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Connecting With...

Connecting With...

By Julz West
Here we dive into some incredible journeys within the entertainment world. We explore how genuine connections remain at the centre of magical moments and how to best build and maintain human connection in a digital age.
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Ep 2: Mike Higham

Connecting With...

Ep 2: Mike Higham
This episode of Connecting With gives us a peek into the film world as well as music. Today Mike Higham shares his wealth of knowledge with us, sharing how important it is to reach out to people you truly want to connect with and build those relationships. Mike is a British Music Editor/Supervisor within the film industry. He has engineered, produced and played on legendary recordings for artists such as Seal, Tina Turner and Eric Clapton, and also been producing music for films such as Sweeney Todd with Tim Burton. With his incredible story, whether you're aiming to grow in the entertainment world or not, I'm sure there are a few great lessons in here for you. 
February 03, 2021
Ep 1: Matt Cab
For the first episode we're connecting with the talented artist/producer/songwriter Matt Cab. One of my favourite people, maintaining a great level of humility despite the heights he has soared, Matt is someone who knows a lot about connecting. Having moved to Tokyo Japan after  participating in a foreign exchange program, Matt has had to rebuild a new network of friends and coworkers in Japan. He has worked with a wide range of artists including K-Pop kings BTS and fast upcoming Japanese artist Yoshi. Connect with Matt on Instagram here: @TheRealMattCab
September 27, 2020