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Inspiring Humans

Inspiring Humans

By Inspiring Humans Podcast
Listen and be inspired by those who have stepped out and taken action to make a difference in our world by expressing their unique gifts and reaching their full potential.

On this podcast we interview leaders, movers and shakers and global legends who speak their truth and are having an impact on humanity, leading inspired lives and inspiring others in the process.
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#20 Energy Healing and the Super HERO Code with Susie Anthony
Having studied diverse religions, psychological and spiritual development practices for over two decades, and worked with some of the most influential psychological and spiritual leaders based in the USA, the Middle East, Far East and Europe, Susie Anthony has become an established personal development  and human potential mentor in her own right.   Her work as a teacher and mentor to tens of thousands of students (often unpaid as part of her philanthropic drive) has allowed her to develop the Super HERO Code.   The Code is a map to personal development which allows individuals to identify and understand where they are on their own personal development journey. It helps people to identify the challenges they are facing, and provides all the tools to face and cope with these. It reveals how to understand what the next steps are before they unfold in real life. It’s totally unique. It’s genius has attracted attention the world over. The greater efficacy of The Code personal development mentoring programme stems from its ability to bring an awakening to spirituality in all, regardless to the individual’s beliefs, religion or spiritual practice (or lack thereof).   In the last 30 years, Susie’s diverse experiences working with world renowned spiritual leaders and elite business leaders, including working directly with the world’s 5th richest man, Takahashi Harunori in Japan, have empowered her with the ability to not only build a business around the Super HERO Code, but also to ensure it is endorsed and supported by influential figureheads, philanthropists and powerful opinion-formers worldwide. To support her building this business, she is advised by Raul Alvarado, CEO, Accenture, a $28bn corporation, and Dylan Bourguignon, a Harvard MBA who has worked among the UK’s leading strategy consultants and private equity investment organisations.    Susie is a highly experienced operator on both sides of the pond, having ran her own award winning events, and her own holistic day spa and Manor House Retreat Centre on 7 acres in the UK. Formerly she was selected to head up an International Healing Outreach spanning over 29 countries for USA top author/psychologist Dr Joshua Stone's Foundation in Los Angeles. She led meditations and attunements at Dr Stone’s worldwide events of over 2,000 people in one auditorium.   ​The Super HERO Code teachings have been applied through Susie's work for the past 25 years, mentoring people from all walks of life and all ages, from the homeless and destitute to pillars of society, monarchy, heads of billion dollar corporations, commissioners of police, heads of government agencies, MP’s and the famous.   More about Susie's journey can be found, along with the map used within The Super HERO Code, in her award winning book A Map to God.
April 11, 2021
#19 Shining light on an artists creative process with Lucy Hardie
Lucy Hardie is an Australian artist best known for her meticulously rendered ink drawings on cotton paper. Her intricately constructed, evocative works are exhibited in Australia, the US and Europe and are featured in numerous art and literary publications worldwide. Through a devotion to the creation of beauty, a fascination with death as a catalyst for transformation and new life, and the portrayal of story and symbol as a means of reflecting our shared human experience, her works present as visual allegories: inviting viewers in to deeper felt experiences of intimacy, connection, tenderness and power. Lucy offers 1:1 mentoring to artists worldwide at a range of skill levels. Sessions are aimed at supporting individuals to connect with and clarify a personal artistic vision, build on their technical and conceptual skills, and take the next steps in their careers as artists. Sessions are tailored to the individual and may emphasise skills and/or professional development. Lucy takes an empowerment approach to mentoring. This involves a focus on supporting individuals develop and refine an artistic voice and style that is natural to them, and in coming up with their own solutions to challenges. Included in this is identifying potentially limiting or unproductive beliefs and behaviours inhibiting creative growth; and support in creating and committing to new, more productive approaches to moving forward. Lucy works with individuals at a range of skill levels and brings enthusiasm, patience and passion to supporting people in their artistic growth. Instagram: @lucyhardieart Facebook: Lucy Hardie Art
March 30, 2021
#18 Wholistic health and wellness with Gus and Brenda
Gus and Brenda Gus and Brenda have always had a passion to help themselves and other people enjoy life and live connected to the Power within. They work with energy and passion to help bring about change for their clients. Both Gus and Brenda, independently, enjoyed the excitement and freedom of spending a few years travelling and working around the world. When they met and settled in their home county Cork, they commenced their holistic health journey by training as Ki Massage therapists in September 1990 with the IHCA (Irish health culture association). This was a time when not many people understood the benefits of holistic treatment and the power of the Life force within. Gus and Brenda noticed the benefits of their treatments to their clients and they wanted to expand their knowledge and abilities in order to improve their own lives and the lives of their families and clients. Over the following years, they gained qualifications and training in Holistic Nutrition, Psychotherapy/relaxation, Stress management, Mindfulness and became Yoga instructors. Gus pursued lengthy training in Ortho-bionomy and Craniosacral therapy which is what he uses very successfully in most of his treatments now. Brenda added the very popular and effective Reflexology qualification to her repertoire. “Continue to learn” is their motto. Combining family life, 3 children, a dog and a cat with full-time work and holistic therapies in the late 90s kept the couple busy. So, in 2001 Gus retired from the construction industry. Brenda followed in 2005, leaving her career in the Food and Pharmaceutical world. Sea swimming, cycling, walking in nature and outdoor life are passions of this couple. They enjoy travelling in Ireland and abroad, in their campervan and will always chat and have a laugh with the interesting people they meet. In this episode we learn about the incredible duo’s passion and the combining of passions to uplift humanity.
March 30, 2021
#17 Embracing our gifts with James Byrne
James Roderick Byrne was born in Townsville in 1997 and has lived there ever since. He graduated in the Class of 2014 in Townsville State High School. It was there that he was one of the children with a different mind thanks to his Asperger’s Syndrome. As an adult, he’s still not your average person. Average is no fun anyways. His hobbies include writing, filming, and flying... with massive bookshelves to prove it. Since graduating high school and studying Aviation at Central Queensland University, James was eager to travel and see the world at any opportunity. Having already been to Japan, Indonesia, and Thailand, he had an especially transformative journey through Turkey and Greece in 2015. He also studied abroad at the Korean Aerospace University in the Republic of Korea during 2017. Earlier that year, James and his father John volunteered as deck crew for the YWAM Medical Ship in Papua New Guinea. As it made its way from Alotau to Lae, James realized his talent for volunteering and charity work. The thrill of adventure and joy in contributing to a better world were the best parts. Then came February of 2019, when Townsville was struck by a disastrous flood. James was motivated to volunteer however he could. He can be seen volunteering at the Community Information Centre, studying hard in his Bachelor of Aviation and helping his city whenever and however possible.
March 30, 2021
#16 Joie de vivre; exuberant enjoyment of life with Barbra Wilson
In this episode we hear from Barbra Wilson who is a London based legend, all round incredible human who uses her creative talents to light up the world. Barbra is a natural born Singer, whose journey of self discovery not only unveiled her ability as an artist at the age of 50, but also led her to start her own business in Health and Wellness using essential oils and holding a qualification in Aromatherapy. She has over 20 years experience of mentoring young people and leaders in being their best self using her intuitive abilities. Barbra is mother to 3 children and Grandmama to 4 grandchildren. Be uplifted by this inspiring conversation which gave me shivers when recording. 
March 22, 2021
#15 The spirit of generosity and all things podcasts and marketing with Tim Beanland
In this episode Tim shares some of his tips around starting and building a podcast and things to consider regarding marketing.   Tim Beanland is the Owner of Beantalking a Podcast Production and Video Interview Marketing Business. In Tim's podcast; Beantalking, he interviews the top performers in their field and has featured guests such as Jim Penman; The Founder of Jim's Mowing and the Jim's Group and James Whittaker; internationally best selling author of think and grow rich the legacy. His Business Beantalking helps people who want to start a podcast for their business or personal life, but don't know where to start. Within an afternoon Tim has you set up with equipment, podcast cover art, and the confidence to take the leap and record your first episode. Tim is an inspiring person who has a great spirit of generosity and some fantastic tips for those interested in his area of expertise. 
March 21, 2021
#14 Following your highest excitement leads to epic adventures with Zara Janjua
In this episode Zara beams in from Scotland and shares her zest for life and multi faceted career involving acting, comedy, writing, documentary film making, hosting podcasts and much more.    With a ‘multi-hyphen’ portfolio career, Zara Janjua has proven success in every area. She has worked for BAFTA, NTA and RTS award-winning TV programs and was named one of the most talented up and coming women in Britain winning ‘Highly Commended’ as a finalist for Women of The Future Award 2020, supported by The Financial Times, Oxford University and CNBC. In 2021 Zara was named of the Top 40 Digital Women To Watch in the UK and is currently shortlisted for the ‘Digital Women For Good’ and ‘Digital Freelancer’ Award 2021. Zara appeared as an actor in an award-winning Solace Women’s Aid advert to raise awareness of domestic violence. She also undertakes annual philanthropic filming projects. She has recently returned from Nepal where she produced & directed a documentary about marginalised and disabled women for a UN supported charity, Seven Women. In September 2021 she will travel to Tanzania to film a short doc for CHAS as she takes on the highest freestanding mountain in the world – Kilimanjaro.  In today’s episode, we talk about the power of trusting in life and following one's highest excitement. 
March 20, 2021
#13 Living one's soul purpose, cacao ceremonies and Quantum healing with Stephanie E Charlotte Koehler
Born in Germany and chatting with us all the way from Mexico, this is an episode not to be missed.  Stephanie is an Alchemist and Accelerator of Human Potential using the Art of Rituals, Quantum Healing, coaching, and shamanic practices. Stephanie is passionate about helping people find their voice, turn obstacles into opportunities, and support others in breaking through blockages in order to fully embody their gifts and live their Soul’s purpose. She offers private healings, online programs, and global transformational retreats. Stephanie loves to weave Quantum science with ancient wisdom traditions.   One of her missions is to protect the ancestral heritage of communities around the Globe and preserve these traditions for the benefit of future generations. Hear about all the above in this episode and Steph's enchanting and magical approach to life 
March 16, 2021
#12 Living in service, community development and tiny houses with Kusum Tamang Poudyal
Kusum beams in from Nepal to share her lived experience in this episode, as a community worker and humanitarian.  Kusum has an avid passion to serve the community that are marginalised and/or less empowered and has been involved in the Social Sector since 13 years in Australia, India and Nepal to serve her passion. Having worked in the community sector for years, she firmly believes in building sustainable yet simple mechanisms of empowering communities and putting education and awareness in the first priority to mitigate most social challenges. Kusum holds a degree in Community Welfare work and Buddhist Theology and is now undertaking an MBA degree. She now heads Hiteri Foundation which is Nepal’s first non-profit crowdfunding platform and an emerging crisis management organisation that also works in training civil society organisations on communication, capacity building and fundraising. She is also a founding member of Timro Surakshya Hamro Kartabya (TSHK), a US based organisation that works against child sexual abuse in Nepal and a general member of Hattihatti Nepal. In her free time, Kusum loves to volunteer for different causes, travel, read, work and decorate with plants and garden, spend time with her husband, family and her two dogs. Be inspired by Kusum's passion to make a difference in this episode.
March 16, 2021
#11 The spirit of generosity and building community with Jules Brooke
Jules is the founder of Handle Your Own PR, a DIY PR service for business owners, and has been teaching people how to get media coverage for their business for over 10 years. Handle Your Own PR has helped thousands of small business owners make millions of dollars’ worth of media exposure by running their own PR campaigns. Using her online boot camps, coaching and PR SaaS platform, Jules’ students have been on TV, radio and been featured in magazines and newspapers nationally. Many have gone on to huge success in their business. The She's The Boss community, founded by Jules, has grown since the start of the pandemic in 2020. There are regular free zoom lunches with women around the country every Friday lunchtime (#noagenda although a lot of business is done and connections are made) and a podcast called She’s The Boss Chats. She’s The Boss is also a YouTube channel featuring interviews with wildly successful women in business from Australia and around the world. Jules is on a mission to help women build their profile in the media, and also to showcase all the incredible women that are changing the world with their businesses. It’s time we put the spotlight on all the amazing female founders and women doing extraordinary things in business. Personal info Jules is the mother of 3 boys (including twins!) and has a wonderful, supportive partner, Dave and a dog called Nugget.She loves reading, cooking, music, movies, socialising with friends and the beach. Some further information to see Jules in action. Link to Handle Your Own PR Link to the She's The Boss program on Ticker: Link to the website podcast page: Link to the She's The Boss Facebook group: Link to Jules’ LinkedIn profile:
March 16, 2021
#10 Magic mindset, miraculous miracles and the magic of life with Michael McCarthy
Michael McCarthy, all the way from Cork, Ireland ignites the passion within through his overflowing enthusiasm for life in this episode.  This episode will elevate you, inspire you and move you. Michael's love for life is infectious and his life is an example of drawing out our personal potential and the human potential in others.  Michael shares with us his incredibly positive outlook on life he has had since he was a child. He shares, through his life experience the power of the mind, the impact it can have on others and his stories of the magic his mindset has manifested in his life. We hear examples of how using the mind can heal as Michael shares the story of his father's wellness journey and how a positive mindset  created a transformative workplace. 
March 16, 2021
#9 Being the light we wish to see in the world with Nichelle Lyster
Nichelle chats to us all the way from California on creating community, starting a business and the spirited journey called life.  Nichelle is a long time lover of gatherings. From birthday parties, block parties, to holidays, she knows the magic possible in coming together for a purpose. In her 8 year long career in events, she has pin pointed the opportunity our gatherings have to be in service of a brighter future for us all. No wonder she’s launched an event company called Change The Lights - she is committed to programming that allows each of us to BE the Light we wish to see in our world.   Poet, Dancer, Musician, Ocean Fan girl, and Lover of Language - she brings Light Changing Perspectives into view and while Partying for a Purpose, and collaborating with incredible folks from all over our globe.  In this episode Nichelle shares the journey of what's it's like to listen to the light within, to move in the direction of one's dreams and to embrace, boldly and courageously all that life has to offer. Nichelle shares an incredible piece of her poetry as one of the ways she shares her incredible gifts and unleashes her creative expression. 
March 11, 2021
#8 Pathway to the heart through creative expression with Carol Liknaitzky
Carol Liknaitzky is an educator and social artist who in the past provided teacher training the School of Education, Victoria University for 5 years and ran the year-long, part time Nourishing Early Childhood Course at the Steiner Seminar for the past 9 years. Presently she provides the same Early Childhood Courses through her organisation, Heart Spaces, with a foundation in Rudolf Steiner’s insights and wisdom in human development. She has been the Education Leader for Ignite Minds Family Day Care scheme for the past 5 years and is presently, leading a team in developing practical storytelling skills with an indigenous language development project in Fitzroy Crossing. She offers teachers and parents highly participative and creative experiences that enable them to understand key Steiner concepts and gain confidence in the areas of child and personal development. Carol is often requested to give talks at schools on a range of topics concerning education, child development and how teachers and parents can work together, building community in support of their children. She taught in a Steiner High school and Nursery school over 30 years ago and co-founded the first South African Steiner Teacher Training organisation and Waldorf School in a black ghetto in 1985. After the end of Apartheid, she was contracted to the Education Department to manage and develop new legislation and provisioning for Early Childhood through a set of linked pilot projects involving over 40,000 children. She draws from wide experiences in artistic development, craft making and performance, as well as movement and Nia dance classes, which she conducts regularly. She has skills in stained glass art, leatherwork, woodwork, ceramics and visual and graphic arts. She has run large scale community arts projects and draws from eclectic and diverse life experiences that provide her with a deep and open connection to all sectors of the community. In 2010, she immigrated to Australia with her husband David and has made Melbourne her home, close to one of her 5 children and 3 of her 7 grandchildren. In this episode Carol shares her life experience and shares a different perspective on the power of creativity in self development.
March 11, 2021
#7 Empowering men to be their true authentic selves through 'The Model Man' with Hesh Fernando
Purpose, passion, action!  Heshan is the Founder of The Model Man, a organisation passionate about empowering men to be male role models, access their full potential, and achieve a greater sense of self. They run programs to improve working professionals mens mental fitness to overcome fatigue and burnout. Hi vision is to create healthier organisations through empowering men to lead the charge for organisational changes through prioritising rest centered performance.  In this episode, Hesh authentically shares his own personal journey which led him to the work he is involved in today. He shares his approach to life and his faith which is his driver. 
March 9, 2021
#6 Turn off the TV and get out into the Garden talking all things Agri/Aquaponics with Justin Mason
Justin Mason is the Founder of Agri Aquaponics and agriculture has been in Justin’s blood since a boy. As a young lad he was propagating seeds on his garage roof in suburban Melbourne. Sowing and Growing. Having been working on a farm since a teenager he gained drive, passion, and purpose in toiling the land and seeing it transform. Fast forward 25 years after working in London, Brisbane and Canada he came home to Melbourne. Having been working in the city on the 25th floor he looked down at a mirage of roof tops, the dead space, the valuable space which could be made more productive. How can I do something about that? With 3 main drivers at the heart of Justin’s purpose: Nutrition: Access to living vegetables and herbs. Utilising unproductive space Water conservation: using it wisely. How can we make unproductive space more productive? The use of space near the city. Roof tops, car parks, balcony and patios. Improve Nutrition. While travelling the world, it was more apparent that the average person’s nutrition is poor. We are accustomed to eating more and more processed foods that have travelled hundreds of kilometres. He asked the question: What if we all had our own mini gardens and grew fresh vegetables. Not just a normal veggie patch but a self-watering, mobile garden that you can place on a patio, balcony, back courtyard. Now we are turning 1 square metre into a highly productive garden. Water Wise - The drought. Watching how the last drought effected the farmers and knowing more about the drought cycles of the last decade I questioned - how can we use water more efficiently. How do we capture and recycle water as a domestic user? The business was born: Agri Aquaponics. Agri Aquaponics designs, builds and maintains organic aquaponic & hydroponic gardens. Grow your own food anywhere. A patio, courtyard or driveway. Convert unproductive space to productive space with mobile herb and vegetable gardens using hydroponic and aquaponic principals. Our unique designs are a self watering, self supported vegetable and herb gardens. Go off the grid, the gardens can be powered by solar panels and batteries. Organic food with zero carbon footprint. Web and Social:
March 8, 2021
#5 A courageous pursuit of self development and life purpose with Tatiana Panfilova
Tatiana is a relentlessly curious soul who is on the search for deeper meaning, real impact for the benefit of the world and speaking her truth. She has 5 years+ of experience in strategy consulting, solving complex business problems and coaching and mentoring people; she has been practicing yoga and meditation for more than 7 years, and is passionate about personal development and conscious evolution. In this episode Tatiana shares her transformative journey towards self healing, discovering her potential within and sharing it with the world.  Be inspired by her realness and authentic sharing which I'm sure will help others with key learnings to propel oneself forward.
February 4, 2021
#04 Faith, Confidence and unleashing potential with Steven Dossou
Introducing Steven, originally from Togo, and speaking to us from Bali before he heads to Turkey:) Steven is the creator of "IGNITE THE TRANSFORMATION", Founder of Sailforce Catalyst, Co-founder of Leadership. University, Author, Inspirational speaker and Transformational coach. Steven has impacted thousands of lives on a global scale, Nicknamed "Action Man", he is viewed by his peers as a charismatic visionary who undoubtedly believes in unleashing the human potential by inspiring people to break their boundaries and redefine their limits. As a living testimony, Steven has followed his dreams and recreated a new path by elevating himself from humble beginnings in his country of origin (Togo-West Africa) to leadership and impactful roles on a global platform.  In this episode we explore Steven's unwavering determination, passion and faith that propels him into action.  
January 20, 2021
#03 An event featuring the brilliant Susan Morrice (previously interviewed) on the power of the mind
Take a deeper dive into the mechanism of the mind in living our best lives with Susan Morrice and her brilliant example in this event recording where we delve into the power of the mind on creating the lives of our dreams. 
January 19, 2021
#02 The Power Within with Susan Morrice
Introducing Susan Morrice, who was born in Ireland, works in Belize and speaking to us all the way from Denver!  Susan is a Founding member of Belize Natural Energy (BNE) which is renowned for its holistic business model and has become an internationally recognized, award-winning beacon of light for industry, people empowerment, and the difference it has made in the country of Belize and beyond. One of the most inspiring women I have ever met and who I will be forever thankful to, for leading me to the most transformative experience in my life to date.  In this episode, we share about this 10 day experience, and Susan imparts some of her incredible wisdom on life and embodied leadership.
November 16, 2020
#01 Turning Dreams into Reality - Our life is our message with Cathryn Mahon
Cathryn is an incredible ball of energy who brings out the best in everyone she works with and meets. Her spirit of generosity is evident in the way she connects people and supports them develop their ideas into sustainable, businesses, with the goal enabling them to share their gifts with the world. She, herself has had a diverse working career from running her own businesses to working in others, and through this has developed a unique set of skills through years of experience. Cathryn is a self-confessed Ideas Generating Machine. She loves developing new concepts & business ideas, especially when working with people who are filled with passion & want to create a purpose-based Business. Her keen eye for detail, intuition, diverse business knowledge and ‘fix anything attitude’ breathes life back into the most stagnate of Businesses. Often when thinking of starting a business or even at different stages of a business, having support can mean the difference between making things happen or not. Cathryn is that person who can take you there. In this podcast, you will hear her experience working with many clients and her ideas around what it takes to start, run and build a thriving business. From this podcast, we have launched an event in partnership with the Seven Continents Council; Global network, to invite all interested to an 'Ideas to Reality' event where you can come and test, develop and create an action plan, taking the first steps to turn your dreams into reality. Stay Tuned on the INSPIRING HUMANS Facebook page for the link to register or email for more details. Places limited to 20.
October 5, 2020