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Internal Miscommunications

Internal Miscommunications

By Internal Miscommunications
Sharing stories about how we got it wrong so that you can get it right. Tell us yours!!
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Baste My Turkey

Internal Miscommunications

Baste My Turkey
12 hundred downloads 11 internal Comms experts 10 intriguing episodes 9 (teen) scheduled Zoom calls 8 dozen emails 7 spelling challenges 6 Zencastr sessions (+1 Google Hangout) 5 gold stars on Apple 4+ hours of content 3 months of vulnerability 2 resplendent hosts........... and... A podcast to celebrate messing up and moving on in internal communications In this episode, we brought back all of our friends and a couple of future guests to reflect on a year gone by.  Join Jenni Field, Rachel Miller, Annique Simpson, Benjamin Ellis, Chuck Gose, Kristen Hancock, Kyla Simms, Adam Brayford, Advita (needs no surname) Patel, Erica and Keith for the last in this season's episodes.  In the show, we mention  Great Ormond Street Hospital in the UK, this is a special hospital that provides world-leading healthcare to children. As a way to thank and show appreciation to our guests, and especially to Rachel (who as we mentioned in our first episodes, played an important part in the success of the podcast) we have made a small donation.  If you have enjoyed the show and can spare even £1 / $1 then we would love you to join us in donating you can find out more here. We'll be back in the New Year with a couple of new segments but for now, Happy holidays to you and yours from us and ours. K&E x
December 22, 2020
It starts with love
This week's show features part two of our catch up with Annique Simpson where we discuss the need for diversity in the communications industry, how we can support each other and champion the voices of those who for too long been silenced. We also talk more about the UK Black Comms network and the incredible work they are doing.  Links - Annique Twitter - @annique_simpson Uk Black comms network - Uk Black comms network Twitter - @Blackcommsuk leave us a voice message and feature on a show. Click here 
November 30, 2020
Wet Doctors
In this week's show, we caught up with Annique Simpson and find out more about her career to date as well as some of her hilarious Miscommunications.  This is a two-part show, the other half will follow up in a couple of weeks. In the second half we talk more about the UK Black Comms network and the incredible work they are doing to drive diversity into the communications industry. Check out their  'One Step Forward Two Steps Back' webinar on Wednesday, 18 November and then tune back into the show in a couple of weeks to hear more from Annique. Links -  Annique Twitter - @annique_simpson Uk Black comms network - Uk Black comms network Twitter - @Blackcommsuk
November 16, 2020
Subjective nouns, split digraphs and homophones
We are joined on this show by the champion of communicators and the original #CommsHero Asif Choudry.  We caught up with Asif to find out more about the origins of the Comms Hero conference, to test his spelling (he had been practising hard) and to understand why this guy loves communicators quite as much as he does.  Find Asif on the Socials Asif on Linkedin - Asif on twitter - Resource - Comms Hero - Desk Buddy - Find us on the socials  Get in touch with the show at join the conversation on Twitter at - AND follow us on LinkedIn because we are super professional and stuff.
November 02, 2020
Seasoned and spring chickens
The terrific transatlantic duo of Jason Anthoine and Benjamin Ellis join us to talk about What Employees Want and how internal messages from leaders or “the company” are often fraught with miscommunications. We talk about findings that stand out, how employees want to hear humanity in messages, and the power of storytelling. As with every episode, we share plenty of laughs at ourselves, one another, and a few surprisingly good accents at the end. Take the What Employees Want survey and share it with others at What Employees Want, or ......................................... Where you can find Jason and Benjamin: Jason Anthoine LinkedIn Twitter Benjamin Ellis The Twitter LinkedIn And where you can find Internal Miscommunications: Twitter: @ICMiscomms Instagram: @Internal Miscommunications LinkedIn
October 19, 2020
It's not a belief system, it's spelling.
In this week's episode, we meet the formidable Internal Communications power couple, Chuck Gose and Kirstin Hancock. We hear about B-dog (their gorgeous rescue) leftover meals being the best thing in the world and we dive right into the most heated transatlantic spelling test yet.  Our miscommunication focus shifted a little for this show as we talk about how everything has an element of miscommunication and that the audience will ultimately tell us where we got it wrong. Don't forget to get in touch with us and share your stories of miscommunication. leave us a voice message or drop us an email at Discussed in this show.  Mark Zuckerberg's 'no politics for internal Facebook' Click here Elements of Internal Communications - Click Here Spin the wheel  - Click Here Chuck's Twitter -  Kristin's Twitter - Remo's Instagram -
October 05, 2020
Comparison is the Thief of Joy
The one and only Comms Rebel Advita Patel joins us for this episode of Internal Miscommunications. This hour long special is packed full of pure wisdom and insight as Advita shares her stories of Miscommunication and recovery.  You can find out more about Advita below. Twitter - Advita's consultancy - Comms Rebel Her leadership community with Priya Bates - A leader Like me  Mentioned in the show  Brene Brown - Dare to lead
September 21, 2020
The Power of Silence
In this episode, Jenni Field talks about how moments of miscommunications in her past triggered chaos, what she learned from those experiences and how she moved forward with a bright vision for her future of work.  Enjoy! Discussed on the show: Neuroscience for Organizational Change: An Evidence-based Practical Guide to Managing Change Where you can find Jenni: Jenni helps move companies from chaos to calm at Redefining Communications at She is also president for the Chartered Institute of Public Relations at Twitter LinkedIn
September 07, 2020
Practically Perfect In Every Way
Everyone knows Rachel. Whether it is through her online content or direct through her consultancy, it is safe to say she has helped all of our careers push forward in some way.  Rachel's career spans 21 years (she started work at the age of 4), she joined us to share some of her finest miscommunications throughout that time.  Discussed on the show:  Working out loud. Where you can find Rachel: Rachel's New Masterclass website. The masterclasses are designed to provide online and easy to use training, wherever you are in the world. (We had sneaky peaks at the content and it is very VERY good). Rachel's website and blog - Twitter - Instagram -
August 24, 2020
Resplendent Joy
Welcome to the very first Internal Miscommunications Podcast. Get in touch with the show and tell us your stories of mistakes, missteps, and miscommunications.  Emai - Twitter - @ICMiscomms Instagram - @InternalMiscommunications
August 21, 2020