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The Joy Iseki Show

The Joy Iseki Show

By Joy Iseki
The Joy Iseki Show is about us: our relationships, our habits, our hopes, our faith, fears and dreams; our past, now and tomorrow. It's about the way we're creating a MORE helpful perspective to everything that affects, and influences our life's navigation here on earth, towards embracing our authenticity.

It's about our journey into self love, acceptance, emotional and mental wellness.

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#selflove #emotionalwellness #nigerianpodcast #happiness #mentalhealth #fulfilment #gratitude #selfacceptance #wellness
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EP21: The Mind and Creativity with Victor Negro
In this episode with my guest, Victor Negro, we shared on the usefulness of harnessing the mind's creativity for your personal growth and purpose fulfilment. #mind #thejoyisekishow #nigerianpodcast #creativity #emotionalwellness #mentalwellbeing #mindset Visit my website at for blog posts on your healing journey and emotional wellness. Connect with on Instagram, @thekounsellor, and Twitter, @Dkounsellor. For an online one-to-one session with me, send mail to
October 01, 2020
EP20: 7 Unique Ways to Show Yourself Kindness
In this episode, is shared my personal most unique ways of showing kindness towards yourself. We're so often told to show kindnesses to other people, which is great. Except that in doing so we sometimes neglect showing ourselves the same. Please visit my website:, connect with me on Instagram, @thekounsellor; Twitter, @Dkounsellor and YouTube, Joy Iseki. For a one-to-one consultation with me, send email to #kindness #selfcompassion #onlinetherapist #joyiseki #emotionalwellnesscoach #wellnesstips #mentalwellbeing #nigerianpodcast
September 17, 2020
EP19: What to know about the emotional healing journey
In this episode I shared on some unpopular issues about the emotional healing journey you should be aware of as you decide to embark on this journey. I believe having this awareness can help us better prepared on what's ahead of us such that we're informed on time and then ready to fight on until the goal is achieved. Visit my website, Connect with me on Instagram, @thekounsellor, and Twitter, @Dkounsellor. To book an online consultation with me,send mail to #healingjourney #mentalwellbeing #emotionalwellness #onlinetherapist #thecounsellor #joyiseki #authenticity
September 04, 2020
EP18: Rest! With MacHenry Churchill
In this episode with productivity coach, MacHenry Churchill, we shared on the importance of rest and why it matters, as well as practical ways to rest. #rest #takingabreak #mentalbreak #emotionalwellness #joyiseki #onlinetherapist #nigerianpodcast #productivityhacks #lifehacks. Connect with me on Instagram, @thekounsellot, and Twitter, @Dkounsellor. For a one-to-one online consultation with me, send mail to For more visit
August 22, 2020
EP 17: Your Words and Your Healing Journey
Words are very important. In this episode, I shared on helpful ways we can start to learn how to speak healing to ourselves by the words we're using daily. You can visit my website,, or connect with me on Instagram, @thekounsellor, and @Dkounsellor on Twitter. To book for an online session with me, send mail, #healingjourney #emotionalwellness #mentalhealth #affirmations #nigerianpodcast #joyiseki
August 07, 2020
EP16: Self Forgiveness Journey
Forgiveness is a helpful practice for our healing journey. In this episode I shared on why it's important we learn self-forgetfulness and it's benefits to our healing journey. Visit my website at to learn more on your wellness and healing journey. Connect with me on Instagram, @thekounsellor; Twitter, @Dkounsellor. Watch my YouTube channel here: Joy Iseki. For a one-to-one consultation with me online send me email at #selfforgiveness #healingjourney #nigerianpodcast #joyiseki #onlinetherapist #emotionalwellnesscoach #whyyoushouldforgiveyourself #selflove #forgiveness #mentalhealth
July 24, 2020
EP15 with Dr Uchenna Ilo: Journey towards Self love.
In this episode, along with my guest, Dr Uchenna Ilo, we shared on certain aspects of self love that makes it a journey we should take seriously. And how to begin this journey to recovery. #selflove #healingjourney #emotionalwellness #mentalhealth #authenticity #thejoyisekishow #nigerianpodcast #nigerianpodcaster Visit my website at, watch my latest YouTube video on my channel, Joy Iseki. Follow me on Instagram, @thekounsellor, Twitter, @Dkounsellor.
July 17, 2020
EP14: Dealing with The Negative Inner Dialogue
The conversation we're having with ourselves is often determined by many factors within. In this episode I shared on the causes of the negative inner dialogue we have with ourselves and how we can start to deal. #innerwork #selftalk #internalmodel #selfhealing #healingwords #healingjourney #africanpodcast #nigerianpodcast #nigerianpodcaster #emotionalwellness #mentalwellbeing #onlinetherapist #positiveselftalk #positivethoughts #thejoyisekishow #joyiseki. Visit my website at for blog posts on your healing journey and emotional wellness. Connect with on Instagram, @thekounsellor, and Twitter, @Dkounsellor. For an online one-to-one session with me, send mail to
July 10, 2020
EP13 with Dr Uchenna Ozoekwe: Stress Management for wellness
In today's world, stress is a big deal. So much activities we're involved in that may be contributing to the overwhelming stress levels. In this episode, together with Dr Uchenna Ozoekwe, who's both a medical doctor and a physiotherapist, we discussed on the causes and management of this stress. #stress #stressmanagement #thejoyisekishow #nigerianpodcast #emotionalwellness #mentalwellbeing #healthylifestyle
July 02, 2020
EP 12 with Tosin Imhogiemhe: How to Gain from our Pain
Pain have been an issue with many people. The ignorance about how to manage our pain is causing too much suffering among humans. In this episode with my guest Tosin Imhogiemhe, we shared insights on how to maximize our pain for our ultimate gain. #pain #emotionalwellness #healing #mentalwellbeing #nigerianpodcast #onlinetherapist #thejoyisekishow #joyiseki #resilience
June 26, 2020
EP11: Managing Shyness
Shyness is a big social issue many people are having to deal with. Thus affecting their interaction with people, and also the way they see themselves. In this episode, I shared insights on shyness, practical ways we can manage it from dealing with the core underlying causes. #thejoyisekishow #nigerianpodcast #africanpodcast #selfimprovement #howtoovercomeshyness #whattodoaboutbeingshy #selfconfidence #emotionalwellness #mentalwellbeing #personaldevelopment #personalgrowth. To book online sessions with me send mail to, or visit my website at for my blog post and more. Connect with me on Instagram, @thekounsellor, and Twitter, @Dkounsellor.
June 18, 2020
EP10 with Kemi Adeyemo: Singles and their Mental State
In so many countries, being single from 29 years of age comes with a lot of stigmatization. This attitude may affect their mental state. How can singles live life such that they're not breaking down emotionally due to loneliness or the stigmatization from the societal expectations and pressures? In this episode, we had a guest, Oluwakemi Adeyemo who shared beautiful insights on navigating a successful and happy single life regardless of what's being thrown at us from the outside. #singles #relationship #emotionalintelligence #emotionalwellness #nigerianpodcast #emotionalwellnesscoach #joyiseki #nigerianonlinetherapist #thejoyisekishow #mentalhealthofsingles
June 12, 2020
EP9: Rape: the emotional implications and recovery tips
Rape has been trending in my country Nigeria for some time now. Hearing cases of people being raped across the country have been incredible. Unfortunately, the societal response of always blaming the victims isn't helpful as this is mainly taken advantage of by the rapists to continue in their quest to own the body of another human being forcefully, which is part of what rape is about. Rape is evil, and can have devastating effects on the victims. Most rape victims may suffer immediate reactions of flashbacks, nightmares and lots of cognitive distortions from the event. Others may have it worst while experiencing post traumatic stress disorder, PTSD, for years. These reactions can affect how they see themselves and the environment they live. Unfortunately, we rarely talk about this psychological aspects of rape on the victims here. It's important we start having these conversations. Reason, I've done this episode to add my voice to this awareness. You can send me e-mail of your rape survivor story at, connect with me on Instagram, @thekounsellor, or Twitter, @Dkounsellor. Visit my website, for blogs on your #emotionalwellness. #rape #nigerianpodcast #rapecrisis #rapestatisticsinnigeria #whypeoplerape #psychologicaleffectsofrape #thejoyisekishow #nigerianonlinetherapist #emotionalwellnesscoach #mentalhealthmatters #nigerianrapecases
June 04, 2020
EP8: How to hack your feelings after loss
Life abounds with stories of people that went down emotionally due to some eventsvent that had happened to them. When we experience some of life's events such as a heartbreak, job loss, divorce or anything contrary to our expectations, it can be difficult to get through the avalanche of emotional reactivity as a result. Which is where having a balanced view of the interpretation we have of the event is important for our emotional wellness. In this episode, I shared some mind hacks to help us overcome the grieve of a broken relationship, job loss and unpleasant situations so that we can be ready to wake up the next day and move on with life. Visit my website, for more blog posts from. You can connect with me on Instagram, @thekounsellor; and on Twitter, @Dkounsellor. To book sessions with me online, please send me a mail: #thejoyisekishow #healingjourney #balance #emotionalwellness #joyiseki #emotionalwellnesscoach #nigerianpodcaster #emotionalintelligence #mentalwellbeing #happinesshabits #lifehacks #balancedperspective
May 28, 2020
EP7: Benefits of negative emotions
A lot of people have issues feeling certain emotions because we've termed them as negative. Because of this, much work is done to resist, deny or admit that we do experience these emotions. Unfortunately, the resistance does more harm in confirming their perceived "negativity." So we use that as a proof that they're actually bad emotions. What we fail to understand is that our labelling of what they are is affecting our reaction to them. In this episode, I tried my best to make us see the benefits of the supposedly "negative" emotions, and how we can maximize these benefits for our own successful evolution, and emotional wellness. #emotions #fear #sadness #anger #disgust #happinesshabits #emotionalintelligence #relationships #emotionalissues #joyiseki #thejoyisekishow #emotionalwellnesscoach #mentalhealth Please check my website for more blog posts to help your personal healing and development journey. Connect with me on Instagram, @thekounsellor; Twitter, @Dkounsellor. You can also get my books or my website or on Amazon. To book a coaching experience with me from anywhere in the world as regards your emotional wellness, please send me email;
May 22, 2020
EP6: Creating a Healthy Boundary in our Relationships and daily living.
Once we're dealing with more than ourselves, there's a likelihood of conflicts due to differences in interpretation of what's being said, and also because of our individual uniqueness. Relationships therefore necessitate the need for boundary creation most times. Boundary becomes important as a way of communicating our needs and expectations. This can ensure our safety and emotional stability from some intruders who just enjoy being rude, harmful or just disrespectful to us, regardless of what we do right. By creating a boundary, we declare our sovereignty as an individual and own our right to what we choose to hear, see or tolerate around us. For someone who may have had turbulent relationships that had led to assaults and emotional abuse, boundary is one thing you want to cultivate. And boundary doesn't have to be huge. It's in the little responses, and actions we take daily towards whatever is violating our peace, no matter how small it might seem. #boundary #relationships #healing #emotionalwellness #mentalwellbeing #assertiveness #healthyspace #thejoyisekishow
May 15, 2020
EP5: What to do when life happens to you.
Life happens to almost all of us. While we plan our days, and wish for the best, some things happen that we may not fully understand. For most people that I've met, their problem lies with the difficulty in believing that certain "unpleasant" events can happen to them too. They find it hard to believe because they've done life right enough. Truth is, no matter how perfect you are, shit happens. And if you do not know how to manage this shit, it could lead to a mental breakdown on your part. I've shared here practical things I've particularly mastered to deal with unfortunate circumstances. These tips have been proven helpful with my clients, myself, and others I've shared it with. I hope you find them helpful for your use too. #whenlifehappens #happinesshabits #nigerianpodcast #emotionalwellnesscoach #mentalwellbeing #acceptance #balance #lifehacks #gratitudehabits
May 07, 2020
EP4: How to use faith to cope better during hard times.
Faith is helpful for our emotional wellbeing because of how it can help us cope with the stress that comes with crisis in difficult times. Unfortunately, we rarely talk about this, because we've relegated faith to the pulpit only. In this episode, I shared what faith is, and what it's not, its benefits to our mental wellbeing, and how we can take advantage of the positive expectation of faith to help us cope well during the most challenging period of our lives.
May 01, 2020
EP3: Experiencing Gratitude in Challenging Times.
During difficult moments of our lives, we can be drained emotionally because we are feeling bad about what had happened. We'll need to boost our state of being to a more elevated emotional state like gratitude, in order to regain the inner strength to fight the battle we may be facing. In this episode, I shared on some practical ways to influence our state of being so that we can be in a better frame of mind to experience gratitude inspite of the challenges. This way, our emotional wellbeing is not crushed by the challenges #gratitude #mentalwellbeing #emotionalwellness #emotionalwellnesswithjoyiseki #joyiseki #happiness #resilience
April 24, 2020
Crisis period isn't all about agony and trouble. At times, it offers us the best opportunity to outgrow the labels and persona we've been assumed as, and evolve into our real self. This happens as we begin to commune with ourselves in the Isolation, and to bear witness with our true self from asking questions higher than we've ever done. We can maximize the most difficult moments of our life to transform our lives. #awakening #whattododuringthechallengingtimes #happinesshabits #resilience #challengingtimes #lifehacks #hopefulness
April 17, 2020
Emotional Wellness Practices During Crisis
Some practical things we can do during crisis period to help us successfully survive the current pandemic. #mentalhealth #emotionalwellness #lifehack #counselling
April 09, 2020