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In the Pit Radio

In the Pit Radio

By Jeff Blackburn
Jeff and 5hole discuss the Metal Music scene, Interview Bands and shoot the breeze about everyday topics.
Jeff has years of covering the metal music scene under his belt. The 5hole is a drunk tequila snob. Together, they interview bands, tell stories and speak on issues without all the P.C. nonsense you’ll find on NPR. This show has been called “a comedic prolapse” by one bottom feeding scumbag from Philly.
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In The Pit Radio #3 – War Curse

In the Pit Radio

11. Maricon
 5Hole and Jeff discuss a wide variety of topics including Jose Mangin  "borrowing" 5Hole's gimmick. We talk about the new Rock Iconz Pantera  collection, what would have been today with the band, and a wise man  still says Sacred Reich sucks. 
June 24, 2019
10.5 Remastered Materials
 The Absolute best portion of the "Fresh Materials" episode has been  isolated and cleaned up.   To date, This is Jeff and the 5hole's finest  hour.   BRING BACK THE MEXIMELT!!! 
June 24, 2019
10. Pour Some Sugar On Me
 We return after a week off, with big news! We discuss the thought, more  so the probability of Jose Mangin stealing 5Hole's gig. We discuss the  amazing new Death Angel album "Humanicide". We get an update from the  P.R. Department, and receive the news that we aren't up to par. We talk  to a registered nurse, about the cure for a prolapsed rectum. We can  give you solid advice that may literally save your ass after a huge blow  out. 
June 24, 2019
9. The Recycling Club GRRRRRRRR
 We read our weekly PR critique email, confirming our PR Rep think Jeff  and 5Hole are special needs. We are very excited to welcome back our  friend Marzi Montazeri to discuss all things Heavy As Texas, the  upcoming tour, the possibility of Exhorder making a cameo in a Heavy As  Texas video, or Heavy As Texas making an appearance in an Exhorder  video, who knows, but we do broadcast from space! Finally we discuss a  picture of a local school recycling club, and the challenges they face.  Remember to subscribe to us on Itunes and take us with you everywhere  you go! 
June 24, 2019
8.The Atonement
 Jeff and  5Hole set out to make up for their mishaps from last week. No  surprise, 5Hole is totally dusted again and apologizes numerous times.  He paints a picture of Cleveland's finest mentally challenged lovers,  and their public display of affection on public transportation. He tells  romantic tales of a drunkn vomit laced kisses, and our PR messages us  that Jeff crashed the train again. 
June 24, 2019
7. The Disclaimer
 Jeff and The 5Hole get direction from Laura, little tips to tweak this  shipwreck of a show, only she said nothing!!! After we find our new  publicist, as usual 5Hole gets s****y, they enlist the help of Plan B,  after Socks bails on his big debut. 
June 24, 2019
Jason Bittner - Overkill interview
 Maximum Threshold / In The Pit Radio Exclusive! The two teams pair up to  interview Overkill drummer, and old friend  Jason Bittner.  Jason  discusses his transition into the band,  and recording “The Wings of  War.”  
June 14, 2019
5. Fresh Materials
Jeff and the 5hole are joined by special guest, Damion.  After  receiving life altering news, 5hole gets insanely hammered and plays  phone calls he made to avenge his dead dog’s appetite. disclaimer:  Even though while we were recording this, everything  sounded great, on playback we found an echo in the beginning of the  episode.   Nothing we did could get rid of this anomaly.  We felt this  was too good of a show not to share.
June 14, 2019
4. "You're the captain of this ship, Tony"
 Justin Roth from the mighty War Curse talks about the history of the  band, and what the future looks like, 5Hole is sober again???  Jeff  Tells Tony you are the captain of the ship, and more stupid ramblings  that include 5Hole finally watching Lords of Chaos. 
June 14, 2019
Justin Roth Of War Curse Interview
 Justin Roth of thrashers War Curse ( Get it right! It is TWO WORDS )  sits down with Jeff and The 5Hole to talk  about the bands upcoming  release ‘Eradication’, his tour managing duties, and gives some history  on the band 
June 14, 2019
In The Pit Radio #3 – War Curse
 The greatness of the band War Curse is discussed, and Jeff is excited  about hearing the entire new album from VLTIMAS, featuring David Vincent  (ex-Morbid Angel, I Am Morbid) Rune ( ex-Mayhem) and Flo(Cryptopsy). 
June 14, 2019
#2 – In The Pit Radio – 5Hole and Jeff discuss The Mentors : Kings of Sleaze Rockumentary, Metallica and funny Doompa story
 5Hole and Jeff discuss The Mentors:Kings of Sleaze Rockumentary,  Metallica and funny Doompa story Subscribe to us and leave us a comment.  follow us @inthepitradio  
June 14, 2019
#1- In The Pit Radio – Interview with Marzi Montazeri
  Maniac Marzi Montazeri graces the In The Pit Radio airwaves and talks  all about his projects. Including his new signature model guitar. Subscribe to us and leave us a comment. follow us @inthepitradio
June 13, 2019