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The Intern

The Intern

By Lauren Macpherson
Ever wondered what it's like working at NASA or just fancied spending a day feeding animals at the zoo?

At The Intern we take guests from the world of product, technology and entrepreneurship through their dream internship week. Learning new skills, exploring their passions and sneaking a peek at the inner workings of a new place each day.
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The Intern

Karina Vazirova, Co-Founder FemTech Lab
Our guest this week is Karina Vazirova. Karina is the co-founder of FemTech Lab, Europe's first independent accelerator for rising startups in women’s health and wellness. Karina is also a product strategy expert, leading the development of over 30 digital products in the US, Australia, UK, and Europe. She is the founder of KV LABS, a UX design, AI and robotic automation agency. Karina is also an international chess master. Join us as she takes us on her dream week of internships, taking us on a journey to a femtech biolab, a Web3 DAO, the Hippodrome in London, a creative agency and to the coasts of the UK. You can check out her work at --- The sponsor of The Intern Podcast is Eli5 Product Studio. Based out of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, their team of expert designers and developers builds custom software and digital products with Fortune 500 companies, Tech Startups, SMEs, and governments. You can find them at
April 11, 2022
The Intern Podcast - Coming soon
A short introduction to our new show.
March 25, 2022