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JAMmin’ with …

JAMmin’ with …

By JAM Staffing
JAMmin’ with … is a podcast series hosted by Olympic Athlete Fran Halsall and the team at JAM staffing. Each episode we’ll talk to the movers and shakers in the Austin tech scene, to discuss their life, career and their views on what is happening in the world of technology.
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JAMmin' with Savitha Bilgikar

JAMmin’ with …

JAMmin' with... Nikki and April Dominguez
In episode 6 of the JAMmin' with... podcast, Olympic Athlete, Fran Halsall talks to sisters April and Nikki Dominguez. They are the founders of Handsome, which is an app for professionals in the beauty industry to see jobs, connect with others and a place to learn. In this podcast, Fran, Nikki, and April talk about their backgrounds, the resilience it takes to get to where they are, imposter syndrome and how to balance being an entrepreneur, business women and sisters. 
December 10, 2020
JAMmin' with... Roman Gonzalez
In episode 5 of JAMmin' with... Olympic athlete Fran Halsall talks with Gardenio founder, Roman Gonzalez. Fran and Roman discuss a variety of topics in this episode, ranging from Roman's time studying Philosophy to how he came about generating the idea of Gardenio. Roman is a philosophy scholar who began his career in marketing and media production by producing films to communicate his ideas. Then he moved into User Experience design before transitioning to founding his own company, Gardenio. Gardenio is a company that combines technology with gardening, helping to encourage people to grow their own organic produce. 
November 11, 2020
JAMmin' with... Milly Fotso
In episode 4 of JAMmin' with... Olympic athlete Fran Halsall talks to Milly Fotso. In this episode Milly and Fran discuss Milly's journey from Cameroon to settling in the USA in Austin, Texas, and her journey around the world. Also they talk about what specifically brought her to Austin 3 years ago, and her career path from working in large corporations to setting up several businesses of her own. Furthermore, they talk about Milly's involvement in promoting women in Austin and the tech scene. Milly has previously worked for Facebook and L'Oreal before deciding to set up several companies and most recently starting Centric. Centric is "an extension that teaches you as you work: equipping companies with the insights and empowering people with the skills to evolve with technology". 
November 4, 2020
JAMmin' with... Edwyn Van Rooyen
In episode 3 of JAMmin' with... Olympic Athlete Fran Halsall talks with Edwyn Van Rooyen. Edwyn is the CEO at T-Cup Ltd. T-Cup allows you to gather results for customizable employee questionnaires and display the results in a variety of ways. T-Cup is used to measure the wellbeing of your employees and allows you to understand your teams wellbeing in real-time through the use of cutting edge technology. 
October 28, 2020
JAMmin' with Savitha Bilgikar
Savitha Bilgikar. Savitha has 20 years of experience in Information Technology both as a corporate leader and an entrepreneur. She has a vast expertise in solving business problems with technology solutions and has successfully managed and implemented enterprise applications for marketing, supply chain, finance, risk & compliance and information security. Savitha founded Formmi in 2019 which specialises in implementing secure and cost saving IAM solutions. Since then, Formmi has already been recognized by CIO Review as one the most promising solution providers of 2020. This podcast goes into detail about her journey into entrepreneurship and the challenges that come with starting your own business.
October 13, 2020
JAMmin' with Leon Hendrix
Leon Hendrix.  Leon hit the headlines earlier this year when he hired out a billboard to find his dream American girlfriend.  The German-born entrepreneur moved to the U.S. less than a year ago in order to start a new business geared toward the event industry, having previously sold a business.  And he is only 24.
October 1, 2020