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We Should Be Working

We Should Be Working

By Jace and Critter
2 guys talking about culture, programming, teams, life, people, and whatever else comes to mind, instead of getting work done.
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#6: What even is friendship?
Jace claims that Critter's best friends are actually just Facebook acquaintances. Critter tries and fails to convince Jace that friendship level is inversely proportional to potential for embarrassment. They both get very confused about many things. Full episode listing: Critter's Twitter: Jace just wants to be left alone.
January 20, 2021
#5: Imposter syndrome
Critter rambles about the big pile of trash in his garage for some unknown reason. Jace isn't an actual adult, as far as we can tell. We both need therapists still.
January 14, 2021
#4: Are our careers our identity?
Jace reveals that he actually does care about something (programming). Critter decides that work is just a proxy for making friends who can't leave him. We both need therapists.
January 7, 2021
#3: Bluntness vs. politeness with Erik Summerfield
Our guest today is Erik Summerfield, Critter's former manager and Jace's current coworker.  He joins us to talk about when it's appropriate to be polite vs. blunt, and where honesty and authenticity fit in. We dig into giving feedback in the way that is most likely to be well received and whether to tell someone their hat is ugly.  Also, Jace and Erik team up against Critter which is rude and unfair.
December 29, 2020
#2: The mantras we live by
We each name 5 mantras/guidelines that we base our decisions around and dig into them.  Also: Critter goes full therapy mode about his intense need to be liked. Jace doesn't care about much at all. We try and fail to figure out what it means to be successful. Jace says "rainblows" and then denies it.
December 22, 2020
#1: What would we do if everyone on Earth disappeared?
How many people do we need on Earth to be satisfied? Whales are mind blowing. Monks are just looking for status and approval. Jace thinks he'd want to see the Northern Lights alone but he's wrong.
December 16, 2020