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Intergalactic Craic

Intergalactic Craic

By Armagh Observatory and Planetarium
Armagh Observatory and Planetarium’s first podcast, “Intergalactic Craic” will bring the latest space related news, theories and technologies to the ears of the general public. Headed by two engaging hosts, the podcast will feature interviews with astronomers, debates and discussions with experts in relevant fields and listener proposed questions. Intergalactic Craic will not feel like a lecture series; instead listeners will find themselves learning the secrets of the universe while laughing along with the hosts and guests. It’ll be out of this world!

Music: Nebula Rush by Florian Decros
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The Big Lad: Hefty Jupiter

Intergalactic Craic

Space is Cloudy, Who Knew? Featuring Kerem Çubuk
This week Heather and Courtney interview Armagh Observatory PhD Candidate Kerem Çubuk on his area of research - molecular clouds! Turns out we can't escape the cloudy conditions, even millions of lightyears away.  Kerem and his colleagues also have a Youtube Channel dedicated to science communication in Turkish. To find out more, visit 
March 17, 2022
The Craic with Climate
This week, Heather and Courtney are joined by AOP's own Anna Taylor - climate Education Officer extraordinaire to discuss the most frequently asked questions about climate change and what we can do to help! #NISCIFEST22
February 25, 2022
Why Alien Fish on Europa = DOOM
This week Courtney fills Heather in on The Fermi paradox and The Great Filter. If there a million options for life elsewhere in the galaxy, why haven't we met aliens yet? Need Some Space? 
January 21, 2022
So Earth is Ruined - Where Next?
This festive season, Heather and Courtney explore the other options for living in our Solar System (just on the off chance we don't fix the climate!). What would living on the Moon, Venus, Europa or Mars look like?! Tune in to find out. Need Some Space?
December 22, 2021
Here's Me Wha? feat. Guest Host Dr Rok
This month on Intergalactic Craic, Heather and her special guest host, Dr Rok Nežič, tackle some commonly asked questions heard in the Armagh Planetarium exhibition area. Sometimes these questions might make you do a double take and ask... Here's me wha? At least if you are (unlike Rok) from Northern Ireland! From Pluto's dubious standing in the Solar System, to where the heck we can see the aurora and when black holes will eat the Earth, Heather and Dr Rok discuss it all and more. Need Some Space?
November 26, 2021
What's Goo-d?! Global Catastrophic Scenarios
This month Heather and Courtney attempt to uplift everybody's spirits with a discussion of four Earth ending scenarios. From comets we thought were friends to nightmarish grey goo, we have the range of what could happen to the blue planet. And for two of them... we are long overdue. Need Some Space? Visit for more information on Armagh Observatory and Planetarium
October 15, 2021
Heavy Metal Stars with Prof. Simon Jeffery
This week Heather and Courtney chat to AOP's own Professor Simon Jeffery about the misfits of the universe; heavy metal stars! There's more than one type of star out there and we are still discovering more about these stellar oddities today. Need Some Space?
September 17, 2021
Wee Bitta Craic! PhD Talk with Dr Andreas Sander
For this Wee Bitta Craic, Heather and Courtney chat with outgoing AOP research fellow Dr Andreas Sander about his work, the PhD process and his advice to aspiring researchers! 
September 05, 2021
The Big Lad: Hefty Jupiter
This week Heather and Courtney embark upon a journey to the biggest gas giant that we have in our Solar System - Jupiter! Want to know more about our protector/assassin/lighting ball?! Listen to Intergalactic Craic! Need Some Space?
July 16, 2021
The Size of The Universe! Ft Prof Michael Burton
This week Heather and Courtney are joined by Director of Armagh Observatory and Planetarium, Prof Michael Burton! Prof Burton lends his expertise to explain how big the universe really is using a scale we can all wrap our heads around. Also we find out how he voted on the decision to kick Pluto out of the official Solar System planets! Need Some Space?
June 11, 2021
Strange Matter; The Most Dangerous Stuff in the Universe
This month Courtney freaks Heather out with the scariest stuff out there: strange matter! Have you ever wondered what it would take to turn Earth into a tiny blob of an asteroid? Turns out... it's a bean! A bean of strangelet that is. Need Some Space?
May 14, 2021
Wee Bitta Craic! 2I/Borisov 101 with Dr Rok
Welcome to our first Mini-sode! This week Heather and Courtney get the 101 on Comet 2I/Borisov with the one and only Dr Rok! The paper referred to in this episode can be found here.
April 30, 2021
Rocks to Rockets: 4 More Amazing Women in Science!
Welcome to Season 2 everyone! Heather and Courtney kick off the new season with some amazing women in science that everyone should know. Any questions? Email us at 
April 16, 2021
The Safest Dinner Party of 2020
For the last episode of Season 1, Heather and Courtney suggest their ideal astronomy guests to a dinner party. They cover some of humanity's greatest astronomical achievements as well as discuss some of the rumours surrounding a particular famous astronomer's party behaviour! Need Some Space?
December 04, 2020
Turning Back The Clock - The History of AOP
Join Heather and Special Guest Host Dr Rok Nezic as they delve into the archives and discuss the history of the Armagh Observatory and Planetarium through their favourite objects. Clocks, books, instruments and rooms, they've got it all covered, and they have a bit of craic along the way.
November 19, 2020
Vampires, Zombies and... Bowties? Oh My!
This week Intergalactic Craic has some added spook for your Autumn. Vampire stars, zombie stars and spooky nebulae will all be discussed by Courtney and Heather. Need Some Space?
November 04, 2020
A Love Letter to Hubble
This week Heather and Courtney gush about the one, the only, Hubble Space Telescope. You may have heard of Hubble, but what has it done? What has it lead us to? Just pretty pictures?! Far from it. Need Some Space? 
October 13, 2020
5 Amazing Women in Science You Should Know!
This week, Heather and Courtney pick a few of their favourite women from history that worked in the scientific field. From the first female astronomer, to the first Nobel Prize winner to live to 100 years old, this is an episode packed with information and girl power. Need Some Space?
September 18, 2020
Nuclear Gnocchi: An Overview of Neutron Stars
This week Courtney takes Heather on a drive-by of the weirdest objects in the universe - neutron stars! Pasta, sugar cubes, soup and even existence ending matter are in inside these little balls of density out there in space. Want to know more? Listen this week! 
September 02, 2020
Satellites are Cool, I Swear!
This week Heather puts on her teacher hat and breaks down why exactly satellites are cool. Courtney is initially unconvinced, but by the end will she be a fan? Bet we teach you something you didn't know about satellites! Find out this week on Intergalactic Craic!
August 19, 2020
ISS? More like Fly-SS!
This week on Intergalactic Craic your favourite hosts, Heather and Courtney, take on the topic of the flyest human invention ever; The International Space Station (or ISS for short). Do you know how space smells? What about going to the bathroom with micro-gravity? And can we get a coffee in space? Find this out and even more. Need Some Space?
July 29, 2020
The Earth is Round!
This week Heather and Courtney are joined by AOP's Dr Conor Byrne to take a dive into the world of The Flat Earth Society! How long has this myth been going about? Do people really believe the earth is flat? Dr Conor breaks down the physics for us - with added craic of course. 
July 15, 2020
All About Asteroids
This week, for #AsteroidDay, Heather and Courtney cover the most frequently asked asteroid questions by the public. Dr Rok Nežič lends his expertise to what the difference between an asteroid, a comet and a meteorite is, as well as many more questions! Did you know AOP has an asteroid named after us in space?! Do you need some space?
June 30, 2020
Let's Get Quizzy With It!
Welcome to Armagh Observatory and Planetarium's new podcast - Intergalactic Craic! On our first episode we have a brief chat about AOP's history, followed by some astronomy quiz questions and answers for you to use in your at-home pub quizzes with friends and family.
June 12, 2020