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By Roman Jurowetzki
In this show, I sit down with interesting people from the innovation studies community to discuss core ideas, current trends and the future of the discipline.
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Edward Lorenz on Organisational Learning and Innovation


Coffee Break with Researchers – A "Meta-episode" about Science Communication
Today I’m joined by Lucinda David and Lorena Gómez-Díaz of Coffee Break with Researchers, a project aiming at spreading scientific knowledge trough short video conversations with researchers. We talk about science communication, impact and finding the right format for research dissemination. Learn more about the project: Find Coffee Break with Researchers on Twitter Coffee Break with Researchers on YouTube Intro-music by Nathaniel Wyvern
June 22, 2020
Marcel Bogers on Open Innovation and the Big Challenges Facing Society
Marcel Bogers – Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Copenhagen – joins for a discussion on Open Innovation and the role of openness in solving the grand challenges of our time. Find Marcel on Twitter Recent publications discussed in the episode: Bogers, M., Chesbrough, H., & Strand, R. (2020). Sustainable open innovation to address a grand challenge. British Food Journal. --- Intro-music by Nathaniel Wyvern
June 11, 2020
Jan Kinne on Scraping and Web-based Innovation Indicators
Jan Kinne joins for an interview together with co-host Daniel Hain. We discuss Jan's work on web-based innovation indicators, including the open-source tool: ARGUS and his start-up Find Jan on Twitter Find Roman on Twitter Find Daniel on Twitter Recent publications discussed in the episode: Kinne, Jan, Miriam Krüger, David Lenz, Georg Licht and Peter Winker (2020), Corona Pandemic Affects Companies Differently, Tagesaktuelle Webseiten-Analyse zur Reaktion von Unternehmen auf die Corona-Pandemie in Deutschland, ZEW expert brief No. 20-05, Mannheim. Download Kinne, Jan and David Lenz (2019), Predicting Innovative Firms Using Web Mining and Deep Learning, ZEW Discussion Paper No. 19-001, Mannheim. Download --- Intro-music by Nathaniel Wyvern 
June 02, 2020
Andrea Morrison - From Migrant to Innovator
In this episode I connect with Andrea Morrison, who is an Associate professor at Utrecht University in the Netherlands as well as a Marie Curie Fellow at Bocconi University in Italy. Andrea and I are discussing a recent publication, co-authored with Dario Diodato and Sergio Petralia, that explores the impact of mass migration to the U.S. in the late 19th and early 20th century on innovation in different regions. Read the full article here Find Andrea on Twitter The book "From Immigrant to Inventor: Autobiography of the Serbian-American Physicist, Chemist and Pioneer of Electrical Transmission and the Long-Distance Telephone Line" mentioned in the talk
May 22, 2020
Juan Mateos-Garcia on Innovation Performance and Indicators
Are we measuring what really matters? In this episode Daniel Hain and I chat with Juan Mateos-Garcia, Director of Innovation Mapping at Nesta, UK. We discuss old and new types of indicators, recent developments driven by better data availability and novel techniques powered by machine learning. We also get to the "so what?-question" and how we could rethink innovation performance and redesign innovation indicators to better inform research and innovation policies to tackle some of the biggest social and environmental challenges to there. Read more about Juan's work here Follow Juan on twitter Find Daniel on twitter
May 14, 2020
Edward Lorenz on Organisational Learning and Innovation
The first ever recording of InnoTalks back in late February 2020 - before COVID19 and the lockdown - with Edward Lorenz, Professor at the University of Nice in France and Aalborg University. In the interview Ned and I discuss organisational learning, his long career in Innovation Studies as well as current issues related to automation and labor. Learn more about Edward's work here
May 08, 2020
Roberta Rabellotti on the Knowledge Shopping Spree of Chinese and Indian Multinationals
In the beginning of April Margrethe Vestager the EU competition chief urged European countries to protect companies from potential Chinese takeovers during the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite the current situation, mergers and acquisitions by emerging markets multinational enterprises (EMNEs) are not a new phenomenon. Often, such foreign direct investments (FDIs) have knowledge-seeking motives, i.e. emerging market companies aim at acquiring technical knowledge with the investment.  In this episode, I discuss this phenomenon with Roberta Rabellotti, Professor of Economics at the University of Pavia in Italy. Roberta has been looking into such acquisitions and which effect they have on EMNEs innovation performance. 👉 Find Roberta on Twitter: 📖 Read the article: Chinese and Indian MNEs’ shopping spree in advanced countries. How good is it for their innovative output? by Vito Amendolagine, Elisa Giuliani, Arianna Martinelli and Roberta Rabellotti, Journal of Economic Geography
April 30, 2020
Christian Binz on the Global Innovation System
In this episode I interview Christian Binz, who is the group leader in the cluster Sustainable Transitions and Business Innovations at Eawag, the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology.  Christian shares his thoughts on why and how we should understand innovation and technological development as a global phenomenon. While the local, regional and national levels are crucial, solving large problems requires more coordination across nations and continents. Find Christian on Researchgate  Read the full paper on the Global Innovation System framework
April 27, 2020
Pierre-Alexandre Balland on the Relationship between Complexity, Proximity, and Innovation
In today's episode with Pierre-Alexandre Balland – Assistant Professor of Economic Geography at Utrecht University,  and research fellow at the Center for Complex Systems Studies – co-host Daniel Hain and I discuss the recent Nature paper “Complex economic activities concentrate in large cities”. Pierre-Alexandre shares his reflections on the COVID-19 crisis from a complexity perspective and some thoughts on the paradox of the importance of proximity in a digital age that has been driving his research for many years. You can find more about Pierre-Alexandre Balland as well as get access to his publications here: Connect with Daniel and me on Twitter.
April 23, 2020
Bengt-Åke Lundvall on The Origins of Innovation Systems Thinking
An episode that I recorded before the COVID-19 lockdown in which Bengt-Åke Lundvall and I explore the origins of innovation system thinking, the emergence of the approach and current challenges that may benefit from taking an innovation system perspective. Free PDF version of Bengt-Åke's book The Learning Economy and the Economics of Hope 
April 19, 2020
Jochen Markard on Sustainability Transitions and Technology Policy
The first episode of InnoTalks!  In this episode co-host Daniel Hain and I interview Jochen Markard, Senior researcher and Lecturer at the Group for Sustainability and Technology within the Department of Management, Technology, and Economics of ETH Zurich, Switzerland. In our talks we discuss core ideas from the Sustainability Transitions community and how these ideas can inform innovation and technology policy today. In the beginning of our chat, Jochen shares his views on COVID-19 economic recovery packages from a sustainability perspective. Connect with Jochen on Twitter Find Daniel Hain on Twitter
April 14, 2020
InnoTalks Trailer
February 29, 2020