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Immigration Revelation

Immigration Revelation

By ImmigrationRevelation
Immigration is not just a system, or law, or policy. It's a human experience. Each one is as unique and deserving as the next.

Immigration advocates, Fiona McEntee, Ray McEntee, and Carolina Solano are surrounded by these incredible stories on a daily basis and now, you get to hear them too!

Each episode of Immigration Revelation will introduce you to an amazing immigrant with an eye-opening inspirational immigration journey.

Welcome to Immigration Revelation!
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The Glam Reaper

Immigration Revelation

The Glam Reaper

Immigration Revelation

Mert Iseri, SwipeSense
Fiona & Carolina sit down with our longtime client and friend, Mert Iseri, CEO of SwipeSense. Listen to his experience growing up in Istanbul, Turkey, and the life-changing moment that made him make the 180 degree turn on his plans abroad in order to move to the U.S., and in the end, propelling him to found the life-saving healthcare company, SwipeSense.  Before the coronavirus pandemic, "hospital acquired infections" were the fourth leading cause of death in the U.S. While the seriousness of such an issue may seem obvious today, many U.S. hospitals and clinics have only recently begun to approach "hospital-acquired-infections" in a dramatically different way. As it turns out, these infections are highly preventable through very simple, local hygiene solutions that may sound familiar today. But as we've seen, simple solutions can still be complicated to enforce. Enter SwipeSense, the revolutionary healthcare system focused on keeping hospitals "healthy" and in so doing, keeping their patients healthy. 
December 23, 2020
Walle Mafolasire, Givelify
Fiona and Carolina chat with Walle Mafolasire, CEO and Founder of Givelify, a donation management app that helps connect non-profit and faith-based organizations directly with their members and donors. Global changes in technology, lifestyle, and even the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic, have all transformed the way we give. In an increasingly cashless society, innovations like Givelify help to bridge the gaps between organizations and the untapped millions of donors that want to give and make this world a kinder and better place.  Walle is an inspirational testament to the wealth, strength, and importance of our immigrant communities throughout the U.S. In this episode, you'll hear from Walle himself, who credits the diversity of his communities around him throughout his life in the U.S. as the driving force behind his successes.  Whether you are an organization seeking to better connect and grow your membership, or whether you are someone who wants simply "Tap. Give. Done." - you can learn more about Givelify at  In honor of Prostate Cancer Awareness, and the memories of Walle's father, Olatunji Mafolasire, and Fiona's cousin, Owen Farrell, we invite our listeners to donate to  Big Hearts for Cancer Patients through this link.
December 10, 2020
Martin Atkins
Not everyone has a coffee named after them but “WAKE THE F*CK OUT OF BED” is positively perfect for someone like the one and only - Martin Atkins. He’s been shaking up the music business for nearly 40 years. From his legendary Public Image Ltd and Killing Joke days, to founding the punk and industrial supergroup Pigface, Martin knows a thing or two about the industry, and he's here to tell you: “Welcome to the Music Business… You’re F *cked”.  You can find merch and more on Martin's website! You can also wake TF up at 5 am with him on Twitter: @marteeeen & Instagram: @flowersfightforsunshine. Learn more about the incredible work done by Chicago's The Haven at
November 19, 2020
Maeve Higgins: Irish Comedian, Writer, Podcaster, Actress
Fiona and Carolina sit down with the hilarious & supremely talented Maeve Higgins. Maeve is an Irish comedian, writer, podcaster, and actress who uses her platform to create get awareness for immigration and climate issues.  Links to some of the things we discussed:  Mother’s of Invention podcast Maeve in America podcast  Extra Ordinary Movie  Maeve in America Book  Maeve’s Columns in the New York Times  The Essential Workers America Treats as Disposable AILA’s call for Independent Immigration Court  Define American Report You can also follow Maeve on Twitter & Instagram.
October 29, 2020
Elliot Collier, Chicago Fire Football Club
Immigration attorney siblings, Fiona and Ray McEntee, chat with Major League Soccer's Chicago Fire player, Elliot Collier. Tune in to hear all about this New Zealander's journey from playing for his country's national Futsal team as a teenager to being the first "Loyola Rambler" to be drafted in the MLS Superdraft. 
October 22, 2020
The Glam Reaper
Fiona and Carolina chat with Jennifer Muldowney, the Glam Reaper herself, sharing how a bubbly charismatic event planner became an extraordinary global expert in the funeral industry. 
October 13, 2020
Belén Sisa
Fiona and Carolina chat with activist and DACA recipient, Belén Sisa. 
September 29, 2020
Immigration Revelation Trailer
Immigration Revelation is a new, limited series featuring and highlighting the voices and stories of our immigrant community throughout the U.S. Hosted by immigration attorneys siblings Fiona & Ray McEntee, and legal advocate Carolina Solano, each episode will take you through conversations with some truly extraordinary immigrants. Welcome to Immigration Revelation!
September 18, 2020