - @jaytorresLinks:Mockeries - Monkish Brewing Co. - UntappdApple’s HomePod Speaker Finally Gets Multi-Room Audio And Stereo ModeSiri Easter Egg Hints It Will Be Less Terrible After WWDC | Gizmodo Australia
September 12, 2018
Episode 71: Super Extended Beercation - Juice Gymnastics (Batch 2)
Have you ever had one too many beers and thought to yourself "Hey, I wonder what the last episode of the Internet Beer Users podcast would sound like"? Us too! On our final(?) episode we congratulate Apple on a historic milestone, welcome Nick to the modern age of laptop computing, and recount the fateful night that the concept for the IBU podcast was conceived. As we raise up our pours of the second batch of the Cellarmaker X Trillium X Other Half collab Juice Gymnastics, we toast each and every one of you who has tuned in to the show during the past year and a half - cheers! IBU Podcast Web - Instagram - @ibupodcast Twitter - @ibupodcast Nick Instagram - @ibu_nick Twitter - @nickpr0 Untappd - @nickpro Jay Web - Instagram - @bayareabeerlife Twitter - @jaytorres Untappd - @jaytorresLinks:Juice Gymnastics (Batch 2) by Cellarmaker X Trillium X Other Half | UntappdApple is now the world’s first $1 trillion company, following successful Q3 results from the company. - The VergeAndroid 9 Pie is available for Google Pixel phones today - The VergeMore Thoughts on the Apple Store – HumblenerdTests Confirm Apple's Throttling Fix Improves Performance for 2018 MacBook Pro Models [Updated] | MacRumorsThank You Equivalent Exchange for Our Awesome Show Theme!
August 10, 2018
Episode 70: Mama I Made It! - Mr. Burgundy by Mikkeller SD x Hoof Hearted Brewing
On the newest episode of the IBU Podcast, the boys share some interesting new developments on Google Duplex, dissect the new Samsung Galaxy ad, Jay’s immortilization on Daring Fireball, and lament the impending collapse of Twitter after their latest developer-hostile announcement. This week’s show beer is Mr. Burgundy NEIPA by Mikkeler San Diego and Hoof Hearted Brewing. Special thanks to Mike Torres @miketorres for providing and Joshua Arnao @joshdrinksbeers for suggesting this week’s show beer! IBU Podcast Web - Instagram - @ibupodcast Twitter - @ibupodcast Nick Instagram - @ibu_nick Twitter - @nickpr0 Untappd - @nickpro Jay Web - Instagram - @bayareabeerlife Twitter - @jaytorres Untappd - @jaytorresLinks:​​Mr. Burgundy by Mikkeler SD X Hoof Hearted Brewing | UntappdWhat Google isn't telling us about its AI demo by Dan Primack | AxiosGoogle Duplex: An AI System for Accomplishing Real-World Tasks Over the Phone | Google AI BlogThe Restaurant Where Google Claims to Have Booked an Actual Meal Via Duplex | Daring FireballSamsung Galaxy: Moving On | YouTubeSamsung Compares Galaxy S9 to Very Slow iPhone 6 in New AdTwitter Shares Pricing on New Account Activity APIs, Some Third-Party Apps in Jeopardy by Juli Clover | MacRumorsIBU Theme by Equivalent Exchange
May 25, 2018
Episode 69: I’m Here and I’m Sour - Horizon Loop by Hudson Valley
Will Jay enjoy Hudson Valley Brewery’s Horizon Loop Sour DIPA (special thanks to Matt @allyourlight!) after not really feeling the last show beer from them? Is Google’s interface refresh on their upcoming Android P (Peppermint or Popsicle?) OS release a blatant ripoff or truly innovative? Will Google Maps’ upcoming AR walking directions prevent Nick from getting lost when trying to make it to Cellarmaker after a few drinks at Mikkeller? Is Sundar Pichai secretly planting the seeds for a robot uprising with the upcoming release of Duplex? Find out on this week’s episode of the Internet Beer Users podcast! IBU Podcast Web - Instagram - @ibupodcast Twitter - @ibupodcast Nick Instagram - @ibu_nick Twitter - @nickpr0 Untappd - @nickpro Jay Web - Instagram - @bayareabeerlife Twitter - @jaytorres Untappd - @jaytorresLinks:Horizon Loop by Hudson Valley Brewery | UntappdDissect PodcastGoogle I/O 2018The 10 biggest announcements from Google I/O 2018 | The VergeGoogle Duplex Demo from Google I/O 2018IBU Theme by Equivalent Exchange
May 18, 2018
Episode 68: Dr. Cook and His Evil Empire - Tripel by Allagash Brewing Company
On the latest episode of the IBU Podcast your favorite craft technology enthusiasts pour out some St. Ides for Ming Chi-Kuo and dive deep into the T-Mobile and Sprint merger (buyout?). Per Jay’s recommendation, the boys (shockingly) sample a non-DIPA - the Belgian-style Tripel by Allagash Brewing Company. On the aftershow, Nick and Jay commiserate over getting ready to record the show now that they both have young children. IBU Podcast Web - Instagram - @ibupodcast Twitter - @ibupodcast Nick Instagram - @ibu_nick Twitter - @nickpr0 Untappd - @nickpro Jay Web - Instagram - @bayareabeerlife Twitter - @jaytorres Untappd - @jaytorresLinks:Tripel - Allagash Brewing Company - UntappdProlific Apple supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo departs KGI Securities, likely to focus on companies other than Apple | 9to5MacWhat a combined T-Mobile and Sprint would look like - The VergeT-Mobile and Sprint Merger: 5G Network Innovation - YouTubeIBU Theme by Equivalent Exchange
May 11, 2018
Episode 67: A Damn Good Looking Beer - Hurricane by Tree House Brewing Co.
This week on the IBU Podcast, the boys pour one out for Apple's AirPort routers and reveal what’s in their everyday carry bags. Special thanks to Jeremy, @jlarcheveque, for this week’s show beer - Hurricane by Tree House Brewing Co. IBU Podcast Web - Instagram - @ibupodcast Twitter - @ibupodcast Nick Instagram - @ibu_nick Twitter - @nickpr0 Untappd - @nickpro Jay Web - Instagram - @bayareabeerlife Twitter - @jaytorres Untappd - @jaytorresLinks:Hurricane by Tree House Brewing Company | UntappdApple Officially Discontinues Its AirPort Wireless Routers By Mark Gurman | BloombergJay’s Type-C Multi-Port AdapterJay’s MouseJay’s Fusion Wall ChargerJay’s EarphonesJay’s BagNick’s BagNick’s EarphonesNick’s Favorite PenYo Dawg, I heard you like Xzibit MemesIBU Theme by Equivalent Exchange
May 04, 2018
Episode 66: Get Better Nick (Milkshake IPA (Double Peach) by Tired Hands and Omnipollo)
On this week’s edition of the Internet Beer Users Podcast, Nick returns from near death to finally sample his white whale with Jay - Tired Hands and Omnipollo’s Peach Double Milkshake IPA. After questioning a famous Apple analyst’s true intentions and laughing at a couple of Alpine fans with too much time on their hands, Jay schools Nick on his iPhone photography and photo processing workflows. Special thanks to Evan @ehvino and Paul @pbgoblue for supplying this week’s show beers!Links:Tired Hands X Omnipollo - Peach Double Milkshake IPA | UntappdKuo: Apple losing AR lead to low-cost competitors, lack of software innovation to blame | AppleInsiderMake Alpine Great AgainCamera+ | App StoreDarkroom | App StoreThe Power of RAW on iPhone, Part 1: Shooting RAW by Sebastian de With | Halide @ MediumThe Power of RAW on iPhone, Part 2: Editing RAW – HalideHalide for iPhoneEpisode 62 on Instagram courtesy of Jay’s sweet skills on Darkroom IBU Theme by Equivalent Exchange
April 27, 2018
Episode 65: It's Been a Good Day (Last Week, F$#@*d Around And Got A Triple Double - Other Half x The Answer)
Just wakin’ up in the morning gotta thank God, the Internet Beer Users are back with a new pod! This week the boys drop an update on the Stone vs. MillerCoors drama, laugh at the most ironic Bloomberg article ever, and wonder what the 2019 Mac Pro will look like. The best part? They didn’t even have to use their AK. This week’s show beer is Last Week, F$#@*d Around And Got A Triple Double by Other Half and The Answer. On the after show, Nick and Jay catch up and talk about their kids.Sponsored By:High Ten Apparel: Special thanks to High Ten Apparel for sponsoring this week’s episode. Head over to and use promo code IBU2018 to receive 25% off your first order! Promo Code: IBU2018Links:Other Half X The Answer - Last Week, F$#@*d Around And Got A Triple Double | UntappdBreakdown of MillerCoors Response to Stone Lawsuit by @B_Palfreyman | TwitterStone's Response to MillerCoors' Response In a Leaked Memo, Apple Warns Employees to Stop Leaking Information by Mark Gurman (lol) | BloombergApple’s 2019 Mac Pro will be Shaped by Workflows by Matthew Panzarino | TechCrunchA closer look at Google’s modular phone prototype by Dieter Bohn | The VergeIBU Theme (Good Day Remix) by Equivalent Exchange
April 20, 2018
Episode 64: Masters of Their Density (Canniversary 2 - Noble Aleworks)
On this week’s show, your favorite Internet Beer Users share some sad beer news out of San Diego and some exciting tech news out of Cupertino. Our show beer, Noble Ale Works’ Canniversary 2: Another Canniversary! TIPA was graciously provided by listener Jeff @brew_scout.Sponsored By:MakeupRegistry: Save 10% off the price of the course with the code IBU10. Promo Code: IBU10Links:CANNIVERSARY 2: ANOTHER CANNIVERSARY! by Noble Ale Works | UntappdGreen Flash Brewing Inc. Foreclosed, Sells Green Flash and Alpine Assets | The Full PintThe Green Room Beauty BarApple Plans to Move from Intel to own Mac Chips from 2020 | BloombergIBU Theme by Equivalent Exchange
April 06, 2018
Episode 63: I Would Not Let That in My House (Citra Double Crush - Moonraker Brewing Company)
On this edition of the Internet Beer Users podcast the boys share some exciting news regarding the 2018 Great American Beer Festival and take a field trip to Chicago for Apple’s spring event. This week’s show beer is Citra Double Crush by Moonraker Brewing Company.Links:Citra Double Crush by Moonraker Brewing Company | UntappdiPhone X Beats Samsung Galaxy S9 in Benchmarking Tests | MacRumorsThe Brewers Association Has Officially Categorized "Juicy or Hazy IPA" | Paste MagazineThe New 9.7″ iPad: Our Complete Overview | MacStoriesEverything Apple Announced at Today's Educational Event in Under Three Minutes | MacRumorsIBU Theme by Equivalent Exchange
March 30, 2018
Episode 62: A Ton of Bricks (Pink Fuzz by Toolbox Brewing)
We say this every week, but this week's episode is extremely special. Nick makes an announcement and Jay dishes some advice. This week's show beer is Pink Fuzz by Toolbox Brewing. Special thanks to listener Matt, @just_here_for_the_beer, for supplying this week's show beer. On the after show, Nick gives Jay a little encouragement.Links:Pink Fuzz Peach Milkshake IPA by Toolbox Brewing Co. | UntappdPints & Bottles Podcast by Jay Torres | Apple PodcastsIBU Theme by Equivalent Exchange
March 23, 2018
Episode 61: The Sidekick Brothers (LGA 2 LGB and LAX 2 JFK, Monkish and Other Half)
On this very special live edition of the IBU Podcast, Jay and Nick reminisce about their beloved T-Mobile Sidekicks while sampling the dual collaborations from Other Half Brewing and Monkish Brewing - “LGA 2 LGB” IIPA and “LAX 2 JFK” TIPA. Special thanks to Jason aka @eazyeades for today’s show beers!Links:LGA 2 LGB - Other Half X Monkish | UntappdEssential Really Wants to Solve the Screen Notch Problem | TechCrunchThe Future That Everyone Forgot by Chris DeSalvo | MediumLAX 2 JFK - Monkish X Other Half | UntappdIBU Theme by Equivalent Exchange
March 16, 2018
Episode 60: G-Juice (Dialed In (w/ Chardonnay & Gewurztraminer Juice) - Trillium Brewing Company)
On this edition of the IBU Podcast, Jay and Nick stumble over German word pronunciations while sharing their favorite YouTube channels. Special thanks to friend of the show @brendonritz for this week’s show beer - Dialed In (w/ Chardonnay & Gewurztraminer Juice) by Trillium Brewing Company. On the aftershow Nick shares his all-time favorite Tiny Toons scene.Links:Dialed In (w/ Chardonnay & Gewurztraminer Juice) by Trillium Brewing Company | UntappdMKBHD | YouTubeDom Esposito | YouTubeJonathan Morrison | YouTubeJustin Tse | YouTubeIBU Theme by Equivalent Exchange of Broken PixelsThe Straight Pipes | YouTubeAllthingsbeer510 | YouTubeThe Master of Hoppets | YouTubeKurzgesagt | YouTubeBinging with Babish | YouTubeBAR-TIMES | YouTubeMalia's Ideas | YouTubeAhhhh, Mango Juice
March 09, 2018
Episode 59: It’s Almost Like We Planned This Part 2 (4XDH Envie - Parish Brewing)
On this week’s completely spontaneous show the boys discuss the tech world’s first impressions of the Samsung Galaxy S9. They cover its new camera, creepy AR Emojis, and wonky pricing across carriers. Special thanks to listener Dan aka @silverhairedhop for this week’s show beer - 4XDH Envie by Parish Brewing Company out of Broussard, Louisiana. On the aftershow, Nick wonders if any of the No Limit Soldiers are craft beer fans.Links:Parish Brewing Co. - 4XDH Envie | UntappdAlto's Odyssey | App Store Apple Plans Giant High-End iPhone, Lower-Priced Model | BloombergSamsung's Galaxy S9 Packs an Upgraded Camera in a Familiar Body | The VergeSamsung’s Galaxy S9 AR Emoji are kind of horrifying | The VergeMKBHD's Samsung Galaxy S9 Impressions! | YouTubeSamsung Galaxy S9 - 10 Things Before Buying! by Jonathan Morrison | YouTubePlease don’t buy your Galaxy S9 from Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint | BGRIBU Theme by Equivalent Exchange
March 02, 2018
Episode 58: Break In Case of Emergency (Eliza - Fieldwork Brewing Company)
On this week’s episode Jay and Nick recap their SF Beer Week adventures, debate the merits of Stone’s lawsuit against MillerCoors, and break down Apple Rumor Guru Mark Gurman’s latest Bloomberg article. This week’s show beer is Eliza New Orleans Iced Coffee Imperial Milk Stout from Fieldwork Brewing Co. On the aftershow, Nick practices his new show opening and clues Jay in on the holistic properties of Coconut Milk.Links:Fieldwork Brewing Co. - Eliza New Orleans Iced Coffee Imperial Milk Stout | UntappdStone Brewing Co. Is Suing MillerCoors Over The Marketing of Keystone | PasteDoes Stone Have a Case? | Beervana How Apple Plans to Root Out Bugs, Revamp iPhone Software | BloombergSteven Sinofsky on Apple's Software ProblemIBU Theme by Equivalent Exchange
February 23, 2018
Episode 57: Low Hanging Fruit (Insert Hip Hop Reference Here - Monkish Brewing Co x Trillium Brewing Co)
On this week’s episode Nick recaps his first time at the SF Beer Week Opening Gala and Jay answers some listener mail. This week’s show beer is , a collaboration between Monkish and Trillium Brewing Company. On the aftershow, the boys question the utility of Jim Koch’s patented pre-drinking ritual.Links:Monkish X Trillium “>Insert Hip Hop Reference Here
February 16, 2018
Episode 56: The Essence of Orange (No IBUs Given - Alpha Acid Brewing x Track 7 Brewing)
On this week's episode, Nick and Jay talk about the Super Bowl, Nick's birthday weekend, and the launch of SF Beer Week 2018. The HomePod is available for sale today, so the boys discuss the early reviews and whether or not the new smart speaker will have a place in their homes. This week's show beer is No IBUs Given, a collaboration between Alpha Acid and Track 7 Brewing.Links:Track 7 Brewing Co. X Alpha Acid Brewing Co. - No IBUs Given IPA | UntappdThe Cloverfield Paradox is now available on Netflix after surprise Super Bowl reveal | PolygonSan Francisco Beer Week Official WebsiteNick's SF Beer Week 2018 ItineraryJay's SF Beer Week 2018 ItineraryHomePod Review Roundup | MacStoriesIBU Theme by Broken Pixels
February 09, 2018
Episode 55: Run, Do Not Walk (Pure Juice - Humble Sea x Pure Project)
On this week's episode of the IBU Podcast, they boys share their thoughts on the HomePod. This week's show beer is Pure Juice, a collaboration between Humble Sea and Pure Project. On the after show, Nick and Jay talk about an exciting new feature of the show.Links:Humble Sea X Pure Project - Pure Juice DIPA | UntappdCalifornia Breweries Collaborate on 10 Beers for SF Beer Week | BrewboundBallast Point to Brew at Disneyland Resort | All About Beer MagazineHomePod First Impressions Roundup | MacStoriesIBU Theme by Broken Pixels
February 02, 2018
Episode 54: I Still Might be Slightly Hungover (Big Lots by Cellarmaker and Alvarado St)
On this week's episode, Nick has three too many beers at Monkish, Jay introduces a new family member, and they both wonder why Out of This World is not on any streaming video service. Jay goes over his obsession with cord cutting, why he canceled his Hulu Live TV subscription, and how he got over the air HD signal to all devices in his home. This week's show beer is Big Lots, a collaboration between Cellarmaker and Alvarado Street. Links:Big Lots - Cellarmaker Brewing Co. X Alvarado Street Brewery | UntappdMohu Indoor AntennaSilicon Dust HD HomeRunChannels | Apple TVPlex Live TV & DVRAntennaWebIBU Theme by Broken Pixels
January 26, 2018
Episode 53: No One Is Safe From the Wrath of Jay (Watch This from Offshoot Beer Company)
On this week's show, Jay picks up the latest releases from Alvarado Street and Humble Sea, and Nick shares his recent beer trade story. Nick recently picked up a new Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE and shares his first impression. Jay shares his experience on a recent visit to the Apple Store. This week's show beer is Watch This from Offshoot Beer Company.Links:Apple Reportedly Met With Potential Suppliers of Augmented Reality Glasses at CES 2018 - Mac RumorsSamuel Adams Announces New Sam '76 - Uniting Ale and Lager • thefullpint.comWatch This - Offshoot Beer Co. - UntappdIBU Theme by Broken Pixels
January 19, 2018
Episode 52: Have a Beer, on Us (Fruitoleptic Cartographer - Tired Hands x Monkish)
On their one-year anniversary episode, Nick and Jay catch up on their weekends, follow up on Apple's battery replacement program, and ponder the importance of "craft" vs. "independent". After last week's episode on resolutions, the guys talk about what they're looking forward to in 2018. On the after show, Nick vents about a recent beer trade gone bad and Jay confesses he doesn't know how to use Reddit. This week's show beer is Fruitoleptic Cartographer, a collaboration between Tired Hands Brewing and Monkish Brewing.Links:Apple's $29 Battery Replacement Program Could Lead to 16M Fewer iPhones Sold in 2018 - Mac Rumors"Craft" Beer Is Dead in 2018. So What Is "Independent" Beer Worth to You?Fruitoleptic Cartographer - Tired Hands Brewing Company - UntappdKGI: Apple to Launch 6.5-Inch 'iPhone X Plus' and Lower-Priced 6.1-Inch Full-Screen LCD Model Next Year | MacRumorsApple Is Working on 2018 iPad Redesign With Facial Recognition | BloombergGod of War | PS4IBU Theme by Broken Pixels
January 12, 2018
Episode 51: It's a Gift and a Curse (Hudson Valley Brewery - Graven Image Sour DIPA)
On this first episode of 2018, Jay and Nick share their New Year's Eve stories and the beers they enjoyed. Some follow up on Apple's battery controversy and Nick becomes internet famous. As they boys think about the new year, they share with the listeners their tech resolutions for 2018. This week's show beer is Graven Image Sour DIPA from Hudson Valley Brewery.Links:Apple Responds to Controversy on iPhone Batteries and Performance | Daring FireballA Message to Our Customers about iPhone Batteries and Performance | AppleBelkin Halts Sales of 'InvisiGlass Ultra' Screen Protector for iPhone X Following Widespread Customer Complaints | MacRumorsGraven Image by Hudson Valley Brewing | UntappdOur 12 Favorite New Breweries of 2017 | HopCultureCraft Brewers Predict the Biggest Beer Trends for 2018Day One by Bloom Built, Inc.GoodreadsIBU Theme by Broken Pixels
January 05, 2018
Episode 50: It's Just Physics (Stone Brewing - Imperial Russian Stout 2012 Release)
For their double dry-hopped 50th episode the boys share their top beers and tech items of 2017. This week's show beer is Imperial Russian Stout (2012 Release) from Stone Brewing. Special thanks to @brendonritz for this week’s show beer.Links:Stone Imperial Russian Stout (2012) | UntappdJay's Top IPA of 2017Nick's Top IPA of 2017Jay's Top DIPA of 2017Nick's Top DIPA of 2017Jay's Favorite Brewery of 2017Nick's Favorite Brewery of 2017Jay's Best Overall Beer of 2017Nick's Best Overall Beer of 2017Nick's Top Hardware of 2017Jay's Top Hardware of 2017Nick's Top Software of 2017Jay's Top Software of 2017Nick's Top Controversy of 2017Jay's Top Controversy of 2017IBU Theme by Broken Pixels
December 29, 2017
Episode 49: All is Fair in Love and Beer (Lloyd Christmas - Alvarado Street Brewery)
Wanna hear the most annoying podcast in the world? On this special (Lloyd) Christmas episode Jay visits his hometown, Nick visits Fieldwork, and the guys share the best holiday tech tips this side of Aspen, Colorado. This week's show beer is Lloyd Christmas from Alvarado Street Brewery. On the after show, Nick and Jay catch the end of the Warriors-Lakers game.Links:Turbidity by Abnormal Beer Co. | UntappdPulp Light by Fieldwork Brewing Co. | UntappdWhy Anheuser-Busch's New PR Initiative Might Actually be Good for Beer Drinkers | The TakeoutForecast: Podcast MP3 encoder with chapters by Marco ArmentLloyd Christmas by Alvarado Street Brewery | UntappdiCloud storage plans and pricingGoogle PhotosIBU Theme by Broken Pixels
December 22, 2017
Episode 48: Dad Juice (Juice Bag - Humble Sea Brewery)
On episode 48, the guys catch up on their weekends. Jay’s kid got pneumonia, Jay got Molotov Heavy’d, and Nick made the trek from Mikkeller SF to Cellarmaker. As we head into the holiday season, Nick and Jay share some podcast recommendations. This week’s show beer is Juice Bag from Humble Sea.Links:Avery Brewing Sells 30 Percent Stake to Mahou San Miguel | Brewbound.comThe 10 Best Breweries of 2017 | PasteJuice Bag by Humble Sea Brewing | UntappdUpgrade | Relay FMConnected | Relay FMDad JokesDads Being DadsSomething to Wrestle with Bruce PrichardDissectDirty JohnNerds on DraftIBU Theme by Broken Pixels
December 15, 2017
Episode 47: Their Own Special Dankness (Other Half x Trillium Triangle Test)
On this week’s episode the boys present two firsts: a vertical tasting of a huge release from two of the country’s premier breweries and a holiday gift guide! This week’s show beers are the four variations of the Other Half and Trillium Triangle Test DIPA collaboration. Links:Modist releases 'Dilly Dilly' double IPA, is immediately hit with hilarious cease and desist from Anheuser-Busch | City PagesApple's Had a Shockingly Bad Week of Software ProblemsTriangle Test (w/ T-90 Citra Hop Pellets) | Other Half Brewing CompanyTriangle Test (w/ T-45 Citra Hop Pellets) | Other Half Brewing CompanyTriangle Test (w/ Citra Lupulin Powder) | Other Half Brewing CompanyTriangle Test (w/ T-90, T-45, and Lupulin Powder) | Other Half Brewing CompanyAmazon Kindle PaperwhiteApple Watch Series 3Amazon Fire StickBuy AirPods - AppleiPad (5th Gen, 2017)Spiegelau 4991382 IPA Craft Beer Glasses (Set of 4), Clear: Beer GlassesHopsy - San FranciscoIBU Theme by Broken Pixels
December 08, 2017
Episode 46: I Can Smell the Sarcasm From Here (Give Thanks - Alvarado Street Brewery)
On this post-Thanksgiving episode, Nick and Jay revisit their home screens after getting their new iPhones. The boys share what they did over Thanksgiving weekend and Nick visits Moonraker and New Glory. In an unprecedented move, Jay gives a surprising rating. This week's show beer is Give Thanks from Alvarado Street Brewery. On the after show, they guys analyze Norman Rockwell’s classic piece, Freedom from Want.Links:Give Thanks | Alvarado Street BreweryNick's Old HomescreenNick's New HomescreenPocket Casts | Shifty JellyPaper by DropboxCalcbot for iOS | TapbotsApollo for RedditJay's Old HomescreenJay's New HomescreenThings 3 for iPhone | Cultured CodeCARROT Weather for iOS | GrailrIBU Theme by Broken Pixels
December 01, 2017
Episode 45: I’m Feeling Warm and Toasty (Creature From the Murk Lagoon - Noble Ale Works)
On this Thanksgiving week episode, Jay tells us about his wife's birthday weekend in The City and Nick updates us on can releases from Fieldwork and ASB. Nick shares news on Arrogant Brewing, Forbes’ Top 15 Craft Breweries in America, and Apple's new iPad Pro commercial. This week's tech topic is home mesh networks. This week's show beer was graciously provided by listener Jeff Guillen.Links:Hitachino Beer & WagyuArrogant Bastard Wants Your T-Shirts from Sold-Out Craft BreweriesThe Roadmap to the Top 15 Craft BreweriesWhat’s a computer - AppleCreature From the Murk Lagoon - Noble Ale Works | UntappdGoogle Wifi Broken Pixels | YouTube
November 22, 2017
Episode 44: It’s You, Not Me This Time (Socrates Philosophies & Hypotheses - Monkish Brewing)
In this special episode of the IBU Podcast, the boys welcome their very first guest - John Voorhees, a contributor to and the creator of the Blink iOS app. John talks about leaving his day job and going indie, his day to day working on Macstories and his two podcasts, as well as his thoughts on iPhone X and the upcoming HomePod. This week’s show beer is Socrates Philosophies & Hypotheses by Monkish Brewing.Special Guest: John Voorhees.Links:Socrates' Philosophies And Hypotheses - Monkish Brewing Co. - UntappdSpiegelau IPA Craft Beer Glasses [Amazon link]Wu-Tang Clan – Triumph Lyrics | Genius LyricsZombie Dust | 3 Floyds Brewing Co. | BeerAdvocateMy App Story by John Voorhees – MacStoriesBlink: Better Affiliate Links on the App StoreClub MacStoriesAppStories – A weekly exploration of the world of appsAccidental Tech Podcast: 243: Knew About the Dollar Signs — Where Casey talks about his $17 Apple Watch LTE bill.Apple Community Envisions Better Ways to Activate Control Center on iPhone X - Mac RumorsIBU Them by Equivalent Exchange
November 17, 2017
Episode 43: It's A Work of Art (High Fashion - Trillium Brewing Co. x Cloudwater Brew Co.)
On this edition of the IBU Podcast, Nick and Jay give their first impressions on the new iPhone X. This week's show beer is High Fashion; a collaboration between Trillium Brewing Company and Cloudwater Brew Co. out of Manchester, England.Links:High Fashion - Trillium Brewing Company - UntappdCan a craft brewery solve gang violence? | WilmingtonBizThieves stole more than 300 iPhone X units from a UPS truck in San Francisco – BGRiPhone X Is King of OLED Screens: See for YourselfBelkin InvisiGlass Ultra Screen Protection for iPhone X - Spigen Liquid Air Armor iPhone X Case with Durable Flex and Easy Grip Design for Apple iPhone X (2017) - Matte Black: ElectronicsiPhone X — A Guided Tour — Apple - YouTubeIBU Theme by Equivalent Exchange
November 10, 2017
Episode 42: Is This Real Life? (Xocoveza - Stone Brewing Company)
Happy iPhone X Day! On this week's episode, our faithful heroes talk about their experiences with preordering the iPhone X. Some follow up on the Pixel 2 XL's issues, but this episode is all about the iPhone X. Nick and Jay discuss their favorite features of the forthcoming iPhone X while they anxiously await their devices. This week's show beer is Xocoveza by Stone Brewing Company.Links:Stone Xocoveza | Stone Brewing | BeerAdvocateBest Buy Says iPhone X Costs $100 Extra at Full Price Because Flexibility Sometimes 'Has a Cost' - Mac RumorsApple fired an iPhone X engineer over his daughter's viral video - Business InsiderApple's iPhone X: The First Field Report | WIRED
November 03, 2017
Episode 41: Pumpkin Lite (Rogue Farms Pumpkin Patch Ale)
On the 41st episode of the IBU Podcast, Nick goes to the Warriors' home opener, Jay moves to Milpitas, and the boys go over the headline features of iOS 11. This week's show beer is Rogue Farms Pumpkin Patch Ale.Links:Pixel 2 XL Display Issues: Are These Dealbreaker Flaws?Brewers Association Launches Take Craft Back Campaign • thefullpint.comRogue Farms Pumpkin Patch Ale | Rogue Ales | BeerAdvocateiOS 11 - AppleIBU Theme by Equivalent Exchange
October 27, 2017
Episode 40: I Still Have Dreams About It (The Juice Is Out There - Noble)
On this week's episode of the IBU Podcast, Jay hacks his SNES Classic, Nick celebrates Cellarmaker’s 4th birthday, and the boys discuss their all time top double IPAs. This week's show beer is The Juice Is Out There from Noble Ale Works. Special thanks to listener Jeff for the cans!Links:The Juice Is Out There - Noble Ale Works - Untappd12 Hottest Beer Bars in San Francisco - ZagatHow-to: Hack the SNES Classic Edition and add more games [Video] | 9to5ToysSonoma Pride Fundraiser #SonomaPride176 of the Best DIPA/Imperial IPAs, Blind-Tasted and Ranked :: Drink :: Lists :: Best DIPAs :: Page 1 :: PasteIBU Theme by Equivalent Exchange
October 20, 2017
Episode 39: Good Night Sweet Prince
This week, the boys both come back from trips out of town. Nick goes to a wedding in DC, Jay “warms” his friends house. Some sad news on the end of AIM, and the boys share their best productivity tips, tricks, and apps. This week's show beer is 3 Berry American Sour by Mraz Brewing Company. On the after show, additional thoughts on the Note 8 and the just announced Pixel 2.Links:Big Papi - Commonwealth Brewing Company - UntappdCrafty Fox Taphouse & Pizzeria - Denver, CO - Venue | UntappdAIM will shut down after 20 years - The Verge3 Berry American Sour - Mraz Brewing Company - UntappdTextExpander – Productivity App | Text Music to improve focus, meditation & sleep.IBU Theme by Broken Pixels
October 13, 2017
Episode 38: Just Like Riding a Bike
A new week is here and the boys are back with another episode. Amazon announces new Echo hardware and Nick went to a bottle share. Over the weekend, the SNES Classic was released and the boys talk about their preorder experience and then dive into all aspects of the console. This week's show beer is Minesweeper IPA by Alvarado Street Brewery. Nick and Jay also briefly share their thoughts on the tragedy in Las Vegas. If you can, please consider donating to the local Red Cross. Links:Amazon announces a smaller new Echo speaker for $99 - The VergeAmazon hardware event 2017: the latest Echo, Alexa, and Fire TV news - The VergeSuper Nintendo Classic Edition review: the perfect way to play 16-bit classics - The VergeThe SNES Classic is getting a wireless controller from 8bitdo - The VergeSNES Classic gamers can now pre-order the HORI Wireless Fighting Commander Controller | 9to5ToysIBU Show Theme by Equivalent Exchange
October 06, 2017
Episode 37: Why Doesn't My Phone Understand Me?
The boys are back this week with another episode. Jay’s parents visit, Gene at the Winchester Mystery House gives Jay a hard time, Nick worked all weekend, and Stone is now available in all fifty states. Jay gives his first iPhone 8 Plus impressions, Nick talks Samsung and Android, and they give their recommendations on what phone is best. This week’s show beer is Cloudy Decisions, a collaboration between Captain Fatty’s and the IPA Nation. Special thanks to Peter, aka @noobaleworks, for this week’s show beer. Links:Cloudy Decisions - Captain Fatty's Craft Brewery - UntappdStone Covers the Map — Good Beer HuntingThoughts on iPhone 8 Plus – HumblenerdSamsung Galaxy Note8 - Full phone specificationsNORDMÄRKE Single pad for wireless charging - IKEAGoogle sets Pixel 2 launch event for October 4th - The VergeSamsung Galaxy Note 8 Review: A $1000 Android! - YouTubeIBU Theme by Equivalent Exchange
September 29, 2017
Episode 36: The Telltale Notch
On this episode of the IBU podcast, Nick journeys to the Pacific Northwest and visits Great Notion in Portland, Oregon. Jay shares with us which iPhone 8 he preordered. Also, he shares with the listeners, quite possibly, the very first pictures of the unreleased iPhone X. This week’s tech topic is travel: gadgets we take with us when we travel and tips on how to make traveling easier. This week’s show beer is Fruitallica DIPA, a triple collaboration between Beavertown (UK) X Garage Project (NZ) X Stone (CA).Links:Great Notion BrewingBeavertown / Garage Project / Stone Fruitallica | Stone Brewing | BeerAdvocateBuy iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus - AppleiPhone X at StarbucksiPhone X from 3' awayBelkin 3-Outlet SurgePlus Mini Travel Swivel Charger Surge Protector with Dual USB Ports (2.1 AMP / 10 Watt), BST300: Home Audio & TheaterAUKEY USB Wall Charger, ULTRA COMPACT Dual Port 2.4A Output & Foldable Plug for iPhone iPad Samsung & Others - White: Cell Phones & AccessoriesIBU Theme by Equivalent Exchange
September 22, 2017
Episode 35: This Is the Future of Smartphones
On this jam packed episode, Nick and Jay dive in and discuss Apple's iPhone event. They give their thoughts on the new Apple Watch, Apple TV 4K, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, and the all new iPhone X. Finally, they have some quick follow up on our favorite conglomerate to hate, AB InBev. This week's show beer is Saison Dupont from Brasserie Dupont.Links:Saison Dupont - Brasserie Dupont - UntappdAB InBev High End Beer Division Lays Off 90% Of Its Sales ForceLeaked iOS 11 GM Reveals iPhone 8 Features, Hints at LTE Apple Watch - Mac RumorsApple Events - Keynote September 2017 - AppleIBU Theme by Equivalent Exchange
September 15, 2017
Episode 34: Pour One out for ProTube
On the week before Apple's iPhone event, Nick and Jay lend their thoughts on all the iPhone rumors so far. They give their predictions on what they expect to see next week. Some follow up on Ballast Point and the end of ProTube. This week's show beer is Cafe Con Leche from Camino Brewing.Links:Café Con Leche Stout | Camino Brewing | BeerAdvocateBallast Point Is Getting a Makeover and Dropping Prices | Food & WineProTubeApple will skip 'S' moniker, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone Edition to be unveiled on 12 September - Pocket-lintiPhone 8: Full Details, Photos, Coming September 12
September 08, 2017
Episode 33: That Ducking Keyboard
On this week's episode, the guys follow up on their predictions on the Mayweather-McGregor fight. Nick tells us about his anniversary weekend in San Diego and Modern Times' Festival of Dankness. On the second half of the show, Nick and Jay debunk some popular iPhone myths. This week's beer is Keeping the Family Together, a collaboration between Cellarmaker and Monkish.Links:Keeping the Family Together - Cellarmaker Brewing Company - UntappdModern Times 3rd Annual Festival of Dankness Brewery & Beer List as of 8/23/17 - Album on ImgurDaring Fireball: You Do Not Need to Manually Manage iOS MultitaskingMisconceptions About iOS Multitasking — Fraser SpeirsIBU Theme by Equivalent Exchange
September 01, 2017
Episode 32: I Like Big Double IPAs and I Cannot Lie
On this week's episode, Jay and Nick cover a wide range of news and topics. Jay went to SoCal and watched the eclipse. Nick went to a Giants game and didn't watch the eclipse. Follow up links on Hop Valley, New Belgium, Magnolia, and Verizon. On the second half of the show, the boys present their guide to the best beers to get in different situations. This week's show beer is Red Beans and Rice Didn't Miss Her; a collaboration between Monkish and The Answer. On the after show, their predictions for the Mayweather-McGregor fight.Links:MillerCoors Strikes Again; Acquires Majority Stake in Hop Valley Brewing | Brewbound.comNew Belgium Brewing Group Acquires San Francisco’s Magnolia Brewing Company | Brewing Industry GuideVerizon permanently throttling video on all unlimited plans, as low as 480p on iPhones | 9to5MacRed Beans And Rice Didn't Miss Her - Monkish Brewing Co. - UntappdIBU Theme by Equivalent Exchange
August 25, 2017
Episode 31: Too Many Hertz
After a two-week recording hiatus, the boys are back. This week, Nick and Jay cover topics such as Anchor selling to Sapporo, Cellarmaker/Monkish beer releases, weddings, and flipping golf carts. On the nerdy side, Nick tells Jay about his new iPads and takes the plunge into the iOS 11 beta. This week's show beer is Another Beer in the Hall DIPA from Track 7 Brewing. On the aftershow, Jay reveals how he gets pumped up for each episode.Links:Boat Shoes IPA - Karl Strauss Brewing CompanyAnchor Brewing Sells to Sapporo • thefullpint.comAnchor Brewing Cites Difficult Market Conditions As Reason for Sale • thefullpint.comAnother Beer In the Hall - Track 7 Brewing Company - UntappdFunky Buddha Brewery sold to Corona's Constellation Brands | Miami HeraldJoshua Topolsky on Twitter: "Couple of tweets about the new iPad and iOS 11. It is inferior to a laptop in almost every way, unless you like to draw."IBU Theme by Equivalent Exchange
August 18, 2017
Episode 30: It's Almost Like We Planned This
This week, the boys talk about the Tesla Model 3 hand over event and Jay talks about his experience owning an electric car. Follow up topics include AB-InBev and their never ending quest to trick you into buying their "craft" beer brands and the partnership between 21st Amendment, Funkwerks, and Brooklyn Breweries. Today's show beer is Yojo by Moonraker and was graciously provided by listener Brendon. Links:Yojo | Moonraker Brewing Company | BeerAdvocate21st's Amendment's co-founder talks new partnerships & the future - Beer Street JournalWe’re Teaming Up With 21st Amendment & Funkwerks | Blog : Brooklyn BreweryLet’s set the record straight | Blog : Brooklyn BreweryMoonraker Brewing wins major awards from RateBeer | The Sacramento BeeAnheuser Busch and the Quest to Co-Opt "Craft" Beer :: Drink :: Features :: Anheuser Busch inbev :: PasteExclusive: Tesla Model 3 First Drive Review - Motor TrendTesla Model 3 first drive: this is the car that Elon Musk promised - The VergeIBU Theme by Equivalent Exchange
August 11, 2017
Episode 29: Elder Statesman
For this week's show, the boys revisit a classic - Pliny the Elder. They talk about their first time having Pliny the Elder and share some stories surrounding this iconic West Coast DIPA. They also discuss Gear Patrol's picks for the Top 25 Breweries in America. Thanks to listener Brendon for this week's show beer!Links:Pliny The Elder | Russian River Brewing Company | BeerAdvocateA Pint with the Cofounder of Russian River“Limit Two Pliny the Elder. No limit on the Bourbon County Barrel Stout though.”The 25 Best Craft Breweries in America | Gear PatrolNick's 1st Pliny the Elder Check-inIBU Theme by Equivalent Exchange
August 04, 2017
Episode 28: I'm Gonna Give Call a Saul
This week on the Internet Beer Users podcast, Nick and Jay do some quick follow up on AgileBits' app, 1Password and Carrot Weather's iOS app. In the second half of the show, the boys go on a deep dive on their all time, favorite TV shows. This week's show beer is Fully Loaded Baked Potato, a triple collaboration with Other Half, Monkish, and Trillium.Links:AgileBits Blog | Why We Love 1Password MembershipsCARROT Weather 4.0: Simply Delightful – MacStoriesFully Loaded Baked Potato - Other Half Brewing Company - UntappdOther Half Brewing on Instagram: “Here are a couple pics from the weekend's madness, thanks for all who came out. It was great to see all the support and the patience by all…”@bootlegbart • Instagram photos and videos
July 28, 2017
Episode 27: We’re Not Drinking the People, We’re Drinking the Beer
This week on the Internet Beer Users podcast, Jay talks about his day in The City, Nick spent the entire weekend at Fieldwork San Mateo, and they look forward to Silicon Valley Beer Week. This week's tech topic is all about Net Neutrality. This week's show beer is Dobis from Cellarmaker Brewing Company.Links:Dobis Pale Ale | Cellarmaker Brewing Co. | BeerAdvocateEFF to FCC: Tossing Net Neutrality Protections Will Set ISPs Free to Throttle, Block, and Censor the Internet for Users | Electronic Frontier FoundationHow to write an impactful net neutrality comment (which you should definitely do)AT&T’s ‘support’ for net neutrality means tricking customers to fight against it - The VergeHow to write a meaningful FCC comment supporting net neutrality | Ars TechnicaRepresent.Us BlogSilicon Valley Beer Week – A celebration of craft beer in Silicon Valley (July 21–30, 2017)
July 21, 2017
Episode 26: I'm Getting…Foam on my Nose
Great Scott! This week, our boys travel back to 1985 and sample DeLorean Dust for this week's show beer. Some follow up on Kona Brewing Company and Modern Times. Then a deep dive into the Back to the Future Trilogy and 1989's Batman.Links:DeLorean Dust | Alvarado Street Brewery | BeerAdvocateDeLorean Dust - Alvarado Street Brewery - UntappdCraft Brewer DefinedThat Craft Beer You’re Drinking Isn’t Craft Beer. Do You Care? | TIME.comModern Times is California's First Employee Owned Brewery • thefullpint.comPast Perfect: Why Back to the Future is One of the Greatest Scripts EverBack For The Future - Nike Air Mag 2011 Commercial with Kevin Durant - YouTubeNick as The Joker for HalloweenIBU Theme by Equivalent Exchange
July 14, 2017
Episode 25: You Heard it Here Second
On this week's episode of the IBU podcast, the boys follow up on iPhone 8 mock ups and the iOS 11 beta. Nick and Jay then share their thoughts on the Brewers Association's plan to launch a new seal to identify independent craft brewers and their beers, Big Beer's reaction to it, and Draft Magazine's list of top 50 IPAs. This week's show beer is Space Cookie DIPA, a collaboration between Monkish Brewing and Omnipollo.Links:Space Cookie - Monkish Brewing Co. - UntappdThe 50 best IPAs in America | DRAFT MagazineGood Ideas Executed Poorly: The Brewers Association Chases Independence • thefullpint.comSix Viewpoints from The High End on VimeoBrewers Association Launches New Seal to Designate Independent Beers - Brewers AssociationDogfish Head Supports the Independent Craft Brewing Seal | Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales | Off Centered Stuff For Off Centered PeopleIndependent Craft Brewer Seal - Brewers AssociationExclusive: Here's our closest look at the Apple iPhone 8 yetApple Tests 3-D Face Scanning to Unlock Next iPhone - BloombergReaver Beach Brewing Co. response to The High EndIBU Theme by Equivalent Exchange
July 07, 2017
Episode 24: The iPhone is the Reason I'm Divorced
On this week's episode of the Internet Beer Users Podcast, Nick and Jay discuss the announcement of the SNES Classic, ask whether or not they will install the public beta, and Jay talks about his experience at the Computer History Museum to watch Scott Forstall's first public appearance in 5 years. This week's beer is Haze from Tree House Brewing Company.Links:Haze | Tree House Brewing Company | BeerAdvocateMalia's Ideas - YouTubeThe mini SNES Classic launches in September for $80 - The VergeiOS 11 preview: keep it simple, smarty - The VergeThe secret origin story of the iPhone - The VergeHow the iPhone Was Born: Inside Stories of Missteps and TriumphsCHM Live │Putting Your Finger On It: Creating the iPhone | Computer History MuseumPutting Your Finger On It: Creating the iPhone - YouTubeIBU Theme by Equivalent Exchange
June 30, 2017
Episode 23: At Least It's Not Budweiser
On today's show, our favorite beer drinkers sample Congress St. from Trillium Brewing Company. They discuss Amazon buying Whole Foods and more AB-InBev bashing. Later, home assistant speakers and their thoughts on Apple's upcoming HomePod.Links:Congress Street IPA | Trillium Brewing Company | BeerAdvocateWhy Aren't Other Big Beer Corps Vilified Like AB-InBev? • thefullpint.comAmazon is buying more than groceries with Whole Foods — it’s also getting more than 400 stores to use as delivery hubs - RecodeAmazon’s New Customer – Stratechery by Ben ThompsonThe 6 big updates coming to Google Home - The VergeAbove Avalon: HomePodIBU Theme by Equivalent Exchange
June 23, 2017
Episode 22: Beer Mug Clinking GIF
This week on the IBU Podcast, Nick and Jay enjoy the latest release of Cold Pressed IPA from Alvarado St. Brewery. Some follow up on The Talk Show Live, the NBA Finals, and beers they've had since the last episode. Later, essential Mac apps that they need to get things done. On the after show, more NBA talk and how Snoop was always a Warriors fan.Links:Cold Pressed - Alvarado Street Brewery - UntappdThings 3 - Cultured CodeLaunchBar 6Quitter - Apps – Marco.orgMagnet on the Mac App StoreMicrosoft Office | Productivity Tools for Home & OfficeBartender 2 | Mac Menu Bar Item ControlAptonic - Dropzone 3Snoop Dogg, Dubs fan since 2007Beer Mug Clinking GIFIBU Theme by Equivalent Exchange
June 16, 2017
Episode 21: Delegate the Air Freshener to the Bathroom
On this very special episode, Nick and Jay are recording in person and on location to discuss the announcements at Apple's WWDC keynote. They are drinking KBS Stout from Founder's Brewing. Along with the Apple news, the boys talk about AB-InBev (again) and On the after show, Bozoma St. John leaves Apple for Uber and Jay places his bet on The Talk Show special guest.Links:Founders KBS (Kentucky Breakfast Stout) | Founders Brewing Company | BeerAdvocateA message from Sam on current RateBeer changesCamino BrewingiOS 11 Preview - AppleiMac Pro - AppleiPad Pro - AppleHomePod - ApplewatchOS 4 Preview - AppleIBU Theme by Equivalent Exchange
June 09, 2017
Episode 20: Dive into the Dankness
This week, the boys sample the highly anticipated collaboration between Modern Times and Cellarmaker, Clear and Present Dankness. More follow up on AB-InBev, Nick's AirPods and our wishes for next week's WWDC keynote. Links:Clear & Present Dankness | Modern Times Beer | BeerAdvocateMaison CorbeauxBeer Brawl Brewing Between Breweries | NBC 7 San DiegoList Of Impostor Craft Beer Brands - Brew Studs15-Inch MacBook Pro Delivery Estimates Slip Ahead of New Models Expected Next Week - Mac RumorsiOS 11: iPad Wishes and Concept VideoStreet Fighter x Tekken Rap (Taggin In) f. NerdsworthIBU Theme by Equivalent Exchange
June 02, 2017
Episode 19: The 7-11 down the Street from My Parents’ House
On episode 19, the boys share their thoughts on AB-InBev and their plans to open a beer garden in Oakland. Afterwards, they reminisce over Street Fighter II and their experiences with video games growing up. This week's show beer is Tiger Uppercut from Fieldwork Brewing Company. On the after show, Nick recommends a new show for Jay to binge watch.Links:Tiger Uppercut | Fieldwork Brewing Co. | BeerAdvocateGolden Road Brewing's Meg Gill Visits Oakland To Defend Controversial Plan To Open Beer Garden | East Bay ExpressAB/InBev Rams 10 Barrel Down San Diego’s Throat: The Predictable Act of a Bully - The Pour Fool: What to Drink from the World and NWOakland, Just Say No to Golden Road Brewing - YouTubeiStockNow - Free Stock Tracking and Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers - Nintendo Switch: Video GamesIBU Theme (Sagat Remix) by Equivalent Exchange
May 26, 2017
Episode 18: Vote With Your Dollars
This week, Nick and Jay address the recent news of AB-InBev locking out South African hops from other breweries. This week's show beer is Casual Drinks from The Veil Brewing Company. On the tech side, Bluetooth headphones, Jay's Solo Beats 3s and Nick's quest to purchase AirPods. On the after show, Jay talks about what he brought to school for show-and-tell.Links:The Veil Brewing Co. | Richmond, VACasual Drinks | The Veil Brewing Co. | BeerAdvocateAnheuser-Busch InBev shuts out craft beer brewers by hoarding hops - MarketWatchModern Times thoughts on AB-InBevCellarmaker's thoughts on AB-InBevBeats Solo3 Wireless Headphones - Beats by DreAirPods - AppleIBU Theme by Equivalent Exchange
May 19, 2017
Episode 17: Jumping in a Big Tub of Julius
On this week's episode, the boys talk about Jay's birthday weekend, Nick's disappointment in this year's Taco Hands release, and the continuing Speakeasy saga. On the tech side, they discuss the web browsers they use, why they use them and extensions that add functionality to them. This week's beer is Curiosity 34 from Tree House Brewing Company. On the after show, their predictions for WWDC.Links:Curiosity Thirty Four | Tree House Brewing Company | BeerAdvocateSpeakeasy Ales & Lagers Secures Future with Sale of Company Assets — Speakeasy Ales & LagersTaco Hands (Batch 5) - Cellarmaker Brewing Company - UntappdSouth Winchester BarbequeThe Village PubDrake’s Dealership | Drake's BrewingChrome for Mobile1Blocker - Block ads, tracking scripts, anythingEvernote Web Clipper | EvernoteIBU Theme by Equivalent Exchange
May 12, 2017
Episode 16: Set It and Forget It
Today's beer is La Fin Du Monde by Unibroue Brewing. This week, the boys talk about automation and some of their favorite apps for getting things done with minimal effort.Links:Unibroue La Fin du Monde - RateBeerUnibroueWorkflow — Powerful automation made simple.Contrast | Launch Center ProIFTTT - If This Then ThatDay One | A simple and elegant journal for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.Drafts | Agile TortoiseRonco Food DehydratorIBU Theme by Equivalent Exchange
May 05, 2017
Episode 15: I Still Know Pager Code
This week, the boys travel back in time to an era when jeans were worn backwards and overalls were a thing. This week's beer is 90's R&B from Mumford Brewing. To go with the theme of the 90's, Nick and Jay talk about their favorite gadgets and tech from the 90's.Links:MUMFORD BREWING'90s R&B - Mumford Brewing - UntappdSuper Nintendo Entertainment System - Wikipedia"Dad, I want a pager" - Motorola Commercial - YouTubeWinamp — It really whips the llama's ass!Nick's StereoIBU Theme (90's Remix) by Equivalent Exchange
April 28, 2017
Episode 14: Don't Get Mat Honan'd
This week, our favorite superheroes tackle the Modern Times and Great Notion Collaboration, Effective Dreams. They then go on and give advice on how to protect yourself online from all the evil bad guys. Links:Modern Times BeerGreat Notion BrewingEffective Dreams | Modern Times Beer | BeerAdvocateHow Apple and Amazon Security Flaws Led to My Epic Hacking | WIREDLastPass | Password Manager, Auto Form Filler, Random Password Generator & Secure Digital Wallet App1PasswordHave I been pwned? Check if your email has been compromised in a data breachAuthyGoogle AuthenticatorIBU theme by Equivalent Exchange
April 21, 2017
Episode 13: I Will Block You
On this week's episode of the Internet Beer Users podcast, Nick and Jay sample Blood Orange Brew Free or Die IPA from 21st Amendment and discuss Android OS and the new Samsung Galaxy S8. In the after show, some wrestling talk.Links:Brew Free or Die Blood Orange IPA | 21st Amendment Brewery | BeerAdvocateNick's Android home screenNova Launcher - Android Apps on Google PlayFlud - Torrent Downloader - Android Apps on Google PlaySolid Explorer File Manager - Android Apps on Google PlayGoogle Opinion Rewards - Android Apps on Google PlaySamsung Galaxy S8 Impressions! - MKBHDAndroid Auto vs Apple CarPlay REAL WORLD TEST - TheStraightPipesReport: Android overtakes Windows as the internet’s most used operating system | TechCrunchIBU Theme by Equivalent Exchange
April 14, 2017
Episode 12: #%*$ AT&T
On tap this week, Nick and Jay bounce back from last week's episode and sample Blueberry Pancake Milkshake IPA from Tired Hands Brewing. Later in the episode, they talk about the state of wireless carriers today, what is available today, and their choice of carrier and why. In the after show, some basketball talk and their thoughts on LeBron James. There are some audio issues on this week's episode that we didn't discover until after we recorded. Sorry for the technical issues, we hope you enjoy the show.Links:Tropical Torpedo Tropical IPA | Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. | BeerAdvocateArrogant Bastard Ale - RateBeerCellarmaker Hop Slangin IPA - RateBeerBlueberry Pancake Milkshake IPA | Tired Hands Brewing Company | BeerAdvocateTired Hands Brewing Company | Strange and Beautiful Beers in Ardmore, PAMurky Business APA - Speakeasy Ales & Lagers - UntappdWhy every US carrier has a new unlimited plan - The VergeNick's Speed Test - SprintNick's Speed Test - AT&TJay's Speed Test - T-MobileIBU Theme by Equivalent Exchange
April 07, 2017
Episode 11: What Would Jay Do?
On this very special episode, Nick and Jay bring back memories of high school when they sample Steel Reserve BLK BERRY. They cover the Apple announcements from the previous week and in recognition of World Backup Day, they go in depth on backup strategies.Links:Steel Reserve Brewing CompanySteel Reserve Alloy Series Blk Berry 211 - RateBeerBeer Cooler @ Harrah's Las VegasiPhone 7 (PRODUCT)RED™ Special Edition - AppleBlack Display on a RED iPhone 7! (with Touch ID) - YouTubeiPad 9.7-inch - AppleiPhone SE - AppleCarbon Copy ClonerSuperDuper!Crashplan - Online Data BackupBackblazeIBU Theme by Equivalent Exchange
March 31, 2017
Episode 10: I Can't Do It Captain!
On this week's show, Nick and Jay have some follow up from last week's episode, they sample Firestone Walker's Fortem - Leo v. Ursus, and give their thoughts on the Apple Watch. On the after show, the one beer Nick cannot stand.Links:Leo V. Ursus - Fortem | Firestone Walker Brewing Co. | BeerAdvocateSpeakeasy Ales & Lagers Continues Brewing & Packaging OperationsMonkish We’ve Got Five Years - RateBeerThe Rare Barrel More Mango - RateBeerFieldwork Coffee & Milk - RateBeerBuy Apple Watch - AppleThe Fitness TechIBU Theme by Equivalent Exchange
March 24, 2017
Episode 9: That's Why They Call It Knuckle Sandwich
This week, Nick and Jay go over alcohol and beer apps. They also talk about the closing of Speakeasy Ales & Lagers and reminisce about their experiences at their brewery. Today's show beer is Knuckle Sandwich from Bootlegger's Brewery. In the after show, cable modems and McFlurries.Links:Coconut Double Milkshake IPA | Tired Hands Brewing Company | BeerAdvocateBootlegger's BreweryKnuckle Sandwich | Bootlegger's Brewery | BeerAdvocateSpeakeasy Ales & Lagers Ceases Operations • thefullpint.comSpeakeasy Ales & Lagers to Cease Operations Indefinitely — Speakeasy Ales & LagersThe Next Perfect Crime: Murky Business APA — Speakeasy Ales & LagersHighball | Share and Collect Cocktail Recipes on iPhone – Studio NeatTavour - World's best local beers to your doorHopsy - San FranciscoBeerMenus - Find Great BeerSaucey: Alcohol Delivery in under 1-hourIBU Theme by Equivalent Exchange
March 17, 2017
Episode 8: One Cable to Rule Them All
This week, Nick and Jay share their thoughts on Bright with Nelson from Treehouse Brewing Company. On the tech side, they talk about upcoming iPhone 8 rumors and drunkenly tweeting to John Gruber. In the after show - a discussion on caffeine, dropping mics, DVR and TiVos.Links:Bright W/ Nelson | Tree House Brewing Company | BeerAdvocateThis WSJ iPhone 8 Rumor Is Absolutely InsaneKGI reports Apple iPhone 8 will not switch to USB-C, internal upgrades will support fast charging over Lightning | 9to5MacConversation with @NICKPR0 and @gruber (with tweets) · jaytorres · StorifyThis is how Apple rolls | MacworldInternet Beer Users Podcast on Instagram: “***VOTING IS CLOSED*** We need some help deciding on our show beer for Episode 8 so we're reaching out to our drinking buddies on…”IBU Theme by Equivalent Exchange
March 10, 2017
Episode 7: It Does Not Compute in my Brain
Nick and Jay enjoy the much hyped, Juice Gymnastics; a collaboration between Cellarmaker Brewing Company, Trillium Brewing Company, and Other Half Brewing Company. This week's tech topic is the new release of Overcast 3.0 and podcast apps we use. In the aftershow, Nick and Jay share additional thoughts on Juice Gymnastics, Android, and hipsters.Links:Juice Gymnastics | Cellarmaker Brewing Co. | BeerAdvocatePabst Blue Ribbon | RateBeer.comOvercast 3: Design walkthrough – Marco.orgSupertop Blog: Castro 2.3Accidental Tech Podcast: 210: My Stupid ThumbThe Talk Show ✪: Ep. 182, With Special Guest Marco ArmentPocket CastsDowncastPopular podcast app Instacast now discontinued as parent company Vemedio runs out of money | 9to5MacTAP'D Draft SolutionsIBU theme by Equivalent Exchange
March 03, 2017
Episode 6: There's Nothing Tender About It
On this week's episode, Nick and Jay wrap up SF Beer Week. They also share their Pliny the Younger experiences, Nick talks about the new version of Untappd, and Jay explains why Apple moving WWDC to San Jose is a good thing. This week's beer is Triple Cone TIPA from Alvarado Street Brewery.Links:Triple Cone | Alvarado Street Brewery | BeerAdvocateMr Tasty aka Dank Killah (@tasty_beverages) • Instagram photos and videosRussian River Pliny The Younger Day 2017 Details • thefullpint.comToronado Beer Week 2017 CalendarBistro Double IPA Winners 2017Bottles Archives - Cellarmaker Brewing CompanyTaplist at Rare Barrel Trillium TakeoverTrillium Fort Point Pale AleTrillium Congress Street IPAUntappd 3.0WWDC, Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, returns to San Jose June 5-9, 2017 - AppleHenrys Hi-LifeAlexander's Steakhouse – CupertinoOriginal Gravity Public HouseBritannia ArmsBay Area Beer Life (@bayareabeerlife) on InstagramJay T. on UntappdNick P. on UntappdNick Pro on FriendsterIBU Theme by Equivalent Exchange
February 24, 2017
Episode 5: I'm Getting Mad All Over Again
This week, Nick and Jay talk about their visit to Alpha Acid Brewing Company and go on an extended discussion about iPads. This week's beer is Star Hazer from Alpha Acid.Links:Alpha Acid BrewingSF Beer Week 2017Hoppy Hazy & Danky Day47 Hills Brewing CompanyUpgrade #127: Congratulations, You're an Analyst - Relay FMConnected #128: Better Pizza and Better Pasta - Relay FMAccidental Tech Podcast: 207: Selling Hot Dogs on a StickThe Talk Show ✪: Ep. 181, With Special Guest John MoltzThe Rare Barrel - Blog - SFBW 2017 | Events at The Rare BarrelCellarmaker Tap Takeover | Gourmet Haus StuadtGet With The Modern Times | Original Gravity Public HouseFieldwork Tap Takeover | The RefugeIBU Theme by Equivalent Exchange
February 17, 2017
Episode 4: Be Like Water
On tap on this week's episode is Juice Lee, a collaboration between Monkish Brewing Company and Cellarmaker Brewing Company. The tech topic this week is online services and which ones we pay for. And to close out, our favorite beers from a variety of styles.Links:Juice Lee | Monkish Brewing Co. | BeerAdvocateDropboxiCloud storage plans and pricing - Apple SupportTiller - Financial Spreadsheets Made EasySquarespaceFiresideNetflixHuluApple MusicDIRECTV NOWPlex Media Server - Your media on all your devicesFire TV - Amazon Official Site - Streaming Media PlayerBallast Point Grapefruit Sculpin - RateBeerBootleggers Knuckle Sandwich - RateBeerSaint Archer Pale Ale - RateBeerTrader Joe's Blended Scotch WhiskyJulius | Tree House Brewing Company | BeerAdvocateDouble Dobis | Cellarmaker Brewing Co. | BeerAdvocateBorn Yesterday Pale Ale | Lagunitas Brewing Company | BeerAdvocateStone Xocoveza | Stone Brewing | BeerAdvocateIBU Theme by Equivalent Exchange
February 10, 2017
Episode 3: Please Be My Beer Buddy
Nick and Jay talk about their ownership history of Macs and the apps and services they use to get their work done. They also talk about their favorite lagers and pilsners. This week's beer is 90 Minute IPA by Dogfish Head Brewery.Links:Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales 90 Minute IPA
January 22, 2017
Episode 2: That Deep Concentration is Messing With My Concentration
This week, the boys reminisce about the iPhone introduction, talk about different iPhones they've owned over the years and rank their favorites. Nick and Jay also talk about their favorite styles of beer and favorite go to's in that style. This week's beer is Deep Concentration from Monkish Brewing Company in Los Angeles, CA.Links:Monkish Brewing Co.Deep Concentration | BeerAdvocateRacer 5 IPA® - Bear Republic Brewing CompanyBrew Free! Or Die IPA » 21st Amendment BreweryDenogginizer Double IPA | Drake's BrewingSimtra 3x IPAScrimshaw Pilsner Style Beer | North Coast Brewing Co.Sonoma Terrace Beer GardenStella ArtoisCellarmaker Brewing Company | San Francisco Craft BreweryDouble DobisSierra Nevada1500 Dry Hopped Pale Ale | Drake's BrewingBallast PointSculpin IPAModern Times BeerFieldwork Brewing CoSteve Jobs introduces the original iPhone at Macworld SF (2007) - YouTubeThe iPod-based interface that lost out to iOS for the iPhoneTen years of iPhone – — When it shipped six months later, it was possibly the best 1.0 in tech history,...Apple Sets iPhone Price at $399 for this Hol
January 16, 2017
Episode 1: I Love To Save Stuff For Later
In their podcast debut, Jay and Nick talk about their home screens and why which apps deserve a spot on their home screens. Jay talks about his Amazon Echo and Nick about his Google Home. They pick their favorite local breweries and why they love them so much. This week's beer is Cappuccino Stout by Lagunitas Brewing Company.Links:Lagunitas Brewing CompanyCappuccino Stout - Lagunitas Brewing CompanyThings for iPhone and iPod touch - Cultured CodeClear by Realmac SoftwareWazeInstapaperSparkUnread – An RSS ReaderPersonal CapitalWeather Line iPhone AppAmazon EchoGoogle Home – Made by GoogleThe Man In the High Castle - Season 1Cellarmaker Brewing Company | San Francisco Craft BreweryBear Republic Brewing Company - Sonoma County, CAGoose Island Beer Company21st Amendment BreweryIBU Theme by Equivalent Exchange
January 08, 2017