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By Jane Midwinter
Jane Midwinter of HotWomenAtMenopause chats with women on a number of different topics. This is a platform for women's voices - real women with real stories to share, and a platform for medical professionals, nutritionists, inventors and authors, ambassadors for women's health organisations, leaders, and experts in the field of menopause support and training, to support women at menopause.
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HWAMPodcasts Series Two


HWAMPodcasts, Series Two, Episode Three: Jane chats with Julie Ford, Inventor of Instepp!
I loved chatting 'on the 'phone' with Julie!  She is a remarkable woman, an inventor, a fitness instructor, a PE teacher, a dancer, and a good friend who loves the outdoors - walking on The South Downs, Instepp with nature! Instepp is Julie's invention and it's amazing!  The theory behind this piece of kit is fascinating!  Julie and I chat about her online Instepp classes, supported by Liz Earle, the importance of movement, what drives her, the shame she felt when she was diagnosed with cancer, and her philosophy of life - living it to the full!  Visit to buy your kit, and access classes online. This is my penultimate podcast as I bow out of HotWomenAtMenopause and HWAMPodcasts this summer and return to primary education leadership.   Thank you for listening. Jane x
May 27, 2021
HWAMPodcasts, Series Two, Episode Two: Jane chats with Helen Ford, Nutritional Therapist
As a Nutritional Therapist, Helen has a deep desire to help others.  In this podcast, she talks to me about her journey - how she overcame an eating disorder as a teenager and how that experience shaped her career.  We chat about women's health, the importance of nutrition, and what you can do to maximize your health around the time of menopause.  Helen specialises in women's health, including optimising fertility and hormone imbalance.  She has been Head of Nutrition at Glenville Nutrition since 2004.    You can book an appointment with Helen to discuss your nutrition, health, and wellbeing at any time of life, including menopause, through the clinic website here:   Or contact Helen for nutrition tips, recipes, cookery classes, and much more here:  If you are affected by an eating disorder, or any other issues mentioned in this podcast, please contact your GP and ask for support.  You may also wish to visit the links below for more information about a range of topics related to women's health and menopause:  Young Minds:  PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome):  Endometriosis:,are%20treatments%20that%20can%20help.  Fibroids:  Osteoporosis:  Visit Women's Health Concern for more information on many of the above health issues:  And last but not least, for Helen's Chocolate Tofu Mousse, visit:  For more menopause support and coaching, information about our menopause retreats, and to listen to all our podcasts visit
April 16, 2021
HWAMPodcasts, Series Two, Episode One: Jane chats with Lavinia Winch Ambassador for the YES YES Company
Lavinia and I have a relaxed but important discussion about women’s intimate health and the problems that can arise at menopause and indeed at other times of a woman's life. It's a topic that many women find difficult to talk about, and Lavinia explains why open conversations are vital for recognising symptoms and getting the right information along with any support or treatment that may be needed.  Using the correct terms when discussing our vaginas and vulvas, is important to enabling these conversations that contribute to our vaginal health.  YES YES, the Organic Intimacy Company not only provides a wide range of lubricants, washes, and moisturisers, but also a wealth of information about intimate health. Visit for products and information and The Eve Appeal, which is the leading UK national charity funding research and raising awareness into the five gynaecological cancers – womb, ovarian, cervical, vulval and vaginal.
April 09, 2021
HWAMPodcasts Series Two
Women on a Mission!
March 20, 2021
HWAMPodcasts, Series One, Episode Four: Jane chats with Chrissie, who shares her challenging menopause journey with us.
Chrissie talks us through the shock of being plunged into menopause literally overnight at the age of 33!  How a difficult birth led to emergency surgery, unable to have more children, years of pain, endometriosis, and then the discovery of something even more sinister.    She talks passionately about her journey, the physical and psychological symptoms she suffered, and then finally after much heartache and through her own determination to feel well again, how she was eventually supported. Chrissie's story is fascinating to listen to.  We've come a long way in supporting women at menopause, but we also know that there is still some way to go.
March 04, 2021
HWAMPodcasts, Series One, Episode Three: Jane chats with Deb Winchester, fitness instructor, business woman and founder of Omni Yoga & Mindfulness.
In my third and penultimate episode of this first series of HWAMPodcasts, I am delighted to be chatting with Deb Winchester.  Deb talks to us about her induced menopause - saying that having to cope with that and the extreme hot flushes she experienced, was more shocking in a way than the diagnosis of breast cancer. She felt so alone.   She talks about having massive hot flushes during business meetings and how she felt less worthy, less professional, and unable to explain what she was going through.  She didn't want to be that person in the room, dripping or fanning themselves. It has taken her some time to accept that this is part of who she is now and that maybe she has more to offer to others because of this.  She shares some uplifting strategies that work for her that we can all try.  Deb is passionate about women's health and is currently studying for a Master's degree in Positive Psychology and Mindfulness.   This podcast is both informative and uplifting.  Listen to Deb here, and contact her at to find out more about her online Vinyasa and Yin Yoga classes, and her mindfulness and coaching sessions.  
February 25, 2021
HWAMPodcasts, Series One, Episode Two: Jane chats with Liz Bewley, Reflexologist and Ceramicist.
In this episode, Jane chats with Liz Bewley - reflexologist and ceramicist.  Liz talks about becoming a mother at the age of 15 and how that shaped her life in many wonderful ways. After finishing O levels and settling in to a new routine, Liz took a crash course in office skills which eventually led to a successful first career in financial services. Then, after being made redundant some years later, a chance meeting with a neighbour during a flood, inspired Liz to retrain as a reflexologist.  Liz talks to us about reflexology and the impact it can have on our wellbeing, about Zone Face Lifts (which sounds incredible by the way!), and about her other passion for clay - which started out as a hobby, but is now a flourishing ceramics business!  Contact Liz at  
February 20, 2021
HWAMPodcasts, Series One, Episode One: Jane chats with nurse and yoga teacher Paula Stevens
In this first series of the HWAMPodcasts, Jane chats with Paula Stevens.  Paula talks about what drew her to nursing.  She goes on to tell Jane how she supports menopausal women through her role as a nurse in pre-assessment, having had menopause training with the British Menopause Society. With a passion for yoga, Paula explains its benefits and how she applies her knowledge and training to her nursing career.  Finally, Paula talks specifically about how yoga can support women at menopause, supporting both physical and psychological symptoms.  We end with Paula talking Jane through a simple cooling pose, aimed at alleviating hot flushes.
February 10, 2021