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"Conversations" with The Average Dude ~

"Conversations" with The Average Dude ~

By J Daniel Allison
Everyone has a story ... and I want to hear them all!
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Who is the Guy in the Yellow Tux?
Have you heard about Jesse Cole and The Savannah Bananas??  The story is awesome but This interview is much more than the story of an owner and his team -   Jesse gives us a peek into the way he thinks - what he does - & why it is WORKING!   He shares his creative marketing genius & business principles & his passion is contagious!   Grab a pen and pad - you will hear things that spark ideas for your business ~ Enjoy!!
August 25, 2021
Who is Joel "Thor" Neeb?
Why do I love podcasting? I get to spend time with and learn from great people! AND I get to share that experience with others. In the latest episode of "Conversations" with The Average Dude, I was excited to get to know Joel "Thor" Neeb - F15 Pilot - Cancer Survivor - American Ninja Warrior - CEO ... and more! Joel is humble, authentic, and has a life story that will inspire you!! ~ Enjoy
August 22, 2021
Who is Brad Norwood?
Who is Brad Norwood?  Have you ever met someone and thought: "They are doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing" I had that thought as I was talking with Brad on Episode 3 of "Conversations" with The Average Dude ~ We talk about Brad's business - his family - his dream ... and more - If you are reading this and you need an incentive experience that will motivate, inspire, and unify your team ... This is the dude you need to talk to!! Enjoy! 
July 19, 2021
Who is Viola Allison?
What is the secret to a long life? What is true success? A conversation with my Grandmother - she is 93!  Enjoy!!
July 17, 2021
Who is Katelyn Zwicker?
I didn't know either until I recorded this episode ... and that is what made it so much fun! It turns out Katelyn is super smart & funny -  20 minutes of her story and insights ~ Enjoy! 
July 16, 2021
Antarctic Mike
Do you need some inspiration to end 2020? We all do! My guest Mike Pierce "Antarctic Mike"  will give you just that - He has a great story that will inspire, motivate, and give you ideas of things that you can do in your own life - Listen in as Mike tells me his story!  
October 18, 2020
What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?
What does your handwriting say about you? If you are like me - you may be a little nervous to find out!  My guest on Episode 17 is Misty Cogdill with the Handwriting Soul Academy & Author of  "You Can Heal Your Life with Handwriting" explain how we can make changes in our life through the understanding of our writing and what adjustments in our writing can be made to make life changes! It is Interesting stuff - Enjoy! Let's Roll!!
October 12, 2020
Finding Alignment
So, you have decided that you need a Life Coach to help you make progress, overcome a tramatic event, find alignment in your life, etc... How do you choose who is the right coach for you? There are so many choices out there!  I invite you to consider my guest on Episode 16 - Julie Hruska. Julie is a certified High Perfomance Coach and she helps folks to "wake-up" and live inspired! We talk about finding alignment in our lives, picking the ideal coach to help us make real change, and much more! Enjoy ~ Let's Roll!
September 22, 2020
This One's For You
Jeffery Johnston is my guest for episode 15 - Jeff's book "This One's For You - An Inspirational Journey Through Death, Addiction, & Meaning" is being released Sepetember 25th ( Jeff lost his son, Seth, October 4th, 2016 and shares that journey with the reader. In this episode we get to know Jeff, why he wrote the book, review his 12 daily habits, and much more! Jeff has an interesting perspective and great insights - Jeff says what he feels and thinks - This book will benefit so many people! 
September 20, 2020
The HVAC Know it All
I have a great guest for Episode 14 - Gary McCreadie, creator of "The HVAC Know It All" brand that includes a fantastic presence on all solical media platforms and a successful podcast - He is a Heating & Air technician by day and after-hours, he uses social media to build a business around the work he loves to do. Gary tells us how and why he started building his brand and has some unique and powerful mindsets to share. Enjoy!
September 14, 2020
"The only thing I did right was start"
Have you ever thought about starting a podcast?  Would a podcast help you attract new customers, meet new people, and extend your network?  My guest on Episode 13 is Jordan Paris - Jordan is the host of the "Growth Mindset University" podcast (with over 200 episodes!), Author, and Entrepreneur. He has interviewed many big names like Grant Cardone, Mark Manson, and Ryan Serhant. He has been featured in Forbes and Men's Health (and more!) - ...and he is only 22 years old!  Jordan tells us how he got started and takes us along his Entrepreneurial journey - Enjoy!!  
September 2, 2020
The Journey From Despair to Millionaire
Don't you love to hear stories of people who overcome difficult circumstances? Me too!  Why?  Because we all face (or will face) "difficult" times & it's these stories of folks overcoming and succeeding that give us all the inspiration to keep going!  My guest on episode 12 of The Average Dude is a Linkedin familiar face - Eric Chasen joins me on The Average Dude podcast. Listen in as we meet for the first time to learn more about Eric's story and his new book "From Despair to Millionaire: Growing Beyond Hardship" - Enjoy! Let's Roll!!
August 22, 2020
The Real Sales Hunter
Mark Hunter "The Sales Hunter" has been teaching companies and individuals how to become more effective sales professionals for over 20+ years! His latest book is called "A Mind for Sales: Daily Habits and Practical Strategies for Sales Success"  has seen great success. Listen in as we talk about everything from mindset - rejection - & getting around the right people, to How to find the right Sales trainer when there are so many to choose from.  Enjoy!! 
August 16, 2020
Unbreakable Mindset
Get your pen & paper - and get ready to take some notes! This episode is full of gold nuggets for those folks who are looking to improve their mindset and become the very best they can be. Thom Shea is a best-selling Author, Leadership consultant,  & a former Navy Seal - He shares some fantastic insights and strategies for creating an unbreakable mindset - Do not miss this!! 
August 5, 2020
Doing What You Love
Have you ever thought of starting your own business doing what you love? My next guest on "The Average Dude" is Jennifer Watkins and she did just that - successfully - for over 16 years! Jennifer Watkins, owner of A Boutique in Spartanburg, SC, is my guest. She also just had her first book published. We have a great conversation about what it takes to start and run a successful business, overcoming fears & insecurities, and connecting with people - Don't miss this conversation!!
August 1, 2020
A Life Saving Message
My guest on Episode number 8 is Sam Gerry - Sam has been featured in Golf Digest and on the Golf Channel telling his story & discussing his battle with depression. Please take the time to listen to Sam's story if you are struggling with mental health issues or have teenage children - this could be a life-saving message. 
July 25, 2020
1935 - Alex Dahlstrom
One thousand nine hundred and thirty-five consecutive days!! Listen to my interview with Alex Dahlstrom to learn more about "The Streak".  We talk about consistency, self-discipline, and learning how to get rolling when you don't feel like it! You don't want to miss this one!  Let's Roll!! 
July 18, 2020
Sally Love Inspires
Do you want to inspire and encourage others, but you’re just not sure how? Then you’ll definitely want to tune in for today’s guest Sally Love - founder of Sally Love Inspires. As a consultant and coach, Sally’s shown leaders in some of the most recognizable brands around the world how to leverage the potential of their people so that they are more engaged, more productive, and more profitable. And today she’s going to share with us how we too can inspire and encourage others. Sally’s passion is helping to bring out the best in people. Sally inspired me and she’ll inspire you too!   Let’s ROLL.
July 12, 2020
A Parent's Worst Nightmare x 2
What is a parent's worst nightmare? The loss of a child. Imagine if this happens twice. Steve is an average guy with a very impactful story.  Steve Grant is the Founder of Chris and Kelly's HOPE Foundation ( and the author of the book "Don't Forget Me" ( - He joins me to tell me the story of his family, addiction - and overcoming unimaginable pain. Please listen and share this with anyone who needs to hear Steve's message. 
July 9, 2020
10 Questions With A Self-Improvement Junkie
John Mckinney has been studying self-improvement for many years & was brave enough to come on the show and answer 10 really tough questions on everything from Leadership to crafting the perfect halftime speech. John is authentic, genuine, and speaks from the heart. Enjoy!!
June 28, 2020
Hey Hey Hey It's Freddie at Bobcat
Do you want to create engaging video content on Social Media? You will want to listen to my next guest Freddie Blanton who has managed to develop a fantastic social media following across several platforms and learn from one of the best! We also talk about developing confidence and how to become a more effective salesperson. Enjoy!!  
June 25, 2020
Master Networking with Chris Simmons
Do you want to improve your networking and relationship building skills?  In this episode I speak with the Founder of the ING - Industrial Network Group - Chris Simmons - and he shares more information on the group and what he has learned over the last 5 years. Enjoy!! LETS ROLL 
June 22, 2020
Welcome to my first Podcast!! In this episode, you will learn what the "The Average Dude" Podcast is all about and my plans moving forward.  I also talk a little about "Let's Roll" & why I use that phrase -  Thank you for listening!!  Check out to see where I got the artwork for my profile pic!
June 16, 2020