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By Sparkle Fingers Broadcasting
Front row seats to the idiot apocalypse. No need to panic, we have been here before.
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0017: Rogueways for the End of Days


New Year's EVE EVE Podcastapalooza
Hindsight has never desperately needed to be so 2020, before.   End of the year Council of Highest Vibrations
January 04, 2021
Red Bricks to the Rescue...
Discord hang Bonus Episode.
December 26, 2020
Chapter 0018: The Amish Inquisition Has Begun!
Swapcast with The Amish Inquisition. 
December 26, 2020
0017: Rogueways for the End of Days
We are graced once again with the enchanting Lindsey, captain of the Rogueways Podcast and metaphysical polymath. We love our little talks and you will too!!!
December 09, 2020
Council of Higher Vibrations
Session 3.  Joining us the week after elections, was the always enlightening Chris Parsons, and new to the list of Vibratory highteners, Gab Cohen. Both are intriguing, versed in tarot and felines.  Don't mind as we imbibe... this one went for almost 7hrs.  Also, sorry for the delayed release. It was a long dense episode. Large files are not loved, but we will work on quicker releases in the future. Love you guys!!!
December 01, 2020
Chapter 0016: Thy Shalt Know Thy Self
Join us and our Righteous Anger, as we welcome Daniel from the Know Thyself Podcast. He brings the grace and philosophy to our hot hot take, on being deplatformed and the current state of the union. Join our Discord Channel!!!
November 20, 2020
Chapter 0015: Rindir's Game
By popular demand and also just because we want to, we bring you Rindir, the Kang of No Fap . We do not know where he will take us but we are excited to let him lead us into the warrens of rabbit holes he has already navigated. Leaving behind crumbs for those less curious to follow should they get the inkling to study what it is that makes the universe tick.  Rindir mines and maintains the virtual Library of Alexandria on Discord, with a channel for every esoteric and occulted topic under the Second Sun.  Lets see where this one takes us Idiocalytes.    Like what you're getting? Give us some money so we can buy cool shit for the show. all funds will be reinvested into making the Idiocalypse experience better for one and all!  Follow this link:👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
November 02, 2020
Chapter 0014: Singing in The Backrooms w/ Maria 777
Everyone's favorite anonymous attorney joins this evening's Council of Higher Vibrations.  We talk about The Backrooms, fake bird's, heroic trips, laptops, black houses, scorpions and everything else in between.  We had a great time making this episode, and hope you enjoy listening.  Catch Maria777 anywhere you get your audio cast. And, check out her backup account on IG (just incase the tech overlord's don't give back the original). She's smart, funny and doing the extra digging, so you don't have to.
October 27, 2020
Chapter 0013: Crystals, The Cosmos & Co-opted Consciousness w/ Stephen Popiotek
Stephen Popiotek the Grand Mystic of Brooklyn, joins us, as we talk crystals and frequency, resonance and rebirth, the global consciousness grid and the battle against evil. we had many tech difficulties because our truth was too good. look out for the audio version for a bunch of stuff that doesn't make it to the live shows.  We will definitely have him back on The Idiocalypse very soon.    go to for an invite to our discord where you can find all of Stephens info and join our little familia.   one love!
October 21, 2020
Council of Higher Vibrations
Our Friday Night Free for All is evolving.  Since we are going to be doing it every week, and want an ever revolving door of incredible guests, we felt like it needed a more official name.  So, please join us,  Gordo from Those Conspiracy Guys Red Bricks from Tartarian Meltdown Rindir The KANG of The Warrens and, The Meme Lord of London, Tartaria Belle. For the first official Council of Higher Vibrations. If you would like to be a guest: please contact us If you want any other info on our guests or the show, go to Extra Credit: Check out our Discord channel. Join the other (we don't have a clever name, yet) over there!
October 20, 2020
Chapter 0012: The Return of The Burch
Burch is back to explain how we can apply the hermetic Principles and mindset to our everyday lives, how that translates into actions, and how stupid masks are.  We mention five or six podcasts we really love as well: The Grimerica Show, Brothers of the Serpent, Redbar Radio, the ripple effect, and Union of the Unwanted if you want more content like this. We all have our own spin on things and come at reality from vastly different perspectives, but we all want the truth to become the new normal, and not the corporate facist takeover we seem to see playing out on the world stage.   We do not consent you bunker bitches.  p.s. Phuck Bill Gates  Love you Familia!
October 16, 2020
Chapter 0011 Caped Crusaders and Pantless Prophets
Another enticing episode of the Idiocalypse!   Joined by two masters of the game Cheryl and friend of the show Alex Stein of Conspiracy Castle. Join us on Discord  Instagram is @idiocalypse Chaney is @conpiracy_chicken
October 11, 2020
Chapter 0010: The Gospel of Thomas - Paranoid American
What happens when you are a modern composer of innovative art and mind-bending ideas? We have Thomas from Paranoid American to delve into every crazy topic from questioning moon landing, to Lee Harvey Oswald trying to save the world, to explain some of the epic art, straight out of his newest comics. You kind of in the mood for a mosh pit, but also know you may need to be singing in church choir? This may be the episode for you.  These words don't seem like they do any justice. I will be updating them, soon. I just needed to get it out. Here's our best Those Conspiracy Guys' craic. Look Ma, we went 5hrs! Enjoy, Thomas from 
October 05, 2020
Chapter 0009: Antichrist or Cheeto Jesus
Is Trump the highest form of low, or the lowest form of high?  What happens when the past, present and future you don’t agree politically?  Are we losing our humanity? Are we losing our grip on reality? Or, is Trump here to be the daddy America desperately needs?  This episode brings together a few Ex-BernieBros, who are ready to come out of their MAGA closets.  It’s not the episode you wanted, but, maybe it will be the one you need.    (As always, we are just a bunch of Internet educated idiots. This episode carries no basis in this reality. Unplug and Enjoy)
September 28, 2020
Chapter 0008: Psychedelics and Secret Societies
Hello familia! Today we talked with some super interesting cats. we started off the evening with Clinton Kaley, host of Psychedelicast (@psychedelicast on IG and Facebook) about the wonder, awe and terror of the mind opening experience of Entheogenic Plants and substances.    Our second segment featured Mark Steeves (@waywardintellect on IG) on a discussion of secret societies, their origins and effects on our daily lives.  We rounded off the evening with Mathew  Cox. Shit poster extraordinaire and in my opinion a very aware soul. We dove into all manner of esoterica. We hope you enjoy it as much as we all did. Look for more from these guys on our show in the future (with more stable internet) and give us all a follow on the social media monsters.    One Love Familia! *** edited this and lost the audio, more then once. Thanks for dealing with the sound and connection issues. We are working to improve the experience, everyday. 
September 28, 2020
Chapter 0007: The Seven Hermetic Principles w/ Burch Driver
Burch Driver time travels to The Idiocalypse to teach us of The Hermetic Principles. He allows us to geek out on the vastness of the idea, and teaches us ways we can start using the Laws in our lives today. You guys will be pleased, Burch does a great job at keeping us on track. So, please join us, while Burch Driver sits down with The Idiocalypse and explains The Hermetic Principle.
September 16, 2020
Chapter 0006: Students of Underrated Spirit Guides w/ Rogue Ways
As always, its hard for us to stay on task, and with Lindsey from Rogue Ways, it is no different. We cover everything from symbolism in tarot to the energies in words. We barely scratch the surface, but we really loved the time spent, and hope you do, too. So, sit back knowledge seekers, as we are honored with the presence of, Tarot practitioner, video game master, demon slayer and love warrior, Quorri Scharmyn. Please enjoy.
September 05, 2020
Chapter 0005: AntiTests & Love Fests w/Tartaria Belle
We realize during the pod, that the anniversary of Princess Diana's sacrifice is tomorrow. 22 years, wow. So, it must be kismet, that we were blessed with Tataria Belle, today. On this episode of Idiocalypse, we get into Rh- bloodlines, what it means and the Elite who carry it. Also, we talk a little about The People's Princess, and The Prince of Camelot, JFK Jr. Also, break down some true meanings of words we use everyday, and the spells they may be casting on us. So, we hope you are sitting atop your dragon, with your MAGA hat on backwards. Because we are going to need all hands on deck, if we are going to make it over the ice wall. Welcome to The Idiocalypse w/Tartaria Belle.
August 30, 2020
Chapter 0004: The Great Mask Psyop w/ Alex Stein of Conspiracy Castle
When you start talking about a psyop, its bound to lead to another, and another, and another. On this episode of Idiocalype, we go from masks, to flat earth. We bounce from Howard Stern to Tartaria. From the moon hoax, to fake dinosaur bones in China. If energy is contagious, this is the episode you want to vote for. Peace, Love & a bababooey to you all, unless that's a dark spell, in which case, I take it back. Enjoy, Alex Stein from The Conspiracy Castle, we sure did.
August 27, 2020
Chapter 0003: Frequential Antiquitech & Giants w/ Red Bricks
On this episode of Idiocalypse, Red Bricks, from The Tartarian Meltdown joins us for an in depth conversation on Tartarian technology & antiquitech. As well, as his thoughts on free energy, where the Titanic really came from, and the parasites who killed the giants. If Bill Gates allows us to get it out. You want disclosure? You have the wrong episode. Get your red bricks ready, and lets get into the beauty of Tartaria.
August 27, 2020
Friday Free For All - 8/21/2020
Come get off the rails with us, as we talk about the winners and losers of this week in The Matrix. We didn't really intend on recording today. But, once the witches after Trump came up, how could we not hit that little red button, and bring you guys along with us. You want mud floods? You want Podesta Art? You want to hear about the 17th letter of the alphabet? You want a list of all of Trumps wives, and why he named his daughter after his first wife? Well, you might get it, on this Friday free for all episode of Idiocalypse. 
August 22, 2020
The Wizard himself, Chris Parson
I talk with a visionary electro producer from the live music capitol of the world, Austin, tx. We explain the nature of reality to all you muggles and normies out there. Enjoy it!
August 19, 2020
Chapter 0002: Tartaria - The Hidden Empire w/ Red Bricks
Holy red bricks batman! Join your hosts Chaney and Jonathan as we talk with Joakim of The Tartarian Meltdown YouTube channel and Belle, a Tartarian fanatic. Redbricks (Joakim) takes us on a journey through the melted history of the Tartarian Empire. Video available at The Idiocalypse YouTube Channel to see all of the amazing images and mudflood evidence. 
August 19, 2020
Chapter 0001: The End of the Beginning
Meet your hosts Chaney and Jon as we figure out wtf we are doing with this podcast!
August 19, 2020
Speaking with a real live cowboy and redneck Philosopher, Ryan Hicks, from the Mayan Dude Ranch.
Bullshit politics, hidden history, the conspiracy to turn us all into automaton slaves. Just your everyday, run of the mill conversation with Idiocalypse.
July 16, 2020