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Do You Hear the Words ... Coming Outta My Mouth?!

An episode of I've Got Questions!

By AkuaRose Feathers
Hey, my Melanated Family and allies!
Join me as I get answers to questions about "house business," church, trauma, sex, social norms, identity, politicas, cultural customs, diversity, and everything in between!

I got questions, and I don't stop until I get answers!

New episode every Thursday (...is the goal!! We all gotta have goals, right?)
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Hey, my Melanated Family and allies!
Join me as I get answers to questions about "house business," church, trauma, sex, social norms, identity, politicas, cultural customs, diversity, and everything in between!

I got questions, and I don't stop until I get answers!

New episode every Thursday (...is the goal!! We all gotta have goals, right?)

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So, there's MORE to sex than the Big O?!
Listen in on my conversation with Goody Howard as she shares how we can challenge traditionally held thoughts about sex AND gives insight that might just get you to "The Big Ooooh"!!  To connect with Goody Howard and learn about Goody Gear, Goody Bags, Goody's Adult toy store or to book her to facilitate one of many workshops, just Google her name, "Goody Howard" or check her out via one of the methods below: Website: https://www.askgoody.com/ Facebook: @askGoody Instagram: @askGoody You tube: http://youtube.com/GOODYHOWARD LinkedIn: Ask Goody Phone: 1- 832-660-7399
November 14, 2019
Is it Honorable to Be an Overwhelmed Woman?
Consider for a moment the model of a "Strong Woman." Does being strong or resilient mean she's devoid of emotion or that she is automatically equipped with the know-how to handle it all?  I've Got Questions, y'all! Listen in and let me know what you think. 
October 14, 2019
What Are the Other Parts of the Forgiveness Conversation?
This is a raw edit of my thoughts on the conversation of forgiveness.   There is recent attention being given to this topic in light of the compassion expressed by Botham Jean's family. (#sayHisName).  This podcast episode is only a reaction to the topic that is raised and NOT a response to Botham Jean's family. (#sayHisName). I pray for Botham Jean's family that they have strength to continue healing in whatever way they deem fit/necessary/appropriate/needed/helpful.  
October 5, 2019
How Do You DATE When You're Over 40?
Is dating over 40 a thing?! How do you do it? How does it happen? How do you date as a GROWN A$$ woman?!?!?  I want to hear from  you! Contact me through my website (CharleneRFeathers.org) or record a voice mail right through the Anchor app. I want to hear from YOU!! 
October 4, 2019
Do You Hear the Words ... Coming Outta My Mouth?!
Listen in as I talk with Dr. Michelle R. Hannah about communication roadblocks and how to overcome them.  Dr. Michelle R. Hannah, through her life's medical challenges and overwhelming love for humanity, the health, emotional well-being of people and commitment to living authentically- is among the most influential women today. Dr. Michelle's family, education, and personality molded her for life as a resounding voice for the brokenhearted and those that desire to be free. Dr. Michelle's remarkable spirit, determination, motivation, and personal experiences are the building blocks of her respect for human dignity and social change. Born and raised in Southern California, she received her undergraduate degree in psychology; her MBA; and a master's degree in teaching and learning with technology. Recently she received a doctorate in spiritual counseling. Dr. Michelle's public speaking spans over 15 years and is the author of The Breaking Point: A Full-Circle Journey and workbook. Her most recent book is The Vows: A workbook for marriage success and understanding yourself is ushering couples and people desiring to be married into a deeper intimacy connection, emotional healing and living authentically. Dr. Michelle has helped over 500 couples stay together and live their best life. Connect with Dr Michelle R. Hannah:  phone: 888-983-4446 Instagram: @Michelle_R_Hannah Facebook: Mikel Life Coaching. Website MichelleRHannah.com Access her powerful tools and resources: Free Authenticity Checklist  Powerful Books: The Vows: A Workbook for Marriage Success and Understanding Yourself  |  The Breaking Point: A Full-Circle Journey | The Breaking Point: A Full-Circle Journey Workbook & Journal Personal Coaching sessions and Coaching Retreats
September 26, 2019
Are You Uncomfortable When it’s Silent?
Some people become VERY uncomfortable when it's "too quiet." But they often have little to worry about because the world is so loud. There always seems to be some kind of technology buzzing its message to our ears, loved ones sharing details of their latest exploits, or any number of sounds permeating our walls from outside.  But being in silence can be calming and in this episode, I share how to get comfy in silence so we can take care of ourselves. This is a chilled-out  episode so be careful; you might get lulled to a restful state!
September 4, 2019
Self-ISH or Self CARE?
This is not as much of a pickle as you might think. In this episode, I share what I mean. 
September 3, 2019
How Can We Connect With, Support, and Serve our Young Black Men?
WE GOT COMPANYYYYY! Today, I'm chatting with Yali Franklin, a Youth Inspirational Coach, Solutionist, Business Owner, & Mother of three. She is a powerhouse determined to encourage young black men that they too can live their Best Life.  She's the author of two workbooks: Building Inner Strength and Power for a Better You,  Adult Edition and Teen Edition. Both workbooks  are designed to help readers dig deep within to heal and discover yourself so you can live the life you are purposed to live. Today, I talk with Yali to learn how we can create systems WITHIN our community to support young black men as they work to move forward in this society. Click here to buy Yali's workbooks on Amazon Connect with Yali on FaceBook |  Instagram  | via Email (BeBarriersMentor@gmail.com)
September 2, 2019
Do We HAVE to Parent Our Children the Way We Were Raised?
WE GOT COMPANY, y'all!! Domari Dickinson is a mother of four (two boys and two girls) and a parenting coach who helps moms identify and break toxic parenting patterns. After working as an educator and instructional coach for over 15 years, she decided to use her teaching skills and her curriculum design skills to create programs that provide parents with clear, easy-to-implement techniques to become more positive, purposeful and effective parents! Domari talks with me about techniques that can help us shift our parenting styles and answers the question: "is there anything positive about the ways we were raised "back in the day?"  After you hear what she shares, connect with her to find out about how you can sign up for her upcoming “Love the Kids” challenge OR schedule a free consultation to learn how she can help you become a "more positive, purposeful, and effective parent."         Website: www.domaridickinson.com         Instagram: @DomariDickinson         Facebook: Domari Dickinson
September 1, 2019
Can We REALLY Mess Up a Blessing?
It's been said that if you receive a blessing and you're not prepared for it, you may end up messing up that blessing.  Hmmm, let's talk about that one for a minute....
August 31, 2019
How Can I Get People to Respect Me?
You work SO hard, and the only thing you need is for someone to acknowledge it. That's not a hard ask, is it? IN this episode, I share tips about getting what you need. 
August 30, 2019
What Can I Expect During Self-Discovery?
Experts everywhere have shared tips about HOW to start on the road to self-discovery, but in this episode, I share what you can expect while you take that journey. 
August 29, 2019
Does My Blackness Offend?
We are strong, powerful, wonderful beings. In this question, I discuss how we can STAND in the power that we possess despite the negativity that surrounds us. 
August 28, 2019
Will My Messed up Childhood Ruin My WHOLE Life?!
Hey! We got company, yall! Today, we talk with Tiffany Simpson-Crumpley. Tiffany is the founder and principal consultant for Nia Unlimited Consulting Services LLC. Nia Unlimited helps individuals and organizations transform lives and communities by providing high-quality organizational development seminars, staff training and program management services. Her most recent masterclass venture, The From Trauma to Triumph: Change Your Mindset, Channel Your Grit, and Create a Plan to Change Your Life in 45 Days or Less seeks to help survivors of childhood trauma to transform their survival skills into a thriving life so that they can experience joy and purpose and help others with their unique talents. Today, she talks about some of the challenges she faced in her childhood and the process she's taken / taking to move forward as healthy, healed, and whole. She also shares gems that will help you start on that journey for yourself.   NOTE: we're discussing childhood trauma in this episode; if you are not able to manage this conversation, please see the high-level notes from my conversation with Tiffany. To start a journey toward processing your childhood trauma, Tiffany recommends that you: Learn your triggers so you can discover how to combat them Pay attention to your thoughts, words, and actions Consider your relationships, because some of them perpetuate negativity that can trigger you Take risks for your happiness To  connect with Tiffany and learn more about her Master Class, please click here. 
August 28, 2019
Should I Leave My Church?
*Gasp* This is a topic that is not discussed but so needed! Join me as I get into it!  After you listen, connect with me via the contact me page on my website CharleneRFeathers.org or leave me a voice mail through the Anchor app! 
August 26, 2019
What Is This Podcast About?
This is the first episode of I Got Questions and I am SO excited that you are here to witness it! Have a listen and talk back; I've got SO many questions and I want you to be part of the discussion with me. 
August 25, 2019
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