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Inner Journey

Inner Journey

By MotherHeart Sangha
The Inner Journey podcast is an effort toward mental, emotional, and spiritual relief, during the covid-19 quarantine.
13 thank you's and honey in my heart for listening.
Dawn Smelser
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On a Move: Part 2

Inner Journey

Building Resilience
On this episode, Dawn looks into the word etymology of endurance and resilience, and interviews James Yarrow, who at different times in his life has represented both. From a too fast too soon too much Awakening that led to a stent in a state hospital, to rejecting association with a well-known and predatorial teacher, to being a support for his community in New Mexico, James gives a fun, honest, and interesting interview. Please enjoy
September 04, 2020
On a Move: Part 2
In my interview with Mike Africa Jr, we talk about grief, we reluctantly and briefly talk about Trump, we talk about the uprising, and the pressure that we need to continue to apply to the system. He says that some don't want to take action in the revolution, because they feel it has to be radical, when really, it is quite simple. We know what is Right within ourselves, and we need Unity! For information on how to support Mike Africa Jr's revolutionary work, go to Thank you for listening.
July 09, 2020
We need to All be On A Move
Lone adult survivor, Ramona Africa of the Osage Ave bombing on may 13th, 1985 by police in West Philadelphia as well as Raymond Africa and members of the Move 9 are my guests in this episode about police brutality, returning to the righteousness of nature and not depending on the government. On A Move everyone, Dawn
June 12, 2020
Same as It Ever Was
In this 5th episode of 9 dedicated to the theme of "language", Dawn names some of the names of people of color killed at the hands of police officers and calls "spiritualists" to solidarity and action. Dawn's guest, Anssumane Silla talks about the oral traditions in West Africa, and shares about performing dance for The National Ballet. He shares a song for these times and talks about initiation through the dance circle. The ending song, called Broken-Hearted is by an artist, named Ketsa. Hope you enjoy!
May 28, 2020
Doing Nothing; Everything is Happening
Episode #4 of 9 episodes dedicated to the theme of 'language'. This one takes a step back to dive into the art of listening. Dawn interviews Tricia Way, who volunteers for "Just Listening," an organization, that, along with other venues, brings the art of deep listening to prisons.  Song credit: Lobo Loco, "Remembering Love"
May 21, 2020
There are Not Enough Crystals for This
Part 3 of a 9 part segment on the theme 'Language', Dawn talks about how voting for or against our emotions limits the ways we can understand them, and thereby limits the ways they can help us. She interviews Pyschologist, Dr. Nicole Helverson, about the effects of trauma on the brain and why language is limited for a person working to heal from traumatic experiences.
May 16, 2020
What's the Word?
Part 2 on the theme of "language"; Dawn asks the question, "how do we hold space for our experiences when we don't have words to express them?" And, she dives into the limitations of the english language, more on The Language of Emotions(by Karla McLaren) and unpacks some of the contracts we unknowingly sign about how we should behave emotionally. Flute track at the end by Brian "Yam" Dwyer, of the band, "Earth Practice". Enjoy! 
May 14, 2020
Before the tongue, when we looked to the stars
Part 1 of a 9 part series, dedicated to language. Talking is not our first language. In fact, humans existed for thousands of years before language, as we know it, was formed. Dawn shares a bit more from The Language of Emotions, by Karla McLaren, and the beautiful music of Senegalese Kora player, Youssoupha Sidibe, whose music is deeply infused with a longing for the full realization of divine love.
May 08, 2020
Mundane Profane Sacred Life
This is the last of 3 episodes, dedicated to the theme of awakening.  Dawn begins to take on the language of emotions' work by Karla McLaren and talks about showing up for ourselves with Kate Brenton, teacher, Lomi Lomi practitioner and creator of "Sit in Your Center," a program for women.  
May 06, 2020
Feeling in The Dark
A story from Women Who Run with The Wolves sets the tone for this episode, dedicated to darkness in all forms and how to navigate through. Dawn's guest, Jess Radovich is a counselor, teacher, and dedicated seeker for more than a decade, knows first hand that finding oneself in darkness does not always mean awakening on the other side, and though we have to go it alone, we can't do it by ourselves. Episode 2 of the theme: Awakening
May 02, 2020
Dream to Awaken!
On this first of 3 episodes dedicated to awakening, Dawn talks about what spiritual awakening can be, shares the yogic story of "Two Thieves", and interviews Victor Pinckney, who uses his dreams to inform his life and resists the temptation to be "hard". Episode 1 of the theme: Awakening
April 28, 2020
Rumi The Great!
These times may have us processing difficult memories and finding the hallelujah moments. Dawn's guest is Angelo John, former body builder turned yoga practitioner, turned Kirtan artist, turned yoga teacher, after pilgrimage to the feet of the Himalayas
April 25, 2020
Trek up Apparition Hill
In this episode, Dawn explains what she meant in other episodes, tells the story of an abandoned dog, and talks to a woman very close to her who made the pilgrimage a very long time ago. Her guest Janet Walker, is her aunt and the song at the end is by an band called The Psalters.
April 24, 2020
In the Ashes of Life
Dawn interviews Eddie Gieda about his pilgrimage to India devoted to his wife, who met her sudden death in June 2019.
April 21, 2020
The Start of a Journey
Dawn shares a Mary Oliver poem,; the start of her own conscious spiritual journey; and a story of forgiveness that is close to home.
April 18, 2020
Mama Bird Determination
Dawn shares practice for cultivating steadiness of mind and the kids story of the mama bird and the ocean.  Featuring "Love Remains" by BJ Yam Dwyer
April 15, 2020
Dharma of the Holy Fool
Jumping from a moving train hurts. So does trying to navigate one's Dharma. Thank goodness for the peace of wild things and Moana.
April 14, 2020
We Are The Ones We've Been Waiting For
The word "god" needs some unpacking. And, do we think that god will save us during quarantine? Dawn's guest this week is her husband, Eric Smelser, who has worked at a homeless agency for 18 years, is the lead singer for a Rage Against the Machine tribute band, and is a knife maker. Check it out.
April 11, 2020
Squid Facts
Did you know that a giant squids penis is about a yard long? This episode talks squid facts from a mysterious source, Mary Oliver poems, and reflections on death and the value of life with Special guest Yin, aka Danielle Dwyer, of the band "Earth Practice"
April 09, 2020
Allergic to Youth
Get ready for a Never Ending Story scene reenactment, theories around care, and a wonderful interview with Greg Jehanian, from the band "Me Without You"
April 06, 2020
The Mind is Like a Monkey
In this episode Dawn shares literally the dumbest joke on the planet, talks about the Monkey Mind, and teaches the first 4 Yoga Sutras. Her guest, Sahr Abu, talks about growing up in Sierra Leone and the ridiculousness of money.
April 03, 2020
Are You Willing?
In this particular episode, Dawn shares stories of interrupting violence and a story of transcending the laws of matter to bring hope. Her guest, Sara Giraldo teaches a kids song in Spanish.
April 01, 2020
Lose your Mind
In this 2nd episode, Dawn offers more bad jokes, talks about "Separateness" in Yoga philosophy, shares poetry from prison walls, and talks with Yam, aka Brian Dwyer from the documentary Waldo on Weed, about the concept of "Freedom".
March 30, 2020
The pearl isn't trivial
In this first episode, Dawn uses the yoga sutras and Rumi's poetry to shine a light on the root cause of suffering....ignorance. She peppers in some silly jokes and even has a guest(by phone), Marlee Moses, who shares some song healing and meditation
March 28, 2020