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Intercontinental kiki

Intercontinental kiki

By Intercontinental Kiki
No need to knock to get into this dressing room of nonsense. Eavesdrop on Matt and Trish as they spill the juiciest sass regarding all things drag, entertainment, and queer activism. What’s it like being in a drag king competition? What’s happening with visibility policies in major corporations? What are the best drag makeup tips? Splash around in all this tea every Friday however you like to listen to your podcasts - getting ready, driving around, jogging, or while smashing the patriarchy.
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Intercontinental kiki 2

Intercontinental kiki

You said something about a talk show?
Season 3 begins! We are scrapping the straight up review format to return to our happy place wich is just talking and gabbing with no end in sight until somehow we wrap it up! We dish on life, where Madame ivy is performing, work, work again, politics and of course DRAG! Back on season 3 for the craziness that is INTERCONTINENTAL KIKI!
August 12, 2022
Fairy tale draguation speeches
This week we catch up a bit and give you a two-fer. We talk about the hilariously camp fairy tale justice and then get to our assigned seats for draguation speeches! So much all starts to talk about this week! Thank god for ALL this pod!
July 01, 2022
Legendary drag of fortune ball
You all know we love a good ball and ALL the lewks! We got our ball and we sure do go into these looks! We hit them all no skipping here! Get into this hot dive into the all stars 7 legendary ball!
June 17, 2022
Let's get into this snatch game episode! Trish and Madame Ivy deep dive into this long, lively and legendary snatch game! Do you like call back jokes from 10 years ago?, Terrible yet hilarious prince impersonations and a sexually aggressive Mike Tyson? This episode is for YOU!
June 10, 2022
All stars season 7 legendary legends
We get into the first episode of the new season of All Stars. Our fave wig stylist: hatz by carlos.con
June 03, 2022
Look at all these reunion lewks!
This week we skip the drama and do some catch up but also talk about ALL of these amazing reunion lewks that they didn't give enough time to on the Reunion episode! use coupon code GUTNNMYZDM for %20 off your first order. (Canadian residents only. Must be of legal age in your province or territory. Local delivery only in Calgary and surrounding area.)
April 23, 2022
Catwalk - A winner season is coming
This week we talk about the new lineup for all stars 7, s14 episode 14 catwalk of RuPaul's drag race. All this and a nice catch up this week on intercontinental Kiki! use coupon code GUTNNMYZDM for %20 off your first order!
April 16, 2022
The Roast of Moss Ratthews
This week the ladies talk travel plans, ivy tries to go on a rant about her love for the ocean, Trish keeps things on track and we talk about the roast of Ross Matthews! What a great episode we have for you this week on intercontinental Kiki! to get all of your marijuana products delivered in Canada! (Local same day delivery in Calgary and surrounding area. Must be legal age in your province or territory to purchase.) Use discount code GUTNNMYZDM for 20% off your first order!
April 09, 2022
SHADE: The Moulin Rusical!
This week we talked about the cost of going to a drag tour post pandemic, remember fondly the lalapaRUza and discuss the Moulin Ru rusical! You want to get into this hot Kiki this week! As promised you can find the link to CC Suarez here. Please remember to review the podcast, subscribe, follow and download! Also considering supporting the podcast, it takes a lot of behind the scenes stuff to make this happen weekly and we appreciate any contributions you make!
April 02, 2022
A very special schedule change episode
SCHEDULE CHANGE ALERT! Episodes will be weekly on Saturdays to accomodate Madame Ivy Dripp's real life work schedule. This week we catch up on life wile wearing our official outfit of the pod BURRITO BLANKETS! we talk about the very special episode of drag race lip synch smackdown lalapaRUza! So many lip syncs and so little time! All this on this week's intercontinental Kiki! Please follow, subscribe and rate our podcast! Feel free to contact us @madame.ivy.dripp and @passionfordrag on insta and email us anything you want (not your dick) to
March 26, 2022
Menzes two - A queen is crowning
This week we get to talk about the anticipated crowning of UK vs the World! Also we get caught up on the newest episode from s14 the drag con panel episode! All this Menzes and crowing on this week's intercontinental Kiki!
March 11, 2022
Fit for a KING with Nick D'Cuple
This Thursday we finally have the booked and blessed king of SWFL Nick D'Cuple aka Nicky first ever drag king winner of drag search! We talk about snatched gig, he sounds off a bit and what else do we do with our KING? Get the fuck off topic! You can find Nick @nickdcuple on insta and @ahausofdrag on FB. Oh and he may drop a secret about performing with a legendary king you know from TV! Listen to find out!
March 10, 2022
Semifinal 60s girl groups
We are back in the race! We talk 60s girl groups, reading the dolls and Ru's will, obsess over willow on the runway then hop a quick flight over to UK vs the world to chat about the semifinals, living their lives in London and works of art on the runway! Join us for a drag race filled episode on intercontinental Kiki! 🎉
March 04, 2022
Thursday boil over!
We are still working shopping the name for the show BUT this week we talk about the ongoing crisis in the Ukraine, anti trans bills in Alabama, the "don't say gay"bill in Florida and other very important bills in the United States that are currently targeting trans youth is many states! We encourage you to speak up to your local representatives if you live in one of these states. WE STAND WITH TRANS YOUTH AND WE STAND WITH THE PEOPLE OF UKRAINE 🇺🇦🏳️‍⚧️🇺🇦🏳️‍⚧️🇺🇦🏳️‍⚧️
March 03, 2022
Can you feel the Daytona wind?
Oh boy this week we cover both s14 e7 "the Daytona wind" and UK vs the world e4 "the snatch game family edition" and oh boy did we enjoy this week's episodes? Production is always putting their fingerprint on something and we're finding it, sad news from the world stage and oh no.. do you smell that? We talk about the hilarious soap opera "the Daytona wind" join us for our thoughts and runway suggestions on this week's episode of Intercontinental kiki! With everything going on in the Ukraine please consider helping any way you can. We at the podcast stand with the people of Ukraine. Please consider donating to their aid as well as speak up about this. It gets worse when we stay silent.
February 25, 2022
We are what? #teampangina
We got caught up on all the drag race tings and things. UK vs the world is absolutely dominating the scene and we are absolutely obsessed with this series! We catch up on s14 as well and for the millionth time declare ourselves #teampangina! All this and more on our regular kiki!
February 18, 2022
Introducing Thursday sound off!
With all this drag race there is a lot going on in the world. Well we absolutely have something to say and Thursday is just for that at intercontinental Kiki! This week we discussed the trucker convoy aka stupid janurary 6th, "don't day gay" bill in Florida and how fucking corrupt the IOC is and just to add some levity we talked about stupid laws! We had something to say and hope you enjoy this new concept from Intercontinental Kiki!
February 17, 2022
Cat Adams revisited
Hey guys! I know we are supposed to talk drag race but matt is trying to reclaim his life after the nephew's were over for almost a month! We decided instead of rushing an episode out we would re visit one of our favorites and one of our personal favorites is the cat Adams interview. This interview is important for visibility and showing that what your grow up in is not the soil you're stuck in. This interview is heartwarming and even has a love story! We are still working on part 2 but this was such a wonderful interview we wanted to make sure newer listeners have given it a chance!
February 11, 2022
RPDR UK Vs. the world ep.1 watch along!
Here it is!!! The watch along for the very first episode of RuPaul's drag race UK vs the world!! This episode was so good we wanted to watch it with you guys and let you hear our thoughts as the episode plays in real time (we skip the untucked because Holy shit could they have produced that anymore) of cource we mock production, we GAG over the dollsz is juju on MasterChef? And so much fucking more! What a blast we had and I think we are getting the hang of the watch along! #ukvstheworld #rpdr #dragrace #teampangina
February 05, 2022
We spilled the T with Nicole Halliwell!
We have a VERY SPECIAL EPISODE! Brought to you without commercial breaks because it's fucking important! We have the Amazing Nicole Halliwell on the pod to chat about post-covid pay for drag entertainers. The bars are bringing in a very good amount of money and a mix of things is causing a very inadequate pay for drag entertainers. Nicole talks about the issues that are plaguing her community and what she's doing and asking to combat it! She's not here complaining about her own plight she is speaking up for the dolls on this VERY important issue to her and us and Intercontiental kiki! You can find Nicole at her website and for her comedy show dates!
February 04, 2022
Kiki about s14 of drag race!
This week we attempt to catch up on season 14 of RuPaul's drag race but 3 episodes are entirely too much for two queens to walk right back into the door. Matt & Trish catch up and attempt to talk about all these runway looks and what the fuck was RuPaul doing this week!? Trish brings up the hetero topic, matt just wants to judge the drag so what else is new!? Intercontinental Kiki has teamed up with Supherbs Canada to provide our Canadian listeners with the best Canadian cannabis products! Use our code and link to save %20 off your first order! cupon code: GUTNNMYZDM (must be legal age in your province or territory. Canadaian residents only. Same day delivery available in Calgary and area)
January 28, 2022
Blazed and filled with covid with Sister Indica!
This week we do a quick catch up on life before diving into our amazing second interview with Sister Indica! We promised they would be back and guess what this is the time! Enjoy hearing about the future of blazed, potential teasers coming up and OF COURSE WE GET OFF TOPIC AS HELL! check out one of our amazing affiliates! Supherbs has everything a Canadian marijuana connoisseur could ever want! Use our link to check it out and use our code for 20% off your first order! GUTNNMYZDM for %20 off your first order! Ships anywhere in Canada, must be legal age in your province to order (same day delivery available in the Calgary area!)
January 14, 2022
This week we change it up! We dish about the winner of Canada's drag race quickly then we decided to do a "watch along" for the S4 FINALE of dragula! We just loved the finale so much we wanted to watch along with you and really dive into every second of the episode! (Forgive the bad audio from Matt in the beginning please!) We have teamed up with Superherbs Canada to provide you with some amazing marijuana products! They have everything from concentrates to edibles and flower! Follow our link or use our code to receive 20% off your first order! They offer delivery anywhere in Canada as well as LOCAL CALGARY DELIVERY SAME DAY! or use code 19259 at signup for %20 off your first purchase! Must be 18/19+ (legal age in your province to purchase NOT available in the UNITED STATES)
December 31, 2021
This week we go full into dragula up to the last supper! Talk about Nosferatu beach party, exorsisters and so much more! We truly love the artistry and contestants on boiler brothers dragula and we wanted an episode to truly commemorate how much we have enjoyed season 4 so far! At the end we touch base about Canada's drag race and Madame Ivy's cat interrupts. All this on this week's episode of Intercontiental kiki DRAGULA DEEP DIVE! As always the podcast is unofficially sponsored by and and we have add support options. This allows us to book guests and create more content for you!
December 17, 2021
Real life is Bullshit Pt 2 drag edition!
I know we essentially talked about ourselves last week but that's A OK cause we got all the drag dish we could think to talk about in this episode! (Ella vday was robbed!) We talk drag race UK, Italia, Canada's drag race and dragula. We also mention queen of the universe and the second attempt at Christmas special from RuPaul! Let's get into all this drag talk! As always this podcast is unofficially sponsored by @madamwiggles of and @forbiddenbingo
December 10, 2021
Real life is bull shit but we caught up!
Legit forcibly carved time into our schedules to record a bunch of audio for your earballs! This is a straight up catch up episode but don't worry we have a extra special drag episode coming up the week after because we recorded so much audio we wanted to bless you with two weeks of content in a row! We know you missed us and we wanted to reward your patience! Don't forget to catch Madame Ivy Dripp on http://www.amberlive.TV Sunday December 5th at 8pEST/6pMST/5pPST as always our podcast is unofficially sponsored by @madamwiggles from and @forbiddenbingo tell them Intercontiental kiki sent you!
December 03, 2021
Schedule update!
Hey amazing listeners! We love you guys do much and in order to keep creating amazing content you love we are moving out schedule to a BI-WEEKLY schedule. We do this with a heavy heart as we love creating weekly content for you but unfortunately we don't have the time with real life starting back up for both of us. We really appreciate all your listenership weekly and promise there still will be content just not weekly! We will have something fun for your ears next week!
November 05, 2021
Interview with Anthony Hand!
This week matt took some time to talk about Anthony's creation Maxxie LaWOW! “Maxxie LaWow: Drag Super-shero” is an animated feature film telling the story of Simon, a shy young barista, who discovers a magic wig that turns him into the super-shero of his dreams. Campy adventures ensue. Of cource we also got off topic in the tradition of Intercontiental kiki! We talk drag race and so much more on this episode! What a true pleasure it was to have Anthony on the show! You can find more information about Anthony and Maxxie at @maxxielawow
October 29, 2021
Intercontinental kiki DRAG! The ultimate drag magazine
This week Madame Ivy Dripp and Trish and back to chat about what they've been up to! Beerfest Calgary, gradient vodka soda, DRAG! the ultimate drag magazine and upcoming interview on Amber Lemay Live! We hope you enjoy this catch up episode! As always the podcast is unofficially sponsored by @madamwiggles @forbiddenbingo @djrockstaraaron
October 22, 2021
Juicy Garland interview revisit
Hey guys! This week we are taking time to revisit one of our favorite interviews you may not have heard! Super busy interviewing geusts for upcoming content as well as Madame Ivy is getting the gigs honey! We will be back next week with a new episode! Hope you guys enjoy this revisit!
October 15, 2021
Back at our old tricks!
We decided to do an episode where we are back to are old tricks as it's Halloween! Talking about whatever the fuck we want truly! Join us as we talk drag race fatigue ect, dish into our lives and chat about Halloween and travel plans in the near future! As always this podcast is unofficially sponsored by adult online bingo party @forbiddenbingo and Big wig bar! Http:// @madamwiggles
October 08, 2021
DJ Rockstar Aaron interview!
Holy fucking shit! Took us a min but we are finally back at it! Mourning is lame! We are back with a very special episode featuring the amazing, the beautiful, the genius that invented the ORIGINAL forbidden bingo DJ Rockstar Aaron! It's quick but fun! Finally you get to hear about this amazing game from the creator themselves! As always this podcast is unofficially sponsored by and @madamwiggles
September 29, 2021
We will always miss Eve! Tribute episode!
First Friday back we really wanted to take some time a celebrate a woman who has truly sponsored this podcast from it's very inception! Madame Ivy Dripp, Trish and Bianca chat about eve, share some amazing memeories and pay tribute to the one and ONLY Eve sallans! I know this is very different from our usual thing but we felt we need to do this to move forward with our work. Hope you enjoy it! Shout outs to our amazing international listenership for sticking through! We truly love you guys! Eva Jean Sallans January 26, 1948 - August 22, 2021
September 24, 2021
Intercontinental Kiki with Juicy Garland
This week Ivy Dripp and Trish talk to Juicy Garland about starting drag, being drag sisters, nerd things, fashion and MORE! You will have a lot of fun listening to this interview we sure did have fun recording it! As always the podcast is unofficially sponsored by for hand made human and synthetic wigs by @madamwiggles and Forbidden bingo online party! 18/21+ free to play and adult themes throughout. Http://
August 13, 2021
First interview of S02 Madam wiggles!
This week we have our first interview of S02! The amazing and talk of San Diego Madam wiggles!! @madamwiggles on instagram! We clearly talked wigs but we also did... You guessed it GOT OFF TOPIC AS FUCK! This was a super fun interview that really got down to those serious things in life like ruining tourist selfies, cooking food you hate terribly to not have to cook it and oh so much more! This episode is unofficially sponsored by Wich the owner of if Madam Wiggles and our other unofficial sponsor as mentioned is online party! Free to Play 18/21+
August 06, 2021
Willams Naw race review goth girl glam PMB
This week we literally GAG over Willams goth girl look! Holy shit! We also got a Paint Me Bitch episode included. PMB is Willams YouTube series where she has other drag queens and makeup artist come and paint her for her channel! Art Symone was famously on PMB before down under! This is another week you absolutely must check out! Included is the link to Willams look this week and also the name of nio's Instagram account so you can check them out too! Nio's Instagram handle @niohuru_nyc
July 28, 2021
Clash of the patterns
This week we discuss Willams clash of the patterns look! It was featuring some diesel plaid and a body suit my Marcco Marcco! We had so much fun gushing over this episode! Watch the video here!
July 23, 2021
Intercontinental Kiki "we're back!" W/ Nick D'Cuple!
It's been a rough month for the hosts of IK BUT we are back with weekly Kiki's for you guys!! Willams Naw race is still being released as bonus content but our original format is back in action and better then ever! We have the amazing Nick D'Cuple aka Nicky back with us in the Intercontinental dressing room for a full catch up on week one of drag search! Having a beer with miss Roxxy Andrews! We talk all stars 6 finally and do what we do BEST get horrible off topic and just have fun! We are so happy to be back with you all! Let's just call this season 2!
July 23, 2021
Williams Naw stars review RUdemption
Alright sorry for the massive delay! This episode we discuss Willams RUdemption look and take some time to discuss people stealing the likeness of drag queens without compensating them. Willams video please like subscribe her YouTube channel for more amazing looks from all stars 6
July 16, 2021
Williams Naw Race Review 1
This week we are taking break from our kiki to introduce our very first weekly mini pod Williams Naw race review! This is a podcast dedicated to talking about the looks Willam would have done on drag race all stars season 6! We are so excited to talk about the work one of our favorite and someome we consider a see friend of the pod Willam Belli! This week she did the Blue ball and her looks were off the charts! Shouts outs to @mister_howie @zachkilian and @gagemunster for her looks and here is the link to the video!
July 02, 2021
Intercontiental kiki with Cat Adams!
This week Matt and Trish had Matt's husband Byron on the show to talk the winner of down under, drag race Espana and what he expect from all stars 6. We also talk to his AMAZING and FASCINATING friend Cat Adams! They are an ex Canadian who moved to the US before adulthood then in early adulthood left strict religion, chose a much harder life and found the love of their lives! We discuss religion, homeless in America and SO MUCH MORE! We can't wait to share part two with you! Enjoy part one of our interview with the amazing Cat Adams!
June 25, 2021
Intercontiental Kiki featuring Sister Indica!!
This week Matt and Trish catch up after a missed week talk Espana and down under and just our lives in general right now. We also had the pleasure of interviewing the incomparable and multi talented media queen herself SISTER INDICA! we talk the future of blazed all our lives, Rosie bush, music and SO much more! Be sure you catch back up with us and sister indica this week on INTERCONTIENTAL KIKI! to find blazed all our lives, this talk show will self destruct and more info about sister indica!
June 20, 2021
Intercontiental kiki 3 way kiki with Nick D'Cuple and Maya interview.
Hey guys this week Matt and Trish invite the amazing and hilarious Nick D'Cuple for a ultimate kiki! We talk drag race Espana, down under, the competition "Drag Search" that Nick is competing in and do what we do best get off topic and just kiki about everything we find important! We also have an amazing interview Trish did about an asexual panel coming up in South Florida! Check out her interview with Maya and much much more on this week's Intercontiental Kiki! #dragrace #dragraceespana #dragracedownunder #intercontinentalkiki
June 04, 2021
Intercontiental Kiki Jasmine Pryce Lords
This week it's a quick catch-up from Trish as Matt just moved his cats into the new house! This week we had the pleasure of interviewing the Mother of the Florida chapter of the house of Lords the one and only bearded beauty and plus sized barbie herself Jasmine Pryce Lords!! Talked about how you keep a beard clean when applying makeup, some drag race down under and oh is there some T about Miss serene chacha!? Listen for all this and more on this week's Intercontiental Kiki!
May 21, 2021
Intercontiental Kiki Disneyland
Intercontiental Kiki is lucky enough to know Bianca from Please Don't Kick Me Out Podcast about her recent trip to Disneyland with the new pandemic rules and restrictions to talk pre/post pandemic differences, favorite rides and how the new inclusion rules have allowed cast members to really feel like themselves at Disney! She was even lucky enough to get to meet Eddy who went viral last week for his amazing work at Disney and inclusion! Be sure to check out this bonus episode especially if you are planning on hitting Disney in the "new normal"
May 19, 2021
Intercontiental kiki with Nick D'Cuple
Today we have a very quick catch up because we had SO much to chat about with the amazing and talented Nick D'Cuple! We talk potential catch phrases, baby drag, drag king pageants, get a very special sneak peak at his new parody of "fever" and SO MUCH MORE! This is absolutely one episode you don't want to miss!! To check out everything Nick and house of kings movement are doing also check out for the upcoming digital content we talked about with him!
May 14, 2021
Intercontiental Kiki with Marissa
Intercontiental Kiki has a slightly disjointed conversation about drag race down under, covid in Alberta and much much more!
May 07, 2021
Intercontiental Kiki with Rosie Bush
This week Trish and Matt have a quick birthday catch up, talk some news and interview the amazing and alluring Ms. Rosie Bush! We talk to her about well literally the weather, Blazed all our lives,In the kitchen with Rosie and then just get beyond distracted having an amazing conversation together! This is one interview you don't wanna miss! Instagram: @msrosiebush. Facebook:inthekitchenwithrosie
April 30, 2021
Intercontinental kiki 2
On this episode Matt and Trish catch up on what's going on from north to south, talk caring for reletives and rollercoasters? Also we have our special geust Bianca W from Please Don't Kick Me Out- a podcast about impostor syndrome. To talk about the drag race contracts from weird releases to would you sign the contract yourself? Bianca's podcast can be found at she has amazing merch and amazing episodes of her podcast for your ear holes! Please check out our queens of the week @athenadion and @strawberry_corncakes
April 23, 2021
Welcome to Intercontinental Kiki!
Welcome! Over The Rainbow has now transformed and grown into Intercontinental Kiki. Trish has invited Matt to join her and create this new chat show! Talking to interesting geusts, stirring the drag race pot and just talking some gossip and shit! This first episode is just a gold old fashion kiki between friends that cross the Continent of North American! Join two different time zones chatting every Friday! Check out our Instagram page for this week's tags and shout outs! @intercontinentalkiki
April 16, 2021