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The Natural Healing Reel

The Natural Healing Reel

By Jacqueline Capstick
Finding your way home! After experiencing the trauma or loss of a chid or loved one, the brain and body is deeply affected.
Knowledge is power !!I want to share these scientific based, natural healing modalities, that I have been educating and experiencing. The power of these, mostly ancient, but also ground breaking modalities/treatments. After witnessing and experiencing the physical, emotional and mental shifts that happen, I believe they need to be more available for an option, when the medical system isn’t enough for the healing of your whole bodies health
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A conversation with Jennifer Zuniga Podcast. Mom's in the know

The Natural Healing Reel

A conversation with Jennifer Zuniga Podcast. Mom's in the know
Sharing the knowledge of HOW .... To live in the present moment and feel like the creator of our lives. We have Many different perceptions of who we are,  and who we are suppose to be.  How the process of staying in alignment, from living and working through the patterns that keep us stuck in the same old feelings and situations. We all have to do this work!! But  I believe  it's the most rewarding process, that will bring real lasting peace love and happiness.
January 19, 2021
Nick Carey brings his journey of his Podcast From Ideology to Unity
Nick Carey shares his journey of going with in to find his purpose to be of greater service to himself, and our world as we head into the ascension of raising the planet to a higher consciousness in the 5 th dimension. 
January 19, 2021
Expanding Health awareness with Amy Fournier
Amy is a leader in the  health and fitness industry, living life daily developing her knowledge, and sharing her wealth of information with all her clients. Also Sharing that having a fit body isn't just an exterior event. The work comes from within, and that's what has made her have the success in all avenues of the fitness industry. Listen in and see what makes the difference in her life time of expanding health 
December 29, 2020
POWER OF POWERS the most powerful healing on earth!
Ajay Sharma, wife Vandana, and sons Harshit, and Ayush have been blessed and connected with divine as a family right from their birth, But the major change came in during an incident where Vandana who was suffering from many ailments was doing meditation ,  lost her life as her heartbeat stopped, Harshit who was guiding her through the meditation was guided to put his hand on his mom’s heart as it had stopped ,beating.Pleading with the Divine to bring his mom back, a powerful healing energy  was transferred through his hand that he was guided to put on her heart.A powerful charge brings the gift of Vandana’s life back, and also the gift of the most powerful healing energies on earth right now! Power of Powers!  This gift has come with a big role, of not only sharing this healing to heal others, but to teach it so others can help in sharing the healing miracles of a new life now!! Do you BELIEVE ? It won’t matter, you will RECEIVE !  Ajay Sharma   SEKHEM HEALING CENTRE   Alternative health  +916377403328(WhatsApp chat Only), +91-8209304586(Voice & WhatsApp)
December 19, 2020
Shining the light on Shame.
Judy Lyon, a life long student of healing childhood traumas. Judy Has given back 30 years of counselling and healing other women of addiction and sexual abuse. Living and learning how Judy now shares her story in her new novel Shining Light on Shame. look for it on Amazon , kindle and or 604-427-4424
November 22, 2020
Turning on the light. Sharon’s healing story
Sharon’s healing journey and the many modalities that have turned her life into one that she can enjoy living and creating ! Now sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience. Sharon focuses on women, and embracing the Divine Feminine. Clearing up old relationships using Shadow work, as it is one of her specialties . Through being certified in Reiki, cranial sacral, intuitive coaching, meditation and a certified coach of Mind Body Spirit Sharon is loving and lifting up one woman at a time! Which is blossoming Join her on her one on one coaching, or a small woman’s group, and find your purpose,strength and knowledge of how to live it ! By turning on your light. 778-838-2965
November 11, 2020
the voice inside your head
I bought this book for myself, and then had to buy some more to give to my family and friends. I have been doing this for a few years now. If you can practice this, Listening, it makes understanding what’s really going on in our lifes and relationship. It gave me such clarity, and some great tools for my be able to be the creator!!  Instead of wondering how I ended up here .I hope you’ll check out Micheal Singer  The untethered soul
November 04, 2020
NUERO FEEDBACK this is an amazing tool
I was introduced to this by a friend who was healing from a car accident. I saw that she had recieved big benefits, so I decided to try it. I am so grateful for this, as it really helped heal my brain trauma. I want everyone to know about this as I had never heard of it before. Neuro feedback has impacted me and my family in a very positive way. Check it out
October 25, 2020
They say your lucky if you hit bottom ?
My first episodes are going to be audio only, as I’m learning as I am creating !! All the people that have so many experiences, and a wealth of knowledge that want to share. We are all starting to see so clearly now, I know I’m not leaving my well being in the hands of the political and medical systems.I believe that we need a team of practiciners on our side. Not one jack of all trades, guessing usually with the limited resources now. i hope to inspire you to walk through your fear, and create from the heart!
October 15, 2020