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Pareto Law Sales Surgery

Pareto Law Sales Surgery

By Pareto Law
For sales professionals, looking to gain some new ideas or greater insight. We have Great guests speaking about a range of subjects.
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Pareto Sales Surgery Episode 10: Dominic Monkhouse - In Hard Times come Good Opportunities

Pareto Law Sales Surgery

Pareto Sales Surgery - The Future of Tech Talent: How Apprenticeships May Hold the Key
In this episode of our Sales Surgery, join our host, award-winning editor of BusinessCloud, Chris Maguire as he chats with : Simon Swan, CEO of Hiring Hub  Katherine Bennett, Sales Director at Andrew Erwich, Head of Apprenticeships QA Maninder Randhawa and Joe Pemberton from Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Chris will be guiding the conversation on a range of topics, including: De-mything the word ‘Apprentice’ Why some in the Tech industry getting it “right” What will a post-pandemic future look like for Tech The pros and cons of onboarding and upskilling How apprenticeships can contribute to retention
February 11, 2021
Pareto Sales Surgery - Episode 16: How to Hire Sales Superstars Remotely
Joined by Leyton's UK Sales Development Director, Josh Perry, and two of Uber's Sales Managers, Aaron Spreckley & Joe Johnson; in this months episode we will be gaining their perspective on, and discussing how to make the most of the remote hiring process. Topics include:  - Business growth during a global pandemic. - How to identify super star sales talent when you cannot meet face-to-face. - Remote sales competency assessment - can it work?  - Successful remote onboarding.
September 22, 2020
Pareto Sales Surgery Episode 15: Haley Martin - Social Selling
We were joined by one of our brilliant Sales Trainers, Haley Martin, talking about social selling, and how we can use the tools at our disposal to increase our success when prospecting. The 3 main areas we covered were: - A social profile: the good, the bad and the ugly (no offence Jack Smith) - Building familiarity and a positive brand with our prospects - Cadence: The difference between a tailored and targeted approach Such a great session, and Haley gave an opportunity to win a free module of social selling training - for more info
July 31, 2020
Pareto Sales Surgery - Apprenticeships: How can we benefit
With Chancellor Rishi Sunak announcing a “brand new bonus” for employers hiring apprentices over the next six months we have our very own Andy Wiles (Apprenticeship Sales Director) joining Jack Smith on Friday's Sales Surgery. They will be discussing ways in which you can benefit from this scheme in the next 6 months. Unlike the old apprenticeship schemes, graduates, existing employees, directly sourced new hires, as well as those coming straight from school or college are all eligible to be on-boarded as apprentices which you can fund using your digital ‘levy pot’.
July 17, 2020
Pareto Sales Surgery Episode 14: BDR Fireside Chat - Hints and Tips for Success at the start of your Sales Career
Joining us was Felicitas Coulibaly; Head of Inside Sales at Temenos, Immanuel Boeker; Snr SDR at Okta and Jordan Lopez; External Sales at Secura Cloud. We talked about structuring your day, processes to follow when calling and who motivates and inspires them in the industry at the moment and who we can learn more from - other than the Pareto Webinar! We hope you enjoy!
July 03, 2020
Pareto Sales Surgery Episode 13: Charlotte Balbier - Re-Evaluating Goals and Values that last after a Pandemic (or any situation!)
Motivation is a funny thing, as one minute it can be sky high and the next it can dwindle; not only can it change a lot it can also change very quickly. For Episode 13 I was joined by Dominic Burton; practising psychologist before joining Pareto. Also by Charlotte Balbier NLP practitioner and Business Mentor. We discussed how we have had the chance to re-evaluate our goals and values, how we can keep on top of them and also how to focus on this and cut out the noise. Great first insight into this and massively thankful to Dom and Charlotte for joining me!
June 12, 2020
Pareto Sales Surgery Episode 12: Jessica Hepburn - Adapting to change
In episode 11, we spoke to Jessica Hepburn about resilience, bravery and adventure activism. At 34 she became one of the youngest women to run one of London’s biggest theatres - the Lyric Hammersmith Theatre - which she led for 10 years.   Then after deciding to have a family, and undergoing 11 unsuccessful rounds of IVF life changed. She originally saw silence as her strength but then was incredibly brave to speak out about her plight. She’s now one of the UK’s leading voices on fertility, author of two books, founder of the arts festival Fertility Fest ( and a regular public speaker and media commentator.    In the past decade she has also ran the London Marathon, swam the English channel, and will be climbing Everest next year!
June 08, 2020
Pareto Sales Surgery Episode 3: Lauren Cartigny - Managing your Emotions
In Episode 3, we looked at managing our emotions - Lockdown was in full swing and more than ever it was important to discuss how we can be aware of how we are feeling and what we can do to manage these feelings. We were joined by Pareto Alumni Lauren Cartigny; who after a successful career in Tech Sales is now a Conscious Leadership coach, an NLP Practitioner and ICF certified coach. Working with Leaders and their teams to access new insights and awareness about themselves to drive business results and wellbeing. In particular in this webinar we discussed How to keep motivated when working from home? How to deal with the fear of the unknown?  How to deal with difficult emotions? We hope you enjoy!
June 01, 2020
Pareto Sales Surgery Episode 11: Steve Clarke - Who Cares Wins
In Episode 11 we were joined by Author, Motivational Speaker and Chocolate Lover (Listen this will make sense) Steve Clarke. We discussed: What customers and prospects really want now and how to ensure you deliver, The three most important things you need to do every day and why, and Where the three sales teams are in every business and how to put them to work. A thoroughly enjoyable and interactive discussion. If you ask me a great listen for leaders and aspiring Sales people alike!
June 01, 2020
Pareto Sales Surgery Episode 10: Dominic Monkhouse - In Hard Times come Good Opportunities
For Episode 10 or as I have coined 'La Decima' we were joined by Dominic Monkhouse. We discussed how we can look for opportunity in what can seem like difficult situations, how we can focus on our customers using the Peak-end Rule and keeping teams motivated; creating a positive culture within your business. Having started and grown 2 businesses through a recession, Dom founded and scaled two UK technology service firms to £30m in 5 years; Rackspace and Peer 1 Hosting. Globally he took Peer 1 from $90m to $200m. We hope you enjoy this episode!
June 01, 2020
Pareto Law Sales Surgery Episode 9: Ben Hunt-Davis - Focus, Goal Setting and Creating Team Rules
In Episode 9 we were joined by Olympic Gold Medal Winner Ben Hunt-Davis. Not only did he talk about his time in the GB team but also around his experiences in business. In our discussion we spoke about: -Focus and Goal Setting and the importance of doing so and how we can adapt during different situations -Bouncebackability - the importance of being resilient -How we can create common goals and safe environments for positive and constructive feedback.  If you are interested in what we had to say please check the Pareto website for more info and Ben's website which are both sited below:
May 20, 2020
Pareto Sales Surgery Episode 8: Jeb Blount - How to Survive and Thrive in a Crisis
Our first venture Stateside as we were hosted by Sales Gravy CEO Jeb Blount for an exclusive on the Fanatical Prospecting Webinar. We discussed: - How to survive and thrive; prospecting in a crisis -How to plan so we are on an upward curve upon recovery -How we can blend virtual selling tools into our sales structure Great insight, Fantastic speaker and definitely fanatical about prospecting!
May 18, 2020
Pareto Sales Surgery Episode 4 - Dermot Collins; Why your prospecting isn't working
We welcomes back an old friend for Episode 4 as we were joined by the Cold Calling Expert Dermot Collins. We spoke about limiting belief systems, the martial art of the cold call and how to master your craft.   Please listen to for great anecdotes, motivational moments and excellent advice on the art of the Cold Call.
May 07, 2020
Pareto Sales Surgery Episode 6: Kammy - Working under pressure
For Episode 6 we were spoilt by Chris Kamara sharing insight into working under pressure, stories from his career and some thoughts and advice into the early part of your careers.
May 07, 2020
Pareto Sales Surgery Episode 2: Morgan Ingram, LinkedIn Voicenotes and Prospecting
For Episode 2 we were pleased to be joined by our first guest Morgan Ingram. He has 40k+ followers, has won LinkedIn’s top Sales Voice twice over, specialises in empowering SDRs to become prospecting Rock Stars as well as hosting the SDR Chronicles Podcast.  The theme was: Voice Notes Best Practice. How we can maximise the success of these, create compelling hooks and successfully integrate into our cadence.  We also covered aspects of prospecting in during the COVID-19 pandemic and how to grab your buyers attention in general.
May 07, 2020
Pareto Sales Surgery Episode 5 - Andy Bounds: Referrals, Objection Handling and First Impressions
 For Episode 5 of the Pareto Sales Surgery we were joined by Award winning Author Andy Bounds. We’re looking at three critical things:    1. LEADS - how to get more referrals into the companies you’re itching to speak with   2. FIRST IMPRESSION - how to wow them in Sentence One   3. OBJECTION HANDLING - simple ways to chat with these prospects, to help them overcome any concerns they might have - using a technique that both you and they will love.
May 07, 2020
Pareto Sales Surgery Episode 7: Trish Bertuzzi - What's changed?
We were joined by best selling Author of 'The Sales Development Playbook' and 2019 LinkedIn top Sales Voice, Trish Bertuzzi!   We discussed:  -  The impact COVID-19 is having on prospecting, the trends we are seeing and what the data is actually telling us.  - How we need to be focusing our time right now as Sellers and Leaders  - Why the phone is back! - How we can all help each other to ‘Be The Bounce’.
May 07, 2020