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The Heartspace

By Kelly Keefe
Welcome to Into The Heartspace - your space for heartfelt conversations, all things energy, creative expression, and conscious lifting content. Tune in here for solo episodes with Reiki Master & Transformation Guide Kelly Keefe as she navigates topics of Spiritual Awakening, Vibrational Medicine, and Owning Your Path. She is also joined by Spiritual & Personal Development Leaders, Teachers, and Creatives.
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Getting Grounded & Always Finding Opportunities To Serve: with Tyrone Robinson

The Heartspace

11.11 Updates After Days of Silence
In this episode, Kelly shares some collective energy themes, practices for shedding layers of our old self, reflections and wisdom from a tree, and guidance to navigate these transformational times. Upcoming Embodied Connection Retreat [Costa Rica, Jan 27-31] To sign up to receive the Heartspace Newsletter
November 11, 2021
Befriending Your Fear
In this episode, Kelly reads a chapter from her book, Rise Above Fear, to dive deeper into how can we can embrace rather than suppress, shame, or judge our fear. Want More Heartspace? Donate:
June 16, 2021
Activating The Kundalini Boss Babe Frequency With Mariah Pelley Smith
In this podcast, Mariah and Kelly go deep into the discussion of what it looks like to a spiritual bossbabe in this New Earth. From discussion around building a conscious business and brand, mantras to change your life, conscious relationships, embodiment and more.... In this episode we cover: - Growing a business as a spiritual woman - Building a business and brand through the lens of essence and frequency - Authenticity, Sacredness, and Embodiment - Channeled healing and symbols Mariah works with - Other realms that provide deeper insight to why we do and behave the way Kundalini practitioners do - Setting ourselves up for success when releasing patterns, behaviors, people, etc - Mariah's favorite mantra to work with currently ( 26th Pauri ) - The power of sound, words, and in particular mantra - The meaning and alchemical process that comes from the phrase, Wahe Guru - Conscious relationships and the blending of sacred practices into every facet of life - Your spiritual practice as a tool to be in the perfect relationships meant for you  - Recent self-limiting belief that Mariah has brought to life and reframed - 3 points of wisdom from Mariah about being a Spiritual Boss Babe - Building out Timelines for the New Earth - What Mariah's message to the entire world would be on her billboard About Mariah Pelley Smith: Mariah Pelley Smith and I am the Executive Director of Mariah International Business & Vitality Inc. I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur that has merged my love for health and business. I believe the capacity of your nervous system has a direct relationship to your success. We provide a spectrum of services that range from Business Consulting/Coaching, Graphic Design, Videography, Event Planning, Kundalini Yoga Classes, Reiki Sessions & Intuitive Programs. Everything we create is an extension of ourselves, but we must understand who we are in order to truly offer something with authenticity. My specialty is guiding business owners to embody the brand, so they can be fully immersed in their creation. Contact: Insta: @Mariah.pelleysmith | @Mariah.Kundaliniyoga Web: Program/Course Platform for Yoga+ Intuition Training: Email: Want More Heartspace? Donate: Instagram: @iamkellykeefe Facebook: Heartspace
June 07, 2021
Building The New Earth With Leena Lemos
In this podcast, Leena and Kelly go deep on the power of being grounded in our power, creating with Great Spirit, what's needed in the New Earth, and much more. This episode is special in nature being that it was a divinely guided impromptu episode. In this episode we cover: - How The House of Enlightenedhood was birthed - The initiation of Motherhood - Cultivating Open-Sourced platform for Spiritual Wisdom & Knowledge - Removing the Patriarchy From Spirituality - Reaching all Demographics With The Tools, Teaching, and Technology - The Power of Celebrating & Supporting Everyone To Win - The Importance of Staying Grounded & Present - Mary Magdalene & Christ Consciousness Activation Journey - Feeling to Healing - Being The Circuit Between The Cosmos & The Earth - Conscious Parenting - Fertility, Channelers, and Lumerian Ways of Pregnancy - Energy Management & Team Work - Owning Your Journey For Variety - Her Book, Dear Luna Wilde : "I believe letters are the most honest way to communicate because they travel in a direct line from heart to hand to paper. This book is my heart song for any mother who is ready to lead with light and own the depths of the responsibility she's been given." About Leena Lemos: As a leading millennial voice in spirituality, Leena Lemos is on a mission to raise the collective consciousness through disrupting the spiritual awakening paradigm to be one that is more accessible, relatable, and celebrates the human experience. Leena is the Founder of House of Enlightenedhood, a spiritual co-op and digital media platform hat provides free and co-created spiritual tools. Leena is the author of Dear Luna Wilde… a unique documentation of her spiritual re-awakening and healing journey as a new mom. Social Media accounts: IG/FB: @LeenaLemos, @Enlightenedhood, @LightCastingMedia About House of Enlightenedhood House of Enlightenedhood is a spiritual co-operative on a mission to shape the trajectory of spirituality and birth a New Earth. Our intention is to guide humanity through its next iteration of spiritual evolution by returning to the roots of sacred shared wisdom through the medium of Open-Source Spirituality. We are empowering every soul to come home to themselves, reclaim their sovereignty, and ignite the guru within. House of Enlightenedhood has incepted an inclusive and innovative ecosystem that changes how we produce, consume, and interact to grow our unified spiritual transformation through its digital platform, LightCasting Media, and spiritual social media community. Learn more at Want More Heartspace? Donate: Instagram: @iamkellykeefe Facebook: Heartspace
May 31, 2021
Janelle Cameron
Want More Heartspace? Support The Mission: Support the Podcast with Patreon:
May 25, 2021
Getting Grounded & Always Finding Opportunities To Serve: with Tyrone Robinson
In this episode, we are joined by Tyrone Robinson (@opp2s). This episode is packed with practical and grounded methods, skills, and tools you can use to optimize your productivity while sharing your value with the world. In this episode we dive into: Ways to optimize time, be organized, and efficient Simplifying systems for operations and business The power in our words : especially the word INVEST Keeping a clear mindset & calm demeanor through chaos How we can get in our own way and how to get unstuck Share a powerful excerpt from his book, The Light Within Us All : Life Lessons Through Self-Discovery Flipping the script from comparison to self-empowerment Lots of gems of wisdom, fun stories, & laughter Things Mentioned With A Link: *Coggle : *Ty’s book : (About Tyrone) Tyrone Robinson is the Owner of Opportunities 2 Serve, LLC. A Growth & Marketing firm that specializes in working with Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs. Robinson is passionate about building and creating world-class organizations that significantly impact the success and satisfaction of their employees, internal and external customers, shareholders and communities.  Tyrone is a a speaker, Board Member of The Chester Education Foundation, Local Entrepreneur Network and is the Author of the book: “The Light Within Us All: Life Lessons Through Self-Discovery”. Social Media: Instagram: @opp2s Facebook: LinkedIn: Read His Book: Want More Heartspace? Support The Mission: Support the Podcast with Patreon:
May 25, 2021
Becoming A Master of Your Creative Flow With Ariel Viera
In this episode, we are joined by Ariel Viera (@thearielvera). This is a whimsical episode that packs a punch of mysticism, history, wisdom, and fun. With practical and grounded methods, skills, and tools you can use to optimize your productivity while sharing value with the world. In this episode we dive into: -The importance of having and being in F.U.N. -Deep diving into the flow state -Embracing the Yang and the Yin -Favorite practices of Self-Love -The power of knowing history -How to deal with people who have difficulties in discovering or understanding spirituality -How you can get into history behind spirituality and its significance -Learning the “flow” state -Why and how history repeats itself -The magic of Neville Goddard -The Agnostic text (the Book of Thomas) -Definition of creativity -Getting into the theory of “Quantum entanglement” Ariel Vera is a video creator, story teller, host of the Facebook Live series “Urbanist”, explorer of history, spirituality, and has a high rank of cultivating flow in creativity, and a passionate believer of distributing things from the heart. To see some of his history videos and follow him on Facebook, go to, to subscribe to his YouTube channel at Ariel Vera/Urbanhistoyofcities, or type in Ariel Vera and  subscribe. To follow him on his personal Instagram follow him @thearielvera. He also recommends everyone who is interested to read this interesting book by Alan Moore- “Promethea”  which gives intel about awakening. Lastly, you can email him at Want More Heartspace? Support The Mission:
May 25, 2021
Why I Married Myself
In this episode, Kelly shares a short overview of her journey to courting, dating, and marrying all parts of herself.  Want More Heartspace? Support The Mission: Support the Podcast with Patreon:
May 10, 2021
From Starseed to Star with Thomas Sochowicz
In this episode, we chat with friend and dear brother, Thomas Sochowicz around various topics of fully embracing the spiritual journey. Starseeds, Indigo Children, Star people, etc are becoming more and more aware of who they really are and beginning to walk the journey. We talk about the importance of listening to the call, taking leaps of faith, and much more... Want More Heartspace? Support The Mission: Support the Podcast with Patreon:
September 02, 2020
Connecting To The Elements Meditation
Join Kelly on a guided meditation to connect with the 4 elements (Earth, Water, Fire, and Air) within yourself to feel more connected with the natural world and your own alignment Want More Heartspace? Support The Mission: Support the Podcast with Patreon:
May 16, 2020
Living The Reiki Principles To Flow In Life More
Reiki isn’t just a modality that we turn on and off as practitioners... it’s a lifestyle and way of being that we(hopefully) embody as we grow on our spiritual journey. In this episode, Kelly shares the principles Reiki practitioners live by that supports them to live more in alignment with their highest self and with an elevated vibration. These principles you can adopt into your life whether reiki attuned or not that will support you in your life. In this episode, Kelly also spontaneously shares a new song she has been working on! Want More Heartspace? Support The Mission: Support the Podcast with Patreon:
April 12, 2020
We Are The Medicine
Three weeks in quarantine with COVID, what we are doing to nourish ourselves and remember we are the medicine? Wisdom received from elders shared recently in circle as well Want More Heartspace? Support The Mission: Support the Podcast with Patreon:
April 08, 2020
Finding & Using Your Authentic Voice with Jean-Marc Berne
In this episode, we are joined by Jean-Marc Berne (@BerneMedia). This episode is filled with insight on building a career based on what you love, fulfilling the purpose of putting your heart into what you do, inspiring an influencing others , healing and recovering, and helping people find and use their inner voice. In this episode we dive into: · Making choices to find what is fulfilling (careers or jobs) · Finding a purpose in life · Finding your calling · Overcoming hardship · Following your dreams · Seeing your dreams come to life · How can your dream or journey influence others? Jean Marc Berne is the founder of Berne Media Incorporated and is known for his worldwide public speaking, voice over coaching and artistry. He is also a world-renowned voice trainer, for the hit animated Disney series “The Octonaunts”. He specializes in showcasing people how to find their voice, people like “public speakers, serious actors and heart-centered entrepreneurs” (Berne Media Enterprises, 2019) and teaches them to keep their voice from straining to unleash their inner emotion through their speech. He’s on a mission to get people to connect with their hearts to their voices. You can find him on his website “Berne Media”, purchase his book “The Heart Voice Connection” on Amazon, and on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn using his name Jean-Marc Berne. References Berne Media Enterprises. (2019). Retrieved from Berne Media Enterprises: Want More Heartspace? Support The Mission: Support the Podcast with Patreon:
January 29, 2020
Dropping Ego Masks & Exploring Conscious Sexuality with Coen Arts
In this episode, we delve deep into exploration of role-playing, egoic masks, and what is means to be sex positive. Coen Arts  Want More Heartspace? Support The Mission: Support the Podcast with Patreon:
January 29, 2020
Wanderlust Yoga, Curiosity, & Aligned Magazine Creating with Ryan Lamere
In this episode, we are joined by Ryan Lamere (@alignedmag) to talk about his journey with yoga, magic, and creative development Bringing his passions and skills into a balanced career Finding yoga and the life long relationship a yogi has with their practice Growing up as a witchy kid Reiki - holding it close to the heart and knowing where and when to use it Our adventures and devoted love for trees (good for some laughs!) Why Ryan is anti- tricks and tips… and what he likes to share instead His personal process of being able to connect deeply with himself A question that has changed my life forever Lots of gems of wisdom, fun stories, & laughter (About Ryan Lamere) Ryan is an artist and the founder of Aligned Magazine, a yoga culture and lifestyle journal. Aligned ( explores the intersection of yoga, art, social justice, and more. It celebrates the life lived off the mat, inspired by the one created on it. In 2018, Aligned launched a Sounds library, for teachers to share class playlists. This spring, is also launching a print zine, and line of goods under the name “Third Eye Society.” Professionally, Ryan works as a creative director for new and established brands in the wellness, lifestyle, and educational space. He was the former art director at Wanderlust and is currently the creative director for the monthly publication The Dispatch, by Folk Rebellion. ( Ryan is also a yoga instructor and reiki master. He is currently teaching weekly with Liberation Prison Yoga in the trans unit at the Manhattan Detention Center. Social media: @ryan_lemere @alignedmag Want More Heartspace? Support The Mission: Support the Podcast with Patreon:
December 17, 2019
Being A Renaissance Human & Getting Into The Heartspace Through HeartMath w/ Bruce Cryer
In this episode, we are joined by Bruce Cryer (@Brucecryer). This episode is packed with practical and grounded methods, skills, and tools you can use to optimize your productivity while sharing value with the world. In this episode we dive into: · How life is in the entertainment business · Handling, understanding, and overcoming life threatening health conditions · Making your next move in your career · The purpose of HeartMath · Creating something that was researched and sharing it with others · Techniques on how to get into coherence of the heart · Working the subconscious mind · Where the “Renaissance Man” originated · Is it easy to let things go? Being revisited by old feelings Bruce Cryer, also known as “the Renaissance Man”, has had a career in musical theater, executive coaching, health well-being, personal development, and more. He has worked with HeartMath which led him to work with Stanford University, Mayo Clinic, NASA, Shell, Kaiser, Cisco, Dropbox, and more organizations in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America. He is a co-author of “From Chaos to Coherence: The Power to Change Performance.” He has spent the past three years advocating, coaching, and researching innovators “to maximize health and human performance” (Mentor, Entrepreneur, Executive Coach, Strategist, Keynote Performer, n.d.) To find Bruce Cryer, you can email him at, follow him on Twitter @Brucecryer, and follow him also on Facebook, you can also find him on LinkedIn at Lastly check out his website and also if you would like to see his show at the May 6th /May 13th , 2020 at the Open Center. Want More Heartspace? Support The Mission: Support the Podcast with Patreon:
December 17, 2019
Ascension Guidance With Sena Maria
In this episode, we are joined by Sena Maria (@sena_maria). This episode is filled with uploads and insights of who we are and the journey we are experiencing as Starseeds during this time of awakening. From surrendering into the unknown, channeling higher entities, and loving on the medicine of cacao - this Divine sister and I dance through many conscious lifting topics. In this episode: + Her journey from Google to spiritual teacher + Wormholes, Eclipse seasons, & galactic happenings of summer 2018 and why this matters + How to get comfortable and surrender into the unknown + Power of the “Heart Pull” + What is ascension? + What’s it mean to be an ascension guide? + Sena’s initiation process of becoming an ascension guide + How to further grow in your ascension journey + What does working with an ascension guide look like? + The human experience while channeling higher entities + Cyclical messages and insights + The Gene Keys + What is the one sentence Sena would share with the entire world if given the opportunity + The medicine of cacao & how it brings connection and let’s us follow our hearts + Song & Music medicine Things We Mentioned: Sena's ascension guide, Lea: The Gene Keys: Firefly Chocolate: The Medicine of Being Human Podcast: About Sena: Sena Maria is a ceremonialist, cosmic channel, ascension guide and the creator of The Medicine Of Being Human Podcast. After working at Google for 5 years, she sold all of her things and followed her heart into the world of plants, yoga and healing modalities. She now leads retreats and ceremonies, educates about ceremonial cacao with Firefly Chocolate, and provides 1:1 Ascension Sessions when she's not recording her podcast, playing music, cuddling with her Beloved, or reading about The Gene Keys. Want More Heartspace? Support The Mission: Support the Podcast with Patreon:
December 17, 2019
Expressing Our Magic & Creativity with Sage Law
In this episode, we are joined by Sage Law (@literallymagic) to talk about his journey into unveiling his full potential, magic, and creativity. In our time together we will dance in the spaces of: His journey of surrender from being homeless to in his Divine power Creating your life and titles to shape your reality The importance of being fully present in this realm while also launching into higher dimensions What is a sigil & how you can use them How men can step into their Divine Masculine Creativity! Art, clothing design, photography Micro-actions for Macro-results in improving your mind Lots of gems of wisdom, fun stories, & laughter Additional Resources We Discussed in This Episode: You Are Enough TedTalk - Shantae J. Edwards : (About Sage Law) Sage Law is a veteran of the USAF, High Performance Coach, Multidimensional Artist and Omniscient of the Human Condition. The path of ascension and self-mastery were cemented after having had the veil on modern society lifted by a number of phenomenal experiences shifting life towards boldly sharing his special gifts. Social media: Instagram @literallymagic Want More Heartspace? Support The Mission: Support the Podcast with Patreon:
December 17, 2019
Golden Egg Meditation
In this guided meditation, Kelly will guide you in a lucid state where you will be able to journey to a special place and receive gifts and guidance from your spirit team. This is a very calming and abundant meditation that will help you feel supported, connected to your guides and more clarity along your path. Enjoy! Support the podcast:
November 18, 2019
Owning Your Shine Fully with Monica Adams
In this episode, we are joined by Monica Adams(@itsmonicaadams). This episode is filled with mindhacks, blasts of empowerment, laughter, higher realm discussion, and even some inside details on upcoming creations. Tuning it is going to have you lit, inspired, and ready to rise... What we cover in this episode: + Her journey into living fully from the heart + NLP and breaking subconscious cycles + Some hacks you can start using today+ Honoring the shadows + Awareness & change vs spiritual bypassing + Her process of have her biggest expansion yet + The Montclair Zen Studio + The power of community + Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine + Group intention to be open to receive + The story of how I married myself this summer + Power of play+ Heart coherency  + Monica’s definition of 4D & 5D+ Deja vu, downloads, and integration + Moving beyond the fear of awakening symptoms and new activations About Monica Adams: Monica Adams is a meditation leader, life-changing coach, and community-driven event producer. She is the founder and creator of Montclair Zen Studio, Radiance Festival, and The Path to Ascension Coaching.She has shared stages with Alexi Panos, Eric Thomas, Mastin Kipp; and has been on the Awakened Women Magazine's list of "100 Must-Follow Awakened Women". She is based in Montclair, New Jersey.  When she's not leading events you can find her laughing and dancing barefoot in nature. Get More of Monica: Instagram: @itsmonicaadams Montclair Zen Studio: Support the Podcast with Patreon:
November 11, 2019
Metaphysics, Word Power, & Career Development meets Spirituality w/ Trent Rhodes
In this episode, we are joined by Trent Rhodes (@mr.caliber). This episode is filled with using your skill to apply to a formal job of value, career development, contributing something to sow something, and prioritizing and self-care.  In this episode we dive into: · speaking positivity in your daily life · writing personal letters to yourself · focusing on your goal · knowing the difference between solitude and isolation · finding your own knowledge · hobbies, skills, and education Trent Rhodes is a “Career and Development Consultant, Literary Artist and Metaphysician” who empowers people to transfer into their higher selves in both their personal and professional life. Rhodes is experienced in the “Gestalt-style of coaching methodology” (Rhodes, n.d.) using a combination of a subconscious mind (or inner technology), Reiki meditation, martial art ideologies, and the power of writing and speech. Trent also teaches men on the embodiment divine masculinity and serves as a private mentor. His blog “” along with his books are guides to an insight on how to guide one’s education independently. Rhodes connection with the God-source, self-study and life experience is manufactured through the practice of metaphysical laws, alchemy and ancestral wisdom. You can find Trent Rhodes on Twitter (@Caliberkingsman) , Instagram (@mr.caliber) and email him You can also search for his blogs at and References Trent Rhodes: Developing Self-Trust and Confidence, The Metaphysical Way. (n.d.). Retrieved from Worked and Wired : Get More of Trent: Instagram: @Mr.Caliber Instagram: @The.Divine.Masculine Instagram: @MasterLearn Portfolio: Blog: Shop:  Business: Support the Podcast with Patreon:
November 06, 2019
Alignment Meditation
In this short meditation, Kelly will guide you through a meditation to help you step out of the day to day life and shift back into alignment with your highest self. Support the Podcast with Patreon:
November 06, 2019
Rewiring Your Mind & Hypnotherapy with Daniel Ryan
In this episode, we are joined by Daniel Ryan (@danielryancrt) to talk about the power of the mind and how we can work with our beliefs to change our lives immediately. In our time together we will dance in the spaces of: What exactly hypnotherapy is How we are living in a trance majority of our day What’s the difference between hypnotherapy and “regular” therapy A couple meditations to apply into your day to day life The way that emotions and the stories we are telling are playing out in your life Using writing has a tool Lots of gems of wisdom, fun stories, & laughter (About Daniel Ryan) Daniel Ryan is a second-generation hypnotherapist who grew up in and around the fields of advanced guided therapies. In 2011, he took over his father’s practice and opened his offices in New York City where he still maintains private practice today at The Center for Integrative Hypnosis. Through his decades of experiences, he has been fortunate enough to train with and know personally the pioneers of the field of which his father was one. (Daniel’s father, Jeffrey Ryan, served at the President of the Association for Past Life Research and Therapies)  Today Daniel holds board certifications in Hypnotherapy and Regression Therapy. He speaks and teaches from his unique point of view on the field and champions ethical practice alongside thought leadership into new and exciting territories. Social media: Instagram @danielryancrt
November 06, 2019
Owning Your Ability to Create & Social Responsibility with Shannon Algeo
In this episode, we are joined by Shannon Algeo (@shannon.algeo) to talk about his journey into unveiling his full potential, magic, and creativity. In our time together we will dance in the spaces of: +How feeling like an outsider helped him find his community and purpose +The launch and platform of Awaken.Yoga with Shannon, Jessie, & Laura +Making things happen by putting it in your calendar +Addiction with social media and trying to bring mindfulness to it +The power of sleep +Trying to fill ourselves with enoughness - doing things to just feel productive +Manifesting the Career that you want +Leaning into full faith that what we want is already done +Unpacking White Supremacy for spiritual warriors +Gratitude Attitude - Dive into a gratitude journey with Shannon +The duality we are experiencing in social justice & cultural shifts +Oppression found in the foster care system and underserved communities Things & Links We Talk About: Awaken.Yoga : Insight Timer: 100 Days of Gratitude: The Power of Vulnerability by Brene Brown : Join Well Read- Biweekly email to join forces for good: Reverend Angel Kyodo Williams: (About Shannon Algeo) Shannon Algeo is a speaker, coach, and yoga + meditation teacher who has helped thousands of people around the globe tune into their life’s purpose and activate transformative personal and career growth. He is the co-founder of SoulFeed, the iTunes Top Self-Help Podcast, where Shannon and his co-host interview inspirational leaders like Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Seane Corn, Gabby Bernstein, and more.  Shannon was named one of the “Nicest Instructors in New York City” by RateYourBurn for his work as a yoga teacher and his coaching intuition has been called a “gift to the wellbeing community.” He leads corporate mindfulness programs for companies like the global non-profit (RED) founded by Bono as well as several start up companies. In addition to giving talks for lululemon and Wanderlust, Shannon was invited to speak for the United Nations at the "Yoga and the UN Culture of Peace."  Shannon is one of the co-founders of Awaken.Yoga, a online sacred space for you to practice yoga + meditation so that you can tune into yourself and practice whenever you want -  at an affordable price.  Get In Touch Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Email: Support the Podcast with Patreon:
November 06, 2019
Psychic Mediumship & Opening Our Channel With Anthony Mrocka
In this episode, we are joined by Anthony Mrocka (@anthonymrocka) to talk about how his life took him through the extremes of addiction and depression to being a powerful psychic medium sharing his gifts around the world. In our time together we will dance in the spaces of: His journey of addiction and struggle to Divine connection and success What being a medium really means and how to live with that The power of surrender and letting go of expectations Practical steps that you can use to strengthen your connection beyond the veil We do a live channeling for me! Lots of gems of wisdom, fun stories, & laughter (About Anthony Mrocka) After years of struggling with addiction, Anthony began to question his very purpose in life. It was during one of his lowest points he began to pray to God and surrender his life to Him. It was at this moment his Spiritual Awakening began. Things started to happen that did not make sense. He started to hear, see and feel things that were “not of this world.” Teachers showed up out of nowhere, making it seem as if he was on a divinely guided path which contained some sort of predestined plan. Anthony was told he was a psychic medium, and so began his development with Spirit. He has been mentored under world renowed psychic mediums Lisa Williams and Tony Stockwell. Today Anthony is a professional psychic medium and travels the country demonstrating mediumship and teaching workshops. Social Media: Instagram: Anthonymrocka Facebook: Website: Support the Podcast with Patreon:
November 06, 2019
Make a Living Doing What You Love with Dr. Bere
In this episode, we are joined by Dr. Bere to talk about the power of the mind and how we can work with our beliefs to change our lives immediately. We go deep into how to tap into our truest nature and heart’s desires. This episode is very vulnerable, soft, and tender… which means it is really strong, impactful, and life changing. In our time together we will dance in the spaces of: The shift into living from the heart & overcoming the fear to do so Matching our inner-world and outer-world A process you can take to tap into your personal definition of success The importance of remaining ground and present in the 3D when traveling in the other dimensionsThe money vs meaning dilema we have created in modern society How to tap into our creativity to create our lives Whole minded thinking Why is important for us to have coaches in our lives The importance of maintaining space & keeping that space The Yes Yes Hell No technique How to set healthy boundaries & make friends with our fear We do a deep dive into talking to my fear around embracing new love after heartbreak (About Bere) As the founder of Work You Love Coach, I help people who want to make a difference but fear it might never happen. Like you, there is a lot more to my story than would fit into a few sentences. My life experience includes working as an attorney on high-stakes international cases, qualifying for judicial office, receiving a PhD—and changing my entire life. If you'd like to explore my work, you can get access to the free Work You Love bundle here. To learn how to approach fear in a healthy way, you can also check out my free webinar here. If my interview resonated with you, I'd love to connect with you. Here's how to reach me: Email: Facebook: Twitter: Medium: Support the Podcast with Patreon:
November 06, 2019
Welcome Into The Heartspace
With wide open arms and a wide open heart I welcome you Into The Heartspace! Support the Podcast with Patreon:
November 06, 2019