In The Lab

Episiode 1 - Welcome

An episode of In The Lab

By Smart Hopewell
Welcome to In The Lab, hosted by Dyslexic designer Smart Hopewell. On this podcast you'll hear bite-sized interviews with dyslexic creatives. Photographers, Artists, Designers, Illustrators and more. They'll share tips, stories, struggles & laughter of their everdaylife with Dyslexia. More information and content from this podcast can be found on Smart Hopewell's YouTube channel, Twitter (@psalmlabgo) and also instagram (inthelabpodcast).
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Episiode 1 - Welcome
Welcome to the very first episode of In the Lab. Creative conversations with creative people. This first episode is just me Smart, sharing what is to come in upcoming shows and what you can expect. I hope you enjoy it!
December 6, 2018
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