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The Fourth Leg - A Tabletop Gaming Podcast

The Fourth Leg - A Tabletop Gaming Podcast

By James H Anderson
The Fourth Leg is a show all about giving new GMs a leg to stand on! We'll be going over topics pertaining to worldbuilding, story crafting, and character design! Follow us on twitter @TheFourthLeg or email us at
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The One Where Redemption Arcs are not allowed - Part Three of Collaborative Setting Building
CW: Small mention of child abuse Welcome back to Part Three of our real-time (but not really) campaign building series! In this episode Joe, Kelci, and Hunter refresh and update their campaign settings and really ratchet up the stakes! Follow along as we tell daring tales of rescue, escape, and espionage! least we tell you about the campaigns where those tales are told. You get it, right?? Either way, thank you so much for listening to this episode! If you enjoy it, or just think we're cool enough, go ahead and drop us a 5 star rating on iTunes and Spotify so that we can finally get the Odyssey off the ground! Or did we need moons...? Follow the show @TheFourthLeg or email us at if you have any questions or feedback! If you'd like to follow the hosts, their links are posted below! Hunter: @skunkosourous Joe: @jcd0818 Kelci: @DuncanThio or
January 21, 2022
Inspiration, and why it totally ISN'T Theft!
CW: Brief mention of suicide  On this episode of The Fourth Leg, our hosts are joined by Jake from Faded Quill Gaming to discuss one of the most important parts of worldbuilding...Inspiration! We find this to be a more nuanced discussion due to many people not knowing how to find the line between being inspired by something and stealing ideas. The crew attempts to clarify the distinction without straying too far off topic...that second part doesn't go too well. Be sure to follow Jake by clicking here or by going to his website! If you aren't already, please follow the show @thefourthleg or email us at! Please also drop us a 5 star rating on Spotify and Apple Podcasts if you think we've earned it! Hunter: @skunkosourous Kelci: @DuncanThio or Joe: @jcd0818
January 07, 2022
Describe Me like one of your French Settings - Narrative Voice and the Power of Description
This week The Fourth Leg welcomes Lex from Path of Night to discuss imagery and it's importance to story telling. Whether you're playing in a fantasy Dungeons and Dragons game, a Sci Fi Star Wars Campaign, or the political mysteries of Vampire the Masquerade it is critically important to avoid the blank spaces that so often fill our imagination in the absence of description. In layman's terms, we're talking about how to make the setting interesting for everyone at the table! Come along as we discuss potatoes, music, and Hunter's ignorance on the topic of classic cartoons from the 60s. Thank you for listening! To find the Path of Night, follow their twitter here, or check them out on your podcatcher of choice! Follow our show my clicking here or emailing Hunter: @skunkosourous Kelci: @DuncanThio or Joe: @jcd0818
December 24, 2021
Figure Eights - Navigating Mental Health at your Table
CW: Some discussion of Sexual Assault and other sensitive content This week Hunter, Joe and Kelci are joined by Sam from Roleplaying and Rollplaying to discuss table talk and mental health. Games like Dungeons and Dragons, Genesys, Fate Core, Vampire the Masquerade, etc. are great outlets for self expression, but they can also touch vulnerable topics for the players participating. This episode sets out to provide context and functional advice for keeping your table's communication healthy and considerate for all participants in your game! Discussions of mental health can be difficult, so we all encourage listeners to step away if this episode touches on topics that are sensitive for you. Please, take care of yourself and don't allow this episode to negatively impact your day.  To follow Sam, check out their twitter by clicking here. Check out the Roleplaying and Rollplaying Kickstarter and support the campaign if it piques your interest! To follow the show, check out our twitter! The hosts can be found below: Hunter: @skunkosourous Joe: @jcd0818 Kelci: @DuncanThio or
December 10, 2021
Friends, Foes, and Flashlight Toes - The Three F's to Making NPCs
Welcome back to Season 2 of The Fourth Leg! On this episode we are joined by the lovely Sabrina Rau to discuss how to flesh out NPCs both evil and good! Whether you're playing DnD 5e, Genesys, or any other system this episode will help you to give those randos a little extra spice. The TTRPG worlds you create won't be the same without flavorful people to fill it up! Thank you so much for listening! If you'd like to support the show, please follow us @TheFourthLeg on twitter or email us at! Go check out Sabrina by clicking here! Hunter: @Skunkosourous Joe: @jcd0818 Kelci: or @DuncanThio
November 28, 2021
To the Bitter End - AP Romantic Free for All
Finally our editor decided to finish this episode! Get ready for Chance, Baleigh, Clarissa, and Jessica to go to war. The prize? The heart of the fabulous Blake! Join Hunter, Joe, Kelci, and returning guest Nick on this comedic fight to the "death"! For this episode the crew is playing To the Bitter End, a Tabletop RPG that can be found in "The Ultimate Micro-RPG guide" edited by James D'Amato. We hope you enjoy this Actual Play content before we get back to our regular programming! Follow Nick on twitter here. Follow the show here. Hunter: @Skunkosourous Joe: @jcd0818 Kelci: @DuncanThio
November 12, 2021
To the Bitter End - AP Character Creation and Worldbuilding
No silly title today, but at least there is a funny description to tide us all over! In this episode the main cast and special guest Nick go through the process of creating their characters and fleshing out the world that they will be playing around in. Meet Clarissa, Bailey, Chance, and Jessica before they engage in their winner-take-all battle for the one thing that matters...the love of their life, Blake. A few questions for the viewers: Would you rather work at Dan's Diner or Ham's Burgers? Slammin' Seagulls or Fighting Conches? Choose Wisely What Anime changed YOUR life? Be sure to tag us in your answers on twitter @TheFourthLeg or email us at To the Bitter End was created by Takuma Okada Our copy was taken from the Ultimate Micro-RPG guide, edited by James D'Amato
October 29, 2021
For our Mid-life Crisis, we planned a Road Trip - Part Two of Collaborative Setting Building
In this episode Hunter, Joe, and Kelci re-visit their Campaign Settings and dive deeper into the stories that they want to tell. This leg of the adventure handles the imagined players taking their first steps into discovering what the setting and story have to offer by embarking on the best journey of self discovery possible...a ROAD TRIP! Twitter: @TheFourthLeg Email: Host Contacts: Hunter: @skunkosourous Joe: @jcd0818 Kelci: @DuncanThio or
October 08, 2021
Crushing the Dreams of Children: How to Successfully Launch a Career in Villainy
CW: Some strong language and discussions of religion Spoiler Warning for the following series: Devilman Crybaby FMA: Brotherhood Castlevania Princess Mononoke In this episode the cast is joined by the incredible Joe form Raw & Order to discuss making memorable villains. They also take the time to reject theocracy and embrace nerd-dom.  Follow Raw & Order here! You can follow Joe's personal twitter here. Be sure to follow the show by clicking here or e-mail us at Thank you for listening! We'll see you in two weeks!
September 24, 2021
How's your Balance? - A Discussion on Encounter Building
CW: Brief discussion of both past and current military conflict On this episode Hunter, Joe, and Kelci are joined by the oft mentioned Renno as they all discuss Encounter Balancing across many systems. They also take precious time out of their day to sh*t on DnD 5e...but only a little bit. Join the show as we discuss themes, mechanics, and hacks that can help you dial in the way you craft encounters for your players! Follow Renno @OgSeichoBancho Follow the show, or email us at Twitter: @TheFourthLeg The Fourth Leg is a TTRPG Podcast all about giving new GMs a leg to stand on! We discuss Dungeons and Dragons, Genesys, and systems Powered by the Apocalypse to give as much general advice as we can! We hope you enjoy the show! New episodes release every other week! Thank you so much for listening!
September 10, 2021
Anything but a Tavern - Part One of Collaborative Setting Building
In this episode Hunter, Joe, and Kelci get together to discuss their original campaign settings. This episode marks part one of a series of episodes that are separate from the typical discussion formats that the typical episodes follow. Throughout these off-type episodes, listeners will be joining the crew as they develop their campaign's story and setting from intro-levels to the final conflict. Episode one is the former, with the table discussing their ideas on how to start everything with a fresh crew. We have only one simple request of the listeners following along and making their own stories....anything but a tavern. Twitter: @TheFourthLeg Email: Host Contacts: Hunter: @skunkosourous Joe: @jcd0818 Kelci: @DuncanThio or
August 27, 2021
Examining Concept, Tone, and...Other Stuff
On this episode, Kelci, Hunter, and Joe are joined by Calvin Johns. Calvin is a game designer out of Austin that publishes under the name Anthropos Games (@anthroposgames) and has some awesome products available that you can check out here. Calvin joined us to discuss Concept and Tone, specifically their importance to your world building and campaign writing, but...we got a little off track. But hey, what's a little genre slander between friends, right?
August 13, 2021
Maps, Minis, and "Romance" Novels
In this episode, we're joined by our first guest of the season Nick! With him on mic, we discuss tactile gaming and how important it can be for immersion. We also give some tips on how to source physical additions to your table (like maps and minis) in addition to where you can go for inspiration! We hope you enjoy! You can find Nick on twitter @nblogcollective You can find the show @TheFourthLeg or by e-mailing You can find The Dungeon Coach here. And Finally, for those who placed bets, the team referenced 17 Sarah Dessen book titles throughout the show! Earnings may be picked up at the Customer Service Desk. 
July 30, 2021
Session 0 and the Importance of Boundary Setting
CW: Fire, Spiders Hunter, Joe, and Kelci talk about Session Zero and Safety Tools that you can use at your table. TLDR; Set and reassess boundaries with your table on a regular basis.
July 16, 2021
The Purpose of a Game Manager
In this first episode, Hunter, Kelci, and Joe discuss the deceptively simple question: What is a Game Manager, and what is the point of having one?
July 02, 2021